tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 09

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 09


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Mistress Calista was waiting for Twatiana in the entryway to the Tower Dungeon. She watched her gorgeous slave walk gracefully and sexily up the stone walkway to the door. The slave girl pushed the doorbell and Calista opened the door smiling and greeted her, "Hello sweet cunnie," as she embraced her slave.

"Hello my gorgeous Mistress," Twatiana replied, hugging Calista.

"Were you naughty since our last session, Twatiana?" her Mistress asked her, holding her close.

"Yes Ma'am, but I thought of you each time," Twatiana giggled as she seductively rubbed her body against Calista causing both of their pussies to become damp. Mistress Calista smiled and ordered her slave to strip naked and kneel before her. Twatiana purred as she slowly and sexily removed her sweatshirt and shorts. She unhooked her bra and pulled it off letting it fall to the entryway floor as her magnificent tits swayed and jiggled as she moved. Hooking her thumbs in her panties she pushed them down and stepped out of them, pushing them aside with her foot. Twatiana kneeled before her wondrous Mistress, thighs spread, shoulders back, hands behind her head and looking at the floor.

Calista’s pussy began seeping cunt nectar just looking at her slave girl. "I have a surprise for you up in the Tower Dungeon, Twatiana," she tells her. Twatiana quivered at her Mistress’s words and swallowed hard, knowing that Calista’s surprises usually involve the pain that Twatiana so craves. She tingled with excitement as Calista had her stand up. Kneeling, Calista attached an alligator clip to each cuntlip and joined the clips with a leash. Twatiana groaned at the sharp bite of the alligator clips sharp metal teeth. "Oh Mistress, that hurts so nice, Ma’am," she told her Mistress. Calista pulled her to the stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon, jerking the chain to amuse herself. Twatiana followed painfully, but willingly as her cuntlips stretched from the taut leash.

Twatiana groaned as they ascended the stone steps, feeling her Mistress harshly jerk the chain leash. When they reached the top, Calista stopped to blindfold her slave. Twatiana tingled excitedly as Mistress Calista pulled her into the Dungeon where Twatiana heard people moaning. Pulled toward the center of the Dungeon, Twatiana’s ears perked up as the sounds of heavy, but muffled breathing and moans become louder. Twatiana stumbled following Mistress Calista, causing sharp pain to her cuntlips. Stopping her, Calista had her spread her feet wide apart. Twatiana felt something between her legs, but wasn't sure what it was. "Twatiana, I want you to pee, now," Calista ordered her. Twatiana seemed confused and hesitated. "Did you hear me, bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Well, I'm waiting," said Calista angrily.

Twatiana wiggled her lovely ass, spread her legs wider, squatted and began to piss. She heard splashing as her warm piss poured over someone that was moaning and it sounded like they were trying to escape. Twatiana felt the warm stream leave her cunt and her piss scent filled the room. "You may stop pissing now, Twatiana," Mistress Calista ordered her and Twatiana stopped on command. Calista pulled her by the cuntlips to a new position and orders her to spread her long legs wide again and commanded her to resume pissing. Twatiana spread her legs and let her golden stream flow, splashing on someone beneath her. Again she heard the splashing and muffled moans as her sweet scent filled her nostrils.

When Twatiana completed her task, Calista placed soft leather restraints on her wrists and fastened them to an overhead chain. Twatiana sighed, starting to feel the wonderful feeling of helplessness. Her ankles were fastened to a spreader bar between her legs. An overhead chain was attached to the spreader bar and her legs were hoisted up until they are parallel to the floor. Twatiana, pain slut that she was, smiled under her blindfold. Mistress Calista removed her blindfold and the alligator clips from her cuntlips. Twatiana opened her eyes, blinking as her eyes became accustomed to the light, to see two young men, lying ass to ass on their backs on the padded bench.

Twatiana looked at them, then at her Mistress, as she realized that there was a large double-headed dildo in their assholes, vibrating and moving with a built in fucking action. Twatiana smiled and giggled, as she watched them fuck each other, noticing that their balls were tied together, very tightly, with a rawhide cord. Their cocks were tightly banded at their cock bases and their cockheads were bound together with a strong rubber band placed just under their cockhead rims. Both of the men were uncircumcised and their foreskins were drawn back to expose their bulbous cockheads. Twatiana smiled at the pleasure the male’s plight seemed to give her Mistress.

Mistress Calista saw the quizzical look on Twatiana’s face as she watched the young men struggle at their bonds, making muffled sounds through the ball gags fastened to their heads. Twatiana stared at them, wondering what to make of it. Calista, holding a riding crop in her hand, rubbed it full length between Twatiana’s cuntlips, wetting it profusely as her slave started to swoon. "You see, Twatiana, a wet crop seems to give more ‘pleasure’ than a dry one," Calista grinned as she told her what she’s doing. Twatiana moaned with pleasure and ground her pussy against the crop. " As you know, sweet slave girl, you have pissed on their faces, hair and heads," her Mistress told her. Twatiana grinned with a twinkle in her eyes, seeing them glisten from her piss then playfully frowned at her Mistress.

"I know you want me to ‘play’ with your pussy sweet slut, but not right now. Let's have some fun with these two oafs first," Calista grinned as Twatiana smiled and nodded agreeably. Without warning, Calista swatted the males’ cockheads with her riding crop and they moaned painfully into their ball gags. Twatiana giggled and marveled at her Mistress’s cruelty. Calista began to swat their cockheads at will, reaching out to rub Twatiana’s nipples with her free hand, feeling them grow hard and craving for attention. The males’ muffled screams turned Twatiana on, her cunt oozed with her juices. While the young men twisted, writhed and screamed, Calista stopped swatting them and inserted the crop in Twatiana’s cunt. She moved to her table to pour a large glass of white wine. Twatiana ground her cunt on the crop again, as she tried to fuck it.

Mistress Calista drank a deep swallow of wine, put the wineglass to her slave girl’s lips to give her a large swallow as well. Twatiana drank the wine gleefully as she continued to fuck the crop in her pussy. "Don't let the crop slide out of your wet cunt or I will use it on your cunt and clit," Calista warned her. Twatiana moaned and tried to grip the crop tightly with her thighs and cunt, writhing from its pleasurable feeling inside her. "Now, sweet little cunnie, you are wondering what these two oaf’s are doing here trussed up as Christmas turkeys." Twatiana nodded yes, "Well, they attend the local University and they decided to seek out a Domina. Some one gave them my business number and they called wanting a joint session. I invited them to come over and discuss their needs. When they arrived, they tried to turn the tables on me by attempting to chain me to an X frame, here in the Dungeon. My bodyguard, Bruno, that big black slave that fucked you last session, overheard the commotion. He subdued both of them and the rest you can pretty well imagine," Calista told her.

"Stupid fucking boys," Twatiana said happily.

"Yes, now they will find out how stupid they are. Some more wine my sweet cunnie, Twatiana?"

Twatiana giggled, smiled at Calista and told her, "Yes Mistress, from your nipples, please." Calista poured another glass of wine and offered her slave the first drink. Dipping her nipples in the wine glass she offered them to Twatiana as the ‘guests’ watched in fear. Twatiana savored the wine from her Mistress’s nipples. Calista moaned and dipped her nipples into the wine again relishing the feel of her slave girl’s lips and tongue on her hard little nubs. She grasped Twatiana by her cheeks and kissed her passionately, sucking her tongue, tasting the wine.

Mistress Calista moved to her table and brought back a box of alligator clips. Twatiana was all smiles, hoping the ‘toys’ are for her too, as well as the ‘boys’. "I love it when you get your toys out, Mistress," Twatiana giggled. Calista moved to the bound males and attached large strong alligator clips to each of their nipples. They both screamed and wailed into their ball gags. Twatiana felt excited by their screams. Mistress Calista pulls out a Y chain with nipple clamps on each end and, feeling aroused, kissed her slave girl deeply, fastening the clamps to Twatiana’s nipples, but loosely, so she was aware that her nipples were clamped, but not tightly. Kissing her Mistress back eagerly, Twatiana wiggled in the nipple clamps, whispering to Calista to make them tighter. Mistress ignored her with a wicked smile. "Yes, darling I can make them tighter, but all things in good time, sweet one," Calista told her as she withdrew the crop from Twatiana’s cunt and licked it to taste her slave’s wonderful flavor then offered it to her to finish cleaning it. Twatiana opened her mouth to lick and suck the crop. Mistress Calista withdrew the crop from her slave girls’ cunt to swat the males bound cocks again and again. Ugly welts rose on their cocks and turned a deep purple shade. Twatiana smiled as she watched her Mistress place the crop back in her pussy. Calista kneeled to inspect the males’ sore and aching cocks. Twatiana bucked at the crop in her cunt and tried desperately to fuck it.

Calista pulled their foreskins up over their cockheads and placed an alligator clip on each of their foreskins. Twatiana smiled and squealed in fascination at her innovative Mistress. She watched Mistress Calista placing alligator clips all around each of their foreskins. The sharp metal teeth of the clips dig into their foreskins as they screamed, cried, writhed and jerked to get away, but they could not. Twatiana laughed wickedly at Mistress’s cruelty, feeling so much pride for her Mistress. Calista completed a circle of clips around each foreskin and began to place more clips on their cockshafts until their shafts were clipped all over. Twatiana laughs gleefully, grinding her pussy on the crop.

Mistress Calista rang a small silver bell and Bruno quickly entered to kneel at her feet and kiss her cunt in homage. Calista removed the crop from Twatiana’s cunt and ordered Bruno to service her slave girl’s sweet cunnie until she came several times. On his knees he crawled between Twatiana’s legs and began to lick her cunt with his long tongue. Twatiana swooned and moaned loudly crying out, "Yes, yes, baby fuck me with your tongue!" His long tongue entered her cunt licking the pink inner recesses of her wonderful pussy. Twatiana bucked back and forth grinding her pussy in his face shouting, "Yes, tongue fuck me. Ohhh God, baby...yes, deeper...deeper!"

Mistress Calista turned her attention to the young men and continued, placing alligator clips in a circle around their small areolas while they screamed into their ball gags. She placed a second circle around the first and continued a line of clips into their soft tender armpits. The males writhed and gyrated with pain, trying to evade the dreadful clips. Calista ignored the pleas in their eyes and turned to Twatiana, "Cum for me, sweet one," she told her as she licked the girls’ nipples. Twatiana exploded at the touch of Calista’s tongue on her nipples. She bucked hard in orgasm against Bruno’s face and poured torrents of cunt nectar upon him. Her juices spewed over his face and tongue as she came again and again, crying out her Mistress’s name in the throes of her multiple orgasms.

"Ah, you cum so beautifully, Twatiana. I love to watch you cum," Calista told her. "Was that good, little one?" she asked.

"Oh God yes, Mistress," Twatiana purred with pleasure as her body wracked with several after-cums.

"I thought so," Calista smiled. She turned to Bruno, "Sit in a chair under Twatianas' ass and I'll lower her asshole onto your magnificent ten inch cock." Bruno immediately responded sitting in the chair under Twatiana’ ass and spread her asscheeks. She smiled gleefully at her Mistress and the slave Bruno. Calista licked Bruno’s cockhead to lube it then lowered Twatiana onto his cock. Bruno placed his cock between her asscheeks and expertly found her tight little rosebud.

"Oooo, yes, baby, fuck my ass," Twatiana shouted as she tried to slam her asshole onto his huge cock.

"Your weight and gravity will combine to drive that huge cock deep inside your asshole and bowels, darling," Mistress Calista told her, watching the massive cock slowly slide inside Twatiana’s asshole. "Bruno, while you fuck her, please reach around and finger her clit. Thank you Bruno, you certainly know how to please a woman," his Mistress told him. "Clench his cock good, Twatiana." The slave girls’ hips rocked faster, she clenched her ass muscles around his cock and squealed in delight. "Oooo, yes, baby, rub my clit...drive your fingers in my cunt!" Twatiana screamed. Calista moved to her table, selected a long braided leather whip and returned to the young men, watching Twatiana and Bruno, each wishing were they embedded in the slave girl instead.

" Oh God baby...fuck me with your big black cock," Twatiana shouted, squeezing the cock and swooning. Mistress Calista wickedly lashed the bound males abdomens with the whip, in rhythm with Bruno’s thrusts into Twatiana’s asshole. The two males screamed into their ball gags as deep purple welts formed on their bellies. Twatiana moaned in pleasure, squealing and shouting, "Fuck me harder, oh yes...yes...yes...more, more," she gasped. Both of the males began to cry, tears flowing copiously down their cheeks as Calista whipped their bellies and their shoulders too, raising deep purple welts. Twatiana opened her eyes and grinned at Calista’s divine cruelty, causing her to fuck Bruno’s cock faster.

"Oh, Twatiana, you're such a slut, enjoying getting fucked in your ass, while our ‘guests’ only receive the ‘pleasure’ of the lash that I give them," Mistress Calista teased her slave girl.

"Yes, yes," Twatiana squealed, "I want your big cock harder, Bruno baby, yes...fuck me!"

"Bruno, when you cum, plug her asshole because I have another use for your seed, dear," Mistress Calista tells him. He nodded as he continued to fuck Twatiana’s ass. "Then dear, you may fuck her cunt and fill it too, darling," she continued. Bruno smiled and kept fucking as Twatiana screamed at him to cum in her ass, as she came all over his fingers and thighs. Twatiana bucked and writhed as her orgasm consumed her. She cried out for Bruno to fuck her cunt. Bruno groaned as he erupted into a powerful orgasm flooding Twatiana’s ass with his thick cum. She reveled in the feeling of the warm cum filling her as she cried again for him to fuck her cunt. Twatiana squealed and screeched in getting pussy fucked as Bruno shoved his massive still hard cock into her cunt. "Twatiana, please don't break my concentration. Fuck nice now, both of you." Twatiana nodded and screamed for joy as Bruno drove his huge black cock deep into her cunt.

"Now, you two attempted table turners, you will feel some more of my caresses as I remove your alligator clips with my whip," Calista told the two crying and frightened males. Mistress Calista raised the whip wickedly, and brought it down on the alligator clips in the males’ armpits, snapping them off painfully. Small round welts leaped out of their flesh as the clips snapped off. She removed their ball gags to hear them cry, plead and scream. One by one she painfully snapped off the clips in their armpits, and around their areolas. Twatiana, meanwhile, ground her pussy into Bruno’s cock, pushing harder as the males’ screams drove her on to greater heights of arousal. With the males wailing accompaniment, Twatiana cried out, "Oh God, I feel him getting ready to cum again...fill my cunt, Bruno...fill it with your hot cum, baby!"

"Fuck her good, Bruno! Twatiana, clench and clasp his cock with your cunt just like you clasp my tongue when you cum," Mistress Calista told her slaves. Both Bruno and Twatiana moaned in pleasure as their orgasms drove them to the edge of consciousness, their heads back and eyes closed at the intensity of their orgasms. Mistress Calista smiled at them, enjoying their pleasure too. She turned her attention back to the two males, aimed at the large clips on their nipples and struck them brutally with her whip. Their nipple clips did not snap off with just a single blow. Calista struck the clips on their nipples repeatedly until, finally, they snapped off to the wails, screams and cries of the young men. Almost as an after thought, Calista ordered Twatiana not to cum! Twatiana was bucking hard trying to hold back as she fucked Bruno’s enormous cock.

"Please, Mistress, please let me cum," Twatiana pleaded, but Calista ignored her pleas. She poured more wine and sipped it, dipping her tits in it, offering Twatiana one tit and Bruno the other. Twatiana moaned for release as she strained to prevent cumming. Both slaves greedily sucked in the wine coated nipples being proffered.

"Don't cum, Twatiana," Calista warned her as her slave sucked Calista’s nipple. Mistress Calista finished her wine, and returned to her two male ‘guests’. Taking careful aim at their cockshafts she struck them relentlessly until all the alligator clips snapped off their cockshafts. She rubbed the whip all over their sore, aching and welted cocks. Aiming at the foreskin clips she raised the whip, as her ‘guests’ shook their heads no. But mercy eluded Calista as she struck at their foreskins and cockheads savagely. They shrieked, screamed, and pleaded, but she ignored them, continuing to snap off the clips with her whip. Finally, the last clips snapped off leaving their bruised purple foreskins welted and swollen.

Twatiana fucked Bruno hard as she continued to strain to keep from cumming. "You may both cum now," Mistress Calista told them. Gasping, Twatiana erupted in a mind numbing orgasm, shuddering and spewing cunt nectar all over Bruno’s cock and balls. Bruno exploded and splattered his warm, thick, white gooey cum throughout Twatiana’s cunt. She shuddered, bucked, jerked and came again as Bruno filled her cunt with his seed. "So beautiful! Oh, Bruno, look how delightfully she cums. Fill her hot little pussy full of your thick, creamy, white gooey cum, dear," Calista told Bruno, as Twatiana, opened her eyes, to flash a smile at her Mistress. Calista watched with envy as Twatiana and Bruno came, blending their juices together.

Bruno’s orgasm subsided, still hard, he drew his cock out of Twatiana’s cunt. Calista reached out to close her slave girl’s cuntlips with her fingers, trapping his cum inside her cunt. Twatiana smiled adoringly at her Mistress. "Bruno wipe your huge black cock and your balls on our ‘guests’ faces, dear," she told her slave. Bruno moved to the bound young men. They watched him in terror as he wiped his cum and cunt juice coated cock on their faces. Bruno moved from one to the other until his cock was nearly clean. Calista rushed to him, dropped to her knees and properly cleaned his beautiful engine free of all cum and cunt nectar.

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