Calista's Dungeon Ch. 01


Some younger women come up close to watch, listen to the fucking sounds, and take pictures of Sarah's face each time she cums. Slave Sarah groans, her eyes glazed over and her body wracked with pain and pleasure. Mistress Calista kneels down next to Sarah, reaches under her to tie the black slaves' balls, to the balls of the slave fucking her ass, with a rawhide cord. She releases the clamp on Sarah's clit and watches her grimace as the blood painfully rushes into her clitoris. Sarah yelps as her clit is freed, feeling the pain coursing through her entire body, her face lights up, cumming her brains out over and over and over again. Applause erupts from the guests as they watch in fascination as the slave fucking her ass begins to cum and cum again. His cum fills Sarah's asshole. She groans as she feels her ass and bowels filling with warm cum. She can feel some of it seeping out to trickle down her asscheeks and thighs. Her belly is distended from the sheer volume of cum the slave is pumping into her.

The slave underneath, Sarah, gasps and shuts his eyes as he erupts with huge volleys of thick, frothy cum into her pussy. "Ohhhhh, Mistress!" cries Sarah, as his cock pumps out huge volumes of cum into her cunt. Cum spurts out of Sarah's cunt to coat the male slave's balls and blend with cum from her ass. "Oh, it's too much, Mistress!" she sobs. The slave resumes fucking Sarah's ass, cumming hard again. His long thrusts put strain on his balls and the balls of the slave fucking Sarah from underneath. Slave Sarah continues to moan, feeling an overwhelming sensation of pain and pleasure. "Everything is just too much, Mistress!" Sarah cries.

"Silence!" Calista orders Sarah. The male slave fucking Sarah's mouth explodes in a thundering orgasm, spewing his cum down her throat, filling her mouth with his seed. Calista is amused and smiles broadly as she watches Sarah trying to swallow all of his cum. Some of it spills out, trickling down her chin from the corners of her mouth. The slaves' cock, under her, slips out of her cunt and the male lies there breathing hard. The slave fucking her ass pulls his cock out and tries to move away from Sarah, but his balls are tied to the black slaves balls. He nearly pulls the screaming slave out from under Sarah, by his balls, yelping as his own balls are similarly pained. Sarah, limp in her bonds, smiles at the male slaves as they squeal from the pain in their balls. Calista and the guests laugh and applaud the show.

Sarah can feel the huge volume of cum still inside her, so much of it that it's overflowing onto the floor. The guests discuss the mess on the floor among themselves, wondering who will clean it up. Calista motions to the male slave Sarah sucked off, to release her from her restraints. The black slave unties his balls from his fellow slave and hurries to retrieve a goblet from Calista's table. He places the goblet under Sarah's asshole and cunt, catching cum as it pours out of both openings. When the goblet is full, the slaves set it aside and place Sarah over the puddles of cum on the floor. Calista commands Sarah to clean the blended cum with her tongue. Slave Sarah groans and slowly starts to lick up the blended cum, not letting any go to waste. The guests snap more pictures of Sarah licking up cum from the floor. Calista sips her wine as one of the young female guests gets on her knees and begins to lap up Calista's creamy cunt nectar. Calista runs her fingers gently through her young lovers hair and soon shudders through another savage orgasm, just as Sarah finishes licking up the blended cum from the floor.

Slave Sarah smiles and kneels with her upper body upright, looking up at her Mistress. Sarah's face glistens with the thick gooey cum. Mistress Calista takes a moment to recover from her orgasm then, takes the goblet filled with cum in her hand. The male slaves help Sarah into a chair and steady her so she won't fall. Calista hands Sarah the goblet and smiles at her slave. Sarah groans, opens her mouth and drains the goblet in one long drink. Again, the guests applaud Sarah. When the applause dies down, two naked girls, about eighteen or nineteen, appear to help Sarah to her feet and hold her upright. Slave Sarah stands, letting the girls hold her upright, thankful for their support, as she is completely limp from her ordeal. Calista commands the girls to take Sarah to Calista's chambers, soothe her hurts, sores and aches with their tongues. "Give Sarah a complete tongue bath, then to help her shower. Perfume her lightly and place her in my bed." Sarah thanks her Mistress, giving her a wide smile as she walks by her with the female slaves.

Mistress Calista embraces Sarah and kisses her lips passionately. "You were magnificent, Sarah. Absolutely marvelous." Calista whispers in her ear. Sarah thanks her wonderful Mistress for the compliment. "Try to get some sleep and rest, because when the guests leave, we will make love, like lovers, not as Mistress and slave."

"Ooo, yes Ma'am," Sarah responds with a smile.

"Goodnight, dear sweet Sarah. Your Mistress loves you very much. You've been such a good girl tonight. Mistress will join you later."

"Goodnight, Ma'am, and thank you. It's so much easier when you have a wonderful and loving Mistress, like you, Ma'am," Slave Sarah whispers.

The end: Part 1.

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