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Calendar Shoot December


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you. This is the finale of the twenty four shoots, hope you enjoyed them as much as I had writing them.


During the December MILF shoot I made sure I was not involved. I wanted to be at my best when I finished off the calendar shoot series with Robin Meade. I worked out over the past few weeks making sure I would not disappoint her. I found out that Robin also was doing the same and I noticed over the past few months that her legs got shapelier, especially her thighs which were a little large but were now, to put it bluntly perfection. Her hips were smaller, but her shapely ass and hourglass figure was even more apparent.

Robin contacted me asking if I could take her to the Headline News/CNN Christmas party that was being held on Christmas Eve.

"Robin, how about our romantic evening?"

"Don't you worry about that, we'll cut out early and make it up to the mountains in time to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family."

"WHAT!" I screamed.

She let out with her patented giggle that caused my cock to stir; "God I loved this woman," I thought.

"Well John, it's like this. We were invited to the family compound for Christmas in the mountains of North Carolina so we can ski and have some fun. The good thing is that we'll have our own cabin, with a heavy duty lock and dark shades. I promise we'll have all the privacy we need, but I can't see what's all the hoopla anyways, the cameramen will be there and I can almost guarantee my mother will hit on you. She always hits on my male friends."

"Okay, I guess I can handle that. What's your mother's name anyways? I know she's a famous anchor, but you've always kept it a secret."

It will stay that way; call it a Christmas present from me to you. I'll tell you though my step father is; he's Mike Jarrett from Fox. My mother will kill me for divulging that seeing she's a liberal and Mike is a conservative. They leave that at the door when they come home and never talk politics at home, just a word of warning."

Come on Robin, who's your mother? Another thing I just love Mike."

She giggled again; "Oh yeah, I never thought you swung both ways. I love him too and yes in that way too. Mom has fucked a number of men I've brought home so I thought it was payback that I fucked her guy, Hey who knows if mom hits on you it just may turn into an all out orgy. What a perfect way to spend Christmas, fucking my step dad and half sisters and cousins."

It was my turn to laugh; "What do you mean half sisters and cousins. You know they can't be in the photo shoots unless they are on TV news."

"Yeah, yeah I know and they are, but they are a secret too and I spoke with all of them and they would love to join if they even show up."

I shook my head; "What time do I pick you up tomorrow and how shall I dress?"

"Pick me up at six and it's formal, can't wait for they ride up to the mountain retreat. See you at six honey, bye for now."

She had hung up on me before I could say goodbye.

I wore my tux and was at her door just before six. She opened the door after knocking and I was awestruck when I saw her standing before me. She looked radiant, dressed all in black velvet. Her gown was ankle length and very form fitting. The dress clung to her huge breasts and tapered beautifully at her narrow waist. Her ass and hips caused the dress to flair perfectly. The dress parted from floor to knee on the left showing sheer black stockings and matching high heeled shoes. She was carrying a small clutch bag in one hand and a suitcase in the other.

"Well John are you going to take my bag or do I have to put it in the car myself?"

"Oh shit Robin, I'm sorry! I was so taken by your beauty that I forgot my manners."



She giggled; "My bag!"

"Oh yeah, sorry!" I called for the chauffer and he came and took the bag and put it in the trunk.

When she turned I nearly fainted. The dress had no back whatsoever. From the front it had a high collar, but when she turned I saw that the dress fastened at the neck which left her back bare. I took her matching cape and placed it on her shoulders. She flipped her long wavy auburn locks out from the cape and it cascaded halfway down her back.

I took her black gloved hand in mine and escorted her to the limo. After getting in I now had the chance to look closer at this vision of loveliness. Her make-up was perfect showing off her large dark eyes. Her lips were full and were covered in a dark red lip gloss that was begging to be kissed. Just as I moved in to kiss those luscious lips the chauffer broke in that we were at the CNN tower. I nearly let out a groan as I had to wait to place my lips on those full red petals.

Opening the door the chauffer escorted Robin out, I followed and I felt like a million dollars as I rode up the elevator with Robin on my arm. The room was packed with many of the women who had done some of the previous photo shoots such as Carrie Lee, Catherine Calloway, Betty Nguyen, Bonnie Schneider, Soledad O'Brien, Kiran Chetry who was at Fox and now moved to CNN and many other throughout the evening I spoke briefly with then telling them they would be receiving an invitation later in the week and would need their prompt replies seeing it was such short notice. Many tried to get it out of me, but I held stem fast.

I worked my way back to Robin and after some small talk I asked her to dance. She was very light on her feet and she pressed her lush body against mine as we danced. She played with the short hairs on my neck and every once in awhile would nibble on my earlobe or lick along the nape of my neck. I got rock hard and made sure she felt the effect she was having on me. I pressed my stiff cock against her lower belly and rubbed back and forth.

She let out a little moan and giggled; "That isn't fair, you're getting me hot for that cock of yours and we have sometime before we can leave."

"Not fair, who's nibbling on whose neck here!"

She giggled again and I nearly melted. That laugh of hers is such a turn on for me.

"Okay Robin, let's switch!"

At first she didn't catch on, but I swept her thick auburn locks away from one side of her neck and began nibbling on her neck and nipping at her earlobe.

Robin quivered in my arms and let out a tiny groan. She slipped one arms from my shoulder and slowly moved downward and gave my swollen cock a gentle but steady squeeze. It was my turn to moan.

I broke the embrace just as the song ended and I led Robin back to our table. My cock softly brushed her delicious ass and at the same time trying to hide the bulge in my tux pants.

The evening went by slowly as I continued to stare at the gorgeous woman across from me. I loved spending time with her, but I wanted her all to myself.

Finally Robin caught my attention as I was once again daydreaming about her; "Come on John, let's go and say our goodbyes and head back to the cabin."

I was out of my seat in a flash, we said our goodbyes and I got her cape and we headed out to the limo.

"John, I want to thank you for taking me to that boorish event. You made it bearable by just being there. My only concern is that now we have a four hour drive to the cabin in the mountains. Do you think we can keep our excitement up for that long?"

The driver pulled away from the curb and I took Robin in my arms and kissed her gently and pushing the button on the privacy glass, we were instantly along.

"Well Robin, I think I can find a way to keep you interested."

Again she laughed that bedroom laugh and it sent chills down my spine. She quickly began kissing my neck as her hands traveled to my cock which had been in a constant state of arousal. Unzipping my pants her long slim fingers closed around my straining shaft. As she began fishing it out of my pants the chauffer broke in; "Mr. B we are here, shall I go and see it they are ready to leave?"

I responded; "Yes please!"

Robin bolted up and I tucked my cock back in my pants and zipped up. Robin looked out the window to see a rather large helicopter preparing for takeoff.

"John, what's this all about?"

"Well Robin, being Christmas Eve and all, I didn't want to spend the entire evening in the back of a car with you. I would rather spend those hours with you naked in front of a raging fire, wouldn't you?"

She threw her arms around me kissing me hard; "My god John, you're the best!"

"Come on Robin, in that we will be at the cabin's airstrip in less than forty-five minutes."

We took off and Robin was like a little girl on Christmas morning taking in all of the sights and landscape of the Christmas lights down below. Soon we were over areas that were totally black and luckily the pilot knew where he was going and before we knew it he was putting down on a desolate airstrip where I had another car waiting for us. It was bitterly cold out and Robin commented it was just like Ohio where she grew up as a child. The big difference was the clean mountain air and crisp crunching snow beneath our feet.

I spoke briefly with the pilot and he nodded and told me he would be waiting for my call and before we knew it he was off and we were left alone in the dark with a car all set to take us to paradise.

The car was set with GPS co-ordinates to her family's compound and we got in. Once in she snuggled against me and kissed me long and lovingly whispering; "Perfect, just perfect."

I kissed her back, a perfect night for a special person."

We drove the short distance to her cabin with her latched to my arm and her head resting on my shoulder. Once there she panicked; "What about our luggage!"

I laughed, already taken care of; while we were at the party the chauffer took the bags to the helicopter and flew them here. They should already be in the room, already put away."

"You've thought of everything, I think I could get used to this." She kissed me again and we walked the short distance to the cabin.

It was a little chilly inside and I found the thermostat and turned it up. I took Robin's cape and tossed it along with my tux jacket on a nearby chair. I took her in my arms and brushed the tiny snowflakes from her thick locks and covered her full red lips with mine. She responded in kind and returned the kiss with a little more urgency.

Breaking the kiss I looked into her dark smoky eyes; "How about you making us a couple of nightcaps. I'll start a fire and we can get more comfortable.

She gave me a peck on the nose and looking at me with her auburn locks falling across one eye whispered in a very sexy sultry voice; "Don't go anywhere I'll be back in a flash, make yourself comfortable."

As she moved away I watched that gorgeous ass wiggle from side to side and I just imagined my cock sliding in and out between those two lush mounds of flesh.

I kicked off my shoes and took of my tux tie and loosened the top two buttons on my shirt, rolling up the sleeves I threw a few large logs in the fireplace and started the kindling. When I turned around Robin stood before me with her wine and my scotch.

A toast Robin chimed out; "Merry Christmas and to a night of exotic memories!"

We toasted and I responded; "To Robin Meade and the final calendar shoot, I've kept the best for last!"

Once again we toasted glassed and each took a sip of our drinks, both looking at each other over the top of our glasses. I put my drink down and took hers from her trembling fingers. Placing it on the table next to mine I stepped forward and drew Robin into my arms, she melted against me and even though she's not petite she looked up at my 6'3" frame with those sexy eyes. She slowly closed them as I lowered my mouth to hers and we both clutched at each other. Our kiss became more passionate as our tongues slipped back and forth from one mouth to the other.

Robin slowly began unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it from my shoulders she began kissing my neck, shoulders and upper chest. She licked at my nipples and nipped at them. I ran my fingers through her lush auburn locks as I crushed her head to my chest. Robin tugged at my pants button and slowly drew my zipper down. They fell in a puddle around my ankles and I kicked them away in frustration. She slipped to her knees and pulled me down to the mountain of throw pillows laid out before the fireplace. Settling in Robin took off my socks one at a time and licked around each toe. She quickly ran her long nails along the sole of my foot causing me to jump. She giggled again and getting serious took my foot in her hand and began kissing my ankle and moving up along my calf. She caressed my leg, kissing, licking and nipping her way slowly up my inner thigh. She moved to my other leg and repeated the process and as she approached my crotch she reached up and grabbed my cock and began stroking it lightly. She moved her head lower and lapped away at my balls laving up the entire sack. She slowly drew one ball onto her mouth and sucked lightly on it. With it in her mouth she licked around and around and with a pop let it out of her mouth. She did the same with the other, all along still lightly stroking my cock, she was driving me crazy. She ran her hand around my balls gathering up a lot of her saliva in her hand began stroking my cock faster now. I urged her mouth toward my cock but she just continued to lick and suck on my balls. Robin looked up at me through half opened eyes and they sparkled from the fireplace's raging flames. She smiled as she finally left my nuts and lightly tickled about the base of my cock with her tongue.

I let out a groan and ran my fingers through her long auburn locks. As she sucked away at the underside moving painfully slow towards the head my grip on her hair tightened. I urged her to take me into her mouth, but she pulled away and returned to the base, this time on the topside. Again moving upward her lips and tongue worked her magic as she had my entire shaft now totally covered in her saliva. I thought I was going to burst as I got painfully harder.

Letting out a low moan in her throat she slowly dropped her mouth to the head and it entered her mouth. Her full red lips wrapped around the shaft as she lowered her head. Inch by inch I disappeared into her mouth and her long fingers toyed with my swollen balls. With half my cock in her mouth she looked me in the eye and smiled around my cock. Her eyes sparkled from the flames and as another inch disappeared into her wet cavern; her eyes were locked on mine. Her lizard like tongue lapped away at my shaft as she withdrew an inch and quickly sucked it and another inch down her throat. She began humming as she began bobbing up and down. Five, six seven inches disappeared as she lapped away.

I dug my fingers into her scalp and fell back as the hot feeling of her mouth enveloped my entire cock.

With one last quick motion she took my last two inches into her mouth. Her tiny nose brushed my belly as she began licking at my balls with my entire cock buried in her throat. With a loud groan she pulled back until the head popped out making a loud pop as she let go. My shaft gleaming in the firelight, saliva dripping from her mouth and my cock was a sight to see. She sucked the juices back into her mouth and returned to my cock slurping it into her mouth with suction like movement drawing half of my cock in. She now began bobbing up and down vigorously.

I gripped the pillows as I held on for dear life. The room was filled with the sucking sounds of her wondrous mouth. I groaned continually as she picked up the pace. She let it pop from her mouth and began stroking it faster and faster.

She looked me in the eye saying; "Oh fuck John, I've forgotten just how fantastic your cock was. I just want to eat it all up and suck on it all night."

I laughed and moaned as she stroked it harder; "Now Robin, you may want to suck it all night, but I have a much better place to stick it. Oh fuck Robin, you better slow down or I'm going to paint your pretty face and stain your dress with my cum!"

Letting out a moan; "Yes John, that's exactly what I want. I want you to cum all over my face and let it drip into my mouth, come on big boy, give me my Christmas present now."

She dropped her mouth to my cock and I thrust my cock upwards into her mouth. I knew I was going to cum soon, she had been working on my cock now for a good ten minutes and my balls tightened as I stared at the mass of auburn hair covering my thighs and belly. I couldn't see her face, but my cock knew exactly what that fantastic mouth was doing.

Robin moved her other hand to my balls and squeezed lightly as her other hand and mouth stroked my cock. I let out a long groan as her finger tickled my asshole and slowly slipped in.

That was it, I stiffened and yelled out; "Oh fuck Robin, here it comes. Take my cum you Christmas slut!"

She pulled away from my cock and stroked me faster. The head expanded and let out its first long white pearly stream hitting Robin on the forehead and bridge of her nose. She opened her mouth wide and the second stream landed on her waiting tongue. Slurping it in she swallowed and dropped her mouth to the head and her cheeks hollowed in as she sucked my jerking cock deeper into her mouth. Shot after shot bathe her mouth as she fought to swallow my entire load.

I fell back onto the pillow totally spent from the expert blowjob she had just given me. My cock fell from her lips and she wiped the first shot off her face and licked at her fingers. She placed her head on my belly that was rising and falling quickly from my heavy breathing. She placed small kisses on my cock and belly as I lovingly ran my fingers through her disheveled hair.

When I regained my strength I realized that I had cum already and was totally naked. As for Robin she was still lying against my body, fully clothed, that was soon to change.

She whispered to me; "I'm going to clean up, I'll be back in a few minutes."

I watched as this sexy woman got up and walked slowly towards the bathroom, her ass moving provocatively under that black slinky dress. It had to be at least ten minutes before she reappeared, but no longer in her evening gown. Now she was dressed in a thigh high black silk wrap that was tied tightly at the waist. Her legs were bare and she stopped before me and slowly slipped to the pillows next to me. She had brushed her hair and repaired her make-up. Once again she looked like a million dollars.

Leaning forward she brushed her full red lips against mine and ran her tongue slowly across my lips. I ran my hand through her hair and cupping the back of her head crushed her lips to mine.

She covered my bare body with her and straddled my legs as we continued to kiss. Her breathing became labored as our tongues dueled with one another. Reaching down she stroked my once again stiff cock and she moaned against my lips when she felt my arousal.

With one quick motion I rolled her over and she now lay beneath me. My straining cock painted her lower thigh with my pre-cum. It was my turn to unwrap my Christmas present.

With her long auburn locks fanned out on the pillows supporting her head she looked up at me with those large dark eyes as they sparkled from the flickering flames in the fireplace, she licked her full lips and closed her eyes when I began raining tiny kisses all over her face, neck and ears. Reaching down I untied her silk robe and parted it. It was my turn to moan and she smiled at my reaction. Stretched across her large breasts, waist and pussy was a black see-through mesh nightie. It hid nothing while covering everything. Her silver dollar sized aureoles were very visible and her large nipples stood at attention as I cupped them in my hands and squeezed softly. Both of my thumbs rolled them back and forth which produced a quiet sigh from her parted lips. I lowered my mouth and sucked on one through the silky material. She arched her back and ran her hands though my hair. Reaching up I slowly pulled the nightie from her breasts and with their enormous size remarkably stood high and firm on her chest. I rained kisses on them sucking and licking every inch of both large orbs of flesh.

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