Calista's Dungeon Ch. 23


After a few minutes of having her cunt repeatedly struck by Calista's hand, Jodi's arousal began to grow deep inside her again. The cunt spanking hurt, but the mounting blows reawakened her desire to cum. She endured, wishing that she would soon be overcome with welcomed relief. Each strike of Calista's hand on her pussy drove her one step closer to the release that she craved. Jodi felt her clit being pillaged by her Mistress's hand and she writhed with lust while she longed for orgasm. Calista sensed that her slave girl was very close to cumming and she slowed the pace of spanking the girls' pussy and clit. Jodi whimpered when she realized that changing the pace of her cunt spanking altered her pursuit of orgasm.

Jodi wilted when she found that her Mistress was not going to allow her to cum. "Not yet, my pretty little slave girl," Calista told her. Jodi whimpered as the pain in her pussy returned when the pussy spanking resumed with even greater force. "Let's wait until your pussy becomes as red as your lovely ass before I decide if you deserve to cum again." Jodi groaned with pain and disappointment as she could feel her cuntlips swell and become puffy. Calista resumed striking Jodi's clit with each spank and the girl's arousal blossomed again, her juices flowing heavily. She could feel her entire being concentrate on her clit as the need to cum consumed her.

The next strike upon her cunt caused her to explode in a massive convulsive cum as she forcefully expelled her juices. Her vision blurred from the hard spasms of her cunt. Her body rose up from the bench from the sheer force of her orgasm. Calista quickly covered the girls' puffy clit with her mouth to swirl her tongue all over the cumming nub, to heighten Jodi's pleasure. Jodi's eyes rolled in their sockets as she experienced another severely intense multiple orgasm. Her ass rose up high. Jodi's whole universe was concentrated in the orgasms that seemed to take control of her very being. She screamed from the intense pleasure of her pain orgasm then lost consciousness, breathing hard, her entire body soaked with her sweat.

Jodi's eyes opened. She blinked several times as the sunlight streaming through the window made it difficult for her to see. Finally, her eyes focused and she looked about the room to discover that she lay in an opulent bed, in a bedroom of elegant appointments and large proportions. She sat up in bed and the bed sheet fell to her lap, revealing that she was naked. Her lovely breasts swayed deliciously as she looked about trying to figure out where she was, when her eyes focused on Mistress Calista sitting in a large chair in the corner. Calista smiled as Jodi felt an ache in her nipples and pussy. Her ass hurt and was tender to the touch.

"Where am I?" she asked her Mistress.

"Why you're in my bed, sleepy head," Calista told her. "You spent the night here after your initial session." Jodi saw that her clothes were neatly folded and placed on a chair near the bed. The events of last evening began to drift back into her mind as she remembered that Calista had spanked her ass and pussy. "You are fine, Jodi, albeit a little sore from your spankings and the nipple clamps. Other than that, you endured wonderfully last evening without needing to use your 'safe word'. You passed out and we put you to bed here to regain your strength." Calista smiled at her slave girl. "Hurry up and get out of bed, Jodi. Beth is waiting to bathe you then help you dress."

Just then a naked Beth entered the bedroom and drew the covers from Jodi's body and helped her get out of bed. She guided Jodi to their Mistress and Calista stood up to cup Jodi's chin to kiss her tenderly. "Bathe her, help her to dress and bring her to the dining room for breakfast, Beth," Calista instructed her. The two naked slave girls walked into the bathroom and descended the steps into Calista's huge sunken bathtub. Calista watched them enter the warm scented waters then left the bedroom to call Master Robert and report Jodi's progress to him.

Robert told Calista that she would receive the usual fee for her services and that he would call her if he felt Jodi needed additional training. Calista thanked him and agreed to provide any additional instruction that he felt Jodi needed.

The End

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