tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 14

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 14


(Fdom, oral/hetero/bi sex.)

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista pulled her cloak around her and got into her Town Car. She drove off happily knowing that today she would bring a great deal of joy to several people that needed her. Her destination was a private care facility for infirm, handicapped and elderly people. The owner was a physician that was in the lifestyle and encouraged Calista to tend to his patients special needs. He selected the patients carefully for this special treatment to assure that all of them could withstand the 'favors' Calista gave them. Mistress Calista was glad to be of help in 'treating' these special patients.

She pulled into the parking lot and hurried into the building. The receptionist recognized her immediately and she entered the facility without signing in. She rode the elevator to the fourth floor and knocked on the first door. "Come in," said an elderly voice and she entered the room. Inside a gray haired gentleman of seventy-five years, sat on the edge of his bed smiling from ear to ear. "Hello, my angel," he greeted Calista.

She returned his smile and asked, "Have you been a naughty boy, Charles?"

"Yes, Angel, I surely have been bad."

She dropped her clock to stand naked in front of him and the old gentleman eyes drank in her naked beauty. Calista stepped to the edge of the bed and bent over Charles head. He looked up into her breasts and quickly took a nipple in his mouth to suck and lick it. Calista moaned with pleasure as Charles suckled her nipples like a baby. He released her nipples and lay back onto his bed. Calista crawled on the bed and straddled his head to lower her pussy to his face. Eagerly, Charles began to lick and suck Calista's cunt and clit bringing her immense arousal. She closed her eyes and laid her head back as he tongued her sex. Charles reached up and pulled at Calista's nipples as he sucked her clit.

Calista turned around into a sixty-nine position and fondled Charles semi hard cock. She played with his balls, as his cock got harder. She took the semi hard cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it until it was hard. Her lips moved over the throbbing cock down to his gray pubic hair and up again. Charles licked and sucked Calista's sweet pussy, concentrating on her clit. She tongued him relentlessly until she felt him stiffen and his cock pumped out several wads of cum into her mouth. Calista sucked his cock through the most sensitive sensations in his cockhead until his cock subsided and became flaccid. "Ummmmm, thank you Charles," Calista told him as she swallowed the small offering he had given her, "it was delightful."

Charles grinned and told her, "Angel, I want you to be doing that to me as I go to my great reward in the sky."

"Now, Charles, you know St. Peter wouldn't let a naughty boy like you into heaven," Calista teased him, "You belong downstairs with me, love."

"Ok, if that's where you're going, I'll be there waiting on you," Charles grinned as Calista put on her cloak, kissed him on the cheek and left the room. The next room was near the end of the hallway. Calista knocked on the door and entered. Lying in bed was a young man of about twenty that had severely injured his foot. He had pins and screws holding his ankle together and would be convalescing for at least four months, until the horribly fractured bones healed. She had never 'treated' this one before. The Doctor felt that his age made him a prime candidate for Calista's services. She closed the door and walked to his bed. "Hi, I'm Calista. Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Andy, Miss," he answered, "I don't think I know you, Miss," he added.

"No, Andy, you don't know me yet. Doctor thought you needed some special treatment that I can provide," Calista continued, "it won't cure you, but it will make you feel better as you get well." Andy had a quizzical look in his eyes at Calista's comments and soon his eyes became the size of banjos as she dropped her cloak to stand naked. Andy was speechless as she climbed into bed with him and unsnapped his pajama bottoms. His cock sprang to attention when Calista began to stroke it. It grew to nearly seven inches and was very thick. He was uncircumcised, which heartened Calista, as she took his cock into her mouth and deep throated him. Andy moaned with pleasure as this naked vision from out of the blue tongued his cock.

He was rock hard and she could feel him throbbing as she sucked his huge member. He reached out to rub her nipple as she continued to suck and slather her tongue on his cockhead. She could taste his thick clear pre-cum as it oozed from his cockhole. "Ummmmmm, Andy, your pre-cum is soooo good and tasty, lover," she told him as he floated in 'Seventh Heaven' from her mouthing his cock. Just as Calista sensed he was near orgasm she lifted her mouth from his throbbing cock and straddled his hips. Careful to prevent hurting his foot, Calista lowered her pussy to his cockhead. She grasped his cock and drew his cockhead between her sopping wet cuntlips several times. Andy's eyes rolled in agonizing pleasure as he enjoyed this special 'treatment'.

Finally, Calista allowed his thick cock to slide deep into her pussy. She began to ride it up and down, clenching his foreskin with her cunt muscles to draw the foreskin down on the down stroke. Her cunt clasped his cock and pulled his foreskin back over his cockhead on her up stroke. The rhythm nearly drove Andy mad with desire and arousal. Calista's cunt was flowing her juices heavily as her arousal mounted with each passing second. On the next down stroke, Andy thrust his cock up and deep into Calista's cunt and erupted in a powerful orgasm. He cried out and fired volley after volley of warm, thick, white and gooey cum into her pussy.

Calista could feel his cum blasts strike her cunt walls and the wonderful sensation brought her to the edge and she too exploded in a mind numbing orgasm. Andy continued thrusting his cock upwards into Calista's cunt and she would cum with each upward thrust. She was groaning aloud as her cunt strangled Andy's cock as she spasmed. Finally, she shuddered through several mini after-cums and fell forward onto Andy's body, breathing hard, gasping and panting to catch her breath. "Wow! That was…it was…it was incredible, Miss Calista?" Andy stammered not sure of her name. Calista nodded and smiled, unable to respond just yet.

"Oh, yes, Andy. That was sooooo incredible!" Calista exclaimed as she recovered and kissed his lips. "I haven't been fucked like that in months. You sure have a very athletic cock, Andy," she said grinning, "but do you also have a very talented tongue?" she asked. Andy nodded yes and Calista closed her pussy lips around his shaft, rose up and straddled his head.

"Aren't you going to clean yourself first?" Andy asked.

"Yes, you'll clean me with your tongue, Andy," she replied smiling as she lowered her cunt to his mouth. Andy struggled for a few moments then conceded to Calista's demands. He covered her pussy and began to tongue it clean. Calista turned around in a sixty-nine position and cleaned Andy's cock with her tongue. Long after he was clean, Calista continued sucking his cock until he blasted his seed again, deep into her mouth. Calista rose up, mouth filled with cum, turned around to face him and swallowed some of his cum. She bent over to kiss Andy and his lips eagerly met hers. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth to transfer half of his load of cum to him. Surprised, Andy hesitated a moment then smiled and swallowed.

Calista lay with Andy for a while and explained to him that she was providing her special 'treatments' to a selected number of patients. She told him that the Doctor picked the patients that he felt deserved or needed her services and she 'treated' them. Andy was amazed at his good fortune and began asking a number of questions, mostly about who was this Calista. "Andy, sweetie, I don't do interviews," she gently rebuked him, "but I'll be back again in about three weeks, if you want." He nodded eagerly as she wiped a droplet of cum from his lip. Andy, grinning from ear to ear, blew a kiss to Calista as she put on her cloak. She pretended to catch the kiss, placed it on her pussy and left the room grinning.

She opened the door to the next room to see Leona lying in bed under her covers. She was in her seventies and was completely bedridden. She was totally immobile, but her mind was still sharp and she could communicate very well. "Hello, my Princess," she said to Calista as the Domina entered the room.

"Hello, sweet Leona, you look lovely today," replied Calista as she entered.

"Save your sweet lies for the young ones who'll believe them, dear," Leona smiled. Calista sat on the bed beside her and kissed her cheek. Leona had a muscle disease that had consumed and atrophied her body. She still had remnants of the beauty she once had been and Calista admired her courage and tenacity. Leona never complained about anything and was thankful about the things she could control and didn't dwell on the things she couldn't control. Calista gently pulled back her covers and unbuttoned her gown. Her breasts had atrophied, but her nipples were still erect and firm. Calista gently took her nipples in her thumbs and forefingers and began to gently roll, pull, pinch and tweak them. Leona sighed with pleasure as Calista continued to pleasure her nipples gently. "Pull them harder, Calista, I love it when it hurts a bit," Leona said delightfully.

Calista obliged her by occasionally pulling and pinching hard enough to satisfy her. Leona had been a submissive to her husband, a long time ago. She missed the excitement of sensually submitting and was grateful that Calista would let her relive some of her fondest memories. Calista moved her hand to Leona's mons and gently stroked her gray bush, much diminished from its glory days. Placing some KY on her finger Calista hand found Leona's sex and spread the KY to lube it. Her finger traced around her nether lips until she felt Leona's clit rise to meet Calista's hand. She placed the nub between Leona's nether lips and put a finger on either side if her clit.

Leona smiled and closed her eyes as Calista began to massage her clit, between her cuntlips with her fingers. Leona moaned and sighed as pleasure captured her and she gratefully submitted to its embrace. Gently, Calista brought her to the brink then eased away, only to return her there again and again. Leona had told her that her husband had delightfully 'tormented' her in this manner long ago. The woman moaned happily and whispered her husbands name several times throughout her 'ordeal'. Finally, she sighed deeply as Calista brought her to orgasm. Leona laid back, eyes closed and moaning with deep pleasure. "Thank you, Princess," Leona gasped as she caught her breath, "I only wish you were there when I was young. Oh how I would have served you, Mistress Calista."

Calista smiled and fought back a tear as she kissed the woman on the cheek. "I would have loved to have been there with you and your William, Leona," Calista replied. "I have to go now, Leona, there are others to tend to," Calista whispered to her, "I'll see you next time, bye love."

"If I'm still here, Princess. I may decide to go see William, just to tell him about you," Leona said smiling, closing her eyes and drifting off to a satisfied sleep.

Calista stood outside Leona's room and cried a little. She loved the old woman and was happy she could bring some pleasure to her lonely life. She dried her tears and walked slowly down the hall toward her next 'patient'. Her next visit was with a young woman who had been in an accident injuring her spine. She was in a body cast that covered her back to her ass, and across her chest and abdomen. The Doctor had fashioned the body cast to leave her breasts exposed, her legs spread wide and suspended in a traction device. Calista had visited her only once before briefly, and that was to discuss her special treatment needs. Her name was Tamara. She was ethnic Russian, but born in the USA.

Calista knocked on the door and waited until she heard 'come in' and she entered, closing the door behind her. "Hello, Tamara, or do you prefer Tammy?" Calista asked.

"Tammy will be just fine, Ma'am," the girl replied.

"Good, then Tammy it is," Calista agreed. "Have you thought about what we discussed on my last visit, Tammy?" Tammy nodded that she had. Calista smiled and pulled up a chair to sit down and continued, "What have you decided, Tammy?"

"I want to, Ma'am, but I'm not a lesbian or anything like that and I can't decide whether or not to do it," Tammy confessed.

"Well obviously, I'm not here to force you to do anything you don't want to do. I'm here at the Doctors suggestion that perhaps I could make your hospital stay a bit more bearable," Calista reassured her.

"But what if I like it so much that I become a lesbian, and…hate my boyfriend…or all men?"

"Tammy, lesbians don't necessarily hate men. It's just that lesbians prefer women as sexual partners instead of men," Calista explained, emphasizing the word 'instead'. "Some women enjoy both sexes, like me for instance. I'm bi-sexual and have relations with both men and women. I enjoy both sexes, but what's right for me may not be for you, Tammy," Calista continued.

Tammy was visibly upset and she was striving to find the right words to describe her feelings. "I…I've always had…uh…fantasies about…about love…I mean sex…with another woman, but I'm afraid," Tammy stammered.

"That's ok, Tammy, it's alright to be apprehensive of such a major change in your life," Calista assured her, "If it doesn't feel right then it's probably not for you." Tammy looked hurt and disappointed as she sighed and tried to find the words to tell Calista how she felt.

"Ma'am, I thought that you would try everything to convince me," Tammy said nervously.

"No, it's not up to me to convince you, honey. You have to want to try it. No one should force you or convince you against your better judgment. After all, one experience does not automatically make you a lesbian or a bi-sexual," Calista answered her.

"If I start trying it…and I don't like it…will you stop?"

"Yes, Tammy, all you have to do is tell me to stop or quit and I will respect your decision." Tammy nodded her head and told Calista to go ahead. Calista removed her cloak and stood naked before the young woman. Tammy's eyes drank in Calista's beauty and she felt some unexplainable urgings in her pussy. Slowly, Calista drew back the blanket to reveal a lovely and shapely woman. Tammy was twenty, about Calista's height and weight, with magnificent breasts that Calista judged to be nearly D cups, lovely pink areolas and hard upright nipples. The body cast was cut away from her magnificent conical breasts so they jutted out from her chest. Her legs were lovely, long and spread wide in her traction. Calista drew a deep breath as she bent down to kiss Tammy's breasts and lick her nipples.

Tammy moaned as Calista's lips touched her nipples. She sighed deeply, closing her eyes to revel in pleasure as Calista began to lightly suck her nipples. Pushing the conical breasts together, Calista managed to get both nipples into her mouth to lick and suckle them. Tammy began to breathe hard, gasping occasionally from the pleasure she hadn't felt since her accident nearly six months ago. Calista released her nipples and kissed Tammy's neck. The young woman groaned with desire and arousal, her pussy glistened with her moisture. She opened her eyes to look at Calista. The Domina lowered her lips to Tammy's to kiss her deeply and passionately. Tammy thrust her tongue deep into Calista's mouth to eagerly return the kiss.

"Oh, yes…yes…more…give me more…please," murmured Tammy, seeking even more pleasurable sensations. Calista bent down to nuzzle the soft curls of Tammy's bush, pulling it gently with her lips. Tammy moaned and breathed hard as Calista blew air on the young woman's treasure nestled below her bush. Tammy groaned in pleasure as Calista kissed her pussy lips as if they were her mouth. Her juices flowed heavily as the Domina inhaled the girls' sweet scent. Calista drew her tongue along the girls' cuntlips and pulled them both in her mouth to gently bite at them. Tammy's body quivered as her moaning willed Calista on.

Slowly, Calista flicked her tongue from side to side along the edges of Tammy's closed cuntlips. The girl was close to orgasm and Calista withdrew from her cunt to lick and suck her nipples again. "Oh no…oh God…don't stop kissing me down there…please don't stop," pleaded the girl as she looked into Calista's eyes hopefully. Calista smiled and kissed her again then resumed her attentions to the girl's sex. Gently she bit the closed cuntlips and Tammy trembled at the touch. Calista watched as Tammy's clit exited its hood, stood erect and engorged, seeking attention. She avoided the hard erect clit for the moment as she parted Tammy's cuntlips with her tongue.

Tammy gasped and trembled, sighing as the pleasure rose in her loins. Calista plunged her tongue deep into the girl's cunt to lick and suck the pink inner folds of her pussy. "My clit…suck my clit, please," Tammy begged. Calista's tongue licked upward from Tammy's pussy lips until her tongue flicked and swirled all about the young woman's clit. Tammy moaned louder and gasped each time Calista flicked her tongue over the upright nub. Finally, Tammy could stand it no longer and screamed as she erupted in a powerful long repressed orgasm. Her sweet nectar covered Calista's face and mouth. Eagerly, Calista lapped up the sweet nectar, swallowing as much as she could.

Tammy's libido flowed from one cum to another. Her body spasmed each time Calista's tongue swirled about her clit. She cried out with each spasm and pulled at her nipples as she orgasmed. In all, Tammy experienced three powerful orgasms and several mini after-cums. She lay still, breathing hard, gasping for air and panting. Her eyes were closed as Calista pried Tammy's fingers from her breasts to replace them with her mouth. Tammy began to recover and turned to look at Calista licking her nipples. "Oh, Mistress…that was sooo incredible. I've never cum like that. I've never cum more than once, even when I had sex all night," Tammy confessed. "God, I'm so glad I decided to have you make love to me. It was everything I imagined and more, Ma'am."

"Thank you, Tammy, I'm happy you enjoyed my special 'treatment'," Calista whispered to her.

"Oh, Mistress, I wish I could return the 'treatment' for you, Ma'am," Tammy whispered back.

"Perhaps someday you will, sweetheart. We can chat about it when you get out of the hospital, ok?"

"Yes, Ma'am, but that won't be for at least two months, maybe more."

"Well, Tammy, I guess I'll have to come back soon to 'treat' you again," smiled Calista.

"Oh yes, Ma'am, you must come back…as soon as you can. I'll be waiting for you."

"I will, Tammy, and now you have to concentrate on getting well, so we can have that chat," Calista told her. Tammy nodded as Calista wiped the girls' pussy with a hand towel and covered her with the blanket again. She leaned over and kissed Tammy again deeply and passionately and whispered goodbye. Calista left the room in an upbeat mood, knowing that she had made some less fortunate people feel good, at least for a little while. She walked briskly out of the hospital to her car and drove back to her estate, pleased with herself and her many good deeds of this day.

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