Calendar Shoot March


"Oh fuck me Kevin, I'm going to cum again!"

"Go on Kristina, I'm going to be fucking you all night. I usually only cum once a night, but after that action at the restaurant and that break at work I'll be able to fuck all night. Just remember, once I cum, I'm through."

She moaned but I don't thing she heard a word he said. She screamed out and fell against him as she came again. His cock was covered in rivers of while fluids from her cunt. He continued to pump away at her as he cupped her ass. He slipped one cum covered finger to the puckered asshole and she groaned again.

"Kevin there is no fucking way you are shoving that big black cock up my ass. God knows that right now there is nothing I would love more then to be double penetrated, but not with that monster.

Jamie looked at me: "How about you John, want to fuck Kristina up the ass."

Kristina looked over at me and then down to my cock, shaking her head no; "That's too big also, maybe some other time. I will take it in my mouth though."

"Maybe later Kristina, I have to take care of Jamie first."

She smiled and went back to riding Kevin's cock.

He toyed with her tits and sucked on them as they got into a rhythm. They must have been going at it for at least or fifteen minutes.

I had slipped Jamie's bra off and was playing with them as she continued to stroke my cock from behind. I unzipped her skirt and pulled off my shirt and now all we had on were her panties. I slipped them off and worked my hands all over her body and we were both heating up quickly.

She moaned and I whispered in her ear; "Enough foreplay for you?"

She laughed; "I never thought I would ever say this, but I think I'm foreplayed out, I need to be fucked and fucked good and hard."

"Okay Jamie, on your knees and I'll slip it in and do you doggy!"

"God yes, I love it doggy, just play with my clit and tits."

"Don't worry I will."

I knelt behind her looking at that gorgeous ass and pussy and with wide lips. I pushed forward and it felt like a hot knife running through warm butter. I slipped in easily and she groaned as I hit bottom.

Kristen came over to us and slipped under us and began sucking on Jamie's tit and then moved to her face and the two of them kissed passionately. She swung around and Jamie sucked on her tits as she began sucking on Jamie's clit. This drove her wild as she tugged at Kristin's skirt. Kristin slapped Jamie's hands away and popped my cock out of Jamie's cunt and sucked on it several times and slipped it back into Jamie's cunt. Sucking back on Jamie's clit this drove her over the top and she began cumming.

Kristin slipped out from under us and crawled up onto the bed. Kristina was still riding Kevin and Kristin slipped her fingers around Kevin's cock and pulled it from Kristina's cunt. It made a popping sound as it came out. Kristin sucked on Kevin's cock and slipped it back into Kristina's cunt. With her fingers covered in juices she slowly slipped first on, then two and then three fingers up Kristina's tight asshole. Kristin pulled Kristina back to her and the two of them kissed and sucked on each other's tongues.

Kristina dropped her mouth to Kristen's tits and sucked on her nipples as she continued to ride Kevin's large cock.

Kristen bent over Kristina and whispered something in her ear and her eyes went wide and she nodded her head in approval.

Standing up on the bed Kristen removed her skirt and unflattering panties and she grabbed Kristina by the hair and yelled out; "Suck me Kristina, suck me and I'll fuck your ass!"

Both Kevin and Kristina's eyes went wide as Kristina ate at Kristen. When she moved her head back and only then did I see what they were so wide eyes about. Kristen had a cock, not a large one, maybe about four or five inches but after being in Kristina's mouth it was rock hard.

Grabbing Kristina by the hair again she had her suck on her small cock. Kristina went into overdrive. Plowing up and down on Kevin's cock and sucking on Kristin's

Kevin was mauling both sets of tits and seeing Kristina riding his cock and sucking on a cock that belonged to someone he thought was a woman was driving him close to cumming.

He closed his eyes trying to hold off.

Kristin pulled out of Kristina's mouth and scooted back behind her. Bending Kristina over so she could find her asshole, Kevin continued fucking away at Kristina's frothing cunt. Kristin lunged forward and her tiny cock slipped into Kristina's asshole. This put Kristina over the top as she shook and came again all over Kevin's cock.

Seeing this both Jamie and I went into sensory overload and we both came I exploded in her cunt and she clamped down on my cock and her juices, mixed with mine dripped down her thighs.

We collapsed on the floor watching as Kristen plowed away at Kristina's asshole. Kristen's large tits were crushed against Kristina's back and Kristin had one hand fisting Kristina's golden locks and the other was mauling her huge swinging tits.

This sent Kevin over the top and he exploded in Kristina and sent her over the top once again.

Falling against Kevin, Kristen followed and continued fucking Kristina's asshole.

Kristen let out a load scream and pulling her cock out of Kristina's ass shot her load all over Kristina's ass.

They all collapsed in a giant heap all you could hear was heavy breathing.

Once everyone gained their strength, one by one we piled into the shower and took a group shower. Jamie and Kristina sucked off Kristen again, Kevin and I made sure she was on the other side of us, not wanting a part of it. Watching was great, but we were not into that.

What a photo shoot. We climbed up on the bed where Jamie and Kristina went back to sucking Kristin's cock. I buried my cock in Kristina and Kevin fucked away at Jamie's tight cunt.

This went on the entire night and as the dawn broke over Atlanta we all nodded off to sleep.

I wondered how we were going to top this night; April was next and nearly impossible to beat March, seeing it definitely went out like a lion.

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