tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 07

Calendar Art Ch. 07


Chris woke with a start. She disentangled her limbs from Heath’s and stretched before she stood up. Quietly she gathered her discarded clothing from the night before and covered Heath with a blanket. He rolled over to his stomach and continued the soft breathing of a deep sleep.

Chris tiptoed along the hallway to the master bathroom. She locked the door, knowing she needed some time alone to think about the last 2 days, not to mention the last 6 months of her life.

The water was hot and steamed away some of the stiffness that came from sleeping on a hardwood floor. Her mind was whirring along, trying to sort out her feelings. Yeah, she did like Colin, but she also realized he was a player, one not likely to be around for the long run. Heath, on the other hand, had professed love for her on more than one occasion, but Chris was so uncertain just how her feelings for him were, especially after last night. Thoughts of Orlando intruded. Orly, god, yes, she really cared for Orly. Above all the rest, his love seemed purer, more connected to her. He never pushed her, never demanded more than she could offer. When she had looked into his eyes, she could feel that his heart was true.

She laid her head against the shower wall. Why hadn’t she realized it sooner? As much as she felt for Heath, and the lust she had for Colin, it was Orlando who really had her heart.

Turning off the water, she heard the knocking on the door. “Yes, I’ll be right there,” she called out, wrapping her hair in a towel and putting on her robe.

Opening the door, she saw Heath standing before her, dressed only in his jeans. His hand reached out to her, touching her softly on the face. “Why didn’t you wake me? I could’ve washed your back.”

Chris felt tears welling up in her eyes. Pushing into his hand, she shook her head. “I needed to think, Heath.”

He pushed back a curl that had escaped from the towel. His eyes looked into hers. “I don’t need to hear you say it to know what you are going to say, do I?” She shook her head, the tears making shiny tracks down her cheeks. Heath pulled her to him, hugging her tight. “I’m so sorry about my behavior last night. I came here with all intentions of begging your forgiveness, then after I knew Colin was here, I sort of lost my cool, you know?”

She nodded slowly. He continued. “Personally, I like Colin, but I’m not a fan of how he treats women. It’s like he’s on a crusade to bed as many as possible. I just didn’t want you to be on the ever-growing list of ladies used by him.”

Chris sighed, taking Heath’s hand and leading him out onto the balcony just off her bedroom. Sitting down on the bench in the cool morning air, she held Heath close. “Maybe it isn’t Colin who used me. Maybe it was the other way around, or did you never consider that?”

Heath shook his head. “No, no I can’t say I did consider that.”

Chris smiled. “I don’t think that was my motivation, to ‘use’ him. I was just sort of caught up in my, oh for the lack of a better term, libido. Hormones running rampant, so to speak.” She stroked Heath’s hair, her fingers slipping through his curls. “With you, and with Orly, it isn’t just ‘hormones’. You guys gave me so much more…” her voice trailed off.

Heath sat up, wrapped his arms around Chris and kissed her cheek. “You need to talk to Orlando, no, more than that, you need to see him, be with him. Alone, away from me.” He cupped her chin gently in his hand, gazing deep into her eyes. “Do what your heart tells you, Chris. It’s the only way.” With that, he leaned forward and kissed her softly, his lips yielding, and his heart melting.

Chris responded just as demurely. Heath broke away, his hand fingers trailing over her cheek. He slid into his shirt as he stepped through the doorway and back into the house. “Chris, I leave tomorrow to go back home. I have all these commitments for Ned Kelly…you have my number. Call me when your heart finally meets up with your head.” He grinned. “Even if it’s Orlando…at least I know he loves you as much as I do.”

Chris spent the rest of the day in a sort of ‘autopilot’ mode. By late afternoon she figured she couldn’t cry anymore, and she was developing an annoying gnawing in her stomach. She slipped into the spacious kitchen and made herself some tea. “God bless Anna, she made scones today.”

Grabbing her plate and cup, she decided to check her email for any new orders. Scanning through the names, she saw it. LG-elf, Orlando’s secret screen name he made up just to send her messages. Subject: Open this one first.

She quickly opened the letter.

Hi babe,

I want to show you something I recently acquired. I sent it separately; you must call me and let me know what you think.



She selected to open the next email. Rather large file she thought, clicking it open. She leaned back, sipping at her tea while the file loaded.

Leaning forward, she gazed at the image before her. There was Orly, standing in front of a large stone building. It looked like a ‘keep’, a smallish castle. He was smiling, his hands reaching out, as though trying to draw her right into the picture with him. She scrolled further down.

Here it is, what do you think? Actually, it was part of a castle once, but recently was home to an order of nuns…the last one was moved to a nearby convent due to her age.

When I saw it, I knew it was “home”. I also thought of you…

Please Chris, my pretty blonde princess, come home to me.

I love you, milady. Give us a chance.

Yours forever,


Tears flowed freely again as she scrambled to get the phone. Her hands shaking, she carefully dialed Orly’s cell phone number. Two rings, and the familiar smooth voice answered.

“Well, Chris, what do you think?”

She was a bit startled, then realized Orly had a special ring tone designed just for her calls.

“Orlando, say the word, I’ll be there.”

“Chris, come be with me. Don’t wait, just come now. I’ll email you all the details. Just say you’ll give this a try.”

“You won’t mind me working while I’m there? I mean, my photography is important to me…”

Orlando chuckled. “I would never stand in the way of art, luv. What do you say?”

Chris sighed deeply. Once her feet left the diving board, there would be no stopping. “Orly, I’m diving in. Email me the details. I’m packing today.”

She heard his loud whoops over the line. “Yes, yes!!”

She was laughing and crying at the same time. Orlando blew her a kiss and left her with the promise of immediate emails with directions. Her hand trembled as she hung up the phone. So much to do, so little time…

She hurried about, grabbing a suitcase that was big enough to hold some clothes and her favorite cameras. The rest would have to be shipped along by her manager. She clapped her hand against her head. The calendar! Oh well, her manager could finish up, after all, the important part, the actual photos, were finished.

She checked her email, and as he had promised, Orlando had the location and directions of the new abode there. Now to attend to the mundane tasks of finding her passport and getting a flight…

Finally, after changing planes only once in New York, she was again on the ground. This time it was a new country, and a new beginning.

Orlando sent a car to meet her at the airport in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. From there, the trail led to an immense structure of stone near Tralee, Co. Kerry. Chris was tired from the flights, and she was so nervous about seeing Orlando.

The driveway to the keep was long. Chris anxiously looked out the windows, trying to catch a glimpse…

The castle, well, what was left of it, came into view. A gorgeous keep, all natural stones and marble took her breath away. There were many outbuildings and parts of the original castle that had deteriorated, but central part of the main building stood solid as it had for centuries.

Orlando stood at the main gate, awaiting the car. He swung the door open, and Chris nearly leapt out of the car. He swung her up in his arms, holding her tightly and kissing her hard on the lips.

Chris hung on, her arms wrapped tightly around Orly. Tears and kisses flowed freely.

“Well, what do you think?” Orly had his arm clutching Chris to his side, as if he were afraid she might suddenly disappear.

“I say, it’s home.”

Orly’s grin was a mile wide. “I knew it, I just knew it. The first thing I thought of was you here with me, and I knew I had to have this. It took me a while, but I think you’ll like it.”

They strolled through the huge oak door arm in arm. The old keep amazed Chris. “Tell me about it, Orly, please!”

He guided her through the rooms, explaining the use of each one, and how large the original castle had been. He noted that when the church had taken over the castle, it had been kept much in its original condition. Unfortunately, through the ravages of time and poor maintenance much of the outer portion of the castle had deteriorated. He explained that even when modern conveniences had been installed, they had been carefully placed and hidden to retain the original look.

Orlando could see Chris was exhausted from her trip. He led her back a hallway, stopping in front of a closed door. “Now, close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.”

Chris complied with his request. She could hear the squeaking of the hinges on the large door.

“Milady, will this be acceptable?”

Chris opened her eyes. The bedchamber was huge. Natural stone walls, with antique wallhangings. An immense fireplace, with a small fire lit. The bed itself was a wooden four-poster affair, with a canopy and curtains. A stone ledge ran around the room, at about chair-rail height. On the ledge were candlesticks, each one with a candle burning. The entire room was lit with the candles and the glow from the fireplace. Orlando had drawn the heavy velvet curtains over the windows so the effect would be perfect. The flames twinkled in the semidarkness. Chris drew Orly into her arms and kissed him softly on the neck.

“Orlando, this is a dream, my god, an absolute medieval fantasy.” More tears spilled down her cheeks.

Orlando stroked her curls away from her face. “I want every day to be a fantasy for you. Whatever I can do to fulfill your dreams that’s what I want. You’re my goddess.” Taking her by the hand, he led her past the bed to a door discreetly hidden beside the fireplace. “So, was this bathroom a good job?”

A large sunken whirlpool tub was the centerpiece of the room. The bath also held a waterfall shower and sinks that looked as though they were carved from marble. As in the bedroom, the walls were natural stone, with the candle ledge all around.

“May I help you to the bath? I’m sure you’ll feel more relaxed from the long trip after a whirlpool.”

Chris could only nod mutely. Orlando led her to the tub, where he slowly began removing her clothing. He trailed hot kisses over each part of her body he exposed. When she finally stood naked before him, he gathered her into his arms, and kissed her lips. His slow pace was driving her crazy, but she was determined to let him have his way.

He quickly shed his own clothing and tossed them aside. Taking her by the hand, he led her into the waterfall shower. After arranging her on a strategically placed lounger, he washed her hair. Chris was nearly overwhelmed by this simple act of love.

They headed over to the tub; an enormous whirlpool made to look like natural marble. By remote, Orlando turned on some soft music. Leaning back in one of the many seats in the tub, he pulled Chris to his lap, wrapping her in his arms. The water was scented with lavender and rose petals.

Even though he ached to take her, he wanted to give her this day, the first day of their journey together, and make it so special she would never forget it. His lips nuzzled her neck softly, his fingertips stroking her skin underwater. The soulful notes of ‘Fields of Gold’ teased at her senses.

Chris could only moan as Orly reached for a small bottle of oil at the side of the tub. He massaged her back, then arms. Turning her around, he kissed her deeply, eliciting even more moans. She leaned back while he stroked her legs, kissing up over her knees to her silky thighs.

Orly was throbbing for her by this time. Chris was moaning in pre-orgasmic ecstasy, as she tried to spread her thighs further apart for him. He continued his slow journey, slipping his hands over her belly and up to her breasts. Even with the warm water, her nipples were like rocks. Orlando kneaded them in his hands, lightly pinching her nipples until they ached and her nectar was flowing. He leaned forward, swiping his tongue over each, a big grin on his face as he heard her sigh and moan for more.

Her hands were on his arms, pulling him closer to her. Licking up her neck, he captured her lips with his and kissed her deeply.

Chris wrapped her legs around him and tried to move so she could reach down to guide him into her, but Orly was having none of it. He gently but firmly planted her hands back on his arms, and proceeded to stroke down over her belly, back down, down to where he most wanted to be. Kissing her, their tongues dancing, Orlando stroked over her velvety lips. Her moans spurring him on, he suddenly slid one finger deep into her. Pushing her hips hard into him, he could feel her pulsing around him. He planted his thumb firmly over her clit, toying with it as his finger stroked her. She suddenly broke the kiss, calling out loudly with her orgasm.

Oh, how she wanted him inside her! Orlando was having that exact thought, but, with unbelievable control, he led her out of the tub. He quickly wrapped himself in a thick robe, then did the same with Chris.

Her head was spinning with pleasure and lust. His cock remained rock hard as he gathered her hair in a towel and led her to the bedroom. The bed itself was massive, raised so high off the floor you needed steps to get into it. Orly easily lifted her up on the bed, then followed. The linen sheets were soft against Chris’ skin as Orlando pulled the sheer curtains around the bed. She had discarded the robe, as had Orly.

He took her in his arms, gazing down into her eyes. “Welcome home, luv.”

Chris kissed him then smiled. “Orlando Bloom, I love you.”

He could feel the warmth radiating through him, and he almost felt light-headed. The words he had waited for her to say, finally! “As I have always loved you.”

He kissed and licked his way down over her neck, down to her full breasts, stopping to suckle the pebble hard nipples. Her thighs parted further as he slid down, a man on a mission. He had waited so long; all he wanted was to taste this woman. He lightly slid his tongue over her, watching as she threw her head back and clutched the thick coverlet with her fingers. He continued to pleasure her, all the while his poor cock throbbing almost painfully. It wasn’t long before she cried out, pulling at his curls and screaming his name.

Before she could catch her breath, Orlando slipped his hard cock into her. He could feel how her body formed to his, her velvety treasure so incredibly tight around him. Her thighs wrapped around his waist, as she met each of his thrusts. Their tongues and lips danced together, while their bodies sang all the songs of love. Each of them knew that they were destined to be together.

Orlando gathered her into his arms. “Chris, I love you. Stay with me.”

Chris held his face in her hands. “Orly, I love you. Here is where I’ll stay.”

It was six months and spring was breaking. Since their path was taking them a bit off the beaten route, they were celebrating Beltane at one of the many stone circles in Ireland. Heath was there, along with his new girlfriend. He watched as his good friends Orlando and Chris handfasted at the close of the ceremony. He knew they were meant for a path together through this life. He waved to them as they rode off together. The Druid priest touched his shoulder gently. “Maybe not this lifetime, but who knows about the next…”

The End

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