tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Shoot Vol. 2 January Pt. 2

Calendar Shoot Vol. 2 January Pt. 2


I landed at JFK just after 2 PM and headed for the hotel. Once there I contacted Amy at MSNBC and we set up a meeting for the following morning after she finished her morning newscast.

I called the agency and set up a dinner meeting with Nick Manning, Joel Lawrence and Peter North. They were the three male porn stars that Amy would be fucking tomorrow. I was glad they were handling Amy, she looked great, but after last night's fuck-a-thon with Hillary and Vivian I was in no shape to fuck, well maybe a quickie from Amy might be in the cards.

Dinner with Nick, Joel and Peter went great. I've seen them in a number of videos, but they were a lot less intimidating in person, especially Nick. Nick on videos comes off like a complete macho man, very vulgar and intimidating. In person he was mild mannered and quite funny. Peter was his usual suave personality and Joel just followed their lead and was very personable.

I had it set for each of them to do a short video with Amy, stripping her and starting to get it on with her. It would cut away and the next one would start. Once all three were done a different setting would be set up with the three of them starting off naked in her bedroom and Amy coming in and joining them for a wild evening of gang banging. They were all anxious to get it on with her, Peter said he watched her occasionally on MSNBC and he thought the concept of the videos and calendars were unique. He also said he would open to do any other videos with any of the other anchors who were willing.

Nick called him a whore and also offered his services for the other ladies.

We finished and I gave them the address to meet tomorrow afternoon for the shoot. I headed back to the hotel for some rest and was going to kick back and relax. There was a message at the desk for me from Juliet Huddy. I called her and she asked if she could come along tomorrow for the shoot. I told her it was okay and gave her the address also. She wanted to meet later tonight for some discussions, bit I declined saying I was tired from the flight and the meetings. She seemed disappointed but I told her I would make it up to her tomorrow. This satisfied her and I hung up the phone and within minutes I was fast asleep.

I arrived at MSNBC as Amy was finishing up her broadcast and I was amazed on how great she looked I knew she looked good, but looked even better in person. She seemed a little shy at first.

"Hi, I'm Amy Robach, you must be John. I sure hope I can go through with this. My husband always wanted to see me fuck other men, but is too apprehensive to be there at the shoot. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the video to give to him?"

"I'm positive we can get you a copy. I heard you were pregnant, is that correct?"

"Yes I am, that is one of the reasons I consented to do this shoot. Except for when I conceived my husband and before him, my old boyfriends always used condoms when we had intercourse. I want to feel for one evening what it feels like over and over again to be filled to the brim with cum. I want to feel a man explode in my pussy and orgasm around his cum."

I wanted her as she spoke and I could see she was getting turned on by the prospect of fucking and having guys cum in her pussy.

"Well I tell you Amy, I have three great guys for you. I'm not sure if you ever heard of any of them, but I got Joel Lawrence, she nodded her head, Nick Manning, a big smile crossed her face.

"Isn't he the guy who treats the women like whores and talks dirty to them?"

"Yep, that's Nick."

"Great I can't wait to fuck him!"

Her eyes lit up when she talked about it.

"The third guy, I believe you probably heard of if you know Nick Manning and it's Peter North."

"On my god, you have to be kidding! Isn't he the guy with that real large cock? I saw him in a few videos we have at home. What I also like about him is he shoots a gallon of cum and with a huge velocity. I can just feel him squirting in my cunt now. How soon before we start? I thought I was going to be apprehensive, but now I can't wait too start."

"Well Amy, if we get your wardrobe we can head to the suite when we will be shooting now."

"Okay, I have my suitcase and garment bag in my office. Let's go get it and be on our way."

We were at the suite about half an hour later. We still had about an hour to wait till Joel Lawrence arrived. He was the first guy Amy would strip and make out with. She went into the spare bedroom to lay out her clothes and get ready. I waited in the living room sipping on a cold beer when she came out. She looked stunning; she was wearing a two piece black skirt suit with black stockings and black heels. Around her neck was a set of five strings of small pearls. Her make up looked exquisite, her blonde hair framed her face and curled inwards towards her breasts. Her lips were wet with a bright red lipstick and her translucent blue eyes were captivating. I let out a small moan when I saw all of this.

She smiled; "So I guess you approve?"

I stood and cupped her face; "If Joel wasn't going to be here in a few I thing I'd jump you right now."

She laughed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and gently squeezed my cock.

"Who knows, after I'm done with my three porn stars maybe we can take a shower together and we can get clean and dirty together."

Just then there was a knock on the door and I knew it had to be Joel.

"Well Amy, are you ready? If you want to back out, now is the time."

She shook her pretty blonde head and said; "No I'm ready, willing and hopefully able. Let him in and let's get this party started."

I opened the door and greeted Joel. "How you doing, Joel, I would like to introduce to you Amy Robach. Amy this is Joel Lawrence."

He brushed me aside and pulled her to him.

"Nice to meet you Amy! John wasn't exaggerating when he said you were gorgeous."

He placed three fingers under her chin and raising her face he lowered his mouth to hers. She let out a tiny moan as their lips met and as their lips parted I could see their tongues darting back and forth. The camera men fought with me for position to catch all of the first intimate kisses and caresses. When they broke the kiss Joel started on her neck and right ear. She clutched at his arms as his mouth moved lower on her neck. We reached behind her neck and took off the pearls.

He tossed then to me saying; "You don't need these Amy, you're gorgeous without them. As a matter of fact, I believe you don't need any of these clothes either."

Joel slowly began unbuttoning Amy black suit coat which was held closed by three large buttons. When he had them undone he slowly slid the coat from her shoulders and down off her arms. It fell in a black pool around her feet. She was wearing a lacy black bra which did little to conceal her large full tits. With one quick motion he popped off the bra clips and it joined her coat about her feet. She stood there with her large full ripe tits pointing upwards waiting for his next move. He cupped both breasts in his hands and rubbing the dark red nipples with his thumbs brought them to attention.

She let out a groan when he lowered his mouth to first one and then the other. He sucked on them and licked them all over. When he raised his face his saliva was dripping from both tips. He worked his hands on them spreading his saliva all over her tits.

Amy was squirming in his hands and she was nearing an orgasm still half clothed. She reached down and squeezed his cock through his trousers and grabbing the zipper yanked it down. She dropped his pants and stroked his erect cock; it was Joel's turn to groan.

He pulled her to himself and kissed her hard; in doing this he trapped her arm and hand between the two of them. He cupped her ass and found the zipper on the back of her skirt. He pulled it down and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her shirt. He worked the tight skirt off her hips and it fell to the floor. Amy kicked it away and Joel cupped Amy's ass cheeks through her lacy black panties.

Picking her up he carried her to the couch where he laid her down on the cushions. Spreading her thighs he pulled the panties from her wet cunt and dove right in.

"Oh Fuck Joel, that's it suck my pussy, make me cum."

And cum she did nearly immediately she started cumming covering Joel's lips and chin with her juices. He pulled her panties off and slipped two fingers into her spasming cunt.

She let out another groan and arched her back. When she fell back to the couch she grabbed at his ass and urged him to stick his stiff cock in her dripping pussy.

Joel lined his cock up with her pussy and rubbed his red cock head up and down her bare pussy lips. He pushed forward and the head popped in setting off another orgasm for Amy.

That is where I stepped in and whispered to Joel and he chuckled and pulled out of Amy and stood up.

Amy looked up puzzled; "Where are you going? Come back here and fuck me. I need that cock of yours and I need it now!"

I came over to her looking at this gorgeous creature dress in black stockings and heels. Her blonde hair disheveled and her pink pussy pouting and leaking her thick creamy juices.

"Sorry Amy, but Joel has to go now. We just wanted you and him to sample each other. You have to get ready for your next meeting in twenty minutes with Nick Manning."

She moaned in protest; "John, you can't do this to me. I need to be fucked and I need to be fucked hard right now!"

"Listen Amy; just think how great it will be when you have all three of them in the bedroom all servicing you at the same time. Now head off to the bedroom and clean up and get ready for Nick."

She mumbled something as she picked up her scattered clothes and headed for the other room. Her gorgeous ass shook as she walked down the hall.

Joel watched also; "I can't wait to shove my cock up that fantastic ass and empty my balls in her ass."

He picked up his pants and got dressed and headed for the room across the hall.

Fifteen minutes later Amy came out of the bedroom dressed to kill this time. She was wearing a tight white cotton camisole with thin spaghetti straps. Her belly was bare and her skirt was a wrap-around ankle length flowing flowered skirt.

She sat on the couch and a minute later Nick was knocking at the door. H Amy's eyes went wide when she saw him. He was wearing a tight pair of jeans and nothing else. His tan chest with bulging muscles turned her on.

Seeing Amy he blurted out; "John is this anchor whore the three of us are going to fuck today? Well I just may not wait and fuck her right now before Joel and Peter and fuck this cunt. Stand up bitch, let me look at you!"

Amy's eyes were wild with passion as she stood up and walked over to Nick.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and kissed her hard. She let out a loud moan and kissed him back as hard as he kissed her. Nick mauled her tits through the thin top and yanked down one strap and her large tit popped out. Nick dropped his mouth to her tit and bit down on her nipple and she let out a scream and pushed his head harder against her tit. He pulled the other strap down and did the same to the other tit. She was moaning and arched her back to create more pressure on her ravished tits.

Nick's hands gathered the flowing material of her skirt up around her waist and started fingering her asshole. Amy felt like Nick had ten hands, her entire body was being attacked at once and she was loving it.

Nick dropped the skirt and found the tie at her waist and pulled roughly at it and it came apart and it fluttered to the floor. He stood back and looked at this nearly naked form before him. She was breathing hard and he pulled her to him and pushed hard on her shoulders.

"Get down on your knees bitch and suck my fucking cock. Get it nice and hard and maybe I'll fuck you."

I chimed in, "No fucking now Nick, just put on a short show and after Peter does the same all three of you will have a shot at her."

"Fuck you and fuck those other two assholes. If I want to fuck her now, I'll fuck her now. What do you say you whore, do you want me to fuck your cunt now?"

"Oh yes Nick, I want your cock now, I need it now!"

"Shut the fuck up you cunt and suck my fucking cock!"

She dropped his pants and started sucking on his cock.

"Deeper you cunt, if you want me to fuck you, you need to show how much you want this cock of mine."

Amy went deeper her blue eyes looked up at him as he drove his cock deep down her throat. She started coughing as he went to deep and she wasn't able to take it all.

"That's it you fucking slut, gag on my cock, take it down your throat or I'm not going to fuck you."

She tried again and she nearly had it all in this time. Tears came rolling out the sides of her eyes as she coughed and pulled back again.

Nick grabbed two fistfuls of hair in his hands and pulled her face against his cock again and this time she opened her throat and it slid all the way in.

"That's it you cunt, you got it all the way in now. Start fucking my cock with your throat now.

She began pumping up and down on his cock and was now deep throating Nick with every downward movement.

Nick grabbed the sided of her face and fucked her face like a tight wet pussy. He pulled out and pulled her to her feet. He placed her on the couch and spread her legs. Her pussy was shiny with her juices as he placed the head of his cock at her pussy entrance.

"Hey cunt, are you ready for a fucking?"

All she did was nod as she threw her head back and waited for him to penetrate her. He pushed forward and the head popped in and with one quick thrust buried his cock in her pussy. She let out a loud moan and in an instant he withdrew, stood up put on his pants and yelled back to her; "You'll have to wait you cunt to feel the rest of my cock in you, see you later!"

She yelled back; "No Nick, come back here and fuck me. I need it soooooo bad!"

"Later sweetie", he turned to me; "How was that?"

I slapped him on the back; "Great Nick, see you soon."

Amy laid there for a minute or so fingering her pussy and looking at me; "Come on John, pull out your cock and fuck me. I need it so bad I can't wait any longer to get fucked.'

"Sorry Amy, you still have one more and that's Peter North. The sooner you finish with him, the sooner you can have all three of them in the bedroom fucking you. So why don't you go and get cleaned up and get ready for Peter, he'll be here soon."

"Alright, but if I don't get fucked soon I'm going to go crazy!"

She picked up her scattered clothes and headed back to the bedroom to clean up and change.

Amy came out a couple minutes later and she floored me. I could see the smile on her face knowing I really was turned on by her outfit. She was dressed like Daisy Duke. Her hair was in two pigtails, she wore a red and white plaid shirt tied under her tits and her ass was squeezed into a pair of super short cut-offs. She turned for me and her ass cheeks hung out from the bottom of the shorts.

She sat down and her pussy lips peeked out from the pant legs.

There was a knock at the door and when I opened it there stood Peter North all tan and oiled up. All he had on was a white bathroom towel. As he approached Amy, she stood and he dropped the towel. Amy let out a gasp as she saw the size of his cock and she dropped to her knees. He pulled on her pigtails as she ran her mouth up and down the length of his cock. She looked up at him with her translucent blue eyes and he let out a moan.

I approached them; "Peter I'd like you to meet Amy, Amy this is Peter.

They both laughed as she went back to sucking his cock. She began pumping it in and out of her mouth. Even though she just deep throated Nick, the much larger cock of Peter's was just too much for her to swallow. She tried but continued to gag as she got three quarters of if down her throat.

Peter pulled Amy to her feet and kissed her hard. Their tongues dueled back and forth as she continued to pull on his cock.

"Oh Peter, please fuck me now. I can't wait another minute to feel this gorgeous piece of manhood fill my pussy."

I can't just now Amy, you know the agreement we made, just a little teasing and afterwards we'll really give you the night you've always dreamed of. Now let me sit down and I want you to do a strip tease for me, okay?"

She nodded and kept her eyes plastered on his cock as she began to dance before Peter. She looked over her shoulder and slowly untied the shirt and slid it off of one shoulder and then back on. Then off the other shoulder and then back on. She slipped the shirt off her shoulders and it fell to the floor and he was staring at her lovely tapered back. Her pigtails brushed across her shoulders and she slowly turned towards Peter. She cupped her tits and the flesh overflowed her palms. She tweaked her hard nipples and slid her hands down her flat belly that was soon to balloon up with the baby inside. She pouted and unbuttoned her shorts and slowly tugged them down. Turning with her back to Peter she smiled at me and lowered the shorts.

Peter was stroking his stiff cock as he watched as her gorgeous ass came into view. He reached out and squeezed her ass cheeks.

"Amy, do you want me to fuck your gorgeous ass later?"

"Oh yes Peter, I want to feel your balls slap against my clit as you fuck my asshole."

"Spread your cheeks for me Amy; let me see your rosebud."

Amy let out a moan and spread her tight buns.

Peter pulled Amy to his face and he stuck his tongue deep into her asshole.

Amy let out a loud cry and pushed harder against his face. He reached up and slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy and found her "G" spot and this triggered a small orgasm for Amy. She slumped against his face.

"Please Peter fuck me now. I know you said you were to wait, but Nick didn't he slipped his cock into me, maybe just for a short moment, but still he did fuck me."

"He did, did he? Well come over here and straddle my hips. I'll show you what a cock feels like."

Amy scurried to turn around and straddle his hips. Peter grabbed his cock and rubbed it back and forth across Amy's dripping pussy lips. When she felt it at the right spot she dropped her hips and she let out a loud scream as Peter's huge cock split her in two. He drove deep into her pussy and at the same time shoved his thumb up her asshole. This was all she needed to explode all over his cock. She slumped against him and kissed his neck. Peter sucked on her hard nipple and as quickly as he entered her, he lifted her off his cock and smiled; "We'll save the rest for later Amy. I can't believe you're the same prim and proper anchor we saw on TV a couple of hours ago. Get ready because in a few minutes three of us are going to release all of that sexual tension that's built up in you for the past hour or so. Are you ready?"

She smiled, nodding her head; "Are you three up to the challenge of a woman who's wanted something like this all of her life?"

"We'll see Amy, we'll see!"

With that he picked up his towel and headed for the door; "Get ready for the fucking of your life, see you soon!"

I walked over to Amy and kissed her lightly on the lips; "Are you sure you're up to all of this Amy? You really got the three of them going and I'm sure once the three of them get you in the bedroom there will be no turning back."

"Oh I'm ready, I've been ready all my life for a night like this and I'm going to make sure I fulfill each and every fantasy I've ever had, want to join us?"

"As tempting as it is, I'm going to have to decline. Maybe some other time."

"No sorry John, this is a one time offer and a one time experience for me. I better get cleaned up and dressed for the main event, just wait till you see my next outfit, see you soon in the bedroom."

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