tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 06

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 06


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

"Hello my sweet slave, Twatiana," said Mistress Calista, entering the Tower Dungeon anteroom. Her slave was in the submissive position. She was naked, kneeling, thighs spread wide, hands on her thighs with her head down to gaze at the floor.

"Hello my Mistress, your slave sends you kisses," Twatiana replied.

"Yes, thank you my darling, but don't send them, place your kisses on my pussy please."

Twatiana crawled to Calista's sweet pussy, knelt and kissed it in homage. "Ahhhh, you do that so well, my sweet," Calista told her. Twatiana purred in delight as she licked and kissed her Mistress's cuntlips. "Please put on these ankle restraints, pet." Twatiana accepted the restraints and attached them to her ankles. "Now, come along to the Dungeon, dear," Calista said as she grasped Twatiana by her nipple and pulled her up the stone steps to the tower Dungeon.

Twatiana tried not to make a sound as her Mistress twisted her nipple while they climbed the steps. The pain was nearly more than she could bear and she moaned, her eyes welling with tears. Reaching the top, Calista opened the heavy door and harshly yanked Twatiana inside by the nipple. Twatiana shrieked in pain as she stumbled and fell down near the center of the Dungeon.

"Fasten your ankle restraints to the two chains hanging from the ceiling," Calista commanded her. The slave attached her restraints to the chains, smiling nervously at her Mistress. Calista activated the chains motor lifting Twatiana up by the ankles, with her legs spread wide to hang upside down. Twatiana groaned as she felt the blood rush to her head. Her Mistress placed handcuffs on her wrists and secured them to a ring on the floor. Twatiana, although helpless, looks adoringly at Calista. Her Mistress removed her satin robe to stand naked before her inverted slave. She leaned over and kissed her slave's pussylips as though it was her mouth. Twatiana moaned in pleasure and wiggled her pussy in Calista's face. Selecting two elastic cords, with clamps on one end and loops on the other end, Calista moved to her helpless slave. She placed Twatiana's head between her thighs, placed Twatiana's face against her cunt then ordered her to lick and suck it. Twatiana licked her pussy while she watched intently as Mistress held the elastic cords near her slave as she worshiped Calista's cunt. Calista's pussy flowed heavily with cunt nectar as Twatiana licked and sucked her. Moaning in delight, she ground her cunt into Twatiana's face.

The Domina placed the loops of the elastic cords over her slaves' big toes. She stretched an elastic cord and clamped it to her slave's left nipple. Twatiana groaned at the stinging pain in her left tit and responded by tongue fucking Calista's wet pussy faster. Twatiana's moans were muffled by Calista's cunt. "Oh, Twatiana, your tongue is so delightful, I almost hate what I'm going to do with you tonight," Calista told her slave. Stretching the other cord, Calista clamped Twatiana's right nipple securely. Her slave, aroused by Calistas' innovative and evil cruelty, uttered a low moan. She writhed from pain in her nipples, but felt fulfilled in her need for the pain that Mistress so aptly provided. Pulling back a curtain on either side of Twatiana, revealed two naked male slaves, each restrained on his back on a padded bench. Both had huge hard-ons, with foreskins drawn back. Twatiana, upside down, looked at the males and their huge cocks and watched her Mistress tie a rawhide cord around the first slaves' balls tightly. Calista pulled the rawhide cord very tight and tied the other end around the other slaves' balls. They both moaned in pain, and Twatiana smiled at Calista's imaginative cruelty.

Twatiana watched Calista select two more elastic cords with an alligator clips on both ends of the cords. Kneeling next to a male slave, Calista sucked and licked his huge cock until it was rock hard. Squeezing his cockhead with her thumb and forefinger she opened his cockhole, inserted one jaw of the alligator clip in his cockhole and allowed the other jaw to snap shut. His screams resonated throughout the Dungeon. Calista brought the other end of the rawhide cord to Twatiana's cuntlip stretching the cord she clamped her slaves' cuntlip with the alligator clip. Twatiana screamed in unison with the screaming male slave, as the steel jaws gripped her cuntlip. The female and the male slaves 'sang' Calista's favorite song while she sucked the other slaves' cock to full hardness. She inserted an alligator clip into his cockhole, too, stretched the cord and placed the alligator clip on Twatianas' other cuntlip. "Now all three of you are 'singing' from the same page," Calista told them grinning, as the slaves wailed in agony. She leaned over Twatiana and licked her clit causing it to stand erect and well out of its hood. Twatiana moaned at the wonderful strokes of Mistress's tongue, overpowered by both pleasure and pain.

Writhing from pleasure and pain, Twatiana pulled at the male slaves' cockholes, causing them to scream horridly. Their painful writhing pulled harshly at their balls and cockholes. Greedily, Mistress lapped up Twatiana's cunt juices while the slave girl ground her pussy in Calista's face to the sound of wailing from the male slaves. Calista continue to lick and suck Twatiana's' cunt and clit too, pausing to tell her that she had permission to cum. Mistress knew that Twatiana's orgasm would cause her to writhe, shudder and jerk, giving the 'boys' their share of pleasure and pain too. Twatiana shuddered, pulling the cords even harder, as her juices flowed heavily. She erupted in a savage orgasm, jerking, writhing and cumming hard. She spasmed each time she came, pulling the cords brutally. Her juices squirted onto Calista's face and tongue while eagerly, she swallowed them. The male slaves were still 'singing' as tears rolled from their eyes, while Twatiana kept cumming and ground her pussy in Calista's face. "You cum so beautifully, sweet Twatiana. I love to watch you cum, pet," Calista whispered to her, while she spasmed yet again, in another satisfying orgasm.

"Listen to all that silly foolishness coming from the 'boys' mouths," Calista declared, " If they don't silence their mouths, I shall have to become harsh and stern with them!" Twatiana smiled and wiggled more, pulling the cords to giggle at their screams, even though the cords also pulled her cuntlips. "You sweet thing," Calista told her, "you love the pain nearly as much as the pleasure, little one." Twatiana nodded in agreement, reveling in her sweet pleasure/pain. Her pussylips were swollen, puffy and red from the alligator clips, but she continued to covet her delightful pain. Calista moved to the table and returned with two Y chains. There were clamps on both ends of the Y chains. Twatiana watched her Mistress pull at the toe and nipple cords as she walked to the male slaves. Twatiana felt twinges of pain in her nearly numb nipples. Calista bent over a male slave, to twist and pull his nipple out as far as it would go then clamped his nipple tightly. She did the same to his other nipple. Moving to the other male, twanging at Twatiana's nipple cords as she walked past her, she tightly clamped the other slaves' nipples. Twatiana squealed and feigned severe pain, but her grin gave her away.

Calista moved to Twatiana to lick and suck her clit again, coaxing it out of its hood to stand erect. Taking her slaves' clit into her mouth she sucked it as though it was a nipple. Twatiana moaned, sighed with pleasure and called out, "Oh, Mistress, fuck this whore with your tongue. Oh God, I love it, love it!" Grinding her cunt into her Mistress's face, Twatiana's engorged clit extended out well beyond its hood. Calista quickly clamped both Y chain clamps from the males' nipples, to Twatiana's clit to the sound of her screams and wails. Mistress Calista stepped back to admire her work and poured herself a cool glass of wine. Sipping it, she amused herself by twanging all the cords and chains for her pleasure. She selected a buggy whip and stood behind the upside down Twatiana. Her ass and cunt, exposed and vulnerable, Twatiana watched in terrified anticipation, hoping that the whip was intended for her. The three slaves sobbed, cried or whimpered as their Mistress raised the whip up high to strike Twatiana's asscheek, where it melded into her thigh.

Twatiana's screams resounded throughout the Dungeon, tears ran down her cheeks, and her body was wracked with pain. Calista struck the other asscheek hard then paused to watch the deep purple welts quickly rise from her flesh. Twatiana sobbed uncontrollably as Calista moved to the male slaves and struck each of their cocks with the whip, watching welts rise on their cockshafts. Tenderly, Calista drew her tongue along the crest of Twatiana's welts, to soothe and kiss them. Calista suddenly delivered several cuts of the whip to Twatiana's asscheeks without let up, until both of her asscheeks were covered with deep purple welts. Sobbing, tears streamed from Twatiana's eyes as she writhed in delightful pain. Stepping back Calista swatted each of Twatiana's tits with several blows to heighten her 'enjoyment' and 'pleasure'! Mistress sipped her wine and watched her slave writhe, and in so doing, caused her fellow slaves to also writhe and scream. "God, how I love the sound of slaves screaming," Mistress Calista said. Gripping her whip tightly, she swatted the males' cocks and balls with several blows of the whip. They jerked and shuddered, making Twatiana's cuntlips feel 'good' as the cords stretched her nether lips.

Calista moved behind Twatiana, carefully aimed at her parted asscheeks and delivered a brutal blow to her asscrack and asshole! She did it several times for good measure. The slave's body drew back, quivering and trembling with pain. Calista stood in front of Twatiana and this time carefully aimed at her spread open cunt, to target the sopping wet, pink folds of her inner cunt.

Twatiana tried to close her legs, as a natural reaction, but could not. She screamed, even before the blows were laid on, Twatiana could do nothing but watch. Calista smiled wickedly and delivered several savage blows to her open cunt, splattering her juices on impact. Welts began to rise from her clamped cuntlips and the pink inner folds of her cunt.

"There darlings, I feel much better now," Calista said. Twatiana shuddered from the intensity of the pain. Calista leaned over her slaves' cunt and soothed her clit with her tongue, licking and kissing the welts. Twatiana's pain transformed to wonderful pleasure/pain. Her hips bucked and wiggled, response to Mistress's sweet soothing tongue. Calista moved to each of the male slaves and licked the welts on their cocks to soothe them as well. "After all," she declared, "I do have a sense of compassion within me. It's not all work," she chided them.

Calista moved to the dark haired male slave and placed restraints on his wrists and ankles. She fastened his ankles to an overhead chain and his wrists to a ring in the floor, next to Twatiana's. She removed the alligator clip from his cockhole let the cord and clip hang down, for the moment, as she untied the rawhide cord from his balls. Calista activated the chains motor and lifted him up, upside down, until he was hanging facing Twatiana. Eyeing his huge cock, Twatiana smiled as she watched. Calista pulled the other male slaves bench under both of her upside down slaves. His upright cock was between Twatiana and the male slave's heads that was hanging next to her.

Twatiana stared at Calista as she moved the slaves about and was unsure what to make of it all. Mistress Calista removed the alligator clip from the other slaves' cockhole too. Pulling on the chain she lifted the male hanging upside down about seven inches higher. She licked and sucked his cock until it was rock hard again, then she lowered his cock into Twatiana's cunt. Calista lowered him until he was nearly completely supported by his hard cock in Twatiana's cunt. Calista licked and sucked the other slaves' cock until it too, was hard and upright. Twatiana smiled, pushing herself into the hanging male slave to clench and clasp his cock with her cunt.

Calista positioned her upside down slaves' heads so their mouths were on the other males cock. Twatiana began to lick the cock eagerly. Their Mistress commanded both of her hanging slaves to fuck and to suck the hard-on between their mouths until all three cum. Twatiana, slut whore at heart, kissed the slave fucking her and sucked the cock of the slave beneath her. Calista sat down to sip her wine as she watched her slaves fucking upside down while they sucked off the other male. Twatiana shouted out, "Fuck me, baby, yes. Fuck me hard!" then resumed sucking and licking the others cock.

Leisurely, Calista sipped her wine while she slowly fingered her sopping wet pussy and clit. Twatiana asserted control as she took the cockhead in her mouth and refused to share it. She sucked the cockhead faster and harder pressing her tongue full on the sensitive cockhead, letting the other male fucking her lick up and down the cockshaft. Twatiana delightfully sucked the cockhead, trying hard to make the cock cum. Calista cautioned Twatiana to share, and the slave girl reluctantly allowed the male slave access to the throbbing cock. Mistress Calista brought her wet fingers to her mouth to taste her wonderful flavor then, resumed pleasuring herself. She smiled at Twatiana's moans of pleasure as the slave girl shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck this bitch slut with that cock! Oh God, that's so good!"

"See if you can all cum at the same time, pets. You may start the orgasms, dear Twatiana. They have been trained to cum only after you cum, love," Calista told her as she watched them fuck and suck. Twatiana's juices flowed heavily as her moans signaled that she was nearing orgasm.

Suddenly, she stiffened and screamed, "Oh my God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She shuddered, writhed and jerked as the savage orgasm consumed her. Again she shuddered and squirted her cunt nectar, coating the slave fucking her with cunt cum. The slave fucking Twatiana could no longer withhold cumming. Erupting, he sent huge volumes of thick frothy cum deep into her pussy. He jerked violently as he unloaded his cum deep inside her. "His cum is filling my pussy!" Twatiana screamed, clenching his cock each time he spasmed. Just as Twatiana's orgasms subsided, the slave underneath her exploded in a white geyser of warm frothy cum. He shot his cum in volleys into the slaves' open and waiting mouths. Greedily, they swallowed the thick white cream as his cock erupted again, rewarding them with more cum.

"Ah, how wonderful!" Calista exclaimed, "I love to see well trained slaves cum!" Twatiana shuddered through another powerful orgasm. She gagged as she swallowed cum and shoved her face over the cock letting cum cover her face. The male who fucked her sought her mouth, his mouth filled with cum as they kissed entwining their tongues. Twatiana's cunt, filled with cum, overflowed and dripped cum over her tits, face and mouth. Calista applauded her slaves and waited until their orgasms subsided. She lowered both hanging slaves to the floor, removed their clamps, bonds and restraints to stand naked between her three slaves. "One of you will worship my cunt, another my asshole and the third will worship my tits and nipples. You may take rotating turns until I cum too," she commanded them. Without hesitating, Twatiana moved to her Mistress's asshole, placed her nose in her asscrack and began to lick.

The dark haired male dropped to his knees to worship and suck his Mistress's cunt and clit. Calista moaned with pleasure as the other male started to suck her hot titties and nipples. The slaves began a rotation, exchanging positions as they pleasured and worshiped their Mistress. A hot tongue probed her ass deeply, pushed past her sphincter and tongue fucked her. Calista's mind whirled in pleasure, reveling in the tongues pleasuring her. The Domina closed her eyes and laid her head back to savor being ravaged. A mouth nibbled and lightly bit her nipples. Calista ground her asscheeks into a face and pulled another face into her cunt, being fucked with long tongue thrusts.

Mistress Calista moaned in ecstasy, as she was delightfully triple tongued at the same time. Calista felt her loins boiling within her as she needed and desired orgasm, but she resisted the urge to cum to prolong the pleasure. She moaned and groaned from the enjoyment flowing from her body. Suddenly, she screamed, "Yes! Oh God! I'm cumming!" The two males moved to her cunt to lap up her cum. Twatiana licked Calista's cum as it ran down to her thighs. Calista exploded in a mind numbing orgasm. She shuddered and came again, squirting her cunt nectar profusely over her slaves mouths and faces.

The males grasped Calista's body to support her when her knees buckled and she nearly fell. They held their Mistress up and continued to lick and suck her to keep her in near perpetual orgasm for as long as they could. Twatiana pushed her nose deep in Calista's asscrack then inserted her tongue into her asshole again. Finally, Calista could stand no more. The intensity of her orgasm overwhelmed her and she collapsed. The males gently lowered her to the floor, kissing her clit, cunt and each nipple as she tried to recover. Twatiana held Calista's head and brought her mouth to her Mistress lips to kiss her tenderly. Slowly, Calista opened her dazed eyes and smiled at her slave girl. She reached out to hold Twatiana to her lips to passionately kiss her sweet slave, Twatiana. A male slave picked up his Mistress in his arms and carried her to the bed in the corner of the Dungeon. He laid her on her back and both males paid homage to her again, by kissing her wet cunt, clit and each nipple before they left the Dungeon. Twatiana lay on the floor and watched her Mistress. Calista softly called out to her, "Come to me, sweet one. I need you, love," Twatiana hurried to the bed smiling. "Cuddle with me and hold me tight," Calista told her. Her slave girl climbed into bed with her Mistress and embraced her lovingly. "Did you enjoy your session, sweet Twatiana?"

"Yes, beautiful Mistress, I did, very much."

"I was proud of you. You endured well, and had such beautiful and wondrous orgasms, little one," Calista told her softly.

"I am your whore, your cunt, your bitch and your slave, Mistress," Twatiana whispered in Calista's ear. Mistress Calista licked some cum from her slaves face, kissed her lips and probed for her tongue. "I live to please you, Mistress," Twatiana declared.

"I know you do, dear. You are a wonderful whore, bitch, slave, and a sweet cunt as well," Calista told her, as Twatiana purred contentedly, "I love to watch you getting fucked and sucking cocks."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"You're welcome, sweet one," she kissed Twatiana and they drifted off to a deep and satisfying sleep of sweet, but naughty, dreams.

The end: Part 6

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