Calendar Meeting with Robin/Juliet


We woke in the morning, it was a little awkward but we took separate showers and when I came out in a towel, she was already dressed for work. She looked fantastic, but I restrained myself.

"I have to get to the station I have pre show run through. I'll see you at three we can go over the calendar schedule then, okay?"

I nodded and came to her I cupped her head, running my fingers through her perfectly made hairdo and gave her a deep loving kiss.

She broke the kiss just staring into my eyes; "I can't handle this right now, see you at three!"

She was out the door,

I returned to my hotel and finished the fine tuning on the calendars. I dressed and had the porter check my bags to the airport figuring I'd leave right from my meeting with Juliet to head back to Atlanta.

When I arrived at Fox News Juliet was waiting for me in her office, she had Julie Banderas in the office with her. Julie was dress in a grey skirt suit with a black lacy cami under it. I could see her nipples trying to pop out through the fabric. Her legs were bare and her skirt slid halfway up her thighs. I think she had her there as a safety net so nothing would happen.

We got right down to business working first on the MILF calendar. January would be Amy Robach doing an XXX shoot. She needed January because she just found out she was pregnant again and still really wanted to do this. February would be Carrie Lee, followed by Gerri Willis, both still not committed on what type of shoot. April would be Linda Stouffer doing an XXX shoot. May and June would be Gretchen Carlson and Page Hopkins, both doing XXX. Soledad O'Brien would be July and Heather Tesch in August, again both doing XXX. September would be Christi Paul and October would be Kiren Chetry, both still not sure what type of shoot do to both just giving birth. November would be Catherine Calloway, doing an R shoot and December would be Harris Faulkner who just called awhile ago saying she was in for an XXX shoot and was excited to try out the screen shoot. Jennifer Westhoven and Susan Hendricks were back-ups in case someone got cold feet and both were committed to XX shoot. I believe they just said that so they would be considered.

"So Juliet what do you think so far?"

"Looks good to me, we'll have to contact the ladies and make sure it's still a go."

I looked over at Julie; "What do you think?"

She was breathing hard through her mouth and she was visible excited. Her eyes were smoking and she wet her already wet deep red lips; "I can't believe we are actually going through with this. This is such a turn on; if I wasn't at work right now I tear off both of your clothes off and fuck the shit out of you."

Juliet smiled; "John has to head out back to Atlanta, but after the meeting if you want we can head to my place for some relief, sound good?"

Julie was nearly drooling, "Oh hell yes Juliet, and I can't wait to suck on those tits and pussy of yours!"

"Okay ladies, let's go over the regular calendar so I can catch my plane and you can go and have some fun."

They both smiled sheepishly.

"Okay for January we have you Juliet doing XXX and the cover. Carol Lin next followed by Hillary Andrews, both doing XXX. April and May will be Betty Nguyen and Shanon Cook, both still uncommitted to the shoot type. June will be you Julie doing an R rated shoot."

She shook her head; "I've changed my mind, I'm doing an XXX shoot!" She slides her hand inside her coat and thumbs her stiff nipple.

"Great, so June is Julie doing an XXX shoot. July is Christina Abernathy definitely doing an XXX shoot with her black co-anchor. August and September are Nicole Mitchell and Laurie Dhue, both doing R rated shoots. October is October is Erica Hill doing an XXX shoot, November is Alexandra Steele and December is Robin Meade, both committed to XXX shoots. Back up will be Stephanie Abrams who says she'll do and XXX shoot. Well that's it what do you think?"

They both at the same time chimed in; "Sounds great!"

Juliet looked at me; "So what next?"

"I'll get with Robin and we'll set up a conference call and get the test shoots set up and the logistics of the entire project. Today is Monday; I should be back to you by weeks end to set something up, okay?

She nodded and trued to keep her distance

As for Julie she stood up and gave me a big hug. She slipped her hand down and gave my cock a quick squeeze.

I cupped her ass and pulled her to me and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and broke away before it was too late.

"I have to head out and catch my flight. I'll catch up with you later this week okay Juliet?"

She nodded as I came around the desk and gave her a chaste kiss on the forehead. Before she could react I was out the door and on my way to the airport.

In the cab I called Robin on my cell and told her about out meeting. We set up a meeting for Wednesday at ten to discuss the results and fine tune the schedule and set up conference calls.


Let me know if you want me to go forward with this storyline and concept. Please let me know if there are any ladies you would like to see added or deleted from the storyline.

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