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Calendar Shoot November


NOTE: For those of you who have not been following this series, it's about 24 main characters that are all news anchors. They are doing video shoots and using select pictures in the shoot for two calendars. One calendar is of single and married anchors. The second calendar is of MILFS. The proceeds are going to their selected charities and each anchor gets to act out one of their fantasies. Some anchors will be in multiple fantasies, but will be a main character only once. Hope you enjoy and would like any feedback on the series, thank you


I set up the next photo shoot which ended up costing me an arm and a leg. The two entertainment reporters on Headline News, Adrianne Costa and Shanon Cook wanted to fly on a private jet to Cannes for the film festival. Along the way the flight attendant played by an anchor on weekend Headline News and CNN, Veronica De La Cruz catches the two entertainment reporters making out and helps out. The pilot is played by Will Silva, sports anchor on Robin & Company and the co-pilot is played by Mike Bettis from the Weather Channel.

First let me describe the three women on the plane. Shanon is a tall slender English lass with long straight dark auburn hair. Her medium sized tits look larger then they are due to her slender frame. Her dark sultry eyes are mesmerizing and thin lips are always wet from her shiny lip gloss. She has a tiny waist, slender hips, a nice rounded bum and her legs are long and very shapely. Shanon is your typical reserved English woman, but being her fantasy she's looking to bust out of that mold with a threesome or more.

Adrianne is the complete opposite with a wild personality and always moving her Italian body to express her opinion. She's considerably shorter then Shanon, but just as slim with all of the curves and feminine charms in the right spots. She had wild dark brown hair that when either up or hanging down looks like she's just been fucked. When up it hangs around her face and when down the mass of brown locks curls around her face and you just want to grab two fistfuls and guide her to your cock. She had dark eyes and full red lips just made for sucking cock or eating pussy. Her body is great with very large tits for such a small frame and a tiny waist and compact firm ass. One of her greatest features is her gorgeous legs, even though short they are tapered and just the right curves, nice full thighs and slim calves.

That leaves Veronica De La Cruz; even though she had a Hispanic name she looks oriental. Veronica had a small tight compact body. Her breasts are not large, but very high and full. She has dark brown sultry eyes and long black hair that brushes across the tops of her tits. She has a tiny waist and nice full hips and her legs like the other two women are incredible. Veronica was dressed in a simple short black skirt, black stockings and matching high heels. On top she had a low necked powder blue tight pullover shirt with a matching scarf around her neck. The tails of the scarf rested on her firm tits.

The weather leaving JFK for France was perfect and soon we were over the Atlantic cruising at 35,000 feet. Shanon and Adrianne were whispering and looking over at Veronica. Shanon in her sexy English accent whispered a little too loud; "Oh look Adrianna, you spilled some of your drink on your blouse."

Getting the attention of Veronica she smiled up at her and said; "Would you be a dear and bring me a little bit of club soda and a towel."

Veronica nodded and left to get it. Shanon nudged Adrianna to watch Veronica walk away; "What I wouldn't do to get ten minutes between those luscious thighs of hers. I bet I could have her screaming my name after five."

"Shanon you are so bad, but I can see your point. I would love to see those firm tits out in the open. Can't you just imagine those dark hard nipples of hers rolling around your tongue."

Mmmmmm, sure can, now hush she's coming back."

"Here your club soda, can I help with anything.

Shanon arched her eyebrows seeing her chance to get this tiny woman into their clutches; "Oh if you could it would be lovely. It seems Adrianna here spilled some of her drink here on her silk blouse. Would you be a dear and see if you could work the stain out."

Veronica looked down at the gorgeous dark haired woman. She appraised her as she licked her full red lips. Adrianne was wearing a bright red silk blouse; a wide black belt was around her waist pulling the material tighter across her breasts. Below that Adrianne was wearing a very short black skirt, black stockings and black velour boots.

Veronica dabbed the cloth in the club soda and rubbed at the material, but was only making it worse. Looking down at Adrianna she asked if she could put her hand in her blouse and rub the material that way so she wouldn't get her undergarment wet.

Adrianna nodded and unbuttoned two, then a third button on her blouse. Her large tits threatened to burst from her skimpy black half bra.

Veronica slipped one tiny hand in under Adrianna's blouse, the back of her hand brushed against the upper portion of Adrianna's right breast. With her other hand she worked the club soda into the stain.

Adrianna let out a tiny moan when Veronica's hand brushed against her breast harder this time. Veronica looked up into Adrianna's dark eyes and licking her glossy lips Adrianna cupped the back of Veronica's head and pulled her lips to her own.

Veronica's lips were soft, but rigid. Pressing harder against her lips Adrianna snuck out her tongue and ran them around Veronica's unyielding lips.

Veronica let out a small whimper as her lips parted slightly and Adrianna took the opportunity to slip her tongue between her lips. Adrianna continued the pressure on the other woman's lips and they began to soften and Veronica began returning the kiss. Their tongues darted back and forth and Veronica turned her hand around that was in Adrianna's blouse and tentatively cupped one of Adrianna's firm tits.

It was Adrianna's turn to moan as Veronica squeezed a hardening nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Adrianna ran her fingers through Veronica's long black hair and breaking the kiss moved her mouth to Veronica's neck and began kissing her there and moved slowly downward toward her heaving breasts.

Behind her Shanon cupped her breasts and drew her back against her. She tugged at Veronica's scarf which turned her head towards the English beauty.

The cameraman was capturing all of the action moving from one spot to another trying not to miss a bit of these three vixens.

I on the other hand was getting hotter by the minute and now released my cock and slowly stroked it as I watched the threesome mixing it up at 35,000 feet.

The sex was getting hotter and all three women were still fully clothed. I could just imagine how hot they would be once naked and fucking each other.

Shanon continued to kiss Veronica and she cupped her firm tits through her blouse as Adrianna slipped to the floor and slid her hands along Veronica's trim legs.

Veronica moaned into Shanon's mouth as she felt Adrianna's hands travel up under her tight skirt. She let out a gasp when Adrianna's hands moved above her stocking tops to her bare skin.

Veronica pulled away from Shanon's mouth and looked into her dark brown eyes and slipped her hand behind her neck shoving Shanon's dark auburn locks off her shoulder. She took stock of the woman before in a silk burgundy blouse. Looking down she saw two peaks straining against the soft material. Reaching down she cupped both large breasts that tried to break free from their restraint. Both of her thumbs rubbed slowly over the stiff nipples.

Shanon let out a tiny moan and arched her back against the hands before her. Veronica looked lower at the incredibly short black skirt that rode higher on two gorgeous legs. They moved about as she squirmed from Veronica's magic fingers.

Adrianna looked across the cabin and caught sight of me slowly stroking my cock. She smiled and rose slowly and walked my way. On the way she reached up and pulled a few pins that held her long dark locks on her head and they tumbled around her head. I nearly came seeing such an erotic sight.

She stopped before me and smiled, she had a very large mouth for such a petite woman.

"Looks like you could use a hand!"

All I could do was nod and still standing bent at the waist and enveloped my cock with her hot wet red lips. She sucked it all the way down to the base all eight inches and with an agonizing slow pace slipped back to the crown all the while winding her hot wet tongue around and around my shaft. With a loud pop she pulled off my cock and giggled; "That was fun, do you mind if I try that again?"

Once again I closed my eyes and shook my head no as she descended on my cock again, her dark locks enveloping my entire crotch. I lifted my hips and she tugged my pants down around my ankles as she began bobbing up and down on my steel hard shaft. The room was filed with her slurping and lapping at my cock; the sounds were vulgar and only heightened my excitement.

Shanon and Veronica stopped momentarily to stare at Adrianna's expert oral skills.

"Let me tell you Veronica, Shanon said; she can suck and eat pussy even better."

I dug my fingers into Adrianna's sexy locks and guided her mouth up and down my shaft. When she pulled off it was totally covered in her saliva. My cock was dripping and she stroked my cock lewdly as she ran her tongue around the crown.

She slowly knelt down and proceeded to bob up and down quickly on my cock.

Looking me in the eyes as she suck she smiled; "I heard from Robin that next month's finale Christmas shoot involved you and her. I sure wish I was there to watch. We've had a number of encounters talking about this shoot and hers. I know you will both have a great time."

With that she stood up and walked back towards Veronica and Shanon. Stopping a few feet from them she slowly bent over and slipped her tight skirt off and it puddled around her ankles. Her juices were flowing from her pussy and both inner thighs were shiny from her overflowing cunt. Adrianna roughly pulled Veronica's head to her dripping pussy and Veronica let out an ump as Adrianna crushed her head to her pussy.

Veronica lapped away at Adrianna's pussy and she smiled back at me and slowly slipped her blouse from her shoulders. Standing there in a demi-bra, stockings and high heels boots she looked like a total slut.

Adrianna dug her fingers in Veronica's dark locks as Ronnie lapped away at the folds of Adrianna's cunt. She let out a groan and began squirting her juices all over Ronnie's face. She collapsed to the chair and Ronnie slimed back at me with her face covered in Adrianna's fluids.

Shanon was turned on to no end watching Adrianna cumming all over Ronnie's face and she pulled Ronnie over to her. Standing she lifted the tight shirt up over her head and tossed it towards Adrianna. She deftly unhooked Ronnie's bra and her large nippled tits popped into view. They were firmer then any other set of tits I have ever seen. Shanon cupped one and the stiff dark nipple bore into her palm. She lowered her mouth to the other and the unyielding flesh was drawn into her wet mouth. Her tongue flicked back and forth against the stiff nipple and Ronnie arched her back and threw her head back in ecstasy.

Adrianna regained her strength and sat up and began unzipping Ronnie's tight skirt as the two women double teamed Veronica. Sliding the tight skirt from her body Adrianna discarded her own bra and began running her firm tits up and down Ronnie's taut legs.

Ronnie was moaning loudly now as the two woman took control of her body. Both of her firm tits were now shining in the cabin light from the oral ministrations of Shanon's lips and tongue. Adrianna tugged her lacy panties from her hips which left her in stockings and high heels. Veronica's pussy was covered in a thick mat of black hair and the hair endings sparkled with the dew from her dripping pussy.

Adrianna slid her hands around and cupped Ronnie's firm ass cheeks and drew her closer to her waiting lips. Adrianna's tongue darted out and flicked about Ronnie's parted thighs. Finding her pussy lips extended and full of fluid she wormed her tongue between her cunt lips and slipped into her dripping hole.

Ronnie let out a groan and threw her head back as she came immediately onto Adrianna's stiff darting tongue.

I picked up the cabin phone and called up to the cockpit. The co-pilot answered and I asked him if he could come back to the cabin and assist the flight attendant with a rather sticky situation. He asked what the problem was and I told him he would understand better once he got back here.

Seconds later the cabin door opened and his jaw dropped when he saw his flight attendant naked in the final stages of an orgasm, a naked Adrianna with her face buried between Veronica's thighs and a fully clothed Shanon sucking on Ronnie's tits like a starved baby.

His pants tented immediately as he watched the threesome before him. Off to the side he caught sight of me stroking my cock. He quickly stripped and his huge cock popped into view. Mike had a very solid build and his cock stood out at a ninety degree angle from his body as he watched the three women go at it before him.

Veronica opened her eyes as her orgasm subsided and caught sight of Mike. She was startled at first but when she noticed he was naked a smile crossed her lips and beckoned him to the threesome.

Shanon lifted her mouth from Veronica's left nipple and stared directly at Mike's stiff fat cock, licking her glossy red lips she uttered; "Oh my what a gorgeous specimen of male endowment we have here."

She stood up and moved over to Mike; pulling his head down to hers she covered his mouth with hers. She let out a tiny moan when his cock was crushed between their bodies and his cock slid along her belly and lower chest.

Adrianna slipped to her knees behind him and began kissing and licking his ass cheeks and slipping her tongue between his cheeks stabbed away at his puckered asshole.

Mike let out a groan she Adrianna did this and turning slightly sideways his cock popped out from between Shanon and himself.

Adrianna quickly captured his large cock in her large mouth and stretching her lips to the limit she was able to slowly lower her mouth over his entire cock. When she reached his belly she rolled her tongue around the underside of his cock and lapped away at the sack attached to his cock.

When she pulled away his cock was drenched in her saliva and she slurped it back into her mouth as she took another dive towards the root of his cock.

Mike Bettis rolled his head back in sheer ecstasy as Adrianna continued to give him the best head of his life. He dug his fingers into her wild lock and held on for dear life.

Feeling left out Shanon stepped away and spotted my still lazily stroking my cock watching the sexy encounter unfold before my eyes. She walked towards me and stumbled slightly when the plane hit some turbulence. This also drove Mike's cock deeper down Adrianna's throat.

Veronica now recovered from her earth shattering orgasm slipped down on the floor behind Adrianna and pulled off her boots and stockings, now totally naked she plastered her body against Mike as she continued her assault on his swelling cock.

Veronica began at Adrianna's toes, sucking them into her mouth and licking each digit. This caused Adrianna to squirm and moan as she bobbed up and down on Mike's cock. Kissing and licking her way up Adrianna's fantastic legs Veronica reached her dripping pussy. She licked at her pussy lips from behind and ran her tongue up and down Adrianna's ass crack stopping to slip first her tongue and then her finger into the puckered rosebud that wiggled before her.

Adrianna's pussy lips were extended with blood as they pulsed open with her increased heartbeat. Veronica had a hard time keeping her lips and tongue on her pussy seeing how hard Adrianna was wiggling her ass. Her moaning increased as she bobbed faster and faster on Mike's cock. Veronica captured Adrianna's fat ripe clit in her lips and flicked her tongue back and forth, back and forth until Adrianna was ready to burst free with another orgasm.

Adrianna sucked and licked faster and faster on Mike's cock as she neared an orgasm. She pulled from his cock and he aimed his cock at her face and drenched her with his cum. To Adrianna it felt like gallons of cum splashing her in the face as spurt upon spurt hit her face and chest. It covered her forehead and cheeks and ran into her mouth and eyes. Her neck and chest was covered in his pearly cum and she continued to stroke his cock and sucked it back into her mouth to get the very last drop.

She began cumming herself as the first shot of cum hit her face and she let go a stream of juices into Veronica's mouth as she worked over Adrianna's clit and pussy.

The two women hugged each other and Veronica kissed Adrianna licking the cum from her face.

Mike's knees nearly buckled as he staggered back to the cockpit naked to inform the captain, Will Silva of his great fortunes and to let him go on back to the cabin to enjoy some of the great pussy still to be explored.

Shanon stood over me looking down with those sultry eyes. A wicked smile crossed her face as she stared down at my stiff cock.

"Mind it I sample some of that?"

"Not at all Shanon, but before you do, how about a little striptease for me. You're the only one here still dressed and that doesn't seem fair."

Once again she smiled wickedly and in that sexy British accent said; "Oh my so you want to see my body do you. I think that can be arranged if you are good to me afterwards."

"Shanon I can guarantee it!"

She rolled her hips seductively and ran her hands up and down her sleek body. She ran her hands through her messed up locks and dropped it to her shoulders. Reaching slowly for the buttons on her blouse she slowly undid them one by one until she reached the waistband of her tight skirt. Pulling it slowly from her skirt she undid the last two buttons and turning her back to me slowly slid the blouse from one shoulder and looking at me over that same shoulder pursed her lips and threw me a kiss. She did the same with the other shoulder and the blouse fluttered to the floor. Reaching for the zipper on the side of her skirt she pulled it down and began lowering it. She bent at the waist and stuck her trim ass in my face. Lowering the skirt was like watching someone peel the skin off of a grape. It was so tight her white globes came into view looking juicy and succulent. As it hit the floor she turned towards me. I could see lust in her eyes and she looked like a top notch porn star. Her long dark auburn hair was disheveled. Her lips were parted, wet and red. Her upper chest was flushed and heaving. Shanon's ripe tits were bursting to escape from her undersized bra. She slid her hands up and cupped them, offering them to me. I let out a groan knowing soon I would have my mouth on them and my cock sliding between them.

Shanon reached back and with one hand popped open the bra. Shaking her shoulders it fell to her elbows and then to the floor. I was now staring at the most perfect pair of breasts since the calendar shoots started. They had to be large C's or small D's and from where I was sitting I knew they were natural, no incisions anywhere to enhance them. The nipples were dark red, the size of large pencil erasers. The aureoles were a dark pink with dozens of puckered nubs around the large center ones. They stood high on her chest and did not sag one iota. She kept her eyes locked on mine and licking her shiny red lips hooked her thumbs in her tiny panties and wiggled them down and off her legs.

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