tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 18

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 18


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Calista pulled into her drive way and drove to the front entrance of her Great House. She had just dinned with a Dom, Master Cosmo, who had given her an enigma to dwell upon. Master Cosmo's female submissive had a young daughter who was nineteen years old and a virgin. The young woman had insisted that the Dom also train her as well as her mother. Apparently the daughter had secretly viewed sessions between her Mother and Master Cosmo. The obvious pleasure that her mother derived from the sessions had made the daughter want to participate too, but only…as a virgin.

The Dom was in a quandary as to what to do. His submissive chose to abide by her Master's decision in the matter, hence avoiding any responsibility. The young woman's charms were enchanting and he was eager to possess the young woman, but her insistence that she remain a virgin baffled him. He had a personal rule about virgins and refused to deflower them regardless of circumstances. Cosmo had called Calista for some guidance, which he sought when he took her to dinner at a posh restaurant. He had brought his submissive along hoping that she might provide an opinion as to what to do. Unfortunately, Cosmo had done his work too well and she only said that she would abide by his decision in the matter.

Calista was partly annoyed that she had been made a part of Cosmo's problem, but also flattered that he wanted her help to solve it. Her pride and professionalism was challenged by the quandary and she eagerly threw herself into resolving the issue. She was a bit upset with herself too, for thinking about the situation as an issue. After all, a young woman's most valuable treasure is her virginity and that is not an issue. Treating the circumstance cavalierly was beneath her as a woman and as a professional Dominatrix. Calista spent the rest of the evening mentally wrestling with the dilemma. What to do…what to do, whatever it was, it had to be the right thing to do.

It was late when Calista finally gave up for the night and went to bed. Perhaps a good nights sleep would bring a new perspective and, hopefully, a proper solution. Sleep eluded her all night. She tossed and turned most of the night, waking up frequently with the young woman on her mind. The short bouts of sleep she was able to get were filled with bad dreams about the girl and always ended with the girl crying inconsolably about loosing her virginity. The clock read six thirty am and Calista decided to forget about sleeping.

She arose from bed and her maid, Beth, quickly stirred from her own bed to run into Calista's bedroom to help her Mistress. The slave girl drew Calista's bath in the great tub and helped her Mistress into the warm scented waters. Beth joined Calista in the tub to bathe and pamper her. She shaved Calista's mons, underarms and any other areas of unwanted hair, pronouncing her Mistress's bath as complete. The slave girl dried her Mistress's body and hair, brushing the latter to a glowing sheen. A hint of makeup for Calista ended the morning preparation and Beth scurried to fetch a cup of hot coffee for her Mistress.

Sipping the hot black coffee, Calista's mind returned to her dilemma once again. At breakfast she posed hypothetical questions to her staff, but to no avail. No one would offer any help, let alone a solution. Bruno had commented, 'That was why she was Mistress and they were submissives'. Calista jokingly threatened to whip him until he came up with 'the solution', and they both smiled at one another. Soon, Calista was dealing with her dilemma alone at the breakfast table. After pondering for nearly an hour, she decided that it might help if she met and interviewed the girl. She called Cosmo and set an early afternoon appointment for the girl.

"What is her name, Cosmo?" asked Calista.

"Virginia," he replied.

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," said Calista, thinking 'It figures', to herself. A virgin named Virginia. Shaking her head at the surprising coincidence, she hung up to resume trying to get some inspiration. "Blush! Damn it!" she raised her voice to Beth as the girl was trying to clear the breakfast table. The slave girl ran to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine and rush back to give it to her Mistress. Calista shook her head in near despair, realizing that it was only nine am and here she was, sipping wine. She put the wine glass down and sweetly asked Beth to return it to the kitchen, kissing the girls lips and fondling her erect nipple. Beth eagerly returned the kiss, blushed as her pussy moistened at Calista's touching of her nipple and took the wine to the kitchen.

Mistress Calista lay naked on her chaise lounge in the sunroom, soaking up the warm rays shining through the window on this very cold winter morning. Beth entered and kneeled at her feet to await any need of her Mistress. The dark haired slave girl was stunning. Calista envied how perfect the young woman's body appeared. Beth somehow realized that Mistress was examining her mentally and blushed, her pussy moistening. "Shall I worship your treasure, Ma'am?" she asked. Calista shook her head 'no', and smiled at her eager young slave girl. The two of them stayed in the sunroom through lunch as Beth waited to satisfy any wish and Calista struggled in deep thought.

Calista dozed off for a few minutes when Beth awoke her. "Mistress, there is a car driving up to the front entrance," Beth told her. Calista looked at her watch and saw that it was time for Virginia's appointment. Shaking her head in puzzlement, she donned her silk robe to cover her nakedness. She didn't want to frighten the young woman by appearing nude as if she was ready to train her. Straightening her hair Calista swallowed hard and waited for the car to stop. She watched from a curtained window as a lovely tall redheaded young woman got out of the car. She was breathtaking. Her long red hair bounced as she walked in the snow to the stone steps leading to the front veranda. She wore a long fur coat that nearly touched the snow as it rubbed the tops of her boots.

The doorbell rang and Calista waved Bruno away as she decided to answer it herself. The young woman's beauty seemed to melt the snow as the Domina looked at her through the door glass. She opened the door and the girl smiled wonderfully as Calista greeted her and asked her to step inside. Calista had asked the staff to wear their robes to avoid embarrassing the young woman. Beth had managed to quickly put on her black mini skirt maids uniform, but Calista noticed that she had forgotten to put on panties. Beth realized her error and ran up the stairs, her lovely ass and pussy displayed for all to see, to put on some panties. If Virginia noticed, she said nothing.

"Hello, I'm Calista," she said with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Virginia, Mistress. Master Cosmo sent me to visit you, Ma'am," Virginia replied.

"Yes, he asked me to chat with you about your…your submissive wishes," Calista said as she took Virginia's arm and lead her into the sunroom. "Please, do not call me Mistress, Virginia, because you're not in my service. Please call me Calista, dear," she told the girl. "May I hang up your coat, Virginia?" asked Calista. The girl removed her coat to stand stark naked, wearing only her boots. Calista was astonished! She had not expected this in her wildest imagination. Virginia was absolutely beautiful. Large upright breasts perfectly proportioned to her tall body, with long shapely legs and a splendid ass. Her nipples were hard and protruded nearly a half an inch from the large areolas they centered.

Virginia's bush was a deep auburn, like the hair on her head, and was neatly trimmed. Calista's nostrils picked up the girls tantalizing scent and the Domina felt her pussy getting moist. "Well, you certainly are stunning, Virginia," managed Calista, having been thoroughly overtaken by surprise. Virginia smiled broadly, her teeth white as snow and like everything else about her…simply perfect. "I must admit, you have taken the advantage, Virginia."

"Please call me Ginny, Ma'am," the girl said. Calista nodded as the girl continued, "shall I kneel, Ma'am?"

"No, Ginny, please take a seat," said Calista pointing toward the couch.

"I'm so wet, Ma'am, I don't want to soil your couch," Ginny said shyly. Calista broke out into laughter at the turn of events and gently sat Ginny down on the couch, telling her the servants would tend to the damp spot. Ginny joined Calista in laughing at the awkwardness of both of them.

"Well, Ginny, now that I'm over the shock, let me say you are absolutely delightful," Calista told her. The naked girl now appeared to be more timid as she admitted that perhaps arriving naked was not in the best of tastes. "You certainly look delicious and I'll bet you taste that way too," Calista quipped to lighten the conversation. "Now that the introductions are over, I'll join you in your fashion statement," the Domina told her smiling as she removed her robe to sit naked next to Virginia. Calista noted the girls' eyes quickly roam over the Domina's naked body, dwelling mostly on Calista's little titties.

"I…I…ah…I love your…your titties, Ma'am," Ginny stammered, looking quickly away and onto the floor. "I wish my breasts weren't so big," she concluded.

"Virginia, your breasts are perfect!" exclaimed Calista, "why on earth would you want smaller breasts. Most women would kill to have natural breasts like yours. They are beautiful breasts…among the most beautiful that I have ever seen, Ginny." Virginia blushed and tried to look Calista in the eyes, but surrendered and cast her eyes downward again.

"My Mom said not to surprise you by coming naked, Ma'am, but I stopped on the way to strip to only my coat," admitted the young woman. Calista smiled and told her Mom was probably right, but who listens to their Mom at nineteen. That seemed to break the ice and Ginny giggled at Calista's remark seeming to finally be at ease. Now it was Calista's turn to gaze repeatedly at Virginia's magnificent tits, unable to understand why she might be upset with her beautiful breasts. True to her word, Virginia pussy was indeed staining the couch. The girl was excited, but Calista resisted any thought of taking advantage of the young woman.

"Master Cosmo tells me that you want to be a submissive, yet remain a virgin…may I ask why?" Ginny explained that she would often sneak into Master Cosmo's Sessions Chamber and watch what he did with her Mom. It aroused her totally and she would often cum, without even touching herself, watching her Mom be dominated by Master Cosmo. Even when he whipped and strapped her Mom, Ginny was never horrified as most teenagers would be, but instead wished it were her being disciplined. She had watched her Mom perform fellatio and fuck Master Cosmo. Often, he would have other's come in to fuck and ravish her mother while she secretly watched.

This had been going on for a few years and she still remained a virgin, even though she had masturbated often as she had watched. She did date guys her age, but even though they desperately tried to get her into bed she resisted. "Only my husband, or a Dom that was my husband will take my cherry," she told Calista. Master Cosmo had never touched her, even after he learned that she was secretly watching her Moms' sessions. Virginia had tried to get him to train her too, but only if penetration was not included. Cosmo declined, stating that he would not train a virgin, period.

"Are there any additional limits other than no penetration, Ginny?" Calista asked. Ginny said 'no' that was the only limit. She admitted that she had orally satisfied a lot of her dates and played with their cocks or masturbated them, but no penetration. "What about sex with another woman or women," Calista probed deeper. Ginny admitted that she had never had sex with another woman, but had watched her Mom do it with other females, both dominants and submissives. She was 'kinda' eager to try lesbian sex to see if she liked it, but was a bit fearful that she might only like women. Ginny didn't want to give up her male dates because she enjoyed the oral sex she had with males too. Calista explained that sex between women did not necessarily mean lesbianism. Bisexual women could enjoy each other without being lesbians.

"Further, Ginny, don't be afraid of being a lesbian. You will be what you are regardless of what you do. Many of my dearest friends are lesbians. It boils down to a preference, no more, nor less. Remember, Ginny, it's not about males or females. It's about love. If you love someone it doesn't matter if they are male or female. Try to ignore labels, Ginny," Calista informed her. Calista was completely at a loss about what to do about Virginia's curious circumstance and told her so. "Ginny, I don't really know what to say, but I'll make you a promise. If you 'train' with me, I'll assure you that there will be no penetration of any sort without your total agreement. That agreement must not," Calista emphasized, "must not occur during a session of any sort. You must decide about penetration when you are not in a state of total arousal. If you concur, I will take you into the lifestyle."

"Oh, thank you, Ma'am. I so wanted to hear that. I definitely want you to train me and make me your slave," Ginny said passionately. Calista nodded and called to Beth to assemble the house staff. In a little while Bruno, Eric, Beth and Ella were naked and kneeling at their Mistress's feet.

"Dear submissive staff," she began, "this is Virginia, or Ginny, and she will join us to be trained as a submissive. There is one rule that I shall insist upon to the degree that if it is violated, that person or persons shall be dismissed from my employ and my service for ever!" Calista looked at her staff eagerly awaiting the rule. "This woman shall never be vaginally, or anally penetrated!" The staff nodded their understanding and Calista stood up with her legs apart. "Ginny, you may kneel before your Mistress and pay homage to my pussy by kissing, licking and sucking it."

Ginny dropped to her knees, her pussy glistening with her juices as she nuzzled Calista's pussy, kissing and licking it. The new submissive was uncertain on what exactly to do, but soon began to lick her Mistress just like some of her male dates had done to her. Ginny found Calista's scent alluring and the taste of her pussy delightful as she nicely, although a bit awkwardly sucked her first pussy. Moaning from desire, Calista directed her to lick and suckle her nipples too and Virginia eagerly obeyed. Not wanting to cum just at that moment, Calista stepped back and directed Ginny to pay homage to the cocks, cunts and tits of her superior submissives. Ginny happily kissed and licked Bruno's and Eric's cocks then Beth's and Ella's pussys, finishing by suckling the nipples of all four of the live-in submissives.

"Take her to the Dungeon, Bruno, and place her in the submissive kneeling position and await my arrival," Calista ordered and whirled to leave the sunroom. Waiting in her bedroom until she was sure that Virginia was in the Dungeon, Calista walked into the dimly lit Dungeon. Virginia was naked, kneeling, with her thighs spread wide, breasts pushed out and hands behind her head. Calista slowly walked around her new submissive noting every curve, the girls' skin and body searching for an imperfection. After several walks around her, she finally spotted a very small birthmark within the crease, where her thighs joined her torso. Calista smiled to herself as if she had won some tiny victory…a flaw amidst all that beauty.

"Was mine the first pussy you ever nuzzled, licked or sucked?" she asked Ginny, who kept her gaze cast on the floor.

"Yes, Mistress,"

"What do you think about tasting another woman's pussy?"

"I was surprised, Ma'am. I thought the taste would be awful and I would gag, but I was wrong." Calista pressed for details and Ginny quickly responded. "I didn't know that your wetness would be so…so…wonderful. I expected a slimy horrid taste, but was surprised that you tasted so good, Ma'am," she confessed. "Ms Ella, Ms Beth, Mr. Bruno and Mr. Eric and were pleasant tasting too," she added quickly, lest she anger her Mistress. Calista explained that Ella, Beth, Bruno and Eric were her submissives too therefore she could call them by their first names, even though they were her superiors. She informed her new slave girl that Bruno was the first among equals and all of the directions given to her by any of them were to be treated as though Calista herself had given the command.

Ginny nodded, thoroughly confused because Calista was so different a Dominant than Master Cosmo. Calista sensed this and knelt behind her and kissed her shoulder saying, "Each Master and Mistress is different in some way, Ginny. You must learn to just obey without question or hesitation to the orders of the Dominant you are serving. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress," Ginny replied as she felt Calista's soft lips caress her bare shoulder. Calista licked along Ginny's neck to kiss and suckle her earlobe and Ginny shivered with excitement and uttered a muffled moan. She breathed deeply and her breasts heaved under Mistress's attentions. Tilting Ginny's head back, Calista kissed her full and quivering lips, providing he slave girl with her first ever amorous kiss from a woman other than her mother. Ginny trembled with excitement and pleasure as she found herself entwining tongues with her beautiful Mistress. "Oh God, Ma'am, you taste sooo good," she whispered under her breath.

Calista rubbed her hard nipples against Ginny's back and she shuddered in delight, leaning back into the hard pointy nubs. "Ummmmm," she sighed, feeling her pussy become drenched with juices that ran down toward her sweet rosebud. Calista's hands reached around her slave to cup the perfect and heaving breasts, kneading them gently as the girl moaned with pleasure. Finding Ginny's nipples with her thumbs, Calista lightly rubbed them as she kissed Ginny again, feeling the girl trembling under her touch. "Oh, Mistress…Oh God, what's happening to me…Oooo I can't stand it, Mistress, please…I'm sooo hot…I'm soooooo hot!" Ginny cried out as she shuddered in orgasm. Calista continued to knead her breasts and rub her nipples while kissing her throughout her first orgasm with her new Mistress.

"Yes, darling, cum for your Mistress. Make your sweet pussy cum hard for me, love," Calista cooed in her ear. Ginny nearly swooned from the power of her orgasm, breathing hard. Calista puzzled over Ginny's reaction to her orgasm. Perhaps this was her very first true orgasm, she thought. Ginny may have never really had an orgasm or she would have recognized the feeling. Calista knew that this was the first of many orgasms, many more powerful that this one, that Ginny would give her Mistress. Reaching down to the slave girls' pussy, Calista's hand was drenched in the virgin juices of Ginny's orgasm. She licked her fingers saying, "Umm," as she licked them nearly clean as Ginny watched her. Calista offered Ginny a taste of her own juices and the girl eagerly licked her Mistress's fingers while moaning delightfully.

"Are you alright, Ginny," Calista asked. Ginny was still in the throes of recovery and could not respond. "You just had a very powerful orgasm, Ginny," she said to her. Ginny mouthed the word 'Wow' as she fought to recover her senses. Calista's finger lay flat between the girls' cuntlips as Ginny trembled and spewed more cunt nectar from her super aroused cunnie. Moving her finger through the cleft of Ginny's cunt, barely touching the erect and throbbing clit, Calista felt Ginny cum again, but a softer cum than before. 'A multiple, perhaps?' Calista thought, as she gently tugged the girls' cuntlips and ran her fingers through the soft curls of her blazing red bush.

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