tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 26

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 26


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Calista awoke early to prepare for her former Mistress Roxanne's visit. They spoke on the phone yesterday and Roxie said she would be arriving near noon on Friday. All the live-in slaves were ready to leave for the weekend and not return before Tuesday next at noon. They would remain long enough to meet Roxanne then depart on their weekend plus vacations. Calista wanted to entertain Roxanne by herself to assure that nothing awkward could occur. She had planned to greet Roxie at the door and serve either coffee or wine. Then have her tour the house to include Roxanne's room next to Calista's bedroom. Finally she would show her the Tower Dungeon, the basement cells, outdoor grounds, pool, hot tub and gardens.

Eric knocked on Calista's door and informed her that it was nearly eleven thirty am and that Mistress Roxanne had just then arrived at the gate. He had opened the gate for her. She was now driving towards the house and expected to arrive in five minutes. Calista thanked him and they walked together to the main entrance to the house. Eric advised his Mistress that he and Bruno would take Mistress Roxanne's suitcases to her room after meeting her, park her car in the garage then depart for their vacation. Calista thanked him and sat down in the small sitting room near the elegantly appointed living room.

She heard a car pull up to the main entrance and stop. Roxanne rang the doorbell and Bruno opened the door to invite her in. Calista stood in the grand entry way and spread her arms to embrace her former Mistress and kiss her on her lips tenderly. "Calista, you still look as though you were seventeen," Roxanne told her as they hugged one another. Calista gave Roxanne's car keys to Bruno and he and Eric went out to bring in her suitcases. "Wow, Calista, where did you find those two hunks?" Roxanne asked as they walked into the living room. Ella and Beth were on their knees in the spacious living room waiting to meet Roxanne.

"Roxanne, this is Ella and Beth, my sweet live-in slave girls. They help me with everything, especially in keeping the house spic and span," Calista said as she introduced the girls.

"Hello Mistress Roxanne," each of them said to her, in turn. Roxanne smiled at them and told them to stand. She hugged and kissed each girl on her lips, telling them she was happy to meet them. "You don't have to kneel or call me Mistress, girls, because those days seem to be long gone. Call me Roxie or Roxanne," she told them.

Looking at Calista, Roxanne gazed at her, "God, look at you...you're so beautiful, Calista," she said and hugged her again. Calista felt that old warm feeling that she used get each time Roxanne had mothered her nearly ten years ago. It was a good feeling as they sat down side by side on the small sofa.

Eric and Bruno returned from placing Roxanne's suitcases in her bedroom and gave returned the car keys to her. "Roxanne, these two gentlemen are my male live-in slaves and bodyguards. They take wonderful care of me and the girls," Calista said. Both men greeted Mistress Roxanne then began to kneel, but she stopped them both and hugged them both at the same time. She kissed them tenderly on their lips too and thanked them for taking such good care of their Mistress. "I can't say enough good things about these four wonderful people, Roxanne. I love them all dearly." Ella spoke up to tell Roxanne that each of them loved their Mistress Calista very much too.

Calista told Roxanne, that she had given the four of them the weekend off and the two of them would have the house all to themselves. The four live ins, each kissed their Mistress in turn, said their goodbyes to Roxanne and left for their four day vacations. After they left, Calista offered Roxanne, coffee, wine or a cocktail. She chose wine and Calista opened a bottle of chilled Chardonnay to pour each of them a glass of the cool wine. "Let me give you the grand tour, Roxie," she told her and handed Roxie her wine. They each sipped their wine and Calista showed her the living room and explained who the ancestors in the paintings were, saving her parents for last.

"Calista, I had no idea your home was such a huge estate," Roxanne said. "I was stunned when I drove up to the gate and then seeing the house was so overpowering." Calista explained that her grandfather and father were involved in shipping and railroads, both amassing huge fortunes. Her father inherited everything when Calista was ten years old. Both her parents died in an airplane crash when she was sixteen and she inherited everything when she became twenty one. Roxanne was fascinated with Calista's family history as they toured the home.

The dining room was large and elegant. The table could hold twenty eight people for a formal dinner. The china and service was exquisite and no expense had been spared in the design of the dinning room. Paneled teak walls, classical paintings with sculpted designs adorned the ceilings. The library, and adjoining study, contained countless books neatly placed on shelves from floor to ceiling. Each subsequent room seemed to outdo the previous one. They entered into a marble floored foyer with two winding staircases to the upper levels, each lined with beautiful paintings or sculptures. On the second level were the guest bedrooms, each with a full bath. The family bedrooms were on the third level.

Climbing the winding staircase to the five family bedrooms, Calista pointed out that each had a full bath too. They entered an elegant bedroom with a large covered four poster bed and well appointed furnishings. It was an enormous bedroom with huge windows displaying a beautiful vista of gardens, pools, ponds, sculptures, forests and lovely mountains in the background. Roxanne noticed her bags resting on luggage tables near the bed. "This is your bedroom, Roxie," Calista told her, "It was my Mothers bedroom, but she rarely used it. She slept with Dad in the Master bedroom and only used this room if she was mad at him, she smiled." Then she added with a smile, "I can't recall any night that Momma slept in here, though. They fit together like hand and glove. They were totally in love with each other."

Calista opened a door that led from her Mother's bedroom into the Master bedroom. It was mammoth, nearly twice as big as her Mother's room. It had a huge four poster bed, grand vista windows overlooking the same scene as her Mom's bedroom. Richly appointed furnishings were spread throughout the room. "Although some call it the Master bedroom, we here, call it the Mistress's bedroom." Calista said grinning and staking out her claim to the room. She motioned for Roxie to follow her. They entered the Master bathroom that also had two other doors. One led to her Mother's bedroom and the other door led to a special place that Roxie would see soon. This bathroom had a huge sunken bath tub that could easily hold up to ten people. There was a separate indoor hot tub, a large shower and wall to wall mirrors.

Calista led Roxie, down to the first level and they walked down a long hallway. They passed a large ballroom with a patterned mahogany floor, a small stage, piano and room for many tables and chairs. They walked towards and entered an anteroom that Calista described as the Tower Dungeon entryway. There were stone steps leading up to the Tower Dungeon. Calista led the way climbing the stone steps and Roxanne followed. They reached the top and stood in front of a large heavy oak door. Opening the door Calista led Roxie into a very dimly lit Dungeon. She switched on the lights to show Roxie her Implements and Toys. There were X frames, stocks, benches, gymnasts horses, chains hanging from the ceiling, steel rings in the stone floor and on the stone walls. Rows of straps, whips, crops, slappers, leather and steel restraints, ropes, strap on harnesses, both male and female chastity belts, dildo's, clamps, series of small lead weights, candles, padded mats and spreader bars.

Roxanne shook her head in amazement at all of Calista's Implements and Toys. In the corner of the Dungeon was a king size bed with steel rings in the head and foot boards, silk sheets that gleamed in the light and a night stand that Calista said was crammed with 'goodies'. Next to the bed was a door. Calista opened it and it led to the huge Master bathroom. "This is that special door I showed you in the bathroom. It comes in handy after a particularly sweaty 'workout' in the Dungeon," Calista told her. "I often have a communal bath with my live-in slaves and occasionally a female 'client' is invited to bathe with me after her session." Roxanne mentally noted that she hadn't mentioned and male 'clients' that used the tub.

"I'm pleasantly amazed at how well you accepted the Domme role and continued in this lifestyle." Roxanne told her. "As you know, I have been removed from this lifestyle now since I graduated. I miss it sometimes, but with a husband, two daughters and a career, it doesn't leave much time for being a Domme." Calista agreed that the husband and daughters should be her first priority as she led Roxanne back into the Dungeon. Roxanne walked around the Dungeon touching or picking up implements to examine them more closely. She handled a large double headed dildo that was fitted to a strap-on harness then smiled at Calista as she said, "Wow, we sure would have had fun with this, don't you think?"

Calista felt her pussy twitch at Roxanne's comment about the dildo. That wonderful feeling between the two women became an erotic stimulus within Calista's loins. Her mind raced with all their past experiences and she wondered if Roxanne felt the same. Calista stepped up onto the platform in the Dungeon and began to seductively remove her clothes slowly. Her skirt and top came off first as she kept her eyes fixed on Roxanne while she stood wearing only her bra and thong panties. She unclasped her bra in front and let it flutter to the floor revealing her barely 32 B little titties. Roxanne breathed in deeply as she watched anxiously. Calista slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, pushed them down and stepped out of them.

Naked, she kneeled in front of Roxanne with her knees apart revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. Her hands rested palms up on her thighs, and her gaze was fixed on Roxanne. "I am ready to serve you, Mistress Roxanne," she said softly then lowered her gaze to the floor. Roxanne's eyes welled up with tears of joy as she had always hoped that Calista would do exactly this in homage to her first and only Mistress. She wiped away the tear and told her submissive to rise and undress her Mistress. "Yes, Mistress Roxanne," Calista dutifully replied.

She arose and walked behind her Mistress to remove her suit jacket. Removing her shirt came next, revealing the breasts she loved so much, incased in a low cut bra. Calista unhooked Roxanne's bra, but let the bra hang from its straps keeping her marvelous breasts covered. She unzipped Roxanne's skirt and drew it down to hold it as the older woman stepped out of her skirt. Roxanne's wore bikini panties which Calista slowly pulled down and off of her Mistress, revealing the soft curls of her slightly trimmed bush. Roxanne's familiar scent wafted to Calista's nostrils and she inhaled her fragrance deeply. Finally, Calista removed the bra that still covered Roxanne's familiar breasts. They were spectacular, with just a hint of sag, thirty six D, with slightly rounded bottoms.

Her task finished, Calista resumed the submissive kneeling position and waited. Roxanne's mind reeled with past memories of this same scene as she bent to cup Calista's chin, lifted it and kissed her sweet submissive, Calista, on her lips tenderly. Calista eagerly returned the kiss as a shiver went through her body. "Mistress still loves her sweet slave girl, calista," Roxanne whispered. She broke their kiss then walked to the Implements and Toys table. She selected a leather collar and a pair of leather wrist restraints joined by a short chain. Roxanne straddled Calista's thighs and brought her pussy very near her subs face. "Inhale my scent, sweet slave girl," Roxanne commanded. Calista's nose moved into the soft brown curls of Roxanne's bush and she drew in a deep breath remembering how often she did this when they lived together.

"You may worship my pussy, calista," her Mistress ordered. Calista kissed Roxanne's bush several times as she recalled that her Mistress had been smoothly shaved back then. Slowly her face descended towards the pussy she still loved from so long ago. She kissed Roxanne's pussy lips as though they were her mouth, listening to the long low moan from her Mistress. "God, it's been so many years, love," Roxanne softly murmured as Calista kissed the pronounced lips of her pussy again. Calista's tongue flicked over the edges of the closed pussylips and eagerly gathered the familiar nectar as it seeped from between them. Roxanne moaned deeply as she stroked and ran her fingers through Calista's hair.

Calista drew her tongue along the outsides of Roxanne's pussy lips causing her Mistress to groan with passion. She watched as Roxanne's clitoris slowly exited its hood seeking attention and Calista rubbed it with the tip of her nose. Roxanne's body quivered as the familiar tongue pleasured her. She sighed deeply as she placed the leather collar around Calista's neck and buckled it securely. Calista's mind brought back many memories of having been similarly collared by her Mistress. "Reach up and rub my nipples, calista," Roxanne ordered softly. Calista's hands slowly ascended against Roxanne's legs as her fingertips lightly touched her Mistress's soft skin as they wandered across her belly to finally cup her magnificent breasts. Her fingers touched the hard bullet shaped nipples and Roxanne shuddered with desire.

The submissive Calista began to gently roll, pinch, tug and tweak Roxanne's nipples and the older woman groaned with lust. Roxanne still quivered as she placed the leather restraints on Calista's wrists. She fastened the short chain to the slave girl's collar and immobilized Calista's arms. Roxanne groaned aloud as Calista parted her Mistress's pussy lips with her tongue then plunged her tongue deep into Roxanne's pussy. Roxanne held Calista's head to her sex as the younger girl's tongue swirled into the soft, pink, inner recesses of her pussy. Calista was enraptured as the familiar taste and fragrance of her Mistress was renewed. She withdrew her tongue to clasp her mouth on Roxanne's pussylips to pull at them with her lips.

Roxanne was in a state of pure bliss, but was concerned that she may cum too soon. She wasn't like Calista, who could endure multiple orgasms and relished the thought of more to come. Roxanne could prolong cumming, but would rarely cum more than twice at a single session. Releasing Calista's head she stepped back composed herself and moved behind her slave girl to kneel down. She placed her marvelous breasts against the soft skin Calista's back and pressed her large nipples into the girl's skin. Calista moaned as she felt those wonderfully hard nipples dig into her back once more. "Oh, that feels sooooo good, Mistress," Calista cooed. Roxanne sighed deeply as she wrapped her arms around her slave girl's waist and kissed Calista's shoulder.

Roxanne drew her tongue along Calista's shoulder to her neck then licked her way up her slave's neck to lick and nibble her earlobe. Calista sighed deeply as she felt the familiar tongue caress her body once again. "Ohhhhhh, Mistress, I love you so," she sighed as her body trembled. Roxanne gently tilted Calista's head back and kissed her lips deeply, probing for her slave's tongue to taste her own nectar upon it. Calista moaned with extreme desire as they kissed. Roxanne's hands traveled along Calista's body to her breasts and cupped the little titties in her palms. Calista groaned with lust, passion and love as her Mistress toyed with her. Roxanne's thumbs and forefingers closed over Calista's hard nipples as she began to gently roll, pinch, tug and tweak her slave's nipples. Calista groaned aloud as she felt her juices running from her pussy.

Roxanne squeezed Calista's nipples hard, eliciting a painful moan from the slave girl. It hurt, bringing old memories back, but it was a good hurt and it was administered by her lover; Calista endured the pain gratefully. Still holding her slave girl's nipples tightly, Roxanne arose from her knees to straddle her slaves' face, her pussy hovering above the slave's lips. Calista pushed her face upwards to cover her Mistress's pussy with her mouth; plunging her tongue deep into the familiar pussy. Roxanne cried out as she felt the tongue swirling in her slit, gathering her nectar. She grasped Calista's shoulders to steady herself as her slave sucked hard at her succulent pussy.

She pulled out hard on Calista's nipples and Calista groaned with delicious pain, until her nipples pulled free of Roxanne's fingers and thumbs. Roxanne unhooked the short chain that immobilized her slave girl's arms and commanded her to rub her nipples while she pleasured her pussy. Freed from her collar, Calista's thumbs and fingers closed over her Mistress's nipples and she rolled and rubbed them. Roxanne's nipples had always seemed wired directly her clit and this was no exception. She moaned anxiously as she felt the initial stirrings of orgasm deep inside her. Calista's tongue flicked over her Mistress's clitoris and Roxanne shuddered while the slaves' tongue swirled over her fleshy nubbin. Taking her Mistress's clit gently between her teeth and grazing its tip with her tongue, Calista was sending Roxanne headlong into orgasm.

Roxanne writhed and jerked her body as she held Calista's mouth to her pussy. She felt perspiration oozing from her pores to coat her lovely body with a sheen of sweat while her slave girl devoured her pussy. Calista pulled at her Mistress's nipples and rolled them in her thumbs and forefingers sending shivers of desire throughout Roxanne's body. Mistress Roxanne stiffened her body as she felt her orgasm mounting then cried out in ecstasy as powerful waves of her orgasm coursed through her body. Her body shuddered through the sustained sensations of cumming very hard. Her engorged clit was consumed by Calista's tongue as the intensity of her cum ripped through her loins. Finally she could take no more of the stimulation Calista gave her and she quickly dropped to her knees behind her slave girl.

Roxanne hadn't cum this hard since she had left Calista nearly ten years ago. She panted as her labored breathing nearly caused her to faint. Grasping Calista in her arms she held on to her slave girl while she desperately tried to recover. Unable to easily catch her breath, Roxanne laid her head on Calista's shoulder and held her close while she recovered. After a few moments, Roxanne's senses began to respond. She slowly recovered from her marvelous 'torment' of a long and sustained orgasm. "Oh God, calista, I haven't cum that hard since we lived together," she said in a near whisper. "My God that was so wonderful love ...sooo wonderful." Calista smiled as she renewed that wonderful feeling that she had once again pleased her Mistress after all those years apart.

Roxanne recovered her composure and she leaned against Calista's shoulders as she stood up. She moved in front of Calista to gaze down at her slave girl's face that glistened with her nectar. Bending to take her slave girl's nipples in her thumbs and forefingers, she pulled hard on Calista's little titties until her slave girl stood up. Calista groaned from the sweet pain that engulfed her nipples as she stood upright for her Mistress. Roxanne painfully pulled Calista by her nipples to a straight backed chair in the center of the Dungeon platform. She sat in the chair and bent Calista at her waist while she began to lick and suck the slave girl's nipples, moving from one to the other often. Calista writhed and moaned delightfully as her Mistress pleasured her nipples.

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