tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 05

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 05


(D/s, Femdom, cunt, clit & nipple discipline, oral, bi and hetero sex,)

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

* * * * *

Mistress Calista sat on a bar stool at her favorite lounge, sipping a glass of white wine. The lounge was nearly empty with only a couple at a table and another woman sitting at the end of the bar. She watched the pretty woman that she judged to be in her late twenties or early thirties. The woman was visibly upset and on the verge of tears. She sipped her drink nervously and looked over the lounge as if she was expecting someone. Calista decided that to ignore her and resumed enjoying her wine.

The bartender briefly talked to the young woman and poured her another drink. He moved to Calista and asked if she was ready for another glass of wine, but Calista declined. The barkeep, making small talk, mentioned that he was concerned about the young woman. He told Calista that this was the third time she had been stood up by her boyfriend, this week. "Some boyfriend," Calista observed. He nodded and said he wished she would stop drinking and go home. "Perhaps I can help," Calista told him, "I'll see if I can get her to stop and go home." He nodded and continued wiping the bar. Calista walked to the young woman and sat in the stool next to her. "Look," she began, "I know it's none of my business, but you look as though you could use a friend." The woman looked up from her drink and smiled at Calista.

"I don't know what I need," she said, "I guess that some guys just like to walk all over women."

"Only if you let them," Calista replied, smiling. The woman seemed a bit perplexed and asked Calista what she meant. "If you allow anyone, not only men, to take advantage of you, believe me, honey, they will. You are the only one that can let someone else take advantage of you."

"It shows, huh?" she asked. Calista nodded and sipped her wine, listening. "Well, I don't know what to do. He always stands me up lately, like he thinks I don't matter."

"If you ask me, which you didn't, I'd say that he does think you don't matter, or he would be here meeting you," Calista observed.

"Hmm, what would you do? He said to meet him here at five o'clock."

"It's seven thirty now. I don't think he intends to show up. I would have split out of here at five thirty or six at the latest. That's what I'd do. I'd go home," Calista advised her.

"I guess you're right. He's not coming." Calista nodded in agreement and sipped her wine. The woman paused as if suddenly realizing that she might be in a predicament. "You're not hitting on me are you?" she asked Calista guardedly.

"No, I'm not hitting on you," Calista smiled, "be assured of that. It's only that, as they say, 'I've been there done that."

The woman smiled and cheered up a bit. "I didn't mean to offend you, or imply that you're a lesbian, or something," she said. Calista smiled warmly and told her she wasn't offended, but perhaps she was flattered. The woman smiled and held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Anice."

"Hello Anice, I'm Calista."

"That's a pretty name. What does it mean?"

"It means 'Welcomed one of the Gods'. It's an ancient Greek demi-goddess's name who used to screw around with Zeus, King of the Gods, on Mount Olympus," Calista explained, with a grin. Anice laughed and said the name fit Calista like a glove, because she was as pretty as a Greek Goddess. "Demi-Goddess," Calista corrected her, good naturedly, "Not quite a Goddess, but close enough for that old horny Zeus to chase after." They laughed heartily and continued talking.

Anice told her about her boyfriend. He was a bit of a snob and very straight laced. He had a good job and made good money, but he never seemed to be able to let his hair down. Everything had to conform to his idea of propriety. Even their sex life was pretty ordinary, she told Calista. He never wanted to engage in foreplay, nor experiment with anything beyond the missionary position. "I don't know why I'm telling you this, a perfect stranger, but it seems as though I can talk to you," Anice said. Calista nodded and smiled as Anice continued. "Gee, Calista, I'm no fireball, but I do like to experiment with different sex stuff. I once told him to do something different, and he said 'Like what? Tie you up and get out the whips and chains?' I told him that at least that would be different, and he got mad and sulked, calling me perverted," Anice explained. "Do you think I'm perverted, Calista?"

"I'm not the one to ask, honey. What I do for a living is called very perverted by a lot of people," Calista replied.

"What do you do that's so perverted?" asked Anice. Calista reached into her handbag, retrieved her business card and gave it to Anice. It said; Mistress Calista, Dominatrix, by Appointment only. Anice read it and looked up, stunned. "You're kidding!" she declared. Calista assured her that it was true. Anice was dumbfounded, unable to think of anything to say.

"Well, Anice, it was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you. I hope all goes well with you and your boyfriend, but if I were you I'd dump him. There are a lot of better guys out there, believe me. I have to go now. Goodnight," Calista smiled at her new acquaintance, rose from her bar stool and walked out of the lounge. Anice stood, mouth agape, holding Calista's card in her fingers. She seemed mesmerized by Calista's card. Here she had been talking to an actual, real life Dominatrix about her sex life. She considered herself fortunate that the Domina hadn't snatched her up as a sex slave. The shock had sobered Anice and she quickly went to her car and drove home.

Several weeks passed and Anice had more unpleasant encounters with her boyfriend and finally decided to leave him. She packed her things while he was at work and left him a note, but no forwarding address. Anice had made arrangements to live with her single female cousin, until she found her own place. Her former boyfriend had made several inquiries at the lounge as to her whereabouts, but after a few days he stopped trying to find her.

Anice was healing emotionally, and had started to revitalize her life. A few weeks later she was wondering what she ever saw in her former boyfriend and was sorry that she had wasted time and tears on him. She was leery of any new entanglements with men and declined invitations to get to know them better. Her reluctance to date was having a devastating effect on her very high sex drive. By masturbating, she occasionally interrupted her celibate life, but she knew that she would go berserk, just pleasuring herself. She tried to put sex out of her mind, but to no avail. Even love stories on TV made her panties wet.

One evening, Anice was dressing to go out and decided to change handbags. Cleaning out her everyday handbag, she came across Mistress Calista's card. She tossed it in the trash and decided to go out and get a drink at a local lounge. Later, she grew tired of being alone, nauseated by the guys that had tried hitting on her and she decided to go home. As she drove home, her old nemesis, lust, stirred in her loins. The more she tried not to think about sex, the hornier she got. She knew that she had to hurry home to masturbate for some relief.

She got home and went immediately to her bedroom, stripping as she walked. When she was naked she climbed in bed and began to pleasure herself, but it just didn't do anything for her. She remembered her dildo that she bought while she was with her boyfriend. He had refused to use it on her and, reluctantly, she had put it away. Now was the time to find it. Anice rummaged through her closets and drawers, but came up empty. Discouraged, she returned to her bedroom and accidentally kicked over her wastebasket. As she stooped to pick up the trash, she spotted Mistress Calista's business card. She retrieved it and sat on the bed reading and looking at the card as if mesmerized.

Her pussy became moist, fantasizing about being with the lovely Calista as a sex slave. Anice shook her head, no, but her pussy seemed to be in control tonight and it ached for attention. She asked herself over and over if she should call her. Finally, she decided to at least call her. Nervously, Anice picked up the phone and dialed Calista's number. The phone rang four times before a lovely female voice said hello. "Hello, is this Mistress Calista?" Anice asked. The voice on the phone said 'yes' and asked who was calling her. "This is Anice. Do you remember meeting me at the lounge a few weeks ago?"

"Yes…Yes, I do. You were the lady with the problem boyfriend, weren't you?" Calista asked.

"Yes, I was the one. That was me."

"Well, this a surprise, Anice. What can I do for you?" asked Calista.

"I would," Anice paused to quickly rethink this telephone call. Her heart beat rapidly in her breast and she thought of just hanging up, but put the thought aside and continued, "I want to…I want to visit you, Mistress Calista," she told the Domina.

"To chat, or professionally, Anice?"

"I'm not sure," Anice paused, "Professionally," she blurted out, followed by, "I think."

"Since you're not sure, why don't you come visit me and we can discuss it," Calista told her. "How about tomorrow morning around ten o'clock. It's Saturday and we could chat for a couple of hours. Is that all right?"

Anice did not answer for a few seconds as she gathered her resolve then said, "Yes," a long pause, "Ten o'clock would be fine, Mistress."

"Just call me Calista, Anice, I'm not your Mistress, yet, and you may change your mind. See you in the morning, goodbye." Anice hung up the phone and could not believe that she had really called the Dominatrix. She lay back in her bed, her mind reeling and her pussy running over with her juices. Anice shut the light and covered herself with her blanket. Instinctively, her fingers found her wet pussy and she pleasured herself to a very satisfying orgasm, before falling asleep.

The doorbell rang promptly at ten o'clock and Mistress Calista opened her door. The young woman stood on the porch smiling nervously. "Hello Anice," Calista greeted her. "I'm so glad you decided to come."

"Thank you for inviting me, Ma'am," Anice replied stepping inside the huge Great House. She expected to see a dungeon-like atmosphere, but was pleasantly surprised to find a very elegantly furnished home. There was no suggestion of BDSM activity no matter where she looked. For all indications the interior of Calista's home was like all wealthy peoples homes. Calista led her to a lovely and comfortable sitting room and asked her to take a seat.

The two women talked for over an hour, sipping tea served by a very large Butler that Calista called, Bruno. The Domina explained the usual rules to Anice and gave her every opportunity to decline a session with her. Anice told Calista that she had decided that she would try at least one session and that she was determined to do just that. Mistress Calista sat back in her chair thoughtfully and asked Anice to stand and strip naked. Anice looked at Bruno, picking up the tea service and hesitated.

"Anice, if you are going to experience your first session, you must not be distracted by my slave Bruno. He will be in and out of our session and may even participate, if I desire it," Calista explained convincingly, "just obey my instructions to the letter and forget about all else except me."

Anice removed her clothing hesitantly, but deliberately. Finally, she stood clad only in her white lacy bra and white string bikini panties. Calista could see that her panties were wet and she smiled to herself. Anice removed the last two items and Bruno picked up all her clothes and took them from the room. Anice stood five feet seven inches tall, in her bare feet. Her breasts were well proportioned to her tall frame and Calista judged them to be about 36C. They stood upright with no hint of sagging and were tipped with large rosy areolas, which surrounded her rosy hard nipples protruding nearly half an inch.

Calista looked at a very neatly trimmed dark blonde bush that matched the long hair on Anice's head. She had long, tanned, athletic and well-shaped legs. Calista motioned for her to turn around. The naked woman turned to reveal a lovely tight firm ass. Calista swallowed hungrily with anticipation of using Anice's lovely body for her pleasure. Anice was thirty years old, and her face was free of makeup and beautiful, with hazel eyes that sparkled brightly. What a lovely submissive, Calista thought. Mistress Calista stood up, dropped her silk robe to reveal her naked body to Anice.

"Ummmmm, you are beautiful, Mistress," Anice sighed.

"You are very lovely, too, slave Anice," Calista complimented her.

"Thank You, Ma'am."

"Tell me, sweet Anice, have you ever had sex with a woman?" Calista asked, gazing at the beautiful young woman.

Anice was taken aback at the question and struggled to give Calista a response. She decided to tell her the truth. "No, ma'am. I had some female fantasy lovers in college, but I never acted out my fantasies for real. I think that I'm…bisexual, and not a lesbian, although some of my fantasy lovers were lesbians," Anice replied. Calista nodded knowingly and smiled warmly at her soon to be slave.

"Kneel down, crawl to me and worship my pussy, slave." Calista commanded her. Anice crawled to Calista, lowered her head between Calista's legs. She swallowed hard, she hadn't expected such an abrupt introduction to bi-sex, but she was resolved to follow thorough and placed her face on Mistress's dripping pussy. Calista's scent wafted through her nostrils, arousing her even more. Unsure of how to start she stuck out her tongue and began to lick. Calista felt the woman's tongue lick her cuntlips and kiss her pussy. "Oh, you do that very well, sweet Anice," Calista sighed, "Lick my clit. Umm, see how big it's getting. I so love my clit licked and sucked."

"I love your clit too, Ma'am," Anice sighed as she lapped Calista's large clit with her eager tongue. She was pleasantly surprised at Calista's taste and her own willingness to worship her Mistress's cunt. She obviously must be doing well, because Mistress didn't complain. Still unsure, Anice decided to do to Calista, the things she liked done to her when she had her pussy sucked.

"Ah, oh my, Anice, I can hardly stand that, but don't stop." Anice continued to suck Calista's clit, deep within her hungry mouth. "Reach up and gently, rub my nipples with your fingertips," Mistress Calista commanded her. Quickly obeying, Anice reached up to rub and gently squeeze Calista's nipples between her fingers. "Oh, I love that too, Anice."

As her new submissive rubbed her nipples, Calista placed soft leather restraints on Anice's wrists and locked them together. Anice gasped, but continued licking Calista's pussy and rubbing her nipples. Calista grasped the slaves' shoulders as she felt her orgasm rising within her cunt. Sensing that her Mistress was close to cumming, Anice licked harder on her clit. Calista laid her head back, closed her eyes to enjoy to the fullest, the rapture Anice was giving her sopping wet cunt. Mistress Calista gasped, cried out and erupted in a mind numbing orgasm. Creamy sudsy cunt nectar squirted over Anice's face and mouth as Calista enjoyed a hard cum. Anice lapped up the nectar, savoring and swallowing every drop. Mistress Calista continued to cum again and again as her slave continued to 'torment' her clit. Her knees buckled, and trembling, Calista fell to her knees, gasping for breath and moaning in delight. Anice hugged her Mistress tightly, pressing her naked flesh against Calista's.

Calista embraced Anice and pulled her close, kissing her passionately on her mouth, tasting her own juices on Anice's lips and tongue. "You are delicious, Ma'am," Anice whispered to Calista. Their nipples rubbed together, bringing several mini after-cums shuddering through Calista's body. Anice held her Mistress tightly, warming to her body. Holding Anice tightly too, Calista kissed her neck and shoulders, licking her way to her earlobes, to nip at them, lick them and pull them gently with her teeth. Mistress Calista placed a soft leather collar on Anice's neck and buckled it securely. Lifting her slaves wrists she attached the restraints to a ring on the slave girls' collar. Stepping back, Calista motioned to Bruno to come to her. Anice suddenly realized that Bruno was in the room all this time and had witnessed her giving Mistress an oral orgasm. She was mortified as Bruno stood in front of her and smiled knowingly.

"Bring her to the tower Dungeon, Bruno." Calista ordered him as she rose up, turned and left the room. Anice could feel her heart pounding in her chest, wondering what was to happen next. Bruno reached to grab Anice's bush and pulled her to her feet by her bush. Anice wailed in pain, protesting and shouting at Bruno to stop. Bruno smiled and pulled her to the stone staircase leading to the tower Dungeon.

"Miss, if I were you, I'd close my mouth and not irritate Mistress with your protests. Believe me, you don't want to make her angry," Bruno advised Anice. His eyes told her that he spoke the truth and Anice stopped protesting, sobbing softly. She moaned in pain as he pulled her up the steps by her bush. They stopped at the top, outside a large heavy oak door. Bruno opened the door and led Anice into a dimly lit Dungeon, except for a spotlight illuminating a platform in the center of the Dungeon.

"Thank you, Bruno. Put her on the platform and leave, but stay with in earshot, dear," Calista told him. Bruno bowed low, dropped to one knee and kissed Mistress Calista's pussy in homage and crawled out of the Dungeon shutting the door behind him. Anice was visibly shaken and trembled as she wondered what she had gotten herself into. "Welcome to Calista's Dungeon dear, Anice. I'm sure you will enjoy your visit. I'm positive that I will love it." Calista lowered an overhead chain and fastened Anice's wrist restraints to the chain. Activating the chains motor, she raised her slaves' arms up slowly until she stood with her arms overhead. Anice stood helpless, as her Mistress secured the chain. Calista kneeled to place restraints on Anice's ankles, spread her legs wide and fastened each ankle restraint to steel rings in the floor. Anice pulled against her restraints, feeling completely helpless. "You are now totally helpless, exposed and at my whims," Calista told her with a smile. Calista stood up and cupped Anice's breasts in her hands, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs and kneading her lovely breasts. Anice moaned softly, arched her back to offer her tender breasts to her Mistress. The Domina began to pinch, pull and tweak her nipples tenderly at first, then harsher. Anice groaned, winced, and whined as the pain increased. Calista kissed her slave's mouth, while squeezing and twisting her nipples brutally. Anice cried out, unsuccessfully trying to pull away from her Mistress. Calista pulled a nipple out as far as it would go, while she licked and sucked the other nipple, giving Anice an equal measure of pleasure and pain. She switched nipples and continued playing with the slave's nipples. Anice groaned and sighed with both pleasure and pain from her Mistress. Calista released the girl's nipples and moved to her Implements and Toys table. She selected a small silver chain with a clamp on either end. Anice eyed the device and squirmed to get away from the evil looking clamps.

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