tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 20

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 20


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Calista lay naked in her chaise lounge in the Solarium. Her female live in slaves, Ella and Beth, were pampering their Mistress in every way that she directed them. As usual, everyone at the estate was naked unless there was some overriding reason to dress. Calista had decided, some time ago, to allow her bush to grow back to its ample fullness. She enjoyed having her submissives nuzzle her bush, especially when her male submissives had cum in it and she made them clean it with their tongues. Last evening Beth had dyed Calista's bush a fiery auburn and this morning Beth's first task was to trim it. She was told to trim it lightly, but to shave the hair from around her Mistress's cuntlips, clit hood and asshole.

Calista finished reading her paper and glanced at Beth and Ella kneeling on either side of her chaise. She smiled lovingly at them and finished her coffee, placing her cup on a nearby tray. "You may begin now, Beth darling," Calista said as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. Beth quickly crawled on her knees to her Mistress and very gently parted her legs. As usual, she kissed Her Mistress's pussy before beginning her task. Beth combed the soft red curls to fluff them and then began to snip the loose hairs from around Calista's clit hood and cuntlips. She asked Ella to raise Calista's legs up and keep them spread as she trimmed a few loose hairs near her Mistress tight pink rosebud.

Calista smiled at Ella and beckoned her to kiss her by pursing her lips at the excited slave girl. Ella bent to her Mistress and kissed her deeply and was rewarded when Calista probed Ella's mouth to suck on her tongue. "Thank you, love," Calista said to Ella. The slave girl blushed and thanked her for the privilege of kissing her Mistress. Beth, meanwhile, had finished trimming her Mistress's bush and began to apply a depilatory cream on the area she had just shaved to prevent a rapid growth of hair in that area. Calista beckoned both slave girls to minister to her sensitive little titties and nipples as they waited for the depilatory cream to do its job. Eagerly the slave girls each covered a nipple with their mouths and began to lightly lick and suck them as Calista moaned with delight.

At the proper time, Beth began to wipe the depilatory cream from Calista's pussy and wash it clean. She fluffed the soft curls once more and sat back on her haunches awaiting her Mistresses pleasure. Ella stopped licking Calista's nipple and joined Beth in their submissive position. "Play with one another's pussy, girls, but do not permit the other to cum," Calista told them. Each slave girl reached to the other's pussy and began to rub her fingers in the moist cleft of the other's cunt. Calista enjoyed 'tormenting' them this way and smiled sweetly at them as they moaned their delight. Their dewy cunts began to flow juices heavily as their magic fingers pleasured each other. Calista allowed them to bring each other to near orgasm several times before tiring of the game and told them to stop.

The slave girls, frustrated from not being permitted to cum, sighed dejectedly, but obeyed their Mistress. "Lick each other clean, girls," Calista ordered them and they set about 'cleaning' each others' pussy of juices with their tongues. The cleansing only heightened the slaves' arousal, but they knew that Mistress had withheld them from cumming and they obeyed. "Today, ladies, we shall have great deal of fun in the Tower Dungeon," she began, "Marshal and Darrin have their sessions today and we shall have them perform for us all." The slaves knew the clients and indeed it would be a fun afternoon. Marshal and Darrin were Law Partners in a very successful and lucrative criminal law practice. Each man was in his late thirties and both craved for the discipline that Calista gave them. Neither Marshal nor Darrin knew that the other was also a client of Calista's.

The Domina enjoyed blindfolding, gagging them and train them at the same time unbeknownst to one another. She only did this when she felt particularly wicked and today was one of those days. All her live in slaves participated in the mutual sessions as both men desired to be forced to do humiliating things. Naturally, Calista accommodated their every craving for discipline and humiliation. The two clients would arrive separately thirty minutes apart and would request admittance to the grounds at the remotely controlled gate. Calista's staff would park their cars to prevent them from knowing that the other man was also at the Domina's estate. Everyone was satisfied with this arrangement, which also satisfied Calista's occasional wicked streak.

Bruno, the Butler and bodyguard, entered the solarium naked and announced that Marshal was at the gate requesting permission to enter the grounds. Calista nodded and ordered him admitted. She told Ella to meet him at the Tower Dungeon side entrance and escort him up to the Dungeon. Beth helped Calista to her feet and covered her with her black and red, silk cloak. "Beth, you wait for Darrin's arrival and escort him to the Dungeon, but advise me first before you allow him to enter the Dungeon." Beth nodded dropped to her knees to kiss Calista's pussy in homage to her Mistress and took her leave to await Darrin. Bruno accompanied Calista to the Tower to assist her during the sessions. His large, strong, and athletic body assured that no client would ever try to take advantage of his loving Mistress.

Ella stood just inside the Tower side entrance door waiting to meet the slave Marshal. A quick knock sounded on door and Ella opened the door. The naked Marshal immediate dropped to his knees with his gaze fixed on the floor. Ella's nakedness did not seem to matter to the slave, even as she brushed her thigh against his shoulder to increase his discomfort. Calista watched on the Tower TV monitor and smiled as she enjoyed Ella's attempt to break Marshal's concentration. Ella knew she was being watched and decided to test Marshal further. She dropped the leash that she would attach to his collar, then bent down to pick it up, brushing her lovely warm breast against his forehead. Marshal trembled slightly, but did not look up at her. Upstairs Calista grinned proudly at his discipline.

Ella placed a leather collar around Marshal's neck and fastened it securely with a small padlock. She fit the chain leash through a ring on the collar, pulled it to Marshal's balls and fitted an attached tight fitting leather harness around his balls securely. Without any comment, Ella pulled harshly on the leash to pull Marshal by his balls toward the stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon. Marshal moaned as he dropped to his hands and knees to crawl after her, moaning as the leash painfully pulled his balls. Ella jerked at the leash as she led him up the stone steps. Marshal hurried as fast as he could to keep up with the beautiful naked slave girl leading him to fulfillment of his cravings.

Calista waited in the Tower Dungeon anteroom, to enter at the appropriate moment to begin the slaves training. She heard Ella knock softly on the Dungeon door and Bruno opened it to admit her and Marshal. Bruno relieved Ella of the leash and guided Marshal, by quick painful jerks of the leash, to a small platform under the spotlight. Marshal noted a new device centered on the platform, which he realized was meant for him. It was a wooden frame, shaped on a slant, padded with a place for his ass and back, widely spaced restraints at each side for his wrists and loose restraints hanging from the top of the frame. Bruno brought Marshal to the device and had him sit in the place designated for his ass. He brought Marshal's wrists to the restraints and locked them securely. He stepped back and kneeled to await his Mistress.

Calista entered the Dungeon and gazed haughtily at her slave, bound to the device. She nodded at Ella and she moved to her Mistress to remove the cloak leaving Calista standing deliciously naked in front of Marshal. "Gaze upon your Mistress, slut!" she called to Marshal who cast his eyes upward from the floor to look upon his Mistress's beauty. "This is your last look until you return again, slut!" she told him as Ella placed a cotton pad on each eye and fitted a leather blindfold over his eyes. Marshal knew that soon his deepest cravings would be satisfied and he sighed in anticipation as his vision disappeared beneath the blindfold. He groaned as Bruno fitted a ball gag securely in his mouth and buckled it behind his head. Blind and gagged he felt his legs lifted up to be shackled into the loose restraints hanging from the frame of the device.

He heard someone step onto the platform which he assumed correctly was his Mistress. Calista removed the leash from his collar, but not from his balls. She hung a three pound lead weight midpoint on the leash and let it fall painfully between his asscheeks pulling and stretching his balls painfully. Marshal groaned into the ball gag as the weight bounced about and the chain links scraped his asscrack and asshole. "Comfy, slut?" Calista asked sweetly as Marshal nodded his head. She drew her fingernails along his asscheeks causing him to moan and tremble eagerly. Calista held out her hand as Beth placed a leather strap in her hand, that had a huge dildo fastened to the strap as a handle. She raised the strap high and delivered a savage blow of the strap to his right asscheek. Marshal screamed a muffled scream into the ball gag as beads of sweat formed on his brow. Another blow landed harshly on his left cheek as his asscheeks slowly turned into a deep crimson shade.

Unable to see, Marshal was intimidated by his beautiful Mistress into trying to anticipate where the blows would fall. Calista, keeping him confused, landed the next blows on the back of his thighs. His eyes welled up in tears from the welcomed pain and abuse heaped upon his body. Each swat caused him to jerk his body, making the weight chained to his balls bounce and pull hard at his balls. He steeled himself to expect the next blow, but as he waited he could hear no sound in the Dungeon, other than his measured breathing. He relaxed, sighing around the ball gag in his mouth. Just at the moment he let down his guard, Calista delivered a crushing blow at his asscrack, also striking his balls. Despite the ball gag, Marshal screamed audibly from his pain wracked balls.

Calista knelt on the frame and licked his aching testicles, taking each one into her mouth in turn to soothe it with her tongue. Soon Marshal moaned with arousal as his cock began to swell into a huge hard-on. Calista released his balls from her mouth and licked along his cockshaft to the rim of his cockhead. "Do you like that, slut?" she asked. Marshal nodded and moaned in pleasure as Calista covered his cockhead with her mouth to swirl her tongue over his satiny smooth glans. She loved sucking Marshal's cock because it always produced an abundance of tasty pre-cum. He kept himself very clean and he tasted good as she bobbed her head up and down with her lips sealed around his cock shaft. Pre-cum poured from his cockhole as Calista licked the thick clear and salty sweet fluid into her mouth to swallow.

She sensed his high state of arousal and realized that he was near cumming. Calista pushed his cockhead against the roof of her mouth with her tongue to push the blood from his glans, stopping his urge to cum. Several times she repeated this technique until Marshal was nearly mad with desire and the need for relief, but Calista denied him time and again. He groaned as she continued to suck his cock, lick his balls, swallow his pre-cum, but deny him the opportunity to cum. Bruno slowly adjusted the device while Calista fellated Marshal. Soon his cock pointed toward his face as his Mistress pleasured him profusely. Marshall was blessed with the ability to cum in huge volumes and to do so repeatedly. He would deliver huge volumes of cum every time he came and could cum again within a few moments of his previous orgasm. Calista would turn this to her advantage, as she always did.

The Domina swirled her velvety tongue all around the sensitive spot on the front of his huge cock. Marshal whimpered in agony, as he desperately needed to cum. She sucked his cock without allowing him to cum for nearly thirty minutes, before she relented and began to suck him for effect. Bruno loosened the ball gag and pulled it to one side just as the first spasms of orgasm stirred within Marshals cock. Calista hurriedly removed her mouth from his cock as the first huge thick rope of cum erupted from his cockhole to splatter onto his mouth and lips. Marshal knew what was expected of him and opened his mouth immediately to catch the next wad of cum as it blasted into his mouth. Again and again his balls pumped out great quantities of thick white frothy semen, all destined for his open mouth.

He kept his mouth open without swallowing until his mouth filled with his seed. The last spasm left a string of cum from his cockhole to his lip. He nearly gagged from the cum in his mouth, but knew to wait for his Mistress to allow him to swallow it. Calista waited until her live in slaves all inspected Marshal's open mouth and he could hear flash bulbs popping as they took pictures of him with a mouth full of cum. "You may swallow now, cum slut," she cooed to him while the others laughed. Humiliated, Marshal's face blushed deep red, as he swallowed his own cum, delighting his Mistress. Calista picked up the strap handle and gave it to Ella to lubricate in her very wet pussy. Ella fucked herself with the dildo until Calista snapped her fingers and she reluctantly removed the huge object from her cunt.

The dildo was eight inches long and two inches thick. The fake cock could also be used as a butt plug and had a depression in its end to let his sphincter close over it to hold the plug fast in his ass. Calista nodded and Ella placed the fake cockhead at the entrance to his asshole. Slowly she began to push it into Marshal's ass and he groaned painfully, as it spread his ass wide. He gasped as Ella seated the fake cock deep in his ass, with a mighty thrust. His sphincter closed quickly around the end of the fake cock to hold it securely in his ass. Calista turned on the built in vibrator and adjusted the placement of the dildo so it would vibrate his prostate relentlessly. Marshal moaned in pleasure as he realized he would soon cum again from the vibrations pleasuring his prostate.

Each time Calista sensed he was close to orgasm, she directed Ella to raise the lead weight attached to his balls chain and drop it. The sudden pain in his balls brought screams from the bound submissive and his cock became nearly flaccid. The vibrations soon caused his hard-on to return, only to suffer the same fate time and again, for Calista's amusement. Calista pointed to marshals nipples and Ella knelt down to rub them. Marshal moaned in pleasure until she pulled and twisted them severely, turning the moans to deep painful groans. Ella held his nipples out from his chest as far as they could go, twisting them as Calista clamped them with alligator clips attached to small lead weights by a short chain. He screamed in pain as she dropped the weights and they fell to the sides of his body.

Ella continued to raise and drop the weight attached to Marshal's balls each time Calista nodded. He jerked from the pain in his balls, causing his nipple weights to bounce to heighten his 'pleasure'. Calista finally tired of this game and allowed Marshal to cum again. His cock throbbed hard and he exploded in a huge blast of cum that splattered all over his face, head and hair. Each spasm of his cock blasted huge wads of cum down onto his open mouth as he tried to blindly catch his cum in his mouth. Calista grabbed his cock and pointed it directly at his mouth until several heavy cum ropes landed on his tongue. He kept his mouth open until Calista permitted him to swallow.

Beth entered the Dungeon and hurried to her Mistress to whisper that Darrin had arrived and was standing naked outside the Tower side entrance door. Calista instructed Beth on what to do. She kneeled to kiss her Mistress's very wet pussy then hastened from the Dungeon. Calista prepared to make Marshal cum again while Beth quickly descended the stone steps to open the side entrance door. Outside a naked Darrin dropped to his knees and crawled inside with his gaze on the floor. He looked up to view the naked slave girl's nearly perfect body and Beth slapped his face hard. He winced and lowered his eyes to the floor. "Silly slave slut," she told him, " now I have to tell Mistress that you looked at me without permission!" Darrin knew that he would pay dearly for that lapse of discipline, but he craved the price he would pay.

The slave girl placed a leather collar on Darrin. Additionally, she placed plugs in his ears, a ball gag in his mouth and blindfolded him. The leash was a Y chain with alligator clips on the top ends on the Y. Beth pulled hard at his nipples and clamped them securely as Darrin painfully groaned into his ball gag. She passed the end of the Y chain through a ring on his collar and painfully pulled at his nipples as he knelt on his hands and knees. Beth pulled him across the floor by his nipples to the stone steps leading up to the tower Dungeon. She giggled a little knowing that Darrin and Marshal were law partners and neither of them knew the other was here, nor that they both served the same Mistress. Yanking on the leash, for the fun of it, Beth guided him up the stone steps and into the Dungeon.

Beth brought Darrin into the Dungeon and handed the leash to her Mistress. Calista reached out to fondle Darrin's cock as he moaned in pleasure around the ball gag while his cock swelled into a magnificent hard-on. She slapped his cockhead hard as Darrin groaned in pain. His reward for groaning was a harder slap on his cockhead. "So, slut whore, you had the audacity to look at my beautiful slave girl, Beth, without permission," she whispered into his ear as she partially removed his earplug. He nodded and Calista said, "You will pay for that indiscretion, slut!" She replaced the earplug and brought him to stand in front of her slave Marshal. "Are you ready to be rewarded, slut?" she said to Marshal. He nodded as he felt Calista remove his ball gag.

Beth led Darrin to the device that held Marshal to stand at the bound slave's head. Calista lowered the device so that Marshal's mouth was level with Darrin's cock. She grabbed Darrin's balls and pulled him so that his cock was pressing on Marshal's lips. "Suck him off, Marshal slut," Calista commanded and he opened to receive Darrin's cock into his mouth. Darrin softly moaned with pleasure into his ball gag as Marshal's tongue swirled about his cockhead. Marshal thought that the cock he was sucking belonged to Bruno and he did his best to make the cock cum. Calista nodded to Ella and she brought the buggy whip to her Mistress. She accepted the whip and without warning, delivered a savage cut of the whip to Darrin's ass. He screamed into his gag as he drove his cock deep into Marshal's throat.

Again and again Calista blistered Darrin's asscheeks, raising several high purple welts on his ass flesh. The whip lashes dissuaded Darrin from cumming as Marshal continued to suck off his law partner, unbeknownst to either of them, who the other truly was. Darrin thought that Bruno was sucking his cock while Calista whipped him and Marshal thought he was sucking Bruno's cock. Ella and Beth giggled as they knelt next to the two blindfolded male slave clients. Mistress Calista nodded to them and the slave girls hurried to the Implements and Toys table to each select a clamp with a lead weight attached to a short chain. Bring the clamps back to Calista she accepted them as the girls paid homage to her cunt.

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