tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 21

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 21


(Fdom, oral, bi sex & clit, nipple, hot wax torment)

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(Mistress Calista is twenty-six, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty five pounds, has barely thirty two B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

Celeste hurried as she drove towards Mistress Calista's home. It had been several months since she had last visited her Mistress. She was the Chief Financial Officer of her company and had been traveling all over the world setting her firms financial affairs in order. The recent corporate scandals had demanded that the all financial disclosures be above suspicion. She longed for the comfort of Calista's arms and the wonderful erotic sessions that always preceded their lovemaking. Celeste had been a regular submissive to Calista for nearly two years prior to her need to conduct this corporate financial analysis worldwide.

She smiled as the familiar woodlands that surrounded Calista's estate came past her view. Soon her car turned into the gated drive and stopped at the access terminal. She quickly entered the appropriate code and the gates majestically parted to permit her entry. It was another two miles of winding lane until she would be able to see the Great House. Her heart began beating faster and she could feel the moisture that was staining her thong panties. The Great House came into view and Celeste's heart seemed to skip a beat from desire and anticipation. Soon she would be in the warm embrace of her wonderful Mistress.

Celeste drove onto the decorative brick drive in front of the house and saw a man standing at the bottom of the marble steps of the grand porch. She recognized Bruno, Calista's butler, bodyguard and live-in male slave. He held up his hand signaling Celeste to stop the car. She obeyed and Bruno walked to the driver side window. "Mistress asked that you enter by the main entrance, Miss Celeste," Bruno said with a warm smile. Celeste was overtaken with joy that she was to use the main entrance instead on the Tower Dungeon's side entrance. As she stepped out of the car Bruno opened his hand to receive the keys and gestured toward the front door with his open palm.

She mounted the steps quickly and sounded the bell. The door opened and Ella, one of the live-in slave girls, smiled as she welcomed Celeste. Ella embraced her and kissed her cheek then helped Celeste remove her luxurious fur coat. "Mistress awaits you in the solarium, sister slave," Ella said with a smile, as she led the way down the hall. It was Celeste's first ever entrance to Calista's home through the front entrance. All the other times she had to park her car near the Tower Dungeon's side entrance, strip naked outside regardless of the weather, knock and kneel to await entry. She felt privileged that Calista was receiving her in this special manner.

Ella guided her through the Great House, past huge paintings of ancestors, burnished suits of armor and wonderful tapestries that decorated the walls. Celeste spotted the flora and other greenery and correctly identified the room down the hall as the solarium. Ella stopped at the doorway and bade Celeste enter. Gingerly, she walked into the room, warmed by the sun and surrounded with beautiful plants. She spied Calista standing near the far end of the room, dressed in her black and red silk cloak, smiling at her. Celeste immediately kneeled in front of her Mistress Calista to lower her eyes to the floor. "Hello sweet one...come kiss you Mistress, love," Calista said, opening her arms wide to receive her. Celeste ran to her Mistress and wrapped her arms around Calista, kissing her deeply. "Umm, you taste so sweet, love," Calista whispered in her ear as they broke their long kiss.

"You do too, Ma'am," Celeste blushed and murmured, hugging her Mistress Calista close.

"Quickly, get naked sweet Celeste. I can hardly wait to love your wonderful body," Calista told her as she held her at arms length. "On second thought, sweet slave girl, strip slowly for me. I rather fancy watching you disrobe seductively for me. Celeste nodded and slowly began to unbutton her suit top revealing her lovely white silk blouse. She dropped her suit jacket letting it fall to floor and her long blond hair cascaded around her shoulders. Celeste smiled at her Mistress as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, dropping it the floor to join her suit jacket. Calista nearly gasped at the sight of Celeste's large breasts, imprisoned by the lacy white bra she wore.

Celeste unzipped her modest mini skirt to let it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it. Calista immediately saw the wet stain on Celeste's thong panties and her heart gave a start. Celeste hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, pulled them down to the floor and stepped out of them. Calista could feel her heart beating faster as the trimmed bush on her slave girl glistened with nectar. Celeste reached to remove her white thigh high hose, but Calista murmured, 'no' and the slave girl nervously complied. Next, Celeste reached behind her back to undo the lacy white bra, holding it over her breasts seductively as the shoulder straps slipped down her arms. She let the bra flutter to the floor as her magnificent breasts stood proud, erect, without a hint of sag and with pierced nipples protruding from her areolas, nipple rings shining brightly.

Mistress Calista drank in Celeste's beauty as she sighed in anticipation. Celeste was beautiful beyond belief. Everything about her body was perfect. Celeste was slightly tanned, but without any tan lines, a tell tale sign of the nude beaches she visited in Europe. Calista removed her cloak to stand naked opposite her slave girl's statuesque body. Mistress Calista moved to her slave to embrace her again, kissed her tenderly as she cupped the girls' lovely breast to gently knead it. Celeste's nipples hardened even more at her Mistress's wonderful touch. The slave girl gasped as she looked up from Calista's embrace to view a huge painting of Calista leaning nude against a tree. "Oh my God, Ma'am, you are so beautiful!" Celeste exclaimed as she gazed at the portrait.

"Thank you, love," Mistress Calista smiled and remarked, "See how he painted my little titties?"

"Oh they are so lovely, Ma'am," Celeste sighed as she gazed at her Mistress's breasts. Mistress Calista thanked her as she gently pushed Celeste to her knees in front of her.

"Tonight we shall once again delve deeper into this lifestyle that you so crave, love. Are you ready for that sweet one?"

"Oh yes, Ma'am," Celeste sighed as she sat back on her haunches and pushed her large breasts out towards her Mistress. Calista smiled and fastened a Y chain to Celeste's nipple rings, then went behind her to fasten a restraint to each ankle. Celeste shuddered as she felt the familiar restraints clasped around each ankle and her heart beat a little faster. The slave girl's scent wafted to Calista's nostrils as she stood, pausing to look at Celeste's sweet wet pussy. She pulled the slave girl to her feet by her nipples then kneeled to kiss and lick her sweet pussy for a few moments. Celeste moaned at the soft touch of her Mistress's familiar tongue on her very wet cunt. Calista sighed and stood up licking her lips.

Mistress Calista took the Y chain leash in her hand to pull Celeste, by her nipples, through the Great House to the Dungeon anteroom. She guided her slave girl down the long hall towards their destination. They passed by Calista's naked live-in slave girls, Ella and Beth, who promptly dropped to their knees as their Mistress walked by. Celeste groaned slightly as her nipples ached from being pulled. Calista smiled slightly when she heard the groan that somehow made her feel a little evil and wicked. They walked by the male live-in slaves, Bruno and Eric, both naked. They too dropped quickly to their knees as their Mistress pulled the slave girl past them towards the Dungeon anteroom.

Arriving at the anteroom, Calista ordered Celeste to her hands and knees on the cold marble floor. The slave girl shivered from the cold, but stoically obeyed. Calista opened the door to the stone staircase leading to the Tower Dungeon and yanked cruelly on the Y chain to pull Celeste along. The slave girl groaned from the sharp pain at her nipples, but dutifully crawled to the stone steps to follow her Mistress. They climbed the stone steps slowly as Calista took every occasion to jerk the Y chain to elicit a groan from Celeste. Her nipples hurt and several times she thought that her nipple rings would rip through her nipples, but she reminded herself that this was the reason she had come.

They reached the top of the staircase and paused while Calista opened the huge oak door to the Dungeon. It creaked eerily as it swung open to reveal the dimly lit Tower Dungeons inner sanctum. A motion sensor detected them entering and it turned on the bright spotlight that illuminated only the small platform in the center of the Dungeon. A fearful chill coursed through Celeste's naked body as memories of the long ago submissions that she had endured on that sinister platform. Today would not be any different and she looked forward to her ordeal eagerly. Calista didn't disappoint her as she led her onto the platform where the warm spotlight bathed her magnificent naked body.

Celeste stood still as her Mistress removed the Y chain from her nipples and kneeled to the restraints on each of her ankles. She attached each restraint to a separate overhead chain and laid the slave girl down on her back on a padded mat. Celeste's eyes widened, but her trust in her Mistress completely dissuaded her from uttering a word. Mistress Calista activated the chains motors and slowly lifted Celeste's ankles up until she was hanging upside down. Celeste whimpered softly as she felt herself being lifted, her hair falling down from her head and her arms hanging down.

"Don't be frightened, little one," Calista said softly to her slave girl. Celeste whimpered as her large breasts strained at her chest, half pointing toward the floor.

"Yes Ma'am, I am fine," Celeste said with apprehension in her voice. Mistress Calista sat on the floor and kissed her slave girl tenderly to ease her fears. Celeste moaned as she eagerly returned the kiss, feeling herself relax a little bit. Calista moved behind her and handcuffed Celeste's wrists behind her back, letting them hang uncomfortably for a few moments. The slave girl felt the coldness of the handcuffs upon her wrists, whimpered and breathed deeply. Celeste's mind was more tortured than her body, at this point in the session, wondering what new torments her Mistress would visit upon her.

Mistress Calista moved in front of Celeste and kissed each of her nipples, telling her that Mistress loved her very much. Celeste murmured, "Yes Ma'am', this girl loves her Mistress too," feeling her nipples harden again with the warmth of love comforting her. Calista fastened a short chain around the girls' waist and attached the handcuffs to the chain to relieve the pressure from her arms. She lifted Celeste higher until her pussy was at the same level as Calista's head. Celeste felt herself rising, wondering what was in store for her. Mistress Calista pushed the chains wide apart to make all the slave girls treasures more accessible. Celeste felt her pussy fully exposed and she moaned slightly as air flowed over her wetness. Calista kissed Celeste's sweet pussy then moved to her Implements and Toys table to select two special chains.

Celeste moaned as Calista showed her the two chains. "I had these specially made, love. Each chain has a needle nose clamp on one of the ends and a half inch by three inch dowel rod to hold the chain," she told her. Celeste eyes widened and she breathed deeper watching the ominous chains. Mistress Calista knelt to kiss the slave girls' right nipple, grasped it in her teeth and pulled it out to clamp it securely. The slave girl groaned as the pain gripped her nipple. "I have left the tip of your nipple exposed so I may lick it if I choose, love," Calista said smiling at her as Celeste felt the clamp press painfully into her nipple. Mistress Calista lifted the girl's breast up by the nipple, pulling the chain until the dowel rod reached her toes. Celeste winced as she felt her breast rise tightly, pulled up by her nipple tautly.

Mistress Calista placed the chain between Celeste's big and next toe and let the dowel rod fit snuggly behind her toes. She released Celeste's breast and the chain held it up so that gravity and the weight of her tit 'pleasured' it. Celeste uttered a little cry and continued to breathe heavily at the new sensation. She moaned again, feeling the new stretching sensation of her breast and nipple. Though fearful, Celeste was flushed with excitement. "The dowel rod has very fine pins embedded in it, love, that will prick the bottom of your toes, but will not actually break the skin," Calista said softly to her slave. Quickly, Calista did the same to Celeste's other nipple, breast and toe. Celeste groaned feeling the dowel rod pins painfully pricking her skin.

Celeste winced slightly, but did not move her toes, fearing the pins pricking the inside of her toes. Calista smiled at her slave girl as she told her, "Your nipples will be stretched and prick the inside of your toes. If you move or curl your toes it will prick them even more and also pull harder on your lovely clamped nipples, love." Calista knelt to lick the exposed tips of her slave girls' nipples. Celeste moaned with pleasure as her Mistress's tongue bathed her nipple tips. She curled her toes stretching her nipples hard and pricking the insides of her toes. She groaned from the pain, but welcomed Calista's warm velvety tongue on her nipple tips.

Mistress Calista stood to kiss the slave's pussy and rubbed her clit hood until her clit began to exit its hood, erect, swollen, engorged and seeking attention. Celeste moaned with pleasure as she felt the warmth of her clit as it began to swell. Mistress Calista rubbed her slave's pussy until her wetness became very slick then she trapped Celeste's clit between her cuntlips to roll and tug it. The slave girl gasped with delight, as her clit became fully engorged between her cuntlips. She concentrated on remaining still for fear of the pins on her toes and the stretching of her sore nipples. "Oh God, that feels so good, Mistress," she purred as she breathed heavier.

The intense and wonderful arousal caused Celeste's clit and cunt to twitch as Mistress Calista continued to pleasure it. The slave girls' pussy contracted and relaxed as she moaned, "Oh my God…yesss, Mistress," over and over again as Calista toyed with her cunt and clit. Mistress Calista set a padded neck stand in front of her slave and placed the girls' neck into it to hold her head facing up. Calista straddled Celeste's head to let her sopping wet pussy drip nectar on her slave's face, mouth and lips. The slave girls' mouth opened wide to catch and taste her Mistress's nectar as she tried to reach the source of the sweet juices with her tongue. Calista kneeled with her thighs on either side of Celeste's head and lowered her pussy to the eagerly waiting lips as she continued to roll and tug Celeste's engorged clit between her cuntlips with her fingers and thumb.

Celeste began to moan louder from Calista's touch as her mouth opened to lick her Mistress's pussy. She sucked Calista's long clit into her mouth while her tongue flicked all over and around it. Calista moaned with pleasure as Celeste sucked her long clit as though it were a miniature cock. Celeste's tongue licked her Mistress's inner lips, tasting her juices and exciting her twitching body with her touch. "Ooooo, that's soooo wonderful, sweet Celeste," Mistress Calista sighed. She kissed the inside of Celeste's thighs and licked the creases where her thighs joined her torso while she continued to 'torment' her slave girls' sweet clit. Calista's body quivered as her slave girls' tongue began to dart deep into her wet pussy licking and sucking, as her nose rubbed her long clit.

Mistress Calista leaned into Celeste to kiss her cuntlips, licking them while she played with her clit. Celeste curled her toes from lust feeling the pins dig in to the bottoms of her toes, but she did not care. Calista moaned louder in the throes of her pleasure as her slave girl continued to dart her tongue deep inside of her Mistress. Celeste's pussy was on fire and her clit ached as she continued to hit the special spots inside her Mistress, tasting and swallowing her juices. Calista trembled as Celeste's magic tongue captured her pussy, and she plunged her tongue deep into the slave girls' pussy while still playing with her clit. Mistress Calista paused licking her slave, to quickly give her permission to cum. Celeste moaned aloud as her tongue moved back to Calista's engorged clit and resumed sucking it.

Mistress Calista resumed playing and licking Celeste's sweet cunnie as the slave girl's body shook and her voice quivered as she sighed, "Yesss, Mistress, mmmm." Celeste felt her juices start to flow, her body shaking, stretching her nipples more as she groaned, "Oh my God," in pleasure. Mistress Calista still shuddered in delight from her orgasm, but refused to move her cunt from Celeste's lovely tongue. The slave girl tried hard to concentrate on her Mistress's pussy while darting her tongue over the long clit, thrusting it deeply in and out of Calista's pussy. Celeste body began to shake as she exploded in a violent cum, stretching in her passion, pulling her nipples hard making the pins dig deeper into her toes. "Oh my God!" she screamed again and again with each cum spasm of her cunt.

As soon as Celeste began to cum, Mistress Calista covered her pussy with her mouth to lick and suck it throughout the slave girl's massive orgasm, to heighten her pleasure. Totally aroused from her slave's orgasm, Mistress began to quiver uncontrollably as Celeste's tongue continued to pillage her cunt. Celeste, panting hard and her eyes closed, worked her tongue deeper and faster, sucking Calista's juices and pussy lips inside her mouth. Mistress Calista cried out and erupted in another savage cum, drenching the slave's face, mouth and tongue with her juices. Celeste's nose rubbed her Mistress's clit harder as she felt the wet cunt nectar freely flowing over her face. She lapped Calista's sweet juices into her mouth to drink her nectar gift.

Mistress Calista would shudder and cum each time Celeste's marvelous tongue swirled over her clit and cunt, cumming again and again. The slave girl, moaning loud, swallowed the warm nectar screaming with pleasure. She continued to pleasure her Mistress as her tongue swirled slow then fast, hard then soft, gently pulling at Calista's clit with her lips and mouth. Calista felt her legs weaken as she swallowed Celeste's juices and gripped the slave's legs tightly to prevent her from falling. Calista's orgasm was so intense that she laid her head the slave girl's sopping wet cunt to catch her breath, striving not to fall. Her full weight fell on the slave girl as she hung onto her legs gasping.

Celeste was panting, her eyes closed and rolled back. She felt as though she was floating with her tongue still swirling around her Mistress's wet pussy and clit. "Yesssssssssss, Mistress," she cried out and came again. Mistress Calista's body writhed and trembled while Celeste continued to plunder her cunt with her magic tongue. Feeling Celeste cum again, pouring torrents of nectar onto her face, Calista erupted in yet another massive orgasm to drench her slave once more. Celeste moaned with joy and began to lick the new gift of juices inside her mouth, swallowing and panting harder. Her breasts heaved up and down, pulling the chains on her nipples hard, but the pain was inconsequential to the pleasure that surged through her body.

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