tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCali's Revenge Ch. 02

Cali's Revenge Ch. 02

byGood Burger©

Cali sat in the bathtub, smiling at her new-found power. Her neighbor, Brian, had cruelly insulted her breast size in front of everyone in high school, and she was finally getting her revenge. Cali wondered if she ever would show anyone else the pictures of Brian's miniscule cock. She stood up, drained the tub, and began drying her sexy, twenty-year-old body. She ran the towel through her long, straight, blonde hair, down her slim frame, over her 34A breasts, between her legs, and down her, long slender legs.

"Brian!" she called out. Brian sulked into the room. Brian had a great body, tall, muscular, handsome, but there was one problem. He had by far the tiniest penis Cali had ever seen. Earlier in the night she measured it at it's hardest. Three inches. Pathetic.

"I don't remember telling you to put on any clothes!" She spoke commandingly. Brian obediently pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them. Cali giggled as his flaccid member popped out, barely noticeable.

Cali sauntered over to him, and traced a fingernail from his shoulder down to his hairless pubic area. Smiling evilly, she spoke "We're not finished tonight, but you've been a good sport so far, so I'm going to give you a reward. Would you like to try fingering?"

Brian looked at Cali's face. She was smiling so innocently, he couldn't believe his luck. He gulped nervously and nodded.

"Good," she cooed, "Let's go into your room." She wrapped her arms around his neck, and jumped up to put her legs around his waist. He could feel the heat of her pussy on his cock, and the occasional brush from her sparse, blonde pubic hair. By the time he laid her in his bed, he was rock hard.

"Ok, let me get my camera ready." Cali put her camera on the video function and placed it on the dresser to capture all of the action. She walked up behind Brian and gently massaged his shoulders and neck, casually leaning him over the bed. She slid her hands down his back, and without warning, shoved a finger into his unsuspecting asshole.

"What the fuck?!" he screamed.

"Shut the fuck up, don't wake up your brother! You are gonna take this like a man, if you even know what it means to be a man with a pathetic little cock like that. Did you really think I was gonna get you near my pussy again? Now bend over the bed, I promise you'll like it."

Knowing he had know choice, Brian bent over. Cali wormed her finger back into his hole. He squirmed. On one hand, a girl was in total control of him, penetrating his virgin asshole. On the other hand, it kind of felt good. It felt like Cali was searching for something, and then, out of nowhere, she found it. Brian moaned out loud and started shooting spurts of cum all over his bed. He came for a good thirty seconds, thrusting at the air in front of him. It was by far the most amazing orgasm he'd ever experienced.

"Jesus, that was quick. I hope you're good at oral because you will never, ever, please anyone with a tiny cock that can't hold a load for more than a minute." Cali washed up and then came back just in time to hear her cell phone ringing. She picked it up, and began chatting. Brian froze as she invited whoever was on the phone over. He looked at Cali in horror as she shut her phone. She smiled.

"You're in luck! My friend Amanda is coming over. I think you'll like her."


Amanda is ever-so-slightly taller than Cali, at five-two. She had long, chestnut hair that came to her shoulder blades. Her brown eyes were incredibly gorgeous, and she had a smile to rival Cali's. She was wearing her waitressing uniform as she had just left work. A white, button up blouse with a short, black, pleated skirt. As hot as it was, she unbuttoned the blouse, and tied it to hide her 34C bust. She walked up to the door and knocked quietly just like Cali told her. Brian, this jerk she went to high school with, opened the door.

Amanda was impressed at what she saw. Brian looked as though he had just woken up, clad only in his boxer shorts. His brown hair was tussled, but he had great abs and not a hair on his chest. She looked up at him, "Is Cali here?"

"Brian! Let Amanda in!" She heard Cali call from the other room. She was unsure of what was going on. Cali could not stand Brian, and vice versa. She slid past Brian and found Cali in the living room.

Cali had changed back into her sleep wear, a tight, white tank top with no bra, and a pair of skimpy purple shorts. Amanda smiled. She always thought Cali was so cute. They were both straight girls, but Amanda couldn't help but think about how hot her friend was.

"Hey! Sexy outfit!" Cali giggled as she gave her best friend a big hug.

"You too. I feel over dressed for this party," Amanda responded.

"That's true. Why don't you take off your skirt and shirt? Then we'll be about even."

"With him here?!" Amanda gestured at Brian, who had sulked into the room.

"Oh don't worry about him. You'll see what's going on in a minute, here, let me help." Amanda couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable as Cali untied her shirt and pushed it off of her shoulders, revealing her black bra. Brian stared as Cali peeled off her friend's skirt, leaving her in a pink thong.

"Cali!" Amanda cried out, but it was too late. She was standing there in her skivvies in front of Brian.

"Don't worry, sweetie." Cali whispered to Amanda. "Brian, come here!" He walked over. "Take off your shorts, let's see if me undressing sexy Amanda got you all worked up." He hesitated. "NOW!"

Brian pulled down his boxers. Amanda started cracking up. A rock hard three inch penis was pointing at her. Cali smiled at her.

"Ready to have some fun?"


Cali had just finished telling Amanda everything that she had done to Brian so far. Amanda turned to Brian, caressing her breasts through the material of her bra.

"Is this what you like, Brian? Do you like big titties? Or are my titties too small for you too?" She sauntered towards him, slowly undoing her bra. "Are these titties enough for you and your little wee-wee? If I showed you my titties, would that get you hard? Or are you already hard?" She let go of her bra and it fell to the floor as she reached for his cock. But she never touched it. As soon as her boobs were in view, Brian convulsed and pumped his semen into the air without being touched. Amanda laughed hysterically.

"I..didn't...even...touch...you!" she gasped between laughs. That was enough for Brian. He fell onto the floor and started to cry. He stammered off apologies between sobs and eventually the girls felt bad. Cali finally spoke up.

"Fine. You've paid the price. Since you've been so obedient, we'll reward you, but let it be known that I do have those pictures and if you ever step out of line I will use them." Cali sternly warned. Brian nodded in agreement. "What should we do for little Brian, Amanda?"

"Hmmm...I think he earned himself a blowjob tonight."

"Ok. Do you want to, or should I?"

"Why don't we both?" Both Brian and Cali's eyes widened. Amanda was so horny from what had happened that she wanted to get off. She knew that Brian wouldn't be able to help her in that department, but maybe Cali could.

Amanda crawled over to where Cali was kneeling. She whispered a few calming words to her friend as she lifted the tank top off of Cali, once again revealing her tiny titties. She pulled Cali into an embrace, and could hear Brian's gasp as their nipples brushed against each other. Amanda kissed Cali gently on the neck, switching from rubbing her back to rubbing her 34A boobs. Cali responded by caressing her friends bigger tits and pulling her into a kiss. Amanda began tugging at Cali's shorts, when Cali broke the kiss.

"Let's take care of Brian and then get back to this." Cali said. Amanda nodded in agreement. She pulled off Cali's shorts as she crawled over to Brian. Brian couldn't believe his luck. Cali was wearing nothing but her little panties and Amanda was clad only in her thong. Both girls were about to suck his dick. It was all he could do not to cum.

The girls crawled up on either side of him, and began kissing again, hovering right over his cock. Slowly, they lowered their heads, and trapped his tiny little pecker in the middle of the kiss. Brian began thrusting uncontrollably, and within seconds was shooting what little cum he had left all over their lips.

Amanda and Cali eagerly licked the cum off of each other's lips. Amanda pulled off Cali's panties. She pushed her tongue into her friend's mouth as she rubbed her clit. Cali's pussy was sopping wet. Amanda could feel her own pussy moisten at the sound of her hand on Cali's clit. By the time Cali got to taking off Amanda's thong, it was saturated. Both girls began rubbing furiously at each other's clits, and Amanda climbed on top off Cali.

Amanda pulled Cali's hands up to her breasts. Cali looked down, wondering why Amanda pulled her hands away from her clit, and they she saw. Amanda's clit was hard, poking an inch out of her lips. Amanda lowered her twat to Cali's, and began thrusting her clit against Cali's little nub.

The sound of two wet pussies fucking each other was replaced by Cali's moans.

"Oh god...I'm...oh..uh..uh..I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonnaaaaa...."

She screamed out in pleasure as she shot a huge stream of girl cum right at Amanda's big clit. Amanda shrieked at the sensation and returned the favor, drenching her best friend's stomach.

Amanda collapsed on Cali, both of them still gently hu,ping the other's mound. The sloshing sounds soon were prominent again, until they were stopped by the flash of a camera. The girls looked up and saw Brian with Cali's camera, smiling evilly.

"Guess what I just taped."

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