Calgon, Take Me Away


It was at that moment when he realized I had stopped fucking the huge dildo and sat relaxed on it instead. That was unacceptable in his eyes. He slapped me again and screamed that he had not told me I could stop. So I began again with all that I had. I never knew that after the initial shock of being filled so completely I would begin to enjoy the sensations of every thrust. I don't know what happened but I started moaning and was about to orgasm when I was told to stop. I couldn't stop, it was too late I kept going harder and harder and moaning loader and louder until I was grabbed and pushed off of the edge of the tub. I fell into the tub and had to take a minute to figure out what had just happened and calm myself down before I explode. the water that had been warm at least was now cold showering down over me. One of my assailants grabbed me by my hair pulling me to my feet on the slippery bottom of my bathtub. I tried to keep my footing. I was then yanked out of the bathroom and thrown onto my bed again. and silence filled the room.

I can hear whispering, "You are not supposed to let her cum." this time it is the quiet guy, and I can not make out his voice. My head is spinning from my hair being pulled so hard.

"I am NOT going to let her cum, by the time she is allowed to cum she will be begging for us to fuck her brains out and never stop." he says very upset." What do you think we should do to her now?"

From the sounds going on in my head it seemed like he had run out of ideas, but I think that would be very unlikely. There is more whispering. I can not hear what is being said though.

I am roughly grabbed around the neck and pulled off the bed, this time I am led outside into my front yard. Although I am in the country my house is close to a street that is traveled on a lot, after all I am not the only person that lives out this far. Here I stand naked in the front yard with two men and neither of them is my husband. And then I am told to get on all fours. I do as I am told and feel a dick enter my pussy from behind me. He is fucking me like a dog in the front yard for all to see.

"Bark, bitch, and make it sound good too. You are nothing but a dog to be fucked." he demands.

I begin to bark and bark as I am getting more and more excited. What if someone sees me, just the thought is making me wetter by the second. I begin to rock back and forth on the cock, and push my ass into him as hard and fast as I can, until he pulls out of my hungry wet hole and rubs two fingers over it. His hand comes out soaking wet with my juices and he rubs the wetness all along my ass hole. I am instantly frozen. I do not like anal sex and the largest thing ever in my ass was my very small butt plug. That didn't seem to interest the man with a huge cock as he swiftly shoved his entire cock into me in one forceful and painful thrust. I screamed out in agony as he invaded my tightest of holes. His hands were on my shoulders pulling me back into him time and time again. After the excruciating pain of entry each thrust became more an more desired. Until I was also rocking back on him with his dick in my ass hole. For the first time in my life I was being butt fucked and I was starting to like it. I could not control when I started yelling. "Fuck me, please fuck my ass, harder, harder, HARDER MOTHER FUCKER!!!!" my accommodating assailant did exactly as I begged for. He grabbed a handful of hair and yanked it so hard that I came down on his cock and thought he was going to rip me in half.

That's when I guess he got the idea that I should be double fucked. He ripped his cock out of my gaping ass and stood me up with ease. He then told the other guy to set the camera up so it could get all of me in the lens and get down on the ground so I could ride his dick. Once I was sitting on the quite mans dick, I was grabbed around the neck and forced to lean forward over his chest, and then the massively sized cock of the speaker was once again shoved roughly into my ass. I was filled in both holes. I am not sure which of the men had a bigger dick but with both of them inside me I could not help but feeling like I had it all. The man in my ass started fucking me roughly and that caused me to fuck the dick in my pussy. I have never had double penetration done before but after this, if I live through it, hubby and I are going to have to find a friend so he can also get some pleasure out of it. These two men fucked me and fucked me. It only took moments before I was cumming uncontrollably. I could not stop it and they didn't seem to want to either. I came and came for what seemed like forever. I wanted them to never stop and I was yelling that out. The harder they fucked the louder I yelled "FUCK ME". At the same time I started to feel both of the dicks inside me, separated only by a thin flap of skin, start to swell and stretch, then to convulse as they both left a ton of cum deep inside me.

I was then taken back into the house and laid out on my bed and my arms were retied down, as my legs were also tied spread eagle to the bed. I had hoped after the scene outside they would tire but it was not to be. One man went and fetched the huge cock form the bath tub and the other got comfortably between my legs. When he was handed the dildo it was placed back into my pussy, this time with ease it went all the way in. He played with it pulling it all the way out the ramming it back in all the way to the hilt. I was sore, and hurting. Then I felt warmth on my clit and he lowered his mouth to it and began sucking and biting it. He sucked my clit all the way into his mouth and left the huge rubber dick in my cunt while he did it. While biting and nibbling on my clit he pulled the dong out of my pussy and slid it easily into my ass. I could not believe that huge thing went in my ass with minimal pain and discomfort now. He stuck two fingers in my pussy and began to finger fuck me for all he was worth, then went another finger, and another. By now he was getting hard again and decided I needed to lick his balls to get him there. He turned his body around in a 69 position and gently put his balls into my mouth. I swirled them around in my mouth devouring the taste. and at that time he worked his entire hand into my dripping wet pussy. WIth the large dildo still sticking in my ass and his whole hand in my cunt, now he moved his body so his dick head was at my lips, but he didn't push it in, he was taunting me with it, rubbing it along my lips. As he fisted me, I was overcome with a desire to suck his cock. I opened my mouth and allowed his dick to slowly and gently slide to the back of my throat. I sucked on it as hard as I could then whirled my tongue all around it while quietly moaning. I was loving this and it felt like nothing I had ever had before. Every hole on my body was being invaded at the same time. Then it all stopped. He was up and out of me in a split second. I was untied from the bed but still blindfolded.

"Ok, do you want more, slut?" he asked me

"YES" I said without a moments hesitation.

" Then you have to do something for me first." he said as I could tell he was backing away from me.

my stomach gave an empty feeling knowing this man was not near me for even a moment.

"I will do anything, if you will only keep fucking me" I pleaded.

" I want you to sit up one the edge of the bed and talk to the camera, Beg for us to both fuck you anyway we want and tell the camera how you wanted all of this to happen and that you want your husband to have a copy of the video for his own enjoyment. I also want to hear how every day for the rest of your marriage the second your husband comes in the front door from work you will be naked and kneeling at the front door to suck his dick. You will obey him in EVERYTHING he wants and does. All of this to make up for you being a lying cheating whore who fucked me and my friend for hours, without giving us a break."

He paused as if thinking if he missed anything. "Did you get all that?"

"Yes I got it." I reply, the thought that from now on I will be my husbands cum slut really turned me on, I wanted to add that to my little speech somehow.

"Ok, the camera is on you honey, make it good." He prompted me.

I began the speech as he had told it and I even added to it how I loved being a cum slut and that I would gladly do anything or anyone my husband instructed me to. At the end of the speech I also begged for my "rapist" to return and check up on me to see that I was still doing everything right.

They seemed to like that part. Then I could feel both men crawling into the bed with me. One man had his dick above my mouth, and told me if I begged him he would let me suck it, but I had to swallow every drop of his cum. As I begged and begged the other guy licked my raw pussy. Then he said that if I wanted it filled with dick I had to beg for that too. Boy did I beg, but before he slid it into me he reinserted the massive rubber dick into my ass. then slowly slid his cock deep into my pussy. I was happy when my friend at my head slid the tip of his cock close enough to my mouth for me to lick it then he almost slid it in when I stopped him and asked him to fuck my face hard and fast. I barely had the words out when his entire body weight came down across my face and he fucked my mouth for all he was worth .I was being brutally fucked in both ends. and loving every minute of it. When the dick in my mouth stiffened and started pouring out yet another load of gism, I greedily slurped up every drop, and proceeded to clean his shaft for him with my tongue. Afterwards he pulled out of my mouth and said he was going to get dressed, he didn't want to be here when someone came home. The guy in my pussy kept fucking me, when he reached the point he was ready to cum, he quickly moved up and placed his dick into my mouth where I pumped it dry, sucking every last drop from this dick too. He got up and left the room saying that I had better be ready for the next time he came to fuck the shit out of me. I still laid there, with a dildo in my ass and my hands and feet tied, while they moved around the house. Then One of them came in and untied me, took the dildo out of my ass and told me I was to roll over and go to sleep until they were gone. I did what I was told, not only because I was told to but because of pure exhaustion.

Thirty minutes later I rolled over and removed the blindfold from my face. the room was empty. I got up and went to the shower. I had to wash fast as my husband was due home any minute and I don't want him to know anything. Besides I remembered I was supposed to be waiting at the door for him to offer to suck his dick. I showered and got prepared, hoping he was too tired to come home get his blow job and then want to actually fuck me. I could handle sucking him off but I am too sore to fuck him.

When he walked into the door I dropped to my knees.

"How about an after work blow job?" I smile up at him as I start to unzip his fly. He tosses his tools to the side and allows for me to suck him off. it takes a very long time for him to get off and he has a strange taste to his dick but I keep at it until the job is done, just as I had promised my rapist I would.

After he releases his load into my mouth, he walks over to the couch and sits down. I notice he has a video in his hand. I pray silently it is not the one made of me today.

"How was your day honey?" He asks me innocently.

'It was long and hard, babe, would you like some dinner?" I reply, thinking back over the last few hours.

"Yeah dinner sounds good but first I'd like to eat you." He says with a coy little smile. "get over here and sit on my face."

I do as I am told, after all I did say I would be his cum slut. He eats me out with perfection and I end up cumming all over his face, when he is finished he tells me to sit down and watch TV with him.

I sit down and to my terror he hits play on the VCR, there I am in the shower fingering myself. I see myself get out of the shower and go to the bed where I continue to masturbate, then I see a man come into the picture and I know what is next. But wait a minute, the camera was set down when my hands were bound to the bed and I finally see who the quiet man from today is. It is none other then my wonderful husband. the thought that today was his idea, got me so hot I jumped up and sat on his lap as I ground my pussy into his pelvis. The rest of the night was a blur as he would fuck me for a while then watch part of the video and then fuck me some more.

Everyday after that day I would come home and do exactly as I had promised on the video. Oh, I love being married to such an adventurous man.

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