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California Rain


Note to the reader: this story is based on a young woman from California who is currently visiting family in New York and is separated from her boyfriend. They exchanged erotic e-mails on what they would do in a rain storm, which turned into this story. Like most of my stories, the characters are real but the story is total fantasy. Let me know what you think and I'll let them know for you. Enjoy.

Thanks to Amber who looked through the story and corrected my errors.


* * * * *

It was a peaceful, warm evening in Southern California, one of those types of days where if you didn't go outside and enjoy the day, you would feel like the day would be a total waste. Lauren and Josh took advantage of the beautiful weather, and all day long they spent it together, holding hands, dreaming of the days where they would always have each other and thinking back to the day when they first met in college. Now at age 20, the couple was in the process of starting a very serious relationship and nothing would stop them from being one.

After their magical day of mirth and merriment in the sunny climes along the coast of the Pacific, the pair returned to the apartment they shared with a few friends of theirs to prepare for a very special evening. After showering, Josh put on some clothes Lauren felt were special, sort of formal but not so formal clothes that she laid out for him: a pair of khaki pants and a black polo shirt. Not wanting to disappoint her, he put them on without question. He looked pretty good; the shirt accentuated his bulky, muscular frame. He splashed on some of Lauren's favorite cologne, so she could small the musky scent while they were cuddling later that evening.

It was only a few minutes later that Lauren came downstairs after changing into her evening clothes. And she looked particularly breath-taking: a sheer white sundress cascaded down her lithe frame, her blonde hair shimmering like moonlight, her long legs moving gracefully toward him, the soft flesh of her breasts seeming to fall out of the top of her garment. She looked absolutely marvelous. She walked right up to Josh and gave him a soft kiss on his lips.

"Baby, you look great in those clothes!" Lauren said, wrapping her supple arms around his broad torso. She fell into his embrace and there, she felt perfectly safe from any harm.

"Thank you sweetie, you look amazingly beautiful tonight," Josh replied, after he shook himself out of a trance: his eyes were entranced by the sight in front of him. He was always mesmerized by the beauty and grace of his girlfriend, the woman who had become his soul mate in a matter of months. Tonight would be no exception.

The pair walked hand in hand to the restaurant, the same one they went to on their first date nearly a year before. They sat close to one another in the semi-circle shaped booth, their arms rubbing against each other as they drank sparkling cider, toasting their year together. They looked into each others' eyes for the longest time, Josh getting lost in pools of crystal blue while Lauren gazed into the deep recesses of his passionate hazel eyes. At one point their foreheads touched, they gently rubbed the tips of their noses together before their lips came together in a soft, passionate collision.

After they ate, they left the restaurant and decided to take a leisurely stroll to a local park. The sun had already set and a cooling breeze came wafting in, followed by the dark, ominous clouds that were associated with thunderstorms.

Lauren and Josh were standing on a stone bridge that overlooked the babbling brook which wound its way through the park. They were very close to each other, so close that they could feel the heat between them rise. Josh blew cool air onto the left side of Lauren's neck before he began to softly peck at her skin with his lips. Lauren's arms were wrapped around his neck when they began to feel the warm droplets of California rain falling upon them.

"Oh boy, making love in the rain! This has always been a fantasy of mine!" Lauren giggled before she moved in for an incredibly long and passionate kiss. At first the kiss seemed to be just between the lips, but before long Lauren's tongue wanted in on the action: it began to slither into Josh's mouth, only to end up sparring with its counterpart. Josh's strong hands started to rub up and down the back of Lauren's body, coming to rest on the small of her back, just above the beginning of the downward slope of her beautiful heart-shaped ass.

Lauren pressed her body up against his, slowly rubbing herself up and down the lean frame. She got up on her tiptoes to kiss him once again. She could now smell the mixture of his cologne and the rain, and it was beginning to turn her on even more.

Josh's hands slid downward, feeling the soft cushions of her buttocks underneath the fabric. He liked the creamy softness of her ass, liked to feel the way it responded to his touch whenever they took a shower together or when Lauren was laying on top of him in bed. He cupped the cheeks and slowly picked her up. Lauren instinctively wrapped her legs around his midsection, her groin just above his.

The pair continued to kiss as the rain poured down, soaking their skin, their hair and their clothes. Their hearts were beating fast as the intensity of their kisses increased, but the flash of lightning told the lovers to head for the safety of their bedroom. With a final kiss, the two grabbed each others' hand and sprinted through the rain, their feet splashing through the puddles.

By the time Lauren and Josh arrived at the apartment, they are soaked beyond belief. Josh's shirt and pants were soaked through to the skin, while Lauren's sundress has become transparent: Josh could clearly see her aureoles of her breasts through the once-white material. He stared at them as he fumbled for his keys. Lauren broke his eye contact by kissing him. She brought her lips to his ear to nibble on his earlobe. Josh loved when she did that, making him become putty in her soft hands.

"Slide my dress off baby, I want you to see me - all of me," Lauren cooed. Immediately Josh lifted his hands to her shoulders. He could feel the dampness of her skin after running through the rain. With his right hand, Josh slipped the spaghetti strap of her sundress off her left shoulder. He lowered his head and began to kiss her shoulder. While his lips were busy, his other hand found the strap on her right shoulder and began to slide it down her arm. Without stopping, Josh had the top of Lauren's dress down, exposing her pert breasts to the rain.

Lauren loved the attention Josh's lips were giving her, as they were tiptoeing across her skin. She gasped as his lips made contact with her left nipple. She could feel his tongue wrapping around it, flicking at it, the top of his tongue teasing it as it became fully erect. Her right hand was sliding through his wet hair as her head tilted back, her mouth slightly open. She had her eyes closed as she could devote all of her attention to the excitement coursing through her and the feelings rippling from her breasts. Her pussy was starting to tingle and she yearned for him to touch it.

Josh managed to get the wet sundress down to her waist before beginning to attend to her breasts. His tongue was manipulating her nipples to do as he commanded, while his hands were caressing the curvature of her bosom. He expertly tongued the breasts, alternating between kissing the wet flesh and dragging his tongue along her skin. As lightning flashed across the sky, the duo moaned: Lauren into the air, Josh into the valley of her cleavage. Lauren's hands were slowly sliding down Josh's back, gripping the fabric to pull it off him. In one quick tug his shirt came untucked. The wet material clung to his body like a second skin, but she had it pulled over his head, exposing Josh's sculpted upper body.

Lauren had Josh stand up so her hands could work their magic. Her hands ran teasingly across his broad shoulders, across both sides of his collarbone and down to his bulging pectorals. Her fingertips danced down his abdomen, feeling the development of his washboard abs. Then her hands swept around toward his back, running parallel to each other as they raced upward to his shoulder blades. Lauren moved in and began to place soft kisses on his pectorals, never taking her eyes of his. She looked into his eyes teasingly, threatening to go down lower on his body. His lips trickled down to his stomach and she winked at him.

She was soon on her knees. She began to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants, sliding the zipper down. His arousal had become so intense that his cock was nearly rock hard. Lauren pulled his pants down and gazed at his cock, at that point covered by his boxers. Hooking her fingertips into the waistband, she dragged the hem down and out popped his hard cock, standing at attention for her. Her eyes gaped at the sight. The thickness was what got her juices flowing, as its girth had filled her up on many occasions. She teased it with her tongue, flicking out at the mushroom-shaped head of his penis. Her lips formed an "O" and she slid her mouth down around the head, beginning to suck. Her tongue tickled the opening, sliding back and forth over it.

Then she removed her mouth and lowered her head to the base. Sliding her tongue up the length of the swollen shaft, she came upon the sensitive ridge that lined a few centimeters near the head. She rolled her tongue back and forth over the ridge, making Josh squirm from the pleasure. Then she grasped the base and began to slowly jerk him off while her lips allowed the head of his cock to enter her warm, wet mouth once again. While she was doing this, Lauren reached underneath the hem of her sundress and started to rub her clit through her panties. She could feel a great deal of moisture and heat radiating from her groin.

After getting Josh extremely hard, she stopped before telling him they should take the party inside - it was getting too uncomfortable outside. Kicking off his shoes and socks, he discarded his pants and underwear, walking into the house naked. Lauren followed, the top of her sundress pulled down.

Safe in the bedroom, the couple fell into each others' arms and proceeded to collapse into their bed. Disregarding Lauren's soaked sundress, the couple kissed and touched one another. But soon, Lauren got up and stood where Josh could see her. Smiling at her best friend, she shimmied out of the wet dress and all that was left was a cute little white lacy thong.

"Sweetie that thong looks so cute on you!" Josh said, smiling at her.

"I'm glad you like, baby. Want to see the rest?" Lauren asked.

"Yes, of course!" Josh answered.

With a sly grin, Lauren turned around to show Josh her ass. The back of the thong was in the shape of a heart, and in minute writing, it said "I love Josh." Looking back over her shoulder, she winked at him and asked him if he liked it. He nodded.

As her cheeks flushed pink, she bent over and slowly slipped her thong off. She stepped out of them and turned around. Josh looked up and down her body to see that her entire vaginal region had been shaved clean of the downy blonde hair that had once been there. He liked that and she knew it. Lauren then walked to the bed and kneeled on it, beginning to crawl toward her lover. When she was level with his hardened cock, she bent low and brushed it with her breasts. He groaned slightly. She then began to kiss up his body. Stopping at his pectorals, she lightly ran her tongue around his nipples, just like he did to her outside. He arched his back as her tongue made contact.

When Lauren reached eye level, she reached out and lovingly stroked his cheek with the outside of her hand. Bending down to kiss him, once again she caught a whiff of his cologne. She breathed the smell in deeply and looked at his eyes. She kissed him again, slightly longer with unbridled passion growing between them.

Josh then turned Lauren onto her back, starting to kiss down her body. He kissed her left cheek - he could still feel the heat from when she was blushing - before inching kisses down her sweet, supple neck. Lauren's hands were rubbing his broad shoulders as he slowly made his way down to her clavicle. A small moan escaped from her mouth as Josh's lips lingered in the middle of her neck before puckering the skin, tracing a line down her breastbone. His hands methodically caressed and kneaded her flesh as his lips again made love to her nipple, warming it up from the cold rain that bounced off it while they were outside. He loved sucking on her breasts so much that once, he made her reach orgasm because of it. He didn't want her to climax just yet though.

Lauren was getting extremely turned on from Josh's ministrations. She reached down and tried to grab his hard prick, just to feel it. It was hot to her touch. Using her palm, she began to rub the topside of his cock, feeling it slide under her hand inch by inch. She felt the wetness of precum as her palm ran over the bloated head. She rubbed the liquid around the head. But then Josh slapped her hand away.

"This is about you baby. I love you and I want to make you know that I do," Josh said.

Lauren was taken aback, but she felt a surge of emotion run through her. She knew he loved her and was glad he wanted to show how much he loved her. She lay back, ran her fingers through his drying hair and whispered, "I love you too, Josh."

With a smile, Josh continued to suck on her breasts, lightly circling the nipples with his tongue. She began to moan again, as she was turned on beyond belief and truly touched by what he said.

Josh started to kiss down her body once more, heading for the soft valley between her thighs. She spread her legs for him, allowing his face to feel the heat emanating from her. When he was in position, he pursed his lips together and began to blow cool air along her puffy pussy lips. She tensed up and arched her back as the cool air touched her pussy unexpectantly.

"Mmmmmm, baby, that tickles!" Lauren said, giggling. Josh just smiled as he continued to pepper her pussy with air.

He then began to rub her pussy with two fingers, feeling how wet she was. Lauren whimpered softly as her lover rubbed her. With his index finger, he rubbed inside the folds, making her purr. Josh then kissed on her mound, feeling her insides churning as he slid his index finger inside her wet pussy.

"Oohhhhhhhhh! Yes baby, finger me like that," Lauren gasped. He was working his finger in and out. Lauren was cupping her hands underneath her breasts and rubbing the undersides. Occasionally she would pinch her nipples as his fingers plunged in and out of her.

But soon, Josh sought out her g spot and began to slowly rub the roof of her pussy. When the pads of his fingertips found it, Lauren's body stiffened and she groaned deep. He started to circle that spot, lightly putting pressure on it. Then he started to wiggle his fingers over it, using a "come here" motion. He had Lauren writhing on his fingers; she was biting her lower lip and sweat started to bead on her forehead. She also started to run her left hand through her wet hair, which was clinging to her face.

Josh slowed down his attack, letting his woman calm down. But the waves of pleasure soon returned as he sped up his fingers over her g spot. Lauren started to shake as her orgasm overtook her.


And yes, she was wet. Josh felt the warm rush of her cum flood his fingers. Lauren could feel it running out of her and into her pelvic region. After her orgasm passed, Josh removed his fingers, but wasn't done. He started to separate the puffy lips, swollen from her arousal. He then started to slowly lick her, setting her up for yet another fantastic orgasm. He lightly tongued her pussy, licking up the remnants of her orgasm. His tongued darted here and dashed there, picking up the deposits she left. She tasted so sweet that he could eat her for hours on end.

Lauren started to grip the bedspread as Josh began to nibble on her inner pelvis. Her pussy was so sensitive that every time his tongue touched her, she moaned. He kept his eyes on her face, which had a look on intense pleasure written all over her features. Even though her eyes were closed, the sockets were wide, her mouth gaped open as her moans continued. And all the while, Josh was between her silky smooth thighs, tonguing away like mad.

When he reached her clit, she began to shake slightly. He swirled his tongue around her clit, tasting her. Her hands shot from the bed and found the back of his head, guiding his mouth into her. He flicked his tongue out, teasing her with the tip of his tongue. Before long he used the entire topside of his tongue and began to lick her clit, using long, broad strokes. He was making her moan deeper and Josh knew she was ready to cum again soon.

Josh's speed increased and he was licking with such a fervor that Lauren started to convulse. Her body shook so much that wave after incredible wave of intensity bolted through her like the lightning that flashed through the sky, lighting up the bedroom with light. Her cum flooded his mouth, as he clamped his mouth over her pussy just as she was starting to cum.

As Lauren's second orgasm passed, Josh crawled back up her body, running his hands along her sides as he went up. Lauren looked exhausted; her hair was fussed up, a combination of sweat and rain matting it together on her face, sweat pouring down her brow. Josh lovingly swept a stray hair away from her eyes so he could look deep into her eyes, the window to her soul. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Josh's smiling face. She broke out into a grin, and the duo kissed. Lauren could taste herself on his lips, and the kiss lingered. It intensified as Josh's right hand trailed down Lauren's body once again. He began to rub her sensitive pussy once again, felt its sodden texture.

They continued to kiss until Josh shifted his weight on top of Lauren. His fingers left their vigil inside her pussy and instead of returning, grasped his hardened cock. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her moistened lips, coating the head. He grazed the clit with it and he felt her spasm. With ease he slid it in, feeling Lauren's body shudder as its girth filled her. She slowly wrapped her legs around his back, locking her ankles firmly behind him. Her arms sought sanctuary around his neck as she felt his hot breath thundering onto hers.

He slowly began to rock in and out of her in the missionary position, feeling the vaginal walls contracting around him. His size filled her pussy to capacity, touching all around her. The top of his cock rubbed against her g spot, making her moan. When the head collided with her cervix, she groaned extremely deep. Soon the thunder rolling outside was drowned out by the sounds of intense, sexual pleasure and the moans Lauren was making. The rain pattering against the glass could not be heard as the bed squeaked louder. Lauren soon became more vocal as Josh increased the intensity.

His cock continued to assault her pussy, pistoning in and out, his balls slapping against the sweet form of her ass. She was leaking cum, making it easier for Josh's cock to slide in and out of her. Lauren's hips were rotating as they felt his stomach against them. The two lovers never broke eye contact during the entire experience.

Josh slowed for a minute, letting Lauren's pussy clamp down and milk him. Her inner walls were flexing against the imbedded organ. After a minute, Josh picked up speed again. Lauren's breasts, the firm 34c orbs that he loved, were swaying under his weight. Inside Lauren, the friction against her nipples was driving her insane. Her erect nipples were screaming to be played with. She unwrapped her arms from his neck and went right to her chest, tweaking the nipples, pulling on them. She took her finger into her mouth to wet it, then circled the wet fingertip around her right nipple.

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