tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Meeting with Robin/Juliet

Calendar Meeting with Robin/Juliet


I flew into Atlanta on Thursday evening and called Robin as soon as I got in. She told me she had prior commitments but would love to meet with me Friday as soon as she got off the air.

I met her at the offices of Headline News and she looked amazing as always.

She had her hair up in a ponytail and was wearing a knee length black dress; a red waist length jacket and knee hi brown boots.

She gave me a kiss and asked me if I wanted to head out for a quick breakfast of get down to talking about the calendars,

I told her I just finished eating and would love to discuss the calendars telling her I had a room at the hotel across from her offices.

We headed over to my hotel; my eyes never left that gorgeous ass of hers.

Opening the door we entered my suite.

"Make yourself at home Robin, would you care for something to drink?"

"Water would be great, too early to start on the hard stuff." She giggled.

"So tell me Robin what's this calendar all about?"

"She looked down at her hands, well to tell you the truth John ever since our last meeting with Alexandra I can't get that picture out of my mind. I masturbate constantly and my husband can't satisfy me. I loved what we did and figured these calendars would be a great outlet for me sexually, advance all of our careers and also do some good for charities at the same time."

I stood up and raised Robin to her feet. I cupped her chin and looked long and hard into her deep dark eyes.

She licked her lips and stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to mine.

I pulled her to me and our lips parted and we kissed hard. I cupped her ass and ground my hardening cock against her belly.

She broke the kiss breathing hard and stepped away.

"John we need to focus on this project. I want to settle on the women for the Atlanta portion on the calendar, we can call Juliet and discuss the New York portion later. I would love to go with you to New York and finalize that side of the calendar, but I do not have any free time in the near future. Once the project is up and running, maybe then I'll be able to get away for some work time up there at CNN and mix in a little pleasure along with the work."

I stepped away and went over to the couch and opened up my briefcase and pulled out a pad; "Okay Robin, lets get down to work. Do you have a list of woman who you would like to have in the calendar?"

She sat down across from me and I could see halfway up her skirt.

"Robin, if you want me to focus, please cover yourself up or we'll never get any work done."

She blushed and pulled her skirt down and opened up her portfolio with her list.

She began reading her list, "On top of the list is me, Robin Meade, a definite maybe, she laughed let's make that a definite. I thought I would like to be somewhere in the fall, maybe October or November, closer to the holidays. Next I have Shanon Cook, I already contacted her and she is a for sure."

I stopped her, "Robin, are these on the list so far for the regular calendar or MILF calendar?"

"Well you know for sure I'm on the regular calendar and so is Shanon. I'll give you all of Atlanta based regular, then the MILF women."

"Also Robin, do you have commitments from these ladies, if they plan on posing for a hard "R" or "XXX"? Do they also know about the video diary of the calendar?"

"Good questions, as I read them off I'll let you know. The ones who I already spoke to all are aware of the videos and are fine with it. I of course will be doing and XXX, Shanon thinks XXX, but isn't firm yet, is that okay?"

"That's fine, I just want to know what direction they are leaning or if they are set one way or the other, please continue."

"Shanon wants a summer month; she figures swimsuits and summer work clothes."

I looked at her funny; "What do you mean summer work clothes?"

"Let me explain, in the bottom of the calendar where the dates are I was thinking we could have several smaller pictures of the anchors in casual wear, work attire, eveningwear and sexy lingerie."

"That's a brilliant idea; we can also shot all of these outfits on video, along with the changing, what do you think Robin?"

"I love it, now back to the list, Erica Hill, great chest and gorgeous long brown hair, she is a definite and would like to try XXX, but may chicken out. She likes the winter months. Nicole Mitchell from the Weather Channel is a definite, but only R rated."

Wait a second, she was with us a few weeks ago in Myrtle Beach, only an R rated, why?"

"Because of her military involvement."

"Okay, that makes sense, please continue."

"Alexandra Steele and Kristina Abernathy, both are definites and both are XXX. Kristina can't wait, she wants to do it with her co-anchor, and he's black.

Stephanie Abrams is uncommitted, but her friend Hillary Andrews is a for sure and XXX. I'll have to work on her but I don't want to push anyone. That's all I have for the regular calendar from the Atlanta based anchors so far, hopefully more to come as they hear about it. What do you think so far?"

"Sounds great, Hillary will be great as will Alexandra, they are both ex's from Myrtle also. So who's lined up so far from here for the MILF calendar?"

"I know you are going to love a lot of these; Linda Stouffer, as of now she's a hard R, but may change to XXX. Christi Paul, for sure an XXX but not until later in the year seeing she just gave birth and wants to get back in shape first. Catherine Calloway is a definite, but only an R. Here's one I know you love, first hand, Heather Tesch, and she is for sure an XXX."

"That is one sexy MILF and yes I do know of her first hand from her visit to Myrtle Beach also. Who Else?

I have two other commitments, but they are based out of New York. They are regulars on my show first is Carrie Lee and Gerri Willis. Carrie is a definite R only and Gerri is a definite XXX and can't wait to fuck on video, it's been a fantasy of hers all her life. I have two undecided and still not sure which calendars they would be in, they are Jennifer Westhoven and Susan Hendricks. That's all I have from here so far. We have a lot committed in New York, but I guess I'll let Juliet give you the lowdown on them."

"Ah come on Robin, at least let me know the women from CNN New York!"

"I'll give you one from each calendar, but won't tell you if they are an R or XXX, okay?

"No! But I guess I'll take what I can get, who are they?"

Soledad O'Brien and Betty Nguyen, I know you'll love both of them. So where do we go from here?"

"I believe we should meet with both calendar groups separately and get a calendar commitment and shooting schedule set. Nothing should be finalized until we meet with the New York group and get their input. I can either fly one or both groups to either location or a neutral location, maybe somewhere warm, so we can set months and preferences. If they don't want to travel then I guess we can set up a video conference somewhere, how does that sound?"

"That's fantastic, now that all of that's out of the way......"

Robin closed her portfolio and stood up over me. She pulled my head to her crotch and said, "Let's have some fun!"

I began kissing her pussy through her flowing skirt and sliding my hands up from her knees towards her pussy under her dress.

Robin let out a guttural moan and crushed my face to her pussy.

Standing up I guided her to the other room where I had the maid earlier turn down the bed. I sit her down on the bed and kneeling before her I take one of her feet on my hands and slowly pull her boot off. Dropping it to the flow I slowly suck on her tiny toes, licking and sucking each digit into my mouth. Robin is already squirming on the bed. I lick my way up her ankle and up her calf to her knee. She slowly spread her legs and I lick and nip at her inner thigh. Just before I reach her black lace damp panties I pull away and take the other leg in my hands.

"Oh you mean fuck, you're just teasing me, why won't you eat my pussy? I need to feel your tongue in me!"

"Turn about is fair play, you had me wait till after the proposal, now it's you'll have to wait."

I tugged at the other boot and it slipped off her other gorgeous leg. Taking the tiny foot in my hand, once again I sucked and licked each tiny toe. I drew one at a time into my mouth and licked around and around. Robin was growing very inpatient trying to tug me closer to her cunt. I could smell her excitement as she wiggled on the bed. She tore off her jacket and tossed it across the room. She squeezed her huge tits through her dress and threw her head back and groaned.

I worked my way up her calf to her sexy thighs. I pushed her dress up to her hips and nibbled at her inner thighs. I could see a large wet spot on her panties as I reached up and tugged at her panties. As if they had a mind of their own they did not want to leave her pussy. Finally they let go and I drew they down her full thighs and off of her.

Robin fell back onto the bed and spread her legs as far apart as possible. Without ant teasing or foreplay I dropped my mouth down to her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her bubbling pussy. A river of cum was flowing from her as she let out a loud scream.

"Oh fuck yes, suck my pussy, drive that fucking tongue deep in my hole, use your fingers. Yes, that's it oh fuck yes you've found my G spot, Oh Fuck, I'm going to cum, yes, yes, now harder, I'm cummmmminggg!!"

I clamped my mouth on her clit and she arched her back as I wound my fingers in her and upwards against her inner walls stimulating her G spot. She let go a long animal groan and covered my entire had with her cum. My mouth and chin were also drenched.

She fell back onto the bed moaning and gasping for air.

I crawled up into the bed and gave her a deep kiss. She licked her juices from my lips and chin and just laid there looking up at me.

She smiled and began to giggle, " Fuck John, you're fully dressed and I'm still half dressed and that was the best orgasm that I've had in months."

I lovingly pushed a dark lock of hair from her forehead and kissed her tenderly saying; "We've just begun!"

Robin wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back tenderly, slowly the kiss became more urgent and our tongues moved out to duel each other.

I broke the kiss and began taking my clothes off, Robin helped with my shirt and I took off my pants, shoes and socks. I crawled back to her in my shorts and she yanked them off.

Bending over me she took my pre-cum dripping cock and ran her tongue around and around the head. By now my entire cockhead and upper shaft were covered in her saliva. She slowly pulled away and a line of saliva was connected from her lips and tongue to my cock. What a sight, her wide eyes with her perfect make-up stared into my eyes as she smiled wickedly and sucked the saliva back between her full red lips. She opened her mouth and sucked the head in, groaning she went deeper and deeper until her nose was against my belly.

I grabbed two fistfuls of her dark chestnut hair and letting out a loud moan emptied my full balls down her throat. She looked up at me and I watched her swallow again and again. Not being able to breath easily she pulled away and the last rope of cum hit her nose and forehead.

Robin laughed and continued fisting my cock as the last few short bursts hit her lips and chin.

I pulled her to me and licked her clean. She kissed me trying to steal away the last of my cum.

With her head on my chest she slowly dozed off.

About fifteen minutes later we both were awaken by the phone. I answered it and a female voice that sounded familiar asked for Robin.

Robin let out a giggle, "Hi Juliet, how the heel are you? Yes that was John; we just finished rounds one and two, getting ready for the grand finale."

I heard laughing from the other end.

"Sure, I'm sure he'll have a lot leftover for you, seeing I can't stay here all day.

Hold on, I'll check. Juliet wants to know where you'll be staying in New York and when you'll be arriving.

It's all up to you, I'll be staying at the Trump Towers, but when I'll be arriving is up to you."

He'll be there tomorrow and he's staying at the Trump Towers....Okay talk to you soon, bye!"

"Tomorrow huh? So I guess you'll have your way with me and toss me aside right?"

Robin got off the bed and smiling slowly unzipped the back of her dress. She peeled it away from her shoulders and it falls to her waist. Wiggling it falls to the floor in a heap and she stands there in a sheer black lacy bra. She pouts and reaches behind her back and the bra goes slack. Shaking her shoulders it falls away and her huge tits come into view.

I wiggle my finger at her motioning for her to come to the bed. She shakes her head no and reaches up and pulls her hair from the ponytail. She shakes her head and the hair falls across her shoulders and onto her tits.

I let out a groan, "Damn Robin, bring that fucking gorgeous body here. It was made for fucking and a fucking it is going to get."

She squeals and jumps away I follow and catch her in the other room. I lift her up and carry her to the bed. She is laughing and giggling as I drop her to the bed. The laughing quickly stops when I capture a large nipple between my lips and in one quick motion bury my thick long cock in her dripping pussy.

"Oh fuck me hard John, yes suck my large tits, Oh I love how your fucking big cock fills my pussy. Yes drive it deep in me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder you bastard, yes, yes, make me cum all over that cock of yours!"

I silence her by covering her mouth with mine. I drive deeper into her as my one hand grips her large tit and the other cups her ass and drives a finger up her ass.

This drives her over the top and she shakes and cums all over my cock. I continue to fuck away at this bundle of sexual energy. I slow my pace as I look down at the face that millions of men look at each morning and wonder what kind of fuck she would be. Let me tell you guys, she's beyond description; all I know is that within a second or two I am going to fill her gorgeous pussy with a load to end all loads.

I stiffen and she feels me expand. Robin lets out a long low groan and cums at the same time I start to unload in her throbbing pussy. With her legs wrapped around my back she falls away and we lay in each others arms for what seems like an eternity.

Robin taps mw on the shoulder and whispers; "John, I have to get going, my husband will be wondering where I've been, I have an excuse planned but it won't be worth a damn if I don't leave soon. I need a quick shower and I have to leave."

"Want some company in the shower?"

She laughs, "It's temping, but if you do I'll never leave and I can't get my hair wet."

"That's the idea, you never leaving!"

She slaps my ass and hops into the bathroom, ten minutes later she emerges looking just like she does on the morning broadcast. I get an instant hard-on.

She slaps it away, "I'd love to stay and take care of that, oh fuck lord make me strong, save it for Juliet tomorrow in New York, I have to go, keep in touch."

She goes to give me a peck on the cheek. I grab her and give her a long wet kiss. I can see the lust smoldering in her eyes.

"No, no fucking way, I have to go, my husband will owe you one after tonight, and I'm going to fuck his brains out."

And she was out the door.

I landed in New York on Saturday morning, Juliet has the weekend off and I called her on my cell and she agreed to meet me for lunch at my hotel. She arrived shortly after noon and she was dressed very casual in tight jeans and a white tee that hugged her large tits. Her blonde hair was in a tight ponytail and she had very little make-up on. She looked like the typical girl next door.

We shook hands and her dark blue eyes took in my body, smiling she sat down at the table across from me and we chatted about Myrtle Beach, Atlanta and the group that Robin had assembled so far.

After lunch I suggested me go up to my suite where we could discuss the New York anchors who were interested in the calendar shoot. She hesitated at first, but agreed. The atmosphere in the elevator ride up was a little strained, but once we got into the suite and she saw that I was genuinely interested in her input and not making a move on her she relaxed.

"So Juliet, who do we have from Fox for the MILF calendar and the regular calendar?"

She opened up her portfolio; "Okay here is the regular calendar women first of all there's me, Julie Huddy." She blushed and turned red.

"I'll be doing an XXX rated shoot!"

She wiggled around on her chair across from me. I could tell she was already getting turned on.

Licking her sexy red lips she brushed a stray lock of hair from her face and continued; "There's Julie Banderas, she's a definite XXX, I'm sure everyone will lover her. I just love her long black hair and large tits."

Again she blushed and continued; "Also from Fox we have Laurie Dhue, she hasn't totally committed yet, but I believe I can convince her. I believe she'll probably only do an "R" rated shoot. Over at CNN I have Betty Nguyen and she will be an XXX."

I chimed in; "Oh that's great Robin told me about her and Soledad, but wouldn't say if they were R or XXX."

She frowns, "She's always stealing my thunder that bitch!"

"Now Juliet, don't be mad at her. I refused to fuck her unless she gave up a couple of names."

I tried to cover for her even though what I said wasn't true.

Juliet arched her eyebrow; "Oh so you two were intimate already huh?"

"Well we met a few weeks back through Alexandra Steele and sort of jumped back into the saddle, so to speak, please Juliet continue."

"Okay also from CNN we have Carol Lin, a real petite Asian girl who I believe everyone will love, she's committed to an XXX. That covers all of the regular calendar girls. Now for the MILF calendar, she clears her throat in a nervous habit; I have, as you already know Soledad O'Brien, she hasn't committed to the type of shoot yet, but if we get her in the right frame of mind I know she'll let it all hang loose."

"That's great; I said I really love the way she looks on TV."

Juliet continued; "I have from MSNBC Amy Robach, so far she's an "R" and I believe that's all we'll be able to get from her. I believe you already know from Robin's show even though they are based in New York Gerri Willis and Carrie Lee."

"Yeah, Robin already mentioned them, who do you have from Fox?"

I'm saving the best for last, I have one from CBS, but not quite sure if she'll follow through and that's Julie Chen, if she does I can guarantee an "R" rated shoot from her. Now for the Fox MILF ladies, I have Page Hopkins and Gretchen Carlson; both of them are wild and crazy and will be definite XXX rated. One that will have to be done later will be Kiren Chetry, she just had a baby, but even before she was really interested, she hasn't committed either way as to the type of shoot she'll do. If I had to guess I'd say XXX, she's always been a crazy woman, but since the baby, who knows?"

"That leaves just one other and I believe I've left the best for last."

My eyes lit up hoping it was who I thought it would be; "Who, who?"

"Calm down, the last one on my list is Harris Faulkner."

"Great, fantastic, I was hoping it would be her, she has to have the most beautiful face on any woman on TV that is except for you Juliet."

She laughed; "Nice save, but I have to agree she is gorgeous. She's not too well known around town and the camera never shows her body, but believe me, it's just as gorgeous as her face. She's given a tentative okay to XXX, but may change her mind, so don't get your hopes up too high."

"That's okay, just seeing her in an "R" rated setting would be great, and XXX would be mind boggling."

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