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Calendar Shoot July


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you.

Just a few more notes about the series, as you all know this is a figment of my imagination. The following story is sort of off the wall and I want to reinforce the fact that this is PURE fiction and mean no harm to the characters portrayed in my story, just hot sex with sexy newscasters I watch daily on TV.

I met Carol Costello about five years ago when I was living in New York. She was a cub reporter and we hit it off right away. We had a torrid love affair, but broke it off when things started getting too serious.

She had two children at a very early age, first when she was fourteen, a boy named Mike and another when she was sixteen, a girl named Erica. When she married her son kept her maiden name Galonis and her daughter married, had the last name of Hill.

The following fantasy shoot was requested by Erica Hill, the six o'clock Headline News Prime Time reporter. Her fantasy was to have sex with her brother and mother, Mike Galonis (Headline Newscaster daytime) and Carol Costello (CNN American Morning).

I contacted Erica about her fantasy and finding out who it was with was like a lightening bolt striking twice in the same spot. What were the chances that a woman I had had an affair with five years ago was the mother of Erica Hill, the current star of the June calendar shoot.

"Hi Erica I know what your fantasy is and I think it will be the best of the entire year."

Erica looked at me with those large brown eyes. Her long chestnut brown hair framed her pretty face.

She wet her full red lips; "I sure hope you can pull it off, I don't see having a problem getting Mike to fuck me or mom. Getting mom to join in I believe may be a problem."

Under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but I have a secret I didn't tell you about. About five years ago when I was working in New York I met Carol and we had a love affair that ended when we both realized it was getting too serious too quickly. I think if I meet up with her I can strike up the affair and get her to do the calendar shoot thinking it's around her and a threesome."

Erica threw her arms around me and gave me a kiss of excitement. I cupped her full large ass and pulled her to me. The kiss grew and her mouth opened and I sucked her tongue into mine. When we broke the kiss her full large tits were rising and falling. I did all I could to restrain myself from taking her right then and there.

"Erica there isn't anything I would like better right now then to strip you naked and feast upon your full lush body."

She blushed; I believe her hair color was real seeing her blush with that creamy white complexion. She bit her lower lip; "Then let's do it!"

Grabbing her by the shoulders, holding her at arms length I shook my head; "We can't Erica, not now. Let me set up your fantasy and get all of our ducks in a row and when the time comes for your fantasy I assure you that Carol, Mike and I will fulfill all of your fantasies and more, okay?"

She looked down at her feet and nodded.

I placed a finger under her chin and raised her beautiful face. She looked at me with those large brown eyes; "What's the matter Erica, why look so sad?"

"It's just that I've waited so long for a fantasy like this and you got me so damn hot and I nearly throw myself at you and you don't want me."

I looked at her wide eyed; Are you crazy?"

Taking her hand I placed it over my stiff cock; "Is this the sign of a man who doesn't want you, my god Erica, I'm using every inch of willpower to restrain myself from stripping you naked and feasting on your gorgeous body. I just thought the fantasy would be a lot more realistic if we did it the first time with all of your fantasy participants present."

She smiled and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me with those large brown eyes she smiled; Thanks for thinking about me, but let me take the edge off so you can concentrate on my fantasy, instead of yours."

She unbuckled my belt and lowered the zipper of my pants. When she lowered them my cock strung out and slapped her on the chin. She took it in her slim fingers and rubbed the precum oozing out of the head around the crown and down the shaft. She lowered her head and her pink tongue slipped out and ran around the head. Pursing her full red lips she slowly sucked the crown in and she looked up at me and smiled.

I pushed an auburn lock from her cheek and cupped her face as she resumed sucking my cock into her hot wet mouth. She began bobbing up and down and she was producing a great amount of saliva. Not wanting to get her clothes stained I slipped her burgundy coat off and began unbuttoning her cream colored satin blouse. When I had it unbuttoned to her skirt I slid it from her shoulders. It fell down her back and caught in the back of her skirt.

Looking down at her as she continued to suck my cock, her saliva was dripping down her chin and landed on the upper slopes of her huge white breasts that were encased in a large lacy white bra. The sounds of her sucking, the slurping, her suction and sometimes her gagging was very erotic and caused my cock to harden even more.

I dug my fingers into her lush auburn locks and began fucking this lovely face. Her tongue was like a lizard, flicking and lapping at my cock as her full lips sucked the cum from my balls.

I knew I couldn't hold off much longer and I told her so. This spurred her on and she sucked harder. I let out a long groan as I started cumming, the first shot she swallowed quickly. Pulling my cock from her mouth she aimed it at her tits and the second stream of pearly white cum landed between those two mountains of flesh. The next hit her on the chin and then her face and hair. When I stopped cumming she rubbed my cock all over her face, spreading my cum into her skin she licked up what she could and the remainder rubbing into her skin.

"Erica, that was fantastic, you're next."

She smiled and licked a little more cum into her mouth; "No I think you're right. That's enough for me for now, you can have some of me when my fantasy becomes a reality. You could say it's sort of an incentive for you to make it cum true."

She licked her lips, scooped some of the cum from between her tits and licked her fingers clean, she reached back and pulled her blouse back on. Buttoning it back up she put jacket on and stood up. She kissed my tenderly on the lips. I could taste my cum on her lips.

She giggled; "Call me John when you have it all set up. I can't wait to have that cock of yours in my juicy pussy."

She turned and left the room, my cock still hanging there.

I knew I had to get this fantasy going. I headed for the airport to find the first flight to New York and convince Carol Costello to fuck her son and daughter.

I checked into the Trump Towers and called CNN and asked for Carol and told them who was calling. After a few seconds a voice came on the line.

"John, is that you? What are you doing in New York?"

"Well Carol I flew in to see you, are you available for dinner this evening? I would love to talk and catch up on old times."

"How about seven, at my place?"

"That would be great, are you still at the old address?"

"Oh no, ever since getting the job on American Morning, I moved to a nicer place."

She gave me her address and I jotted it down; "See you around seven Carol."

"Can't wait to see you John, bye."

I took a nice long shower and called up for room service. I had the entire day to rest and plan my seduction of Carol. I just had to get her hot and I knew that wasn't going to be difficult, but convincing her to have a surprise threesome, that may be a little more difficult.

I arrived at Carol's plush New York townhouse just before seven. Just as I rang her doorbell she opened the door and she looked better then I could remember. Her long honey blonde hair was feathered around her face with streaks of lighter blonde hair rubbing through it. It took ten years off her and she looked fabulous. Her dark eyes sparkled and I could see a lot of Erica in her. Her body has gotten a little fuller, but at forty she could pass for a women in her early thirties. Her large tits jutted out at me under her tight white turtleneck pullover blouse. Her short tight black skirt ended just above the knees and showed off her nice shapely legs.

She hugged me tightly and gave me a long kiss; near the end her tongue took a brief swipe across my lips. I started to stiffen when I felt those large pillows under her blouse crush against my chest. Just as quickly she pulled away and ushered me into her nicely appointed living room.

"Would you like a drink? Let me guess, Johnny Walker Red and water right?"

"Great, you remembered, yes please."

She handed me the drink and sat across from me. She slowly raised her glass to her full pink lips and after taking a sip sensuously licked her lips. She crossed her legs drawing the tight skirt halfway up her tan slender legs. Sitting back and uncrossing them I was presented with her bare pussy under her skirt.

I looked up and caught her eyes, smiling she said; "You were always a leg man John, like the view? I shaved this evening just for you. I know how much you like to munch on a bare pussy."

Standing I took off my jacket; "Is this the appetizer?"

Spreading her legs more, her skirt rode higher on her legs; "Oh no John, it's the main course and dessert."

I knelt in front of her; she looked down at me with heavy hooded eyes and licked her lips. A low moan came out as my hands slid up the outsides of her thighs, pushing the tight skirt up to her hips. She raised her sexy ass up and I pushed the skirt up around her waist. I pulled her lower on the sofa and began kissing her legs from the knee upwards. My hands caressed her feet and calves as I kissed higher.

I looked up at her and her large tits rose and fell from her heavy breathing.

"Oh John, you always knew how to turn a woman on. I guess we are taking up where we left off huh?"

"Carol we are older and wiser now and we both know what we want without playing games."

I kissed my way up to her pussy. It was as bare as the day she was born, but now the tight lipped pussy was shiny from the juices that were seeping out. Taking my thumbs on either side of her pussy I spread her lips and gazed upon one of the prettiest pussies I have ever seen. It smelled like lilacs and juices were bubbling out of the hole and slowly trickling down to her asshole. I lowered my mouth and licked her from asshole to clit. She arched her back as I sucked her cum from her leaking pussy, it tasted like honey.

She clutched at my shirt and pulled my head harder against her dripping hole.

"Oh John, I need this so bad, you got me so fucking hot so quickly, I'm going to cum. Please make me cum, suck on my clit, please, yes. Yes just like that."

She arched her back and let out a long groan and let go a stream of cum that bathe my face and neck. My shirt was wet from her squirting and I now remember that she was a squirter. It turned me on to no end as I slurped up her juices and licked my way back down to her dripping pussy.

The sofa was covered in her juices and when I raised my face up she laughed; "I guess you forgot how hard I cum, didn't you?"

I slid up her body and she kissed me hard, breaking the kiss she licked her juices from my chin and hugged me tightly.

Standing up I pulled her up and lifted her up into my arms; "Which way to the bedroom Carol, I want the main course now!"

She let out a whoop, pointing down the hall she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my behind the ear as she nuzzled me there and rested her blonde head on my shoulder.

Entering her all white lacy bedroom I gently laid her on the bed and proceeded to undress. When I dropped my shorts she caught her breath; "I guess I forgot just how big you were. Come over her and let me taste that bad boy."

She laid on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Her mane of blonde hair nearly touched the floor. I stepped forward and slowly slid my stiff cock all the way down her throat. I remembered how well she could deep throat a cock.

I bent over her prone body as I lower my face to her dripping pussy. I tasted her juices and she began to leak out of her hole. I sucked and licked her love tunnel deeper and faster. She was sucking on my cock faster now and I knew she has about to have another orgasm. She pulled my cock from her mouth and started screaming; "Oh yes, lick my fucking pussy! Yes!! Yes!!! That's it! Yes!!!! OH FUCK YES!!! LICK IT JOHN!!! EAT MY FUCKING HOLE!!!

She wrapped her legs around my head and her screams were muffled by her thighs Carol began grinding her cunt into my face as I sucked and licked at her red hot pussy. Right now nothing matter to her then to reach another orgasm. Carol arched her back crushing her dripping cunt against my flicking tongue. Turning my tongue into a small wet cock I tongue fucked her driving as deep as I could into her pink palace. I spread her lips with my fingers as I stabbed away at her bubbling hole.

I had a difficult time clamping down on her pussy as she moaned and rolled from side to side. I continued to suck and lick her stiff clit making her cry out over and over again. Orgasm after orgasm swept over her body. My teeth held her clit in place as my tongue swabbed and flicked over and over again against her red button. I moved my tongue faster and faster and faster.

She arched her back and let out a loud scream and squirted all over my face for the second time tonight. The entire mattress was wet beneath her ass as she lay there panting; her skin glistened with a thin film of sweat. She slowly raised her head back onto the bed and swinging her body around drew my body to hers and she fell fast asleep.

I lay there with a raging hard-on gazing at this magnificent body cuddled up against me. I knew before morning I would have my cock buried deep in her dripping pussy. I laid my head down next to hers and fell fast asleep.

I woke slowly with a warm feeling in my groin. Looking down threw sleepy eyes I saw Carol's blonde head bobbing up and down on my slowly stiffening cock. Her lips came off my cock with a pop and she looked me in the eye and with a low sexy laugh began licking up and down my entire shaft, never losing eye contact. I became hard quickly as she now began driving my cock in and out of her mouth. Her face was a blur as she took more and more of my cock down her throat.

She stopped and looked at me; "I want your cum all over my face. I want to taste your jism, just like you tasted mine. I owe you that."

I wanted to fuck this gorgeous woman, but I knew that could come later. Right now I wanted to give her what she wanted and I needed to cum badly.

I gripped her streaked blonde locks in my hands and fed her my cock.

She slurped at it; pulling it from her mouth she rubbed it across her cheeks, forehead and nose. Dropping her furnace like mouth down on it again I arched my back as she drove her index finger up my ass.

I let out a loud groan and began squirting my cum all over her face.

She let out a squeal and aimed it at her full red lips. It shot across her mouth and into her hair. Aiming it at her large hanging tits another shot hit her there. I emptied the rest of my jism all over her face.

It dripped from her chin and I began to harden immediately seeing this woman I have watched on CNN covered in my juices was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen. I pictured Erica Hill licking her pussy and her son Mike Galonis fucking the same mouth I had just cum on and I was ready to fuck again.

I pulled her up and over my prone body. Carol swung her leg over and captured my cock in her dripping pussy. She clamp down on my cock driving it deep up into her wet snatch. I could feel her juices flowing out around my cock as I drove upwards into her cunt.

I smiled up at her; "Fuck my cock Carol! That's it, ride my cock, faster, grind that pussy, faster, faster!

I groaned looking up at her, "Yes, Yes, just like that Carol, OH yea Carol your pussy feels so fucking good on my cock. You love it don't you, just like that Carol, ride my fucking cock, faster, ride it faster! Oh yes, just like that! You are so fucking good, grind that pussy on my cock!"

I reached up and took control of her bouncing tits, pulling on her red hot nipples I hefted the weight of them in the palms of my hands crushing the nipple as I did so. Carol arched her back her hair flying around her face as she tossed her head from side to side. She ground her hips against mine driving my stiff cock deep within her molten pussy.

I watched her gorgeous face, lust filled her eyes. I bent forward and captured one large nipple in my mouth as my hand drove down between our bodies and finding her swollen clit began flicking it back and forth. She drove her clit toward my finger and arched her tit into my mouth as I sucked as much tit flesh as I could into my drooling mouth.

I could feel my balls tightening as she bounced up and down on my cock.

She screamed out; "OH John, fuck me hard, I'm going to cum, YES! Yes! Please cum with me I need to be filled with your juices. Oh Fuck MEEEEEE!

She bounced harder and harder as I played with her clit, she let out a guttural moan and shook and I felt her hot juices bathe my cock. I slammed up into her; "Oh fuck Carol, take my cum, yes, yes, I'm cumming TOOOOO!"

She fell against me and laid on my sweating body. The room was filled with our heavy breathing and once again we both fell into a deep sleep.

I woke to the sound of singing, it was still dark outside, but the room was lit from the adjoining bathroom lights.

I stumbled out of bed and headed toward the singing. In the bathroom Carol was in a large shower, steam filled the room I opened the door and she let out a startled scream. She smiled and made room for me. Taking the soap from her I began working the slippery suds all over her body, paying special attention to her ass and legs. Kneeling down I worked on her gorgeous ass as she widened her stance I slipped a couple of fingers up her ass. She let out a groan and leaned against the shower wall. Turning her around with two fingers still up her ass I wormed my tongue into her pussy and found her stiffening clit. She slipped lower on in the shower, her legs too weak to support her. I pulled my fingers from her ass and shoved them in her dripping pussy. Curling them around I found her G spot and she let out a long sigh and came quickly on my tongue.

She slowly slipped to the floor of the shower. She was trying to keep from getting her hair wet, but this was now a lost cause. I moved aside and she let out a scream as the shower blasted her on the face, drenching her upswept hair. I stood and stepped forward; looking up at my bouncing cock she gripped it in her tiny fingers and guided it to her wet lips.

I pulled the clip holding her hair up and it fell around her face. Water ran down her face, her hair now a dripping mess. She licked around the head of my cock and slowly swallowed my entire eight inches.

I found a bottle of shampoo and squeezed a good amount into her scalp and began working the suds into her hair. What an erotic sight. Her wet lashes closed as she sucked on my cock, my finger working the shampoo into her gorgeous locks.

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