tagNovels and NovellasCalifornia Lovin' Ch. 01

California Lovin' Ch. 01

byBass Clef Camel©

“Fuck!” Ben said, as his iPod went dead. He was four hours into a six-hour flight to his aunt and uncle’s house. “What the hell am I going to do for two more hours?” he said, as he ran his hands through his buzzed brown hair.

Ben was on a flight from his hometown in Virginia, to spend a month with his aunt an uncle over the summer. He was going away to college in the fall and his parents wanted him to spend some time with his aunt and uncle before school started. Ben didn’t really mind since he liked his aunt and uncle. Well, he liked his Aunt Betty. He hated his uncle Joe, as did everyone else in the family.

His Aunt Betty, and Joe, as his uncle was known since he married into the family, lived in sunny California. Ben had gone there for a few weeks every summer since he was eleven. He enjoyed the time he had spent there, but over the last few years he had not been able to go. Now at eighteen, he was headed back.

Ben glanced up from his now defunct iPod. He was looking for the cute stewardess that had served him a drink earlier. His eyes wandered until they came to the buxom blond and he sighed. Eighteen and still a virgin, he hated himself for it. For the first seventeen years of his life, he was a fat kid. Then for his eighteenth birthday his old man gave him a membership to the local gym. Ben became a “gym rat.” He loved working out with all the weights. It was therapeutic for him. Soon he began to notice some changing in his body. He had gone from the fat kid to the jacked kid. He now had big powerful arms and legs as well as a six-pack. He liked his new look, girls never really talked to him before, but now they seemed almost overly friendly. Ben liked the attention he began to get, but it never really lead farther than blowjobs at parties or after gigs with his rock band. Yet he still had not managed to lose his virginity.

“The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign and we are now starting our descent into Los Angeles.” The pretty stewardess announced over the intercom.

Ben realized he had daydreamed the last two hours away thinking about the stewardess. The plane’s tires hit the runway and Ben relaxed in his seat. They taxied and pulled up to the gate. He grabbed his backpack with some bass magazines in it and got off the plane looking for his aunt and uncle.

Ben saw his Aunt Betty right away. She looked stunning with her brown hair down to her shoulders, big brown eyes, about 5’7” and her voluptuous body. Ben walked over to her and embraced her.
“Where’s Joe?” Ben asked, confused. They usually both picked him up from the airport.

“He had to go to the office for an impromptu meeting.” Aunt Betty said, reading the excitement as disappointment. “He’ll be home for dinner.”

“It’s cool, let’s just head on home then.” Ben said, still admiring his aunt’s body.

They walked through the terminal, stopping by the baggage claim to pick up Ben’s suitcase and headed to the parking lot. He found his aunt’s Lexus and he put his bag in the back seat and got in the car. His aunt got in the driver’s seat and headed towards the house.

“It’s great to have you here Ben.” Betty said. I know you and I are going to have a great time together. A sly smile came over her face.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.” Ben replied. His aunt had always been overly flirtatious with him but he never thought anything of it.

Betty’s hand came to rest on Ben’s thigh, a little closer to his groin that usual. Ben liked her touch. For a brief instant, the thought of having sex with his aunt flashed through his head. He shook it off, and concentrated on the drive. Little did he know that Betty was having the same thought.

They eventually got to the house. Ben decided he needed a shower; Betty was going to sunbathe in the back yard before preparing dinner. Ben put his bag down on the guest bed and went into the guest bathroom. It always amazed him, the odd shower. It had two showerheads on opposite ends of the wall. It had been there since his aunt and uncle had bought the house. He never thought of it when he was younger, but now was getting some crazy ideas for him and Aunt Betty. Ben showered and found a towel to dry off with. Back in his room he looked out his window and was shocked at what he saw. His aunt was sunbathing in the nude! He instinctively dropped the towel and his hand moved to his 8 in. cock. He furiously started stroking himself while eyeing over his aunt’s body. Her huge tits were capped with big, dark brown nipples, and as he lowered his gaze he realized that she was shaved. It didn’t take long for Ben to shoot his wad all over the wall underneath the window. He quickly found some tissues and cleaned up and got dressed.

As Ben walked into the living room, Betty called out, “Ben, could you come here for a second?”

“Sure Aunt Betty.” Ben replied.

Ben walked outside, and sure enough, Aunt Betty was sitting there naked as the day she was born.

“Ben, could you be a doll and rub suntan lotion on me?” Betty asked, looking up from under her sunglasses.

“I, uh, um…” Ben replied, dumbfounded.

“Oh come on Ben, it’s just lotion, I couldn’t be the first nude woman you’ve seen.” Betty replied.

“Uh, ok, yeah sure.” Ben replied timidly. He grabbed the lotion as Betty rolled over. He strattled her back, and started rubbing lotion on her upper back. Eventually he got down to her ass. He skipped it and just started rubbing her calves. After he finished with her legs, he stepped away sporting a massive hard on.

“Sweetie, you forgot to do my ass.” Betty said. So Ben went back and started rubbing her ass. Her tight ass felt great in his hands; he was about to explode in his pants realizing that he was massaging his aunt’s ass. After he was done, he stepped back, praying he was done so he could go jerk off yet again today.

“Ok sweetheart, could you do my front now?” Betty asked.

“Um, sure. I guess.” Ben replied. He had just done her ass, why not the front too? So she rolled over and he poured lotion all over her tits. He sat on her chest, and hoped she wouldn’t notice his huge hard on. He slowly started to massage the lotion into her tits. He thought he heard a slight moan escape his aunt’s lips. Eventually he got down and tweaked her nipples. This time he was certain he heard her moan. He worked his way down her stomach and up the front of her legs. Eventually coming to her thighs. He decided to take a chance and while rubbing lotion into the inside of her thighs, he brushed past her pussy with his fingers.

“Oh! I like that.” Betty exclaimed. Ben decided to take another chance. He decided to go the full nine and he inserted a finger into his aunts dripping pussy.

“Oooh Ben! You naughty boy! I hope you can handle me.” Betty said. Ben was pretty sure he could handle her, so he slowly started pumping first two and then three fingers into his aunt’s cunt.

“Oh! Oh my! Yes! Oh yes! That’s it Ben right there! Right there! Oh God! Oh God!” His aunt was now shrieking with joy. Ben took his other hand and started rubbing her clit. This sent his Aunt Betty right over the edge.
“Oh Yes! Oh God! I’m cumming! Yes I’m cumming!” Betty had reached her climax point.

Once Betty calmed down she grinned at Ben.

“That was very naughty young man.” She gleamed. “I enjoyed it thoroughly. Now as for you.” She grabbed his pants and pulled him towards her. She undid his belt and pulled his pants down, his dick popping out in her face.

“Ah hah! There it is. Damn! It’s huge! I’m going to enjoy fucking you later, but for right now…” With that she swallowed his whole cock in one motion. Ben couldn’t believe what was happening. Right now he was in his aunt and uncle’s back yard and his aunt was sucking his cock…like a pro!

“Oh wow, that’s amazing Aunt Betty.” Ben exclaimed. She continued to slurp and suck on his cock. “Oh shit! Aunt Betty, I’m going to cum real soon!”

“I want it on my tits!” Aunt Betty shouted from around his cock. Ben couldn’t hold on much longer, so he pulled it out and sprayed his cum all over his aunt’s tits. He sat down in the nearby lounge chair, exhausted.

“That was amazing Aunt Betty.” Ben exclaimed.

“There’s more where that came from sweetheart, it’s going to be a great summer.” Betty replied. She got up, gave him a kiss on the lips and walked inside.

A great summer indeed Ben thought, indeed.

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