Calendar Shoot July


"Did you like the way they called each other Mike and Erica, brother and sister?"

The fire in her eyes ignited again, "Oh yes John, that was such a turn on. I kept imaging the real Erica and Mike fucking and then coming in and having their way with their mother, oh fuck John, I'm going to cum again just imagining it."

I slipped my thumb across her pussy lips, slowly parting her lips I slid up and thumbed her clit. She groaned and arched her back, I pulled out.

"Okay Carol, let's go get you cleaned up and then meet up with Rob.., I mean Erica and Mike in the bedroom."

"Aha, I knew it was Robin Meade, I just knew it!"

"Come on Carol, just play along, with the blindfold on you can still imagine its Erica, okay?"

She kissed my and hopped off to the bathroom to clean up.

A few minutes later Carol came out of the bathroom dressed in a floor length white nylon nightgown. Her large tits were encased in a lacy top and her large dark nipples showed through nicely. Over that she had another sheer floor length white robe. Her make-up was done to perfection; her lips covered in a bright pink lip gloss which made them look ever fuller. Her hair was brushed out and the ends brushed the tops of her breasts. The honey colored hair with lighter blonde streaks made her look ten years younger.

She smiled when she saw my reaction; "Do you think Robin will like me?"

"I sure know I do, and I'm sure Mike and Erica will too!"

She smiled and turned so I could fasten the blindfold at the base of her scull so it wouldn't come undone even though heavy sexual activities.

"Okay Carol, are you ready?"

She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly she just nodded.

I opened the door and led her across the suite to the master bedroom. Mike was already there sitting on the bed on a thigh high white terrycloth robe. It was loosely fastened and his broad tanned chest showed at the top.

Erica came out of the bathroom, her hair once again pulled up in a twist, fastened by a large comb. Her make-up was redone, with a light lavender lip gloss that bought out the highlights of her chestnut brown hair. She had the hunter green dress on again, but was barefoot this time.

The female camera person was off to the side, out of the way until the acting got hot and heavy. I would direct her when I determined the other cameras were insufficient.

Carol stood with her arms at her side in the center of the room. Erica looked over at Mike first and then at her mother. Lust filled her dark eyes as she crossed the room and whispered two soft words in my ear; "Thank you!"

She licked the inside if my ear and moved away before I could grab her.

I sat down on the sofa across from the bed and kicked off my shoes. I motioned for the camera gal to join me and we watched as Erica's ultimate fantasy began to unfold.

Erica approached her mother and Carol jumped when Erica's fingers brushed her blonde locks over her shoulder. Erica lowered her lips and gently kissed the nape of her neck. Carol let out a moan.

"Mother, you look absolutely gorgeous!"

Carol's eyes went wide with panic under the blindfold, this was supposed to be Robin Meade, but the voice sounded exactly like Erica's.

"Erica, is this really you?"

"What do you think mother?"

"I don't know what to think, you're supposed to be Robin, not my real daughter."

Erica laughed; "I'll play along, I'll be whoever you want me to be, who do you want me to be Carol?"

Carol moaned again when Erica kissed upwards to her earlobe, tugging at it with her teeth and slipping her tongue into her ear.

Carol let out a shiver; "I want you to be Robin, but pretend to be my daughter."

Erica laughed wickedly; "Sure mom, I can do that, can you?"

Carol didn't know what to think, this fantasy, everything was happening too quickly and the tongue of whoever it was, was driving her crazy. She knew at this minute she wanted this woman whether it was Robin or her real daughter Erica, she would deal with later, for now she wanted her.

Carol raised her hands and caught Erica's face and pulling it from her ear she turned it to meet her mouth. Their lips met and instantly they opened their mouths and their tongue met one another's. They fought for supremacy as they darted in and out and dueled with one another. They swapped saliva and they both moaned as they chests, bellies and thighs pressed against one another's.

On the bed Mike had removed his robe and now was slowly stroking his huge cock, mesmerized by the scene in front of him, his mother and sister sucking face, their hands touching and caressing each other.

Erica broke the kiss, gasping for air, "Mom, do you know who is on the bed right now? It's Mike, your son, he's naked and slowly stroking his huge cock. He's watching us, oh mom you can't believe how fucking unbelievable it was to have his huge cock up my tight wet pussy. I wish you could have seen me riding your son's huge cock. I never came so fucking hard as I did earlier. Did you hear us fucking in the other room? Would you like to watch us do it next time?

Carol responded with a low moan; Oh yes Erica, I want to watch my son fuck my baby girl!"

"Later mom, first it's your turn."

She led Carol over to the bed and she sat down when her legs bumped into the mattress.

Mike caught her hand that was behind her as she settled onto the mattress. He placed it on his cock and she recoiled when she realized it was against his cock. He gripped her hand again and placed it back on his cock. She slowly ran her fingertips over it, smearing the pre-cum that was oozing out of the head and down the long thick shaft.

She licked her lips; "Is that you Mike, your penis is so hard and thick?"

Mike spoke with a disguised voice, Yes mom it's me your son Mike, and it's not a penis, it's a cock for you."

She was relieved when she heard his voice, at least this was not her son, but she would pretend that it was.

"Oh Mike your cock is so fucking huge, can I suck it?

"Not yet mom, first I want to watch you and sis make love. She's right in front of you now. Why don't the two of you get comfortable and I'll watch and recuperate after fucking Erica on the couch.

Carol slid up to the edge of the bed and parting her legs drew Erica against the edge of the mattress. Running her hands around the back of Erica's lush ass she pulled her to her. Finding the tie that held the dress together Carol pulled at it and the dress parted.

Erica played with her mother's hair as Carol felt her way around her body.

She thought to herself; "This cannot be Erica, her tits are too large, her ass to small, yes she was alright with this, this wasn't Erica. Know all along it had to be her, this way she could let herself go and really enjoy herself."

Carol's hands traveled over Erica's body that was nude under the open dress. Carol cupped the large tits and thumbed the huge nipples running her thumbs around and around the tens of tiny bumps surrounding the nipples. Erica's aureoles were beet red and standing up tall. Carol moved her hands to Erica's shoulders and slid the dress off of her. With her hands on Erica's back she pulled her forward and those huge tits were mashed against Carol's lips, she quickly sucked one large nipple into her mouth her tongue darted around the tiny bumps of her aureole and Erica groaned at the proficiency on her mother's mouth and tongue. She moved to the other and did the same. While she was doing this one hand stole around to Erica's ass pulled her closer. Her other hand slid between her legs and her thumb worked her way between those huge winged lips.

Erica had a tough time standing, her knees became weak and she had to hold on to Carol's shoulders to keep her balance.

"Erica, why don't you come lay on the bed so mommy can make love to your sexy body/"

Erica groaned; "Okay mom, but first I want you to stand and let me get you naked."

Mike spoke up, "Erica can I help?"

"Sure big brother, come on and help."

Mike hopped off the bed, his cock poking into his mother's arm as she stood up. With Erica in front and Mike behind, Erica untied the white bow that held the sheer white robe together. Mike gathered the material in his hands and slid it off her shoulders and tossed it over to us.

The camera girl put it to her face and smelled Carol's perfume. Licking her lips she laid it across her lap and kept her eyes on the threesome before her.

Standing before them in a sheer lacy see through nightgown Mike reached up and slowly slid the tiny straps that held the gown up. It hugged her large tits and defied gravity. Erica tugged at the bodice and it finally gave way and fell to her waist. Erica drew in her breath as she stared at her mother's large firm breasts. Hefting them in her hands she worried her nipples with her thumbs.

Mike hooked his fingers in the waistband of the nightgown and pulled it down. It fluttered to her feet and she kicked it away. He led her to the bed and had her sit down on the edge.

They both sat on either side of her and both started sucking on their mother's large tits, just as they did about a quarter of a century earlier as babies, but now it we for sexual fulfillment, not nourishment.

Carol crushed both of their faces to her breasts as their tongues and lips attacked her. Their hands traveled up and down her slim legs, she parted them further as one attacked her hole as the other played with her clit. She was in heaven imaging her son and daughter making love to her.

Carol reached over and started stroking Mike's cock that was standing straight out.

Pumping it up and down she moaned; "Oh Mike I need to suck on your cock, let me suck it!"

Mike scurried onto the bed and Carol knelt over her son's huge erect cock. She lapped away at the head, tasting his sweet pre-cum that drooled out the head. She licked up and down the shaft and he arched his back begging her to suck it into her mouth,

Carol was dying to look into his eyes as she sucked him off, even though she knew it wasn't her son.

Erica has slid up under her mother who was on her knees. Gripping her mother's hips she pulled her cunt down to her waiting mouth.

Carol groaned and moaned as Erica ate her dripping pussy; "God yes Erica, eat my pussy while I suck your brother's huge cock, oh lick my cunt with your tongue, yes sweetie, just like that, oh fuck Mike, she found my clit, yes Erica, that's a good girl, eat mommy's pussy."

"Damn mom, stop your moaning and suck my cock!"

"She smiled up at him and even with the blindfold he thought she looked fantastic. Her large tits swung back and forth as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

"That's it mom, suck my cock. I just love the way mom sucks cock Erica, even better then you. Oh fuck mom, your mouth is like a hot wet oven, suck me deeper."

She coughed when he shoved up and she dropped down at the same time. Her saliva was dripping down to his balls now. Her lips were stretched wide as he drove upwards into her mouth.

Down below Erica was now finger fucking Carol with two fingers as her thumb slipped into her tight asshole.

Carol groaned around her son's cock.

"Oh mom I need to fuck you now. I want to feel your tight pussy around my hard cock. How do you like it mom?"

Gasping out around his cock, "Do me doggy Mikey, fuck your mother's cunt doggy style, and I'll eat your sister's pussy while you fuck me!"

Like a Chinese fire drill they switched places and now Erica was on her back, Carol was kneeling over her and Mike was behind Carol.

His voice cracking; Oh mom, your pussy looks so inviting. I was in there twenty-six years ago and now I'm going to return. Gripping her by her ample hips he rubbed the large head of his cock up and down the dripping slit. She pushed backwards and the head popped it.

"Oh fuck Mike, you're huge, please go slow until I adjust. That's it, nice and slow. Oh fuck Erica, how did you take this monster in your cunt."

"Not easily mom, but once in, I was in heaven and so will you."

Mike took his time slowly slipping into her inch at a time. Looking down with her honey blonde hair draped over his sister's thighs he snapped and drove deep into her.

Carol let out a scream as all of a sudden he was balls deep into her hot cunt.

"I'm sorry mom, seeing you licking on Erica's pussy sent me into overdrive. Just lay there and I won't move until you are ready. When you are ready start moving and I'll continue fucking that hot pussy of yours."

She lifted her head from Erica's dripping pussy; "Okay Mikey, start fucking mommy now while I eat your sister's pussy."

She dropped her head down to Erica's dripping cunt and started lapping at it like a kitten licking at a bowl of warm milk.

Erica was digging one hand into her mother's locks as she raised her large tit to her own mouth and sucked on the hard stiff nipple.

Mike started sliding slowly in and out of Carol's tight cunt. He started picking up the pace and Carol had to stop licking Erica's pussy.

As he continued to fuck her cunt she cried out with the sound of a wild animal. Over and over again she pushed back against him as he drove deep into her from behind. His balls slammed against her clit causing her to have tiny orgasms with every slap.

She spat at him; "Oh Mike, I need your cock deeper, I need it now, god damn it Mike, fuck me harder, YES HARDER, OH YES FUCK MEEEE! She screamed at him as her body shook with an impending orgasm.

She knew she had to cum soon or she would pass out. She knew the throbbing of her pussy around his cock was driving her mad with lust.

In and out, in and out, in and out he fucked away giving one another thrill after thrill. Her mouth dropped down back to Erica's pussy. She bit down at the winged lips of her cunt sending Erica into outer space. Flooding her mother's mouth with her cum juices. Carol lapped at them and her senses were heightened by the taste of her daughter's cum.

She rose up from Erica's cunt, her face dripping with her cum she turned back to Mike and growled; Deeper! DEEPER!! Oh god Mike, FUCK ME DEEPER!! YES MIKE, just like that FUCK ME DEEPER. I want to feel it in my throat. YES, YES, oh god Mike I need to cum soon or I'm going to die."

He slapped her ass and she groaned; "Yes Mike slap me harder, fuck your mother, you're a mother fucker, you're fucking your mother, god yes, MAKE ME CUMMMM!!!

He growled with his normal voice, "Take it mom, take my cock, YES!! YES!!! I'm going to cum!"

She let out a scream as her orgasm started. At that same time Erica yanked the blindfold from Carol's head and she looked down at Erica's pussy and right now didn't give a damn. The cock in her pussy felt like heaven and she was at the pearly gates.

Carol looked behind her and her mouth dropped opened when she it was her real son driving his huge cock in and out of her pussy. She lowered her head back to Erica's pussy and groaned as she instinctively matched Mike thrust for thrust.

Juices were flowing down her thighs as he slammed into her willing body. Both were overwhelmed with lust as he pistoned in and out of her from behind. Having fucked Erica, he knew he could last a long time, but at the same time looking down seeing his mother's ass bouncing against his thighs brought him near the edge.

Pulling on her hair he drew her up from Erica's pussy. He captured her mouth with his and he tasted his sister's cum on his mother's tongue. He sucked on her tongue as he slammed away at her cunt. The entire room was filled with the squishing sound of her flooded pussy.

He let go of her mouth and cupped her dangling tits and looked down at his cream covered cock and he felt her pussy rotating and humping his cock trying to milk the cum from his balls.

"Oh god Mike, I love your cock in my pussy, oh baby fuck mommy, give it to me. OH FUCK YES BABY I WANT YOUR CUM IN MOMMYS PUSSY!!

He couldn't hold off any longer as he slammed away at her. With one last hard drive he held it there and he exploded and she let out a mighty scream.


With that she began cuming and cum she did getting it all on film as Carol covered Mike's cock and thighs with her squirting fluids. It ran down his thighs and covered his knees.

Carol fell to the bed, her head cradled in Erica's thighs. Mike followed her and slumped against her and finally rolled off of her and laid down beside her.

Smiling at her lazily; "Hi mom, how was your day???"

She smiled back at him and looked up at Erica through her heavy tits and said; "I guess this is what you call a loving family!!

They all laughed and took a short nap together.

After a short nap they sat around and Carol started it off; "So tell me Erica, what possessed you to want a fantasy like this?"

"Well mom, I've always loved you and admired you and watching you on TV I just wanted to get to know you and Mike better. He was easy to convince. I knew you would be harder, but when John told me about your fantasy, well it made it all the better."

"The only problem Erica is that for me I wanted it to be just that, only a fantasy. I guess after all is said and done it was well worth it and I guess we have the entire week-end to enjoy your... our fantasy. How about going out for a bite to eat and come back here for rounds two, three...."

The three of them cleaned up and dressed, Erica in just her dress and shoes, Mike in shirt and pants but Carol having her wardrobe with her changed into a slinky black dress with nothing under it.

Everyone ate and joked around, but near the end of the meal the sexual energy was growing as Erica and Carol stroked Mike's thighs. Carol unzipped his pants and Erica slid under the table to take him in her mouth. Carol and Mike kissed openly as he cupped her large tits in her tight dress. When Erica deep throated Mike he groaned in Carol's mouth and filled Erica's with his creamy cum.

When he recovered they had dessert and headed back to the suite. Having just cum Mike insisted on resting and watch the two of them.

They had a different idea as they looked over at me sitting on the couch. The sexy female cameraperson was next to me.

"Hey John having watched all of the action from the sidelines, aren't you a little hot", asked Erica.

I smiled, "Just a little!'

They both giggled and walked towards me.

Carol looked at the woman seated next to me; "You look familiar, I think you're on Fox, aren't you? I was wondering why you weren't taking any movies. What are you doing here?

She licked her full lips and I dropped my hand down to her slim thighs, her short navy blue pleated skirt was halfway up her thighs. My hand disappeared under her skirt and she let out a gasp when I came in contact with her bare pussy.

Looking up at Carol with those large brown eyes she said; "Yes I work at Fox, I'm Kiran Chetry. I wanted to join in this fantasy, but John said only as a bystander unless you agreed to let me join in."

She closed her eyes and her large tits rose and fell as my thumb worried her large clit. Two fingers entered her pussy and she slid lower on the sofa as I finger fucked her.

Her eyes sprang open when Carol spoke; "If you want to join us you have to do as I say, okay?"

Kiran nodded as she moaned, my fingers wrapped around her pussy and found her G spot. She shook and came on my fingers. Small beads of sweat were forming on her upper lip. Her huge tits rose and fell under her bright red pullover cotton shirt.

"Okay Kiran; Carol started, Strip off that shirt so we can see your gorgeous tits."

Kiran did that immediately and her tits bounced in her lacy white bra. I reached out and with two fingers popped open the closure on her back. The bra slipped from her shoulders and everyone stared at those luscious mammeries. The aureoles were the size of half dollars with large dark brown nipples.

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