California Zephyr Ch. 04


His kisses followed the trail of her tears down her breasts, and approached her nipples. As he did so, she felt his penis slip across her thigh, this time moving upward with certainty, with authority. Karen shivered with a surge of excitement. His lips reached her nipple, and his caresses were welcomed by every part of her now hypersensitive body. Cam felt the same surge as a powerful wave sweeping through him, and looked down to see his penis rock hard with an erection that surprised him! He looked sheepishly at Karen, thinking that she would be offended by his obvious interest in more than comforting her.

She chose the perfect response. Words would not have reassured him. Within herself, she felt strong and sure. She wanted to have Cam inside herself again. Every part of her being reported readiness. She took his shaft in her lips and swirled her tongue around his tip, then moved it eagerly into her mouth.

Any doubts now were erased from Cam's mind, as her tender ministrations brought him to the last millimeter of erection, ready again for Karen's pleasure. She paused, as if to admire her handiwork. In the dim light, we saw no tears now.

The train lurched, and then began to roll deeper into Nebraska. Karen bent over Cam, the ring dangling from the chain around her neck. They whispered urgent messages into each other's ears, and then the well-muscled young man stretched out, taking up most of the 6-foot-6 length of the lower berth.

She looked down at him for a moment. The sway of the train over the switches between Omaha and Lincoln moved her body sensually; she felt his eyes following the movements of her curves, and then his gaze moved to the ring, swinging with the roll of the sleeper.

Karen eased herself over him. Cam smiled and flexed his muscle, moving his penis snakelike. Glistening fluid caught the nightlight as it spread out over his tip.

Karen grinned at his snake demonstration; teased him in words we could not hear; she fingered his hardness, and then guided it in. He moved easily upward. She marveled, though, at the difference in feeling, as she controlled his passage. She moved slightly to one side and then the other, savoring each sensation of his entry, bringing him deeper and deeper into the power that had built within her loins. Closer and closer, she felt, to the trigger that would set them both off.

As she cast her loving circles around him, a cloud of passion enveloped them. They were oblivious to Sophia and I, neither concerned about anything else in the world at this moment. Perhaps they were not in this world.

Cam told Karen afterward that he had never experienced a moment like that, as his response to her tears seemed to have opened up something inside both of their hearts. Karen at the same time had visualized a key in those clouds of passion, turning in a lock, opening a treasure chest of sparkling jewels.

"You're a dirty old man!" Sophia interrupted my awestruck staring at the enchanted younger lovers. She laughed at my startled return to reality, but she admitted that Cam and Karen's passionate rejoining had been exciting to her, too.

In our embrace that followed, we found that we both were prepared for each other. I remember little else specific about that night. Bits and pieces of information came my way, but mostly I remember Sophia!

I did take a peek around the shade when we stopped in the middle of the night. We were in Hastings, a college town that I knew, and I saw the two kids who had been in the coach seats under the blanket. They were walking off toward a car in the station lot, arms intertwined, stealing little kisses along the way. For a moment, I mourned my times with the coeds, and then I felt Sophia's intimate fingers moving over my back. I turned from the window, and lost myself in her embrace, utterly satisfied with the depth of her possibilities.

Sophia and I never really finished, in the sense of being ready to walk away. Neither did Cam and Karen. By morning, as the train was entering Denver, we were all ready to use the berths for sleeping.

I was headed to a conference in Denver; Sophia had business in the Mile High City, as I mentioned. Karen and Cam joined us during the servicing stop for the Zephyr. As we walked up the ramp into the grand old station, we saw the warm brick colors of Denver's LoDo district. Karen felt a sudden link with her history, with her grandmother, with family who must have walked up this ramp before her, in their travels.

The four of us stood in the main waiting room as the crowd swirled around us. Karen said what we were thinking.

"We don't ever want this story to end, do we?" She smiled wistfully. The bold sun poured down through the thin, dry air, through the big windows, and lit her glowing face. Sophia and I told Karen and Cam how lucky they were to be going on into the snow-covered Rockies this morning, while we faced the renewed demands of our careers.

In spite of the urge to go on with them, we said goodbye to Karen and Cam, with tears all around this time. Sophia held Karen's hand for a time as they whispered in a sisterly way, their blonde and dark coloring setting off the beauty of each in unique ways. Their hands separated reluctantly. I imagined a spark passing between them: perhaps a little of the ring's supposed magic for Sophia, a little of the older woman's sensuality for Karen?

We watched them go back down the ramp to the train. Then we turned toward the bustle of 17th Street, ready to combine business with pleasure in the lovely rooms of the vintage Oxford Hotel. From McCormick's on the corner, the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee washed toward us on the chill breeze. Sophia turned to me and smiled as she spoke.

"This really does feel like the beginning of something new, doesn't it?"


These characters appear again in the 'Hans' files. Sophia and I continue our adventures in the 'Summit Conference' series of reports to be added in this site in the future.

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