Calendar Shoot December


Robin and Bob jumped off the bed when they heard Paige scream and both of them looked down at us from the loft bedroom overlooking the living room. When they saw that Paige was alright they just stood there watching me plow into her quaking pussy. Paige rolled her head back and closed her eyes. I sucked one of her erect nipples into my mouth as I slammed her pussy with my cock. She opened her eyes and dragged my head to hers and covered my mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. Wrapping my arms around her I rolled her over and she was now on top and not missing a beat she began slamming her ass up and down driving my cock deeper into her dripping pussy. Her tits were covered with a thin coat of sweat as they bounced up and down. Her rosy nipples stood out like two pencil erasers and she leaned forward offering them to my lips. Drawing one in I lapped at it until my spit ran down and off her tit. I did the same to its twin and Paige groaned and picked up the pace slamming her trim ass up and down on my straining cock.

I looked upwards and at the loft railing was Robin, naked with Bob behind her. She was reaching back slowly stroking his huge cock as she looked down at us. Bob had his arms around her; one hand was tweaking her huge nipple as his other hand was buried in her pussy. Rolling her head back Robin locked lips with Bob as she pulled on his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt.

As Bob slowly slid in Robin gripped the railing and held on for dear life. Her huge tits swayed from side to side as Bob picked up the pace and fucked her doggy, standing up.

Paige went into overdrive as she watched Bob plow his huge cock into Robin's stretched pussy. Robin's thighs were covered in her juices as they ran down her inner thighs to her knees.

Paige shook uncontrollably as she started cumming and as she came her cunt muscles tightened and nearly squeezed my cock in half.

I rolled her onto her back and picked up the pace. Her gorgeous blonde hair flew about her face she rolled her head from side to side.

"Oh John, please cum for me, come all over my face and tits. I want to taste your sweet cum. Oh fuck me harder, yes, yes just like that. I'm cumming again!"

She arched her back grinding her pelvis against mine as she shook and let go a stream of her creamy nectar all over my cock.

I pulled out of her cunt and stroking my cum covered cock, exploded all over her outstretched body. The first stream hit her between the tits and up to her chin. The second shot hit her chin and open mouth as her tongue shot out to capture the milky semen. Shot after shot covered her face and hair and she scooped it up and sucked the cream from her fingers.

Up above Robin's mouth was wide open imagining my cum shooting into her mouth as Bob rhythmically slid his cock in and out of her pussy.

All of a sudden the front door opened and a perky blonde came storming into the cabin yelling; "Hey Robin, you up yet. Get up sleepy head it's your cousin Nicole here where the ffff...."

She stopped in mid word as she caught sight of my cock in my fist dripping the last of its load onto Paige's face. Out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of Robin being fucked by Bob.

It was Nicole Mitchell from the morning show on the Weather Channel. I had no idea she was Robin's cousin. She looked younger in person and way to perky for this early on a Christmas morning. She was dressed in a tailored long sleeved pin striped shirt. Over that she had a sleeveless hunter green cable knit sweater that was belted at the waist showing off her small perky breasts beautifully. Below she was wearing a skin tight pair of black ski pants and it was obvious she wasn't wearing any panties under it. Her camel toe was bulging between her legs and as she approached us slowly it looked like it was swelling by the second. Her shiny golden blonde hair was pulled back and held behind her head with a large terracotta hairclip. Her large dark blue eyes darted from us, up to Robin who was still being fucked my Bob from behind. Nicole licked her full red wet lips and stood there looking up and down at the four of us.

"Looks like I got her a little too late for all of the fun. Listen Robin, Aunt Katie asked me to come over here and get your lazy butt out of bed and get you over to the main cabin. I can see you are already out of bed and from what I can see your butt isn't being so lazy at the moment."

Clearing her throat she continued; "I'll have some coffee if the four of you want to get cleaned up and ready for the family get together."

I stood up and calmly pulled Paige to her feet. As we closed the room directly in front of he I watched her as her eyes locked on my semi-stiff cock that was dripping with my cum and Paige's juices. I checked out her petite firm ass as I walked towards the downstairs bathroom taking in that she had to be a size zero, one at the most.

Nicole licked her lips as she kept her eyes on my swaying cock as I pulled Paige in after me, leaving the door open as I turned on the shower. Her head snapped upwards as Robin pushed at Bob's hips disengaging him from her swollen pussy. Robin turned and smiled at Nicole and silently walked off to the loft bathroom.

Nicole let out a loud gasp when Bob turned and she caught sight of his ten inch pole still covered with large white gobs of Robin's juices and cum. Her entire body became instantly flushed as she focused on that monstrous piece of meat dangling between his legs. She hurried off to the kitchen to get some coffee. Wetting a dishcloth she wrung it out and placed the cool cloth on the back of her neck and let out a long breath from her lungs. Gripping the countertop she whispered to herself; "Now Nicole, Aunt Katie warned you about what you may see and she warned you to stay clear of Robin and her friends. You're getting married in a few months and need to save yourself for your wedding night." Letting out a sarcastic laugh she muttered; "Yeah sure, you know you're not leaving this cabin without sampling at least one of those cocks, hell if you're lucky maybe both and that sexy blonde too!"

She shook her head back to reality and busied herself with the coffee and bagels.

I came out of the bathroom after a nice hot shower with only a towel about my waist. Paige scurried to the living room, picking up her clothes returned to the bathroom to dress.

I joined Nicole in the kitchen and with her back to me pinned her to the counter. Pressing my half naked body up against hers I whispered in her ear; "So you're Robin's cousin." My tongue snuck out and licked the nape of her neck and nibbled at her earlobe. "So tell me Nicole, are you kissin' cousins?"

She let out a small moan as I rubbed my growing cock against her tight compact ass. My hands slid up her hips and cupped her firm tiny tits. Again she let out a groan and pushed back against me.

All of a sudden from the stair came a loud voice; "Back off John, she's spoken for. She's getting married in a few months and doesn't need to be fucked up by you."

Standing at the stairs looking like a million bucks was Robin. Her long auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a tight multi-colored skirt of oranges, yellows and browns. Her calves were encased in tan knee high boots. On top a brown satin blouse two sizes too small stretched across her bulging tits, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, her huge aureoles and nipples poked at the material shamelessly.

I backed off and approached her; "I was just trying to introduce myself."

I slapped Robin playfully on the butt and squeezed my way past her as I walked up the stairs.

She laughed; "Yeah sure." She yanked at the towel and it came off in her hand. I turned slowly my cock at half mast and took a mocking bow and walked slowly up the stairs, both Robin and Nicole watched as I disappeared out of sight.

As I entered the bedroom Bob was naked on the bed stroking his cock.

"God John I'm so fucking horny. I was fucking Robin and was ready to cum and then that cousin of hers came in. Robin left me hanging and I feel like my head is going to explode."

"Listen Bob, if you don't stop stroking that cock your head just may explode. Come on, cover up please? After Robin and I head over to the main cabin, maybe you and Paige and get the edge off, who knows maybe you can get her cousin to join you."

"Do you think it's possible?"

"I know it, I got her engine started in the kitchen and I can tell you she's one hot number waiting to explode. Just take it slow, she's getting married but I can tell she's sexually frustrated and if you play your cards right I'm positive you can have her eating out of your hand."

"I'd rather have her eating my cock and me her pussy!"

We both laughed and he stayed in the bed thinking up a scenario to bed Nicole.

After dressing I joined the three ladies in the kitchen for coffee and bagels.

Robin asked; "Where's Bob?"

I laughed; "Hell Robin, you wore him out and when Nicole came in and you left him high and dry he's trying to take a nap now and get his libido under control."

Nicole didn't say a word she just arched an eyebrow and smiled to herself.

Paige laughed; "Maybe before we head back to Atlanta I'll join him and see if I can take the edge off for him."

Robin handed me her coat and I placed it on her shoulders. Turning towards Nicole she said; "Come on cuz, let's go and face the family."

"Listen Robin, I'll be along in a few. I just want to clean up here and I'll meet you there."

"Okay Nicole, but don't be long."

We headed to the main cabin; "Okay Robin, so your mother's name is Katie, Katie who?"

She laughed out loud, who do you think silly, Katie Couric, that's who?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, I knew then and there without a doubt it was going to be the best calendar shoot of the year. I was banned from setting up the cameras in both cabins. But Robin assured me that she had every inch of both cabins covered, inside and out. I just hope she's telling the truth.

As we entered the main cabin I was shocked how large it was and yet very warm and cozy. Every room we walked into was decorated tastefully on holiday cheer and I was quickly at ease. That is until Katie walked into the room. My mouth dropped as I stared at one of the most naturally beautifully woman on the face of the earth. For her age she looked remarkable. Her short blonde hair dance around her head as she greeted us. Her green eyes sparkled as she shook my hands and her lips were warm and inviting when she kissed me on the cheek. Her kiss lasted a little longer then anticipated and my cock stirred when we parted and she looked up at me with those green eyes. Standing before me she was shorter then I expected, but what was in that small package was dynamite. She was wearing a black satin lacy camisole with two thin black straps. Her tiny nipples poked through the material and were begging for attention. Across her hips and upper thighs was a tiny tight wrap-around skirt that was tied at the hip. From mid-thigh to her tiny feet the rest were bare and looked very smooth and inviting.

As we sat across from each other she crossed her legs giving me a flash of matching satin and lace black panties. I knew then and there I was going to fuck this vision of loveliness.

"So tell me Ms. Couric, how does a woman as young as you have a gorgeous daughter like Robin? You had to be a mere child when you had her."

"So nice of you to say so, but first call me Katie, I had Robin when I was sixteen and kept her out of the public eye and shipped her off to her grandparents in Ohio. My career took off after having her sister Kimberly and then I remarried to my current husband. As you will see we are a very close family, most of us are in the news business, most with professional names even though we are ALL related."

"Sounds interesting Katie."

"Would you like a drink? Why don't you come and join me in the rec room? Robin, please be a dear and check on your Uncle Steve and your cousins. I believe they are in the family room watching one of those silly Christmas parades. Check and see if they need anything, we'll be back soon."

Robin rolled her eyes knowing damn well she wasn't interested in getting me a drink, that was unless I was willing to drink from the pussy fountain of Katie Couric and the answer was Hell Yes!

As Robin headed for the family room she paused to think about her career. Most of her family was on Fox News, her Uncle Steve, cousin Ainsley and Greg, even her sister Kimberly, half sister Laurie and step father Mike were all on Fox. She loved Headline news, but would love to show off her gorgeous legs on Fox like a lot of her relatives do. After complaining to CNN they finally put a couch on her morning set, but she still wanted more exposure, if you get my drift.

As she entered the family room she stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting on the couch was her Uncle Steve Doocy, her cousins Greg Kelly and Ainsley Earhardt; they were not watching the parade on TV.

First let me describe Ainsley, she's a gorgeous flaxen blonde with hair that is straight and is feathered about her face and barely brushes the tops of her breasts. Her eyes are a translucent blue that one could loose their souls in. She has a perfect smile and her red lip-glossed lips are very inviting. She was wearing a one piece simple white dress that ended above mid-thigh. Over the dress was a waist length Kelly green jacket with a wide gold zipper down the front. Her breasts are a large C or small D and afterwards when bared were remarkably firm without an iota of sag or sway, but natural. Her tiny waist gave way to nicely rounded hips and very firm shapely legs.

With her uncle Steve to one side of her and her cousin Kelly on the other side of her they were double teaming her and she was slowly losing her will to resist. She was persistent of pushing their eager hands off her shapely thighs. They were not to be denied as Ainsley pushed one hand out from under she rising skirt, another was placed even higher until she had wiggled enough to have her skirt now high enough for both of her relatives to tickle at the tiny hairs escaping her damp lacy panties.

Greg was on his knees next to her brushing the hair from her shoulder as he nibbled at the nape of her next. As she moved away from Greg her Uncle Steve covered her mouth with his as his hand cupped the back of her head.

Slowly her resistant was weakening and she pushed at their hands and now was unable to break their hold of her legs. She looked pleadingly at Greg and as their eyes met she pulled his mouth to hers and she began kissing him back. Their tongues fought with one another and their breathing increased.

He groaned as he felt her hand slowly slip off of his hand on her thigh and move to his leg and slowly stroke closer and closer to his cock.

Steve let go of her other legs and quickly stripped off his pants and underwear. Sitting back down he guided Ainsley's slim fingers around his stiff six inch shaft. She jumped back as if her hand was burnt. Capturing her hand again he closed it over his shaft and guided it up and down. Letting go of her hand she continued on her own as Greg and her continued kissing.

Steve turned Ainsley towards him and their lips met. Tongues darting in and out, Greg quickly tore off his sweater and kicking off his shoes yanked his pants and shorts off. Greg guided Ainsley's free hand to his cock and she moaned loudly as her hand closed around his larger shaft, nearly three inches larger then his uncle's.

Steve broke the kiss and removed his shirt and now both men were aside Ainsley totally naked. She rolled her head back on the back of the sofa as she stroked both cocks.

In the doorway Robin had unbuttoned her blouse and was now sucking on her large nippled breast as she watched the two men began to have their way with her cousin.

As Ainsley stroked their cocks they began on her body once again. With her dress nearly at her waist now Steve slipped to the floor in front of Ainsley and spreading her thighs kissed his way up her shapely legs. She dug one hand in his hair as she continued stroking Greg's large cock.

Greg reached up and unzipped her jacket and she helped him slip it off. Just as it was removed Steve made contact with her panty covered pussy. She arched her back and Steve took this opportunity to pull them off. He let out a tiny moan when he stared at the large lipped cunt before him. Everything about her sleek compact body fit except her pussy. It was gaping open and leaking fluids like crazy. He expected a tight lipped trim pussy to match the rest of her body. This turned him on even more as he lowered his mouth to her pussy and sucked the large lips into his mouth; his tongue darted out and speared deep into her dripping hole. She arched her back and kissed Greg harder as she continued to stroke his cock.

Greg broke the kiss and slowly urged Ainsley towards his stiff cock. She went willingly as she groaned from the licking Steve was bestowing on her cunt. She licked up and down the length of his cock covering his thighs with her soft blonde locks.

Greg slowly unzipped the back of her dress and as it parted he caressed her finely toned back. Coming in contact with her bra he deftly popped it open and it went slack around her breasts.

By now Ainsley had half of Greg's large cock in her mouth and she bobbed up and down raking more and more down her throat. Her moans got louder as Steve tickled her clit with his tongue and drove two fingers into her sopping hole. She pulled her mouth off Greg's cock, her spit puddled around his balls as she looked down at her uncle.

"Oh my god Uncle Steve, yes, yes just like that, oh fuck I'm going to cum." She crushed her thighs around his head as she shook and let go a copious amount of juices into his sucking mouth.

Ainsley sat up and jerked the dress up and off her trim body and tossed the hanging bra aside as she slid to the floor between Greg's thighs and once again attacked his cock. She slid her tiny fingers up and down his saliva covered cock and dropped her mouth back down on its head. Her tongue wound around and around his shaft as she bobbed up and down.

Steve slipped in behind her and gripping her trim hips pulled her compact ass against his stiff member. He slid into her cunt easily and she lifted off Greg's cock momentarily to voice her approval groaning as Steve drove balls deep into her tight cunt.

Ainsley resumed her assault on Greg's cock as they found a rhythm, she dropped down on his cock as Steve pushed forward and she slid up his cock when Steve withdrew from her cunt. Both picked up the pace and she sucked harder and faster as Steve fucked her from behind the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. All three of them were moaning louder and louder.

Greg blurted out; "Hey uncle, how about switching? I know you would love getting sucked by this firecracker and I can't wait to bury my cock in that pussy."

Ainsley looked up at Greg with those translucent blue eyes and smiled; "Sounds good to me, I would love to ride that cock of yours. Do you think it will fit?"

"Ainsley, it will fit and I know you'll love it, climb on board sweetie!"

With a pop Steve pulled his cum covered cock out of Ainsley's tight cunt and bending down gave it one last kiss and lick sticking his tongue in her sweet tasting hole. She moaned her approval and wiggled her ass against his face. He gave her ass a hard slap and her tight ass wiggled under his hand.

Ainsley crawled up Greg's body and straddled his thigh rolling her hips up and down painting his cock and belly with her dripping cunt juices. Greg cradled her firm ass in his large hands and guided her gaping cunt to the head of his cock. Slowly he lowered her ass down and his large cockhead pierced the folds of her cunt. She sucked him into her pussy and she threw her head back and groaned loudly as inch by inch of his cock slid into her tight gripping pussy.

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