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Calendar Shoot April


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you.


The second Calendar shoot for April was going to be one that I was anticipating for sometime now. It was with the elegant Harris Faulkner from Fox News. She does a number of the news breaks during the O'Reilly Factor and I believe she is without a doubt on of the most gorgeous black women on television.

I called her and we set up a date for the following evening. When I arrived at her apartment she was dressed elegantly as usual. She had a rose colored cashmere pullover sweater and a white flowing skirt on. Her lipstick marched her sweater and was wet and looked very inviting.

"Well Harris, we finally meet. You are one of my favorite anchors on Fox News and I believe you are one of the most gorgeous women on TV news."

She blushed and replied; "Thank you kind sir, a few of the ladies at Fox think you're pretty special yourself. I hope to find out first hand just how special."

She looked at me with those large dark eyes and brilliant smile.

"So Harris, what is your fantasy?"

She looked down and then met my eyes with hers, licking her full rich lips she smiled; "Well I've heard you know how to treat a woman well. Many black men just want us for sex and to get what they can, no all mind you, but a lot of them. I would like to be wined and dined and be romanced. I know it's only make believe, but I would, for once feel like the center of someone's universe."

"Harris, it would be my pleasure and honor to make your dream date come true. Let's go get a bite to eat and let me plan your dream date for tomorrow evening, is that okay with you."

Once again she beamed at me with those huge wide eyes and smiled from ear to eat and nodded.

We had a great meal and talked for hours about family, work and yes, sex. At the end of the evening I took her back to her apartment and she asked me inside. I shook my head no and kissed her lightly on her full red lips.

"I don't want to spoil the lovely evening. Tomorrow I'll pick you up at five PM. be ready for an evening to remember. By the way, can one of the cameramen come to your place in the morning to set up some remote cameras?"

She smiled shyly and nodded.

I gave her another peck on the lips; "Tomorrow at five, goodnight till then!"

I arrived at her place at five on the dot, she opened the door and she took my breath away. Her face looked radiant; her dark brown hair lay straight on her head and danced about her shoulders where it curled accenting her face. Her dark large eyes sparkled and her full red lips were shiny and wet. She was wearing a lemon yellow skirt suit with a white shell blouse under it. Very elegant, but now what she would be wearing to dinner and dancing.

I escorted her out to the limousine and it whisked us off to the airport where we boarded a private jet.

"Tell me John, where are we going?"

"All in due time Harris, all in due time."

We had some champagne and about three hours into the flight she started to get restless. "Please tell me where we are going, I'm starting to get a little nervous."

Okay Harris, you wanted to be treated like royalty and so you will. We are heading to the city of lights, Paris."

Her eyes lit up; "Paris, France?"

I nodded.

She jumped up and threw her arms around me; "you're the best. But won't I be out of place dressed like this?"

"I already have that all planned out. After we check into out hotel, we'll be heading to one of Paris' most elegant dress shops to pick out some appropriate for you to wear. So Harris, lean back, relax and get set for your dream date."

She smiled and gave me a kiss, leaning back in her seat she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

As she sat there sleeping I took in her extraordinary beauty. Her facial features were perfect, small nose and large cheekbones, full red lips, long slender neck. Her hair framed her face perfectly. Lower, her chest rose and fell from her light breathing. Promise of full medium breasts caused a stirring in my loins. Her long slender legs looked fantastic beneath that short yellow skirt. As she stirred in her sleep her skirt rose higher on her thighs and they looked perfect.

Three hours later we were touching down at the local Paris airport ad we were driven to our hotel where I had two rooms reserved.

Kissing Harris goodnight I told her to sleep well and be ready for our big day tomorrow.

"Wouldn't you like to spend the night in my room?"

I gently cupped her cheek; "Harris nothing would like better, but to make this dream date a reality, we need to take it slow and wait till tomorrow, okay?"

She nodded her head and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. "I can't wait till tomorrow, goodnight John."

She closed her door and I went to my room.

The following morning I knocked on her door and greeted her with a large breakfast. She looked a little disheveled she had her yellow suit on again, minus the white blouse. A large cleavage showed under the coat as she let me in.

Harris we need to eat and get down to the shops and pick you up some casual clothes to wear and then off to the exclusive shops for this evenings wear.

Once again those large dark pools of eyes sparkled and her large grin shot across her face.

We ate quickly and headed for the clothing stores where she picked up some peasant blouses and shorts, she looked fantastic. When we arrived at the shop where the gowns were Harris turned to me and licking her full rich lips said; "Do you mind if I do this alone> I would love to surprise you tonight."

"Sure Harris, here is a credit card, buy whatever you need and I will meet you back at the hotel, okay?"

She threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss. Her full firm tits burrowed into my chest and I cupped her ripe firm ass.

I waited at the hotel and three hours later she knocked on my door. She stood there with a dozen bags and two shoe boxes.

"I hope you're not mad, I couldn't decide so I brought a couple of outfits." Smiling wickedly se continued; "I also got a few things for tonight, if that's okay?"

There was a sassy twinkle in her eye.

"No problem Harris, this is your day, why don't you head on down to the salon and masseuse. I have an appointment scheduled for you. I had to reschedule it once because you were so late, but they hill be waiting for you. It's 2 PM; I'll pick you up at your room at five, okay?"

She was all bubbly and excited: "Thank You so much; I can't believe this is all happening, see you at five."

I had cameras installed in both of our rooms for the culmination of her fantasy and mine too.

I took a leisurely bath and dressed for our date. At five PM I knocked on her door and I nearly fainted when she opened the door. There stood Harris looking gorgeous. She was wearing a peach colored gossamer gown that brushed her ankles and flowed as she moved to allow me into the room. The top was two bands of material crossed at her full breasts and attached at the back of her long sleek neck. Her hair was piled high on her head and as always her make-up was impeccable.

I gave her a lingering kiss on her full red lips and she tasted like cherries. I licked her lips and she pulled away.

"I thought we were going to dinner? If you keep that up we'll never make it out of the room."

I chuckled; "Not a bad idea, but we didn't come all this way for an elegant hotel room. Let's go."

She handed me a black floor length cape and I placed it on her shoulders and I led her to the elevator.

As we rode down I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous face and just imagined those large dark eyes looking up at me as my cock slid back and forth between those full red lips of hers.

Luckily the elevator door opened and we made our way across the lobby to the front entrance. Every male eye was focused on Harris as me got to the door.

The doorman opened the door and Harris let out a gasp as she saw a fairytale like white carriage before her with two white horses. As we settled into the carriage Harris turned towards me and placed her soft lips on mine and gave me a gentle kiss and whispered; "Thank you John, this without a doubt the most romantic thing I've ever experienced."

As we made our way through the streets of Paris checking out the sites we came to stop at the Eiffel Tower.

Harris turned to me with her eyes wide; "Are you kidding me, dinner in the Eiffel Tower?"

She kissed me again, this time harder and her tongue licked my lips and again she parted and hurried out of the carriage.

As we rode up in the elevator she snuggled against me and placed her head on my shoulder as she took in the sights. We were escorted to our table overlooking the sparkling lights of Paris.

We had a leisurely dinner and as we started dessert I felt her foot sliding up and down my leg. She had a few glasses of wine, but with the large meal I knew she wasn't drunk, maybe just feeling good.

She leaned forward and whispered; "Take it out for me?"

I looked at her knowing what she meant but replied; "Take what out Harris?"

She smiled and her eyes sparkled; "Take your cock out for me, I want to feel it."

I fumbled with my zipper and pulled out my erect cock. I stroked it a couple of times and then took her bare feet and wrapped them around my cock. She worked her feet up and down my cock and as I looked at her the lust in her eyes were building. She did magical things with her feet and had me nearing orgasm.

I pulled it away and tucked it painfully back in my pants. Turning to find the waiter I yelled out; "Check please!"

I placed the cape on her shoulders and we walked out to our waiting carriage. Harris climbed in and once I was in she snuggled up to me kissing me lightly on my cheek and whispered; "Can we skip he dancing and head back to the hotel?"

I hugged her and yelled up to the driver to head back to our hotel.

We kissed and fondled each other as we hurried back to the hotel. Once there I helped her from the carriage and we made our way to the elevators. Once the doors closed I slipped the cape off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Finding the tie at her back I pulled at it and it came undone. The dress parted and I stared at her gorgeous body encased in pale peach panties and bra. I just stared and all of a sudden the elevator stopped at our floor. Harris quickly closed her dress and we headed for her room.

Upon entering the entire room was bathe in candle and soft romantic music played. She gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered; "Make yourself comfortable, make us a couple of drinks, I'll be back in a few minutes."

I watched her gorgeous ass wiggle as she walked towards the bathroom and just before she entered it she dropped her dress at the doorway and closed the door behind her.

I fixed us a couple of drinks and took off my clothes, leaving my slacks on. I sat on the bed feeling like a bridegroom waiting for his bride on their wedding night. With the lights turned down low and the candles flickering the bathroom door opened and out came Harris.

Her hair was down about her shoulders and it was combed out with a slight curl at the ends. It danced about her shoulders very sexily. She was wearing a broad smile and her full red lips parted and her tongue licked her lips sensuously. She was wearing a white Cleopatra style gown; it was white with a number of folds covering her sexy body. It parted by her left thigh and hung to her ankles. Her large breasts were covered, but her dusty dark nipples could be seen barely through the material.

I slipped off the bed and came to her taking in her incredible beauty. Her large dark eyes sparkled as I swept her hair aside and kissed and nibbled at her long dark neck.

She let out a tiny moan and played with the short hairs on my neck. I sat on the desk chair and pulled her to my lap.

She wiggled her fine ass against my growing cock and I held her at arms length just taking in her beauty.

"What's the problem John?"

"Nothing Harris, I just didn't want to rush things. I just wanted to sit here for a few moments and take in your fantastic features."

She smiled; "Like what?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe those gorgeous large eyes of yours, or those luscious lips of yours. I keep imagining them slick with saliva sliding up and down my stiff cock."

"John, you're incorrigible, just wait a few minutes and you won't have to imagine any longer, anything else?"

"Well that smile of yours could light up a New York City block and your hair, the way it frames your face is exquisite."

I stopped her from speaking as I cupped her face in my hands and planted a long kiss on those lips of hers. I moved down to her neck and kissed her there and Harris sucked in her breath when I cupped her tits through her night gown.

Harris broke free and slipped off of my lap and down to the floor. She tugged at my belt and unhooked my pants. I arched my back and she slid my pants and shorts down my legs. She licked her lips when she took sight of my rigid cock. Grasping it in her long black fingers she stroked it up and down as she rubbed the head against her rosy cheek. Looking up at me with those large dark eyes she smiled and lowered her mouth to my cock. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

She began bobbing up and down slowly licking around the shaft as she sucked away. She played with my balls as she sucked. I closed my eyes and was swept away with the fantastic feeling and sounds of her sucking and slurping at my cock. Looking down at her bobbing head I dug my fingers in her hair and swept it to one side so I could watch this dark goddess sucking at my white shaft. Saliva was dripping from her mouth, down to my balls and thighs as she sucked harder. I knew I couldn't hold off much longer from her fantastic assault on my cock.

All of a sudden she stopped and stood up. Wiping away the saliva from her face she smiled and slowly untied the sash around her waist. Reaching in she untied another tie and her gown parted showing parts of her dark skinned body. Reaching her shoulders she drew the gown apart and it slowly slipped from her body and fluttered to the floor. She stood before me totally naked and what a sight to see. She had an hour glass figure. Large C's or small D's for tits with large black aureoles the size of Las Vegas poker chips, with very small nipples. She had a washboard stomach and hips that flared our beautifully. Her legs were long and firm and her pussy had a small patch of black hair just above the entrance. Her lips were already swollen and moisture was seeping out.

Harris reached up and squeezed both of her large tits and smiled at me. As she approached she straddled my legs and reaching down grabbed my cock and with one swift motion sat down on my cock. I slipped into her tight wet pussy and she began moaning immediately and bounced up and down on my cock. Thick white creams oozed out of her cunt and bathe my balls; I reached down and cupped her ass cheeks as I guided her up and down my cock. I bent down and began licking her tits. She crushed my face to her tits as she rode me.

Harris threw her head back and screamed out; "Oh fuck me John, I'm cumming. Yes, yes just like that fuck my pussy with your big white cock, yes harder here I cum. Oh, oh yes right now!"

She shook and came all over my cock. She slumped against me as she tried to regain her breath. I continued to fuck her pussy, at a slow leisurely rate keeping her cumming and me hard.

I stood up with Harris wrapped around my waist as I lifted her up and down on my cock. She bent backwards and thrust herself against my groin. Once again I sucked on her gorgeous tits and slowly walked her over to the bed.

I drooped her to the bed and my cock make a popping sound as it came out of her tight cunt. Her entire lower body was shining from her juices as I dove right in and began sucking her pussy. This drove her over the top once again shouting; "Oh fuck, I'm going to pass out. I never came so much in my life!"

I continued my sucking and licking driving two fingers into her sopping pussy and one into her tight asshole.

She screamed out and fell back limp onto the bed, passing out.

I rose up and brushed the hair from her damp face and kissed her full red lips. Slowly she came around, her eyes fluttered open and a huge smiled crossed her face. Harris threw her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue probing every little crevice of my mouth.

Looking me deep into my eyes with those dark eyes f hers; "Can we do that again?"

"Your wish is my command Harris. What do you want to try next?"

Smiling up at me she shyly said; "Can we try doggy?"

Without saying a word I flipped her over and pulled upwards at her hips bringing that gorgeous ass against my groin. I slipped my cock back and forth against her pussy lips and I slowly pushed into her still tight cunt.

She let out a groan and dropped her head to the mattress and pushed against my cock. I reached down and began playing with her clit as Harris squeezed her hanging tits. I picked up the pace and she got into the action as well wiggling and matching my thrust against me. I slipped my thumb into her asshole and she groaned yelling for me to fuck her ass.

I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy and popped the head into her tight spherical ring. It closed around my cock and I inched my cock slowly into her ass. It took several minutes, but finally I was balls deep in her ass. Harris was moaning constantly, urging me to fuck her ass hard now.

She was fingering her clit and I slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. I plunged away at her ass as she dropped to the bed; I followed driving my cock in and out of her ass. She screamed she was cumming again and I knew I wasn't far behind.

"Harris, I'm going to cum, where do you want me to cum?"

"Oh John, I want it everywhere, but now cum all over my face and tits. I want to see your white cum splatter my black tits and I want to taste you."

I pulled out of her ass and turning her over scrambled to straddle her waist. I squirted my first shot over her heaving tits. Grabbing my cock she aimed it at her face and I emptied my balls all over her face and neck. She licked away at it and rubbed my cum into her skin.

I collapsed next to her and we drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night I felt something warm around my cock, opening my eyes I saw Harris bobbing up and down on my cock. She has taken a shower and looking down at her she looked like a million bucks.

Popping off my cock her eyes sparkled and she smiled; "Ready for another round."

Without saying a word I had her spin around and she lowered her pussy to my face as she resumed sucking my cock. We both took our time exploring each other as I licked and sucked on her pussy lips, thighs and ass.

Harris licked away at my cock like a lolli-pop and sucked my balls into her mouth.

I looked up and noticed the camera's red light was on, once again taping our action.

I sucked away at her pussy slipping a couple fingers into her as she started warming up. She wiggled her hips against my mouth and leaked her juices into my mouth. My cock was rock hard and Harris coughed as she tried to deep throat me.

She lifted off of me. Licking her lips; "Enough of that, I need to be fucked and hard. This time I want to feel you cum inside of me."

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