tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 07

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 07


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

"Mistress Calista, this is my friend, Margi, that I told you about," Sarah said as Calista ushered them into the anteroom. Calista, dressed only in her silk black and red robe, smiled at the young woman.

"Hello, sweet Margi. Sarah told me that you were a sweet girl. Is that true?" Calista asked her.

"I don't know, Ma'am. I guess so, if Sarah said I was," Margi replied, a little embarrassed. Calista knew that she must place Margi at ease. She noticed a quiver in the girl's voice and moved quickly to ease her fear.

"Welcome to my home, Margi, although some call it my Dungeon," Calista reassured her.

Margi smiled uneasily, and nervously said, "Thank you, Mistress Calista," she quickly glanced at Sarah as though looking for direction or instruction. Calista took Margi's hand to guide her to a settee where they sat down together. Margi told Calista how Sarah related the wonderful events that happened to her at Mistress Calista's Dungeon. Sarah had convinced her that she ought to come see for herself.

"Have you ever served a Mistress before, Margi?" Calista asked her. Margi shook her head and looked at the floor. "Why did you decide to come here, Margi?"

"I'm looking for someone to help me cope with my dull life, Ma'am."

"Margi, you're a very pretty young woman, why would your life be dull?"

"Sarah said I needed training, direction, guidance and control, because I can't make decisions," Margi disclosed, with her lip quivering. "She said she was just like me, until she found this lifestyle. She thought I should come to see you." Calista decided to discuss what submission was all about, before accepting Margi as a client. The Domina explained that there was an equal measure of pleasure and pain involved and that she would be helpless to resist domination. The existence and advantages of a 'safe' word were defined, as well as the severe humiliation that one undergoes as a submissive. "Sarah told me about that, Ma'am, and I still think I need the control you can provide," Margi affirmed.

Calista nodded and told Sarah that she would begin Margi's training that very afternoon. She instructed Sarah to return in two hours to pick up Margi. Sarah smiled at Margi, kissed her on the cheek and left. "Well, Margi, are you sure you want to begin?" Calista asked her one last time.

"Yes, Ma'am, I do."

"Please strip naked and kneel at my feet, Margi," commanded Calista. Margi pulled her dress up over her head, to stand in a black lace bra and matching panties only. Calista's, eyes looked over her new submissive and was pleased with her very well developed body. She had long blonde curly hair and blue eyes, a slim waist and nicely rounded hips. Uneasily, Margi unhooked her bra and removed it. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, with no hint of sagging. Margi's rosy nipples were hard, erect and protruding from her breast flesh. They were surrounded by small pink areolas that perfectly contrasted her nipples.

The young woman hooked her thumbs in her panties, pulled them down and stepped out of them. Her bush was blonde and neatly trimmed. Calista could see her long moist pussylips protruding nearly an inch beneath her bush. The Domina loved women with long cuntlips. She carefully looked over the totally naked Margi. She was a petite girl with a splendid figure. Naked, and a little ashamed, Margi nervously walked to Mistress Calista and knelt before her. Calista removed her robe to reveal her naked body. Margi looked up at Calista to behold her Mistress's beauty. Margi felt her pussy getting very wet as she could take her eyes from Calista. "Margi, you look delicious!" Calista exclaimed.

"So do you, Mistress," Margi said, barely audible, embarrassed at her nudity. This was the first time she was naked, for sexual reasons, in front of another woman. Calista smiled wickedly, aroused by the young woman's beauty and uneasiness.

"Crawl to me and nuzzle my warm wet pussy, Margi," Calista ordered her. Margi, hesitated, she has never done anything like this before and was unsure of what was expected of her. "Perhaps you want to reconsider, Margi?" Calista asked her, realizing that Margi had never made love with another woman. She watched as Margi, gathered her courage and crawled toward Calista. Margi stopped, moving her face toward Calista's spread legs. The Domina clasped her face in her palms and asked, "Are you sure, Margi?"

Margi managed a deep breath and softly said, "Yes Mistress, I'm sure I want to do this. Please?" Calista released Margi, and the young woman pressed her face into Calista's pussy, inhaling the sweet scent, her lips brushing over Calista's smooth cunt.

"Margi, your safe word is 'Enable', do you hear?"

"Yes, Mistress Calista," Margi responded as her nose brushed Calista's aroused and extended clit.

"Umm, I love that," Calista sighed, "lick my pussy lips, slave Margi." Her new submissive, drew her tongue up and down the outside of Calista's nether lips. Margi was pleasantly surprised at the taste of her Mistress and became more enthusiastic with her new task. Margi reached out with her tongue and traced it over Calista's pussy lips slowly. "Reach up and rub my nipples with your fingertips, sweet Margi," Calista moaned. She raised her hands to Calista's breasts to fondle them, and gently rubbed her nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. Calista placed a collar around Margi's neck and buckled it securely. Margi, surprised by the collar, continued to fondle and rub Calista's nipples. Mistress placed soft leather restraints on Margi's wrists and locked them together. She raised Margi's wrists to the slave girl's collar and fastened the restraints to a ring on the collar. "Now, sweet Margi, it's time to go to my Dungeon," she told her. "It may be a bit discomforting for you, dear." Calista grabbed Margi's nipple with her thumb and forefinger and pulled her to her feet. Margi cried out in pain, but Calista ignored her, as she pulled her by the nipple to the stone steps leading to the Dungeon.

Margi whimpered, with tears welling in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. Calista pulled her harshly by the nipple, until they reached the top of the steps and entered the dungeon. Calista placed her on a platform and released Margi's nipple. The slave girl sighed with relief, although her nipple was still hurting. Mistress placed her under some overhead chains, released her wrists from her collar, fastened her wrists to a chain and stepped back to activate the chains' motor to lift Margi's arms over her head. Margi gasped as she was lifted up, her arms stretched toward the ceiling, by the chains. Kneeling, Calista placed restraints on Margi's ankles, spread them wide and fastened them to steel rings in the floor. Margi suddenly found herself hopelessly trapped, yanking at her chains, feeling frightened and vulnerable. Still kneeling, Calista rubbed her nose in the soft curls of Margi's bush, inhaling her fragrance. Mistress Calista kissed Margi's cunt tenderly and passionately as though it were her mouth. The slave girl moaned, smiled and relaxed. She felt her arousal consume her and realized this could become very enjoyable for her.

Calista stood up, grasped Margi's nipples to pinch, pull and tweak them. Margi groaned her sensitive nipples felt sharp jolts of pain as Calista tormented them. She licked and sucked one nipple, while she pulled and twisted the other. Margi moaned with delight, her body confused as Calista brought pleasure to one nipple and pain to the other. Her Mistress reached to fondle Margi's sopping wet pussy and clit, drenching her fingers in the slave girls' juices. The slave girl pushed her hips forward pressing into Calista's fingers. Her Mistress bit the nipple in her mouth hard leaving teethmarks, as she brought her fingers to Margi's mouth to be licked clean.

Margi cried out as the sharp pain of the bite ripped through her nipple. Wrapping her lips around Calista's fingers she licked her own cunt juices. Calista switched nipples to lick, suck and bite the other one. Margi moaned, her nipples excited and sore at the same time. Mistress Calista moved to her Implements and Toys table and selected two short silver chains. Each of the chains had a clamp on one end and a lead weight on the other. Margi nervously watched Calista at her table. "Wha…what's that for, Mistress Calista?" Margi asked. Ignoring her slave's question, Calista returned to her slave to take a nipple in her teeth and pulled it out as far as it would go. She clamped it securely, leaving the nipple tip exposed so she could lick it later if she chose. Quickly she did the same to the other nipple.

Margi felt her nipples become hard in Calista's mouth from excitement. She gasped when the clamps snapped hard on her nipples, hissing with pain. Calista held the lead weights with her fingers and, as Margi watched in terror, slowly allowed them to drop. The weights stopped abruptly, jerking and pulling Margi's nipples savagely! Margi screamed when the weights yanked at the clamps on her nipples, feeling like they would be ripped off. While Margi agonized from the weights and clamps on her nipples, Calista moved to her table and returned with a small box. She opened it to reveal that it was full of small alligator clips. Margi trembled nervously when she looked at the alligator clips. Mistress Calista removed a sharp-toothed alligator clip and clipped it on Margi where her areolas met her tit flesh. Margi whimpered and sobbed as the teeth of the clip dug into her tender breast. Calista continued to place the clips all around Margi's areolas until she displayed a circle of alligator clips stinging her areolas.

Margi shut her eyes, her body quivering in pain, as Calista clipped her breasts. The pain was so intense she hung limply from the chains that held her up. Mistress Calista began another ring around Margi's breasts with alligator clips, about an inch behind the clips on her areolas. Finally, there were three rings of alligator clips on each tit. Margi twisted and pulled on her restraints, crying out when each clip painfully bit into her tit flesh. Calista smiled at her slave, embraced her, kissed her mouth and probed for her tongue. Margi hungrily sucked Calista's tongue into her mouth, passionately swirling her tongue lusting for her Mistress. Calista stepped back to satisfactorily admire her work.

Kneeling in front of Margi, Calista licked her cuntlips until they swelled with desire. Margi's juices flowed profusely as Mistress licked and lapped her slaves' sweet dew. "Oh, God!" Margi squealed as Calista's tongue softly teased her slaves' cunt. Calista watched Margi's hard little clit become engorged and start to exit its hood, craving attention. Margi, strained to push her hips forward into Calista's mouth, desperately seeking more of her Mistress's soft mouth. Calista flicked her tongue over Margi's clit licking it, while her fingers clamped an alligator clip to the girls' cuntlips, where they met at the bottom. Margi screamed when the clamp jarred her from her reverie, sending a flame of searing hot pain through her cunt. Calista continued licking and sucking her clit as she placed alligator clips, one next to the other, until they were placed, side by side, all over Margi's cuntlips. The slave threw her head back, cried noisily as the clips dug harshly into her tender nether lips.

Moving to her table, Calista selected another short silver chain with an alligator clip on one end and a lead weight on the other. Margi gasped, tried to catch her breath, as she looked nervously at the clip and weight. Returning to her slave, Calista resumed licking and sucking Margi's clit as though it were a nipple. Through the pain of the alligator clips, slave Margi, found pleasure in having her clit licked and suckled. Calista held Margi's clit in her teeth, pulled it out and clipped it securely. Margi bit her bottom lip and screamed in agony when the clip sunk its sharp teeth into her clit. An intense wave of pain coursed through her body, her knees buckled, and she crumpled, to hang limp from her chains.

Mistress Calista, still holding the lead weight in her hand, smiled wickedly at her slave. She licked the exposed tips of her clamped nipples. When Margi raised her head to look at Calista, the Domina let the weight drop! Margi's screams resonated throughout the Dungeon. "Oh, how I love the sound of a slave screaming," Calista told her. Margi screamed even louder as the weight came to an abrupt stop, bounced, jerked and yanked her already sore and throbbing clit. Calista moved behind Margi and kneeled to rub her face all over the young slaves' lovely and delightful asscheeks, to kiss and lick them all over. She coated the slaves' asscheeks with her saliva as she licked and nipped at them tenderly with her teeth. Margi whimpered, attempted to adjust to the pain from the clips by staying perfectly still, so as not to make the weights move. Calista spread Margi's lovely asscheeks, revealing a rosy little asshole nestled in her asscrack. Margi felt so exposed and vulnerable. She pulled on her restraints helplessly, unable to escape whatever her Mistress wished to do with her.

Calista drew her tongue down the cleft of Margi's asscrack, pausing to rim her rosy asshole and lick it lightly. Holding Margi's asscheeks spread wide, Calista pushed her tongue against the sweet tender rosy asshole, to tongue fuck it. Her slave felt the tongue probe her puckered asshole and started quivering. Quickly she froze when the weights began to bounce, pulling on her nipples and clit. Calista licked, sucked and fucked Margi's asshole with her tongue leisurely. She began to place alligator clips at random on her firm asscheeks. The Domina adorned the lovely asscheeks with many alligator clips, stopping when she had only two clips remaining. Margi groaned when she felt the clips bite into her bottom. She felt the pressure of the pain building until she feared she could not bear anymore. Calista spread Margi's asscheeks wide, placed an alligator clip in the top of her asshole and the other clip in the bottom then stepped back to listen to the sweet song of pain. Margi cried a painful wail, as the clips bit into the rim of her asshole, sending dreadful waves of searing pain through her body. Mistress Calista poured herself a cool glass of Chablis, sipped it refreshingly, to listen to her slave as she screamed, groaned, and finally whimpered.

Whimpering, Margi tried to take control of her body, strained to prevent moving to keep the pain from her nipples and clit. Her Mistress moved near her whimpering slave and dipped each of her small titties into the wine glass and offered them to Margi to lick free of wine. The slave leaned to lick the wine from Calista's nipples. Her tongue, parched from all the panting and screaming, felt Calista's nipples harden at her touch, "Umm, I love that too, darling," Calista moaned. Margi continued to whimper as she licked, feeling the weights sway and bob from her aching nipples. Calista held the half full wine glass under Margi's cunt watching her juices drip into the glass, turning the wine cloudy, creamy and sudsy.

Margi managed a smile when she saw what Calista was doing with the wine glass. The Domina brought the wine glass to her cunt and let her milky dew dribble into the glass, too. She lifted the wine glass to Margi's lips and ordered her to drink. Margi took a deep drink of the cum juice wine, feeling the combination of the wine and their cum juices soothe her parched lips and throat. "Finish it, sweet one," she whispered to her slave. Margi leaned her head back to swallow the rest of the wine then licked their blended juices and wine from her lips. Calista bent to Margi's sweet lips, kissed her, intertwined their tongues, and whispered that her Mistress loved her.

Margi let her tongue dance erotically with Calista's, grateful as her body slowly adjusted to the pain and clips that adorned her body. Stepping away, Calista moved to her table again to select a large fake cock dildo, nine inches long and over two inches thick. The dildo had a built in vibrator and fucking action mechanism. Margi looked at the dildo warily as Calista rubbed the dildo through her sopping wet cunt to lubricate it then, walked back to her chained slave. "Oh God...it's huge…It's too big, Mistress! Please, no!" Margi tearfully exclaimed.

Calista placed the huge bulbous fake cockhead between Margi's cuntlips and slowly pushed it into her cunt. Margi groaned as the pressure of the dildo cock filled her cunt, feeling as though she was being ripped apart. The slave's cunt resisted the huge dildo cockhead, but with pressure, the huge cockhead slowly disappeared inside. Calista kept pushing until the dildo was securely buried deep in Margi's cunt. The slave sobbed, hot tears of pain streamed down her cheeks, as Calista pushed the cock deeper into her, causing the weights on her clit to bounce and her clipped cuntlips to be stretched painfully.

Mistress Calista pulled Margi's cuntlips over the end of the dildo and clipped her nether lips together to hold the dildo in place, preventing it from coming out. Margi screamed, whimpered and bit her bottom lip, as her cuntlips were clipped shut together. Mistress Calista clasped Margi's face between her palms and kissed her mouth, whispering, "What a good little slave cunt you are." The slave eagerly pressed her lips to Calista's, desperate for the softness of her lips. Margi writhed and moaned when the vibrator and fucking mechanism in the dildo was activated. Margi panted, tried desperately not to move as the dildo whirred and moved within her.

Calista looked at her slave's body covered with perspiration, little rivulets of sweat running down the length of it. Calista licked the sweet salty sweat, savoring its taste. Margi whimpered and sobbed as her body quivered with arousal, pleasure and pain. The weights on her nipples and clit bounced in response to the movements of the dildo. "Now, little one, Mistress needs to relieve you of all those painful clips," Calista told her slave. Margi sensed relief as she heard the words. Moving to the table, Calista selected a long braided leather buggy whip. Margi looked at her Mistress in terror with her eyes opened wide.

"Oh no, Mistress, please! Please don't whip the clips off," she pleaded with her tormentor. Calista stood in front of Margi, smiled wickedly and aimed at the alligator clips on her areolas. The slave pulled on the chains that held her captive, unable to escape, her heart pounding in fear. Calista expertly struck an alligator clip with the whip, and it quickly and painfully sprang open, falling to the floor. Margi screamed as the clip was knocked off, sending a rush of hot blood into the flesh where the clip had been. Slowly and deliberately, Mistress Calista whipped off each clip, one by one, from Margi's areolas and tit flesh. Margi whimpered, sobbed and screamed as each clip was whipped off, even more painfully than when they were first put on.

Little by little the spots vacated by the clips, swelled into small mounds of deep purple welts. Margi gasped, her breathing raspy and labored, her body jerked and twitched in pain and excitement, at the same time. After what seemed like an eternity, to Margi, her Mistress finished with one tit and paused to pour another glass of wine. Drinking deeply, she finished the glass and resumed removing the clips from Margi's other breast. "Oh no, Mistress. Oh God, please no, Ma'am. It hurts so much!" she begged. The clips seemed to leap painfully from her body as Calista swatted them with the whip. Margi cried and sobbed as the whip removed the clips from her breast, feeling the tip of the whip bite into the teeth marks left by the clips.

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