tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 1

Calendar Art Ch. 1


Heath stood in front of the open closet, trying to figure out what to wear. "Damn, Trev, how do I let myself get talked into this shite?" Trevor leaned back in the big lounge chair by the window. "Dude, it's for a good cause. You know this calendar will have all proceeds going to the World Children's Hunger Fund."

Heath nodded. How could he say no to such a worthy cause? Besides, it was only a photo shoot. He knew Brad Pitt, Orly Bloom, and Joaquin Phoenix were going to pose, too. Each of them would contribute 3 photos, 12 in all, one for each month of the year. It was the photographer's idea to have them do beefcake shots, posing in designer underwear.

Heath adjusted his jeans and was tying a do-rag on his head. "Ya know, Trev, I just hope they have underwear there that's big enough." With that, both guys burst out laughing.

Chris hurried around the studio; making sure all her props and lighting were in order. Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren had donated the underwear. Good Lord, she thought, Heath will be here any minute. She could hardly wait to see the HotGod in the red boxer briefs.

Chris glanced in the mirror. She liked her reflection. Long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and an hourglass figure that she kept in shape with yoga and kickboxing. Well, okay, maybe her breasts were a bit "full". She tied the pale blue shirt a bit tighter around her waist. Her jeans complimented her legs; her tattoo just peeking above the band at the small of her back. She pulled her hair back in a loose bun, fastening it with 2 hair sticks.

She went back to her equipment. The doorbell rang as she was adjusting the lens.

Swallowing hard, she opened the door. Heath stood before her wearing a scruffy pair of jeans, his green Mooks shirt and the red do-rag. He stuck out his hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Heath. I'm supposed to meet Chris here. He's the photog, I'm told." Chris took his hand. She was so nervous! Oh, man, was his hand nice. Long, strong fingers…."Heath, well, hello. Let me introduce myself. I'm Chris."

Oh, no, Heath thought. A woman photog, no one told me that! Course, it had its advantages. She was damn hot looking, not at all like those starving-waif types who he usually ended up with.

They could feel the attraction growing. Chris led him into the studio portion of the ranch house. "Is this your place?" Chris nodded. "Yes, I love it here. I have plenty of room to do outdoor shots and have a large studio. Not to mention I can have my beautiful gardens and fountains. My indulgence to myself."

She showed Heath to a large sliding door, which opened, into a virtual rainforest-like paradise. Chris poured them each a glass of iced tea and they sat on the patio, sipping the drinks and chatting. Chris was feeling such a strong attraction already. Heath smelled good, he looked good, and he was articulate.

Heath was feeling the same way. This was going to be one interesting day. He could feel a stirring in his jeans, and he wondered how he would ever be able to pose nearly nude for this hot woman without the calendar becoming pornographic!

Chris was beside herself. Her nipples were so hard; they were beginning to ache. She kept imagining his hands on them, then his lips…..She shivered.

"Well, do you feel a bit more relaxed now, Heath?" He nodded. "Shall we get started?"

She led him to a large changing room. Chris left him to change, and she went out to set up the first shot.

Heath came out wearing dark gray silky loose boxers. Chris inhaled audibly. He saw the look of pure lust she had given him, and he grinned widely. "Guess you like these, eh, girly?" Chris could only nod. He had taken the do-rag off and his curls had shaken loose. She approved of his newly acquired muscular definition, still on the thin side but well defined. The boxers fit him like they had been custom tailored, and, just as she had always fantasized, he was well endowed. Heath noticed Chris had a hard time tearing her eyes away from him. Not to mention, her nipples were like rocks. Heath wanted nothing more that to just take her in his arms and show her what Aussie men were like…..

Chris' voice brought him back to the task at hand. Ever the professional, she had him pose several ways. He changed at least 4 times, they took photos in the studio, and out in the foliage behind the patio.

Heath decided on the red boxer briefs for the last set. Chris had changed into a little tank top due to the warm weather. Okay, not just the weather, she was determined to have Heath before the day was over!

Heath was arranged on a grouping of pillows for the last shoot. The shorts he had on left nothing to the imagination. Chris could hardly take the shots, her hands were shaking and her panties were getting so damp!

Heath called her to come closer to ask her a question. She crossed over to him, putting the camera down. He took her hand, pulling her to him. "You know, Chris, this is something I've wanted to do all day." He reached up, taking her face in his hands, running his thumbs along her cheeks. Chris felt hot, almost like she would faint. He gazed at her, memorizing each feature. He pulled the hair sticks out slowly, watching her blonde curls tumble softly down her back. His lips descended softly onto hers. A sweet kiss, her lips tasting like fresh strawberries, with the feel of satin. Chris couldn't help herself, she felt as though she were melting. Her hands slid around his shoulders, and the kiss became hungrier. Heath slid his hands under her top, fumbling for the catch on her bra. She moaned softly into his mouth, causing him to experience an instant erection. She could feel it under her, as he had pulled her into his lap. Breaking the kiss, she shifted and straddled his thighs. He unhooked her bra and pulled both her top and bra off. His lips burned little kisses down her neck, one hand wrapped around her waist, the other stroking her breast. Chris was moaning, all her fantasies coming true! She ran her fingers through his curls, licking her way along his ear and just under it. His lips captured her hard nipple, and he teased it to full hardness with his lips and tongue.

His erection strained at the tight shorts. Pulling back, he slid them off. He unfastened Chris' jeans, taking them off and pushing her gently onto her back. The pillows were soft and inviting under them. Heath lowered himself onto Chris, nuzzling her neck, finding all her hot spots. He trailed kisses down from her breasts, over her soft belly, licking around her navel and belly ring. His fingers brushed over her thighs, and Chris involuntarily spread them wider. He loved the feel of her clean- mound.

Chris was lost with desire. Heath lightly stroked her lips, watching as she got that much wetter. Smiling, he slid his finger so slowly and gently into her. It was like sliding into a tight, velvet glove. His cock tightened. His tongue teased over the slick lips, then between them. She gasped when he brushed her clit. He loved this, giving this woman so much pleasure and getting so much for himself.

He felt her fingers wrap into his hair, and she begged him for more. Heath looked up at her with a naughty grin. "Are you having fun?" Chris could only nod. Heath began licking her faster now. He could feel her contract around his finger. He tickled her g-spot, licking her clit faster now. Chris' head was thrown back, her hair spread out like a cloud under her. She called out his name loudly as she came. Heath held onto her hips, and brought her to another crashing orgasm. Before she could recover, he slid on top of her. His hard member was pressing at her entrance. Chris wrapped her legs around Heath's waist, and he thrust his entire length into her. Crying out, she came again.

Heath thrust into her, slowly but deeply. She was so tight and wet; it was hard for him to hold back. He loved feeling every inch sliding in and out of her. Chris covered his neck with kisses, then began to suck his nipples. Heath gasped, and plunged into her faster. As they crashed to orgasm together, their moans echoed through the studio.

Heath held Chris tightly. Smiling down at her, he informed her they would be having dinner together later that night, and she would be busy for the next month...

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