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California Caning!


(Blowing in the winds of most beaches and creeks the weed from Europe grows called the California cane! At one point it was used for constructing adobe homes it is now considered a nuisance weed choking the riverbeds and creeks of California. Leave it to devious kinky minds to find a use for this weed for BDSM play! A simple snap of a single branch and stripping off the leaves can give a dominate woman a green opportunity to inflict punishment in just a few moments on her surprised slave. The art of California caning is a more sensual way to punish because the cane is lighter weight and thinner in diameter. Unlike English caning which can be quite painful causing damaging cuts and is over with in seconds, a California cane is lighter weight which enables the Mistress the opportunity to tease with lighter strokes for a warm-up. She can then work her way into delivering stinging painful blows once her slave is fully seduced into the caning. The lighter cane gives Mistress the ability to increase the amount of strokes and provide new areas to whip such as the back and shoulders rather than just the buttocks. I hope you enjoyed this story about my first California caning!)

Part of my job as serving my Mistress/wife as her 24/7 husband/submissive was to keep our femdom relationship fresh with a new ideas for BDSM play. Just like any vanilla couple lovemaking gets a little stale if you use the same position all the time. The same holds for a domme/sub relationship thirsting for new ideas for Mistress to explore and play with her sub. In the early eighties things were more in the closet where a couple couldn't openly disclose their kinky desires. The Internet was still ten years away so rather than sharing ideas with people we did a lot of reading collecting stories from adult magazines. We knew we were not the only couple into playing these games but in those days no one discussed or talked about it openly.

We had read about English caning in adult magazines but the thought of giving me six to twelve welts with a cane quickly disenchanted my wife who believes that physical punishment should be done over a longer period of time. My wife also believes that this type of caning would damage me taking to long to recover. Preferring to give my bottom constant attention she believes I need discipline at least three times a week. She loves to use straps and leather paddles making my rear sore but not black and blue enables her to punish me whenever she wished including several hours later if she chose. My wife then started wondering what if she had a thinner wispier cane enabling her to whip for a longer period of time without causing damage. We had been going to the beach many times eying the wild cane fields in the creek and riverbeds innocently waving at us. We always thought it would be the perfect place for making love hidden among cane.

My wife turned towards me remembering that the Ventura River near the beach that we liked to sun bathe was full of cane where we could hide in and also experiment with our first caning. Postponing plans for giving me a whipping my wife wanted to have my rear end unblemished so that she could see how the stripes from the thinner cane would mark my behind. Both of us were so excited we ended up 69ing to orgasm. After I came in her hot mouth my wife feed me a fresh mouthful of gooey semen in a wet sticky French kiss. My wife wanted to go to Ventura in the morning so that we could nude sunbathe in the cane before the whipping.

My wife was more excited than myself because I was one that was going to get the whipping. I had no idea what a caning was going to feel like or how intense it was going to be. I knew that when it came to giving me a strapping or a paddling my wife never showed any mercy making sure my bare bottom was sore for several days afterwards. I nervously asked my wife if she was really going to give me a hard whipping. She actually started laughing reminding me I already know her ways explaining that I'm at least several days overdue for a good whipping. Sternly warning me I had better rest my sorry ass tonight because by tomorrow afternoon she was going to make sure it was nice and sore. My wife did promise that the whipping would be nothing like English caning with only six to twelve cuts because this method didn't make it for her. For her she wanted to stretch it out to at least 100 licks with far less intensity guaranteeing I would be sweating and crying out a lot longer.

To take my mind off the whipping we went down to the pool for a swim and afterwards took a sauna. We like being naked in the sauna so we could play with each other. My wife loved the challenge of getting me hard in the 106° sauna. She never failed! This time my wife felt even nastier and started sucking my cock in the sauna making me watch the window for unwanted people. We just discovered snowballing and I could tell by the way she was sucking me that she wanted me to come in her mouth so she could feed it back to me in an intimate kiss. I was beyond the point of thinking about it and started filling her mouth full of semen for the second time today. Smiling she placed her lips over mine holding the back of my head and fed me another load of my come in less than an hour. I actually enjoyed this form of intimacy in sharing my come which made us closer. My wife had not finished spitting my sperm into my mouth when things quickly changed.

I could see people coming into the pool area so I gave my wife a signal tapping her shoulder. We both quickly put on our robes but my wife's mouth was shut slowly swallowing the rest of my come. I kissed her again willing to share more sperm with her. The couple came in the room catching us kissing again looked embarrassed but asked if it was OK to join us.. My wife broke the kiss with some sticky fluids on her lips said in a straight voice telling them it's too hot in here for my husband and I we need to leave and go take a shower. It definitely was too hot as I took a deep breath my body still sweating from the sucking rather than the dry heat. I'd definitely needed a shower to cool off. I think my wife needed to get hotter because her pussy was soaked longing for my mouth to pleasure her.

On the short walk back to the condo my wife kept giggling knowingly we just about got caught. The aftertaste of my semen continued squirming down our throats giving us both sexual messages to continue our lovemaking. My wife giving me an elbow in the side told me that I owe her one. Back in the house we took a quickie shower together and ended up in bed. My wife spent all of her time on her back with her legs spread wide. I ducked under the sheets servicing her pussy with my mouth giving her multiple orgasms. She never touched my cock again that night wanting me nice and horny for my first caning.

I woke up in the morning with pubic hair tickling my nose. My wife had straddled my face awakening me by sitting on my mouth. Licking her to an explosive morning orgasm my wife pushed her thumb nail into the head of my cock causing me to immediately lose my piss hard on. Insisting we hurry up take a shower and go out to breakfast my wife was definitely excited about trying out a new whipping technique. On my way to the shower my wife's final answer about the intensity of the caning was that she definitely was going to give me a memorable whipping that I will never forget. We quickly got cleaned up and drove down to Ventura harbor to the favorite local dive for breakfast. Both of us started giggling sitting next to all these vanilla people who had no idea why we're down here. No one knew we were BDSM tourist in disguise!

It was about 10:30 AM and we finished breakfast so we decided to drive to the beach nearby and find a good place to play. Grabbing a cooler with drinks and food from the trunk along with our beach blanket we left the car for the beach. Both of us knew that when we returned we would have experienced a new way of discipline which was quite exciting for us both. It was a nice sunny day perfect for getting a tan and tanning my rear end with a freshly cut cane My wife gave my ass a pinch reminding me that when we get back to the car it's going to be striped and very sore. Together carrying all of our stuff we walked by plenty of unexpected sun worshipers in various modes of undress. It was a public beach but there was the usual number of brave women going topless hidden amongst the rocks in the beginning of the cane hiding their beautiful tanned breasts. We even passed a couple where the young coed was on top of her boyfriend topless passionately kissing and humping his erection through their thin suits. My wife whispered in my ear that she was going to make him come any second.

Following the trail into the cane field we received dirty looks from a lesbian couple near the trail because we interrupted their foreplay. My wife actually apologized telling them we won't be back for several hours so have fun. We should've had a machete to get through the cane it was so thick but I wanted to make sure we were far enough back so that we wouldn't be discovered. We knew people were watching us go into the cane knowing their dirty minds were thinking we were going to hide in there and start fucking. Fucking was the last thing on my wife's mind. She could do that any time at home but today her mind was set on giving both of us one hell of a rush cutting my cheery ass with the California cane. As we hiked farther and farther back into the privacy of cover I knew that it would be inevitable I would never come back out of here without having my bare flesh crisscrossed with stripes.

We finally reached a clearing big enough for our blanket surrounded by nothing but cane. We were at least several hundred feet from anyone listening and definitely no one could see a thing unless a satellite was watching. My wife figured that our circle was good enough knowing that if someone was listening to the caning they would be too embarrassed to report it. At home my wife always opens the sliding glass door in our bedroom before she gives me a strapping. We're on the third floor with neighbors everywhere. On some Saturday afternoons they are all home with their windows open. I don't know how many times they have heard my wife giving me a long intense razor strap whipping with not only the strap singing off my bare flesh but listening to my cries. No one has ever complained and I'm sure all the women are proud of my wife for whipping me and the guys are too embarrassed to admit they deserve the same thing. Nervously smiling at each other we both decided that we're far enough away from civilization so we could be as nasty as we wanted under the sun.

Neatly placing the blanket in the middle of the clearing we organized everything on it and sat down. My wife told me to get naked in her most dominant gruff voice. Giving me a nasty smile she stripped off her top leaving only her bikini bottoms which barely covered her pussy. Seeing my huge erection when I slipped off my shorts my wife promised me that my cock was not going to get any attention until I suffered through my first caning because she wanted me nice and horny during the whipping.

Tossing me the sunscreen my wife told me to start rubbing it all over her which took my mind off my cock. I started massaging her all over with sunscreen since we were going to be here for awhile and I definitely didn't want her to get burned. My wife was a tall brunette with long legs that I adored especially when they are wrapped around me when we are making love. I was so turned I wanted to jump on top of her rip off her bikini bottom and give her a good screwing. Now with her stern verbal restriction my only option was stroking my cock with one hand and massaging her with the other fantasizing about pushing it in her forbidden pussy. With a wife as strict as mine I learned to control my self stimulation stroking just enough to keep myself excited. As long as I'm doing it in front of her and I am not wasting my seed, it is a turn on for her. She knows she definitely has me by the balls knowing she is in charge of my seminal emissions. Looking back and watching me play with myself she severely warned me about having an accident because I definitely would be getting kicked in the balls several times. I actually removed my hand out of fear of making a dire mistake.

My wife allowed me to straddle her hips allowing me to hump the crack of her ass as I massaged her shoulders. She told me to enjoy myself because that was as close as I was going to get to screwing her pussy today. Finally she grew bored of teasing rolling over so that we could be a little more intimate. Grabbing me by my neck she pulled my lips to hers spending the next ten minutes French kissing me. I love exchanging tongues taking turns sucking them like cocks. We also love using the tips of our tongues to stimulate each other mouths especially tickling the roofs of our mouths which are quite sensitive. At the same time I snaked my cock between her legs slowly sliding up and down simulating intercourse. She helped by squeezed my erection tightly with her thighs drenching her pussy lips under the thin material of her suit with pre-come. My wife broke our intimate kiss telling me she is in the mood for some tongue worshiping. Lifting her butt off the blanket she pulled the string on one side of her panties yanking them off. Holding the sticky side over my mouth she ordered me to start licking off my pre-come. I couldn't believe my nasty wife was forcing me to do this but I obeyed. Once my tongue was sticky my wife pulled my mouth to hers giving me a long sensuous French kiss sucking the come off my tongue. When she broke the kiss she told me to cut her two nice 4ft. long switches.

Walking over to the cane with a huge erection my wife told me I would get no relief of my full balls on the beach today which would be part of my punishment. I carefully selected two perfect canes. I told myself I must be crazy voluntarily participating by cutting too beautiful canes from this totally innocent plant. I knew that shortly I would be bent over and crying out from the painful inflections they can produce. Slowly I stripped off all the leaves and outer bark trying to remove all the places that could cut my flesh. Snapping them off until they were about 4ft. long I felt quite proud having selected my first set of switches for my Mistress. I even tried them out giving them a few swings listening to them swishing through the air making the flesh on my ass cringe at the thought of getting whipped with this snappy cane. I also tested them to see if they would break in two swishing them back and forth rapidly finding them perfectly resilient to give a good caning. Almost reluctantly I walked over to my wife who had a nasty smile on her face carrying my own instruments of demise.

I presented them to my wife with open hands. Happily taking them from me she immediately commented that they were quite light weight. Mistress then started switching them through the air telling me it's not going to be a problem to discipline me with this type of switch. My wife told me she was so excited about the switch she wanted to give me a practice caning immediately. Ordering me to bend over and touch my knees she selected a cane and stood behind me. It was a beautiful sunny day we could hear the wind blowing the tops of the cane which were gently moving and swaying innocently above us. We also heard the constant roar of the ocean along with the gulls squealing above us. We could also hear the cries of children playing in the surf not more than a couple hundred yards away. Yet we were quite alone hidden among the cane in our own magic circle. My wife didn't care about my cries because no one would know where the cries were coming from. She told me even if they heard me no one would come to my rescue until she was finished caning my ass.

Reminding me to hold still or I may get my balls whipped I look behind me as she raised her cane high in the air. My belly felt sickened and the hair on the back of my neck fearfully rose up and my muscles in my rear tightened. The first snap of the cane seared the top of my cheeks giving me my first taste of the stinging blow. I was getting stung so fast I didn't cry out until after the fourth lick. Mistress coordinated the stripes by whipping from the top of my cheeks all the way down to my knees. Each stripe felt like a bee sting which burned long after it marked on my flesh. It definitely did not cause the punishment that a thicker cane would but it caused me to give my full attention to my Mistress who continued to enjoy caning me. Commenting on my cries during the caning Mistress said that I took it better than the strap guaranteeing that during the real caning after lunch she was going to use a gag when she wails me good.

The sting of the cane was not a damaging blow to the muscle tissue rather a stinging slash to the upper layer of skin making my sensitive nerves cry out in surprise. Ending with the 30th blow right across the back of my knees almost knocking me over, Mistress gave me a quick uppercut with the cane slapping my balls so hard they immediately went numb making me painfully crying out. My wife started giggling telling me that it certainly was a great idea for her but maybe not so great of an idea for me since I was the one that was going to suffer from her canings. Giving me one more hard stripe across the center of my cheeks causing me to jump she ordered me to get lunch ready. As soon as I handed her a sandwich, a soft drink, and some fruit she told me she wanted me to eat my lunch lying naked on my belly. This was to get my partially striped bottom nice and red from the sun before the real caning begins.

Before my wife started eating she opened her legs pointing to her dripping pussy telling me that I could have her for lunch instead of a dry sandwich. Keeping my tongue busy my wife enjoyed her food and my forever loving tongue at the same time. Stroking my hair she told me she usually doesn't enjoy sex on the beach but her first taste of using a cane really turned her on. She told me that just by the quick snap of the wrist which takes no energy at all she could get me to squeal like a girl. With this new method of caning she could be whipping me all day long without breaking the flesh or making her sweat. This type of punishment can not only tease and tantalize she could easily give me an intense caning for a good ten minutes without causing permanent damage just like she fantasized. My tongue was hitting all the right places and my wife was getting turned on fantasizing about whipping me again. Placing both of her hands on the back of my head forcing my mouth into pussy she almost cut off my breath. She started climaxing rubbing her pussy up and down so hard it was bruising my lips. Her cries from coming were even louder than my cries from the caning almost like the squeal of the seagulls above.

Pushing my mouth away from her pussy because it was too sensitive to keep licking my wife thanked me for doing her such a great favor. Taking her discarded bikini bottoms she began rubbing them into her pussy until they were nice and soaked with her juices. Telling me to open my mouth she quickly pushed inside for a makeshift gag. Order in me to keep lying naked on my belly she picked up another cane positioning herself on my left side slightly behind my buttocks. Reminding me to keep my legs together or lose my balls she started smacking me with her freshly cut switch. This time from the very beginning she had me crying out into the gag. Each time I bit down I could taste more and more of her pussy juices which kept me interested in her pussy rather than my burning flesh. Increasing the intensity of the whipping at least five fold Mistress made sure that every stripe burned into my memory so that I would never forget this moment. All I could do was to continue squirming helplessly on the blanket keeping my hands above my head and my legs together protecting my balls but I was totally at her mercy. My sun burned cheeks cried out with every single strike.

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