tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 27

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 27


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The sun awakened Calista as it shined brilliantly through the huge windows in her bedroom. She was still spooned with Roxanne and felt her former Mistress's marvelous breasts pressing on her back. Gone were the hard nipples she laid against last night when they went to bed. Calista turned quietly to gaze at her lover sleeping contentedly in the enormous bed in the Master bedroom. She had invited Roxanne to sleep with her following yesterday's events that included serving Roxanne in the Dungeon and a quiet secluded dinner afterward. They were both exhausted and went to sleep relatively early to rest in anticipation of today's resumption of activities within the Dungeon.

Calista slipped quietly out of bed, but her movement awoke Roxanne who lazily stretched and smiled at her lover. They quickly embraced and kissed deeply entwining their tongues, taking turns sucking them. Breaking the kiss, Roxanne immediately examined Calista's pussy and asscheeks to examine the welts that still rose above her surrounding flesh. She leaned into Calista to kiss the welts then hugged her lover tightly telling her that she loved her very much. Calista lay back next to Roxanne and waited for her friend and lover to fully come awake. She could not help seeing Roxanne's nipples harden, as they protruded beautifully from her breasts.

They talked about yesterday when Calista served her former Mistress and the wonderful memories it brought back. "Does Jack know about us and our activities in college?" Calista asked. Roxanne shook her head 'no' and told her that he probably would go ballistic if he knew. She was now the prim and proper wife of a very successful attorney that made lots of money, who was respected throughout the legal profession and social world of Virginia. Roxanne went on to say that her husband now interacted with a growing number of political clients that lived and worked in nearby Washington D.C. Many of his clients were in Congress or lobbyists. Her own renewed legal activities were not as spectacular as Jacks, but she expected to expand as her career resumed.

Calista made a mental note to avoid marking Roxanne's body when her former Mistress served her later in the day. She hopped out of bed and asked Roxanne to join her in the shower. Both women were already naked and walked hand in hand into the shower. The warm water felt good, except on Calista's still sore welts that marked her asscheeks and her pussy. Roxanne bathed her with special care and softly touched her welts with the soapy sponge. They exchanged several kisses throughout their shower. Both felt the stirrings of passions that they set aside now to rekindle them later in the day. The women dried one another and chatted about their college days. Calista asked about Roxanne's children and just like any other proud mother, Roxanne talked seemingly endlessly about them, as they dressed.

They entered the kitchen and Roxanne offered to fix breakfast. Calista accepted the offer and they continued to chat about their current lives with some interruptions for Roxanne to ask about where items were located in the kitchen. The roles of Calista's live-in submissives interested Roxanne very much and Calista explained how they assisted her in her various sessions. They were all bisexual and seemed more like family than live-in submissives. Each of them had household management duties as well as the services they provided her in Domination activities. All four of them were very well paid by Calista and she loved them very much. She added that both Bruno and Eric were also her bodyguards. They were always nearby, or participating, when she Dommed clients, especially male clients.

Following breakfast Calista gave Roxanne a tour of her estate. Roxanne marveled at the gardens, streams, ponds and lakes that abounded on the huge estate. Calista pointed out the vineyards and fruit orchards that were on the grounds. She remarked that the wine, fruit and vegetables grown on the estate produced enough income to pay nearly two thirds of the cost of running the estate. Her other investment income and the Domination revenues paid for the rest with a nice profit left over. Calista pointed out that she hired professionals to tend to the planting, tending and harvesting of the fruit and vegetables. The vineyard and winery were also operated by hired professionals. She amazed Roxanne when she told her that all of her hired help were her former or current submissives, thus she protected her estate and activities from the prying eyes of prudish or the 'righteous' fanatics.

They spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing in the surrounding countryside. It was nearly six o'clock pm when Calista decided that they should have dinner out at the Club restaurant. As she drove onto the freeway, Calista started to tell Roxanne about the Club and how it served mainly lifestyle members, but others too. It was a three star restaurant that had a private dining area for lifestyle affiliates only. Only lifestyle members were employed by the owner, who was one of the more prominent Dom's in the area.

She explained about the sex shows that were presented in the private dining area nearly every evening. They could stay and view the 'show' if Roxanne desired.

Talking about the 'show' led neatly into Roxanne's bringing up that she felt obligated to serve Calista just as she had served her last night. Calista told her that there was no obligation involved and she did not have to serve her if she preferred not to. "No, Calista, I insist. After all, you are the professional now and although last night was wonderful, I really want to submit to you tonight," Roxanne said emphatically.

"I understand, sweetheart," Calista replied, "Let me ask you if you have developed any limits that I'm not aware of, love."

"Not any limits, but I would ask you not to mark me with any marks that would not have gone away by the time I get home. Jack would just not understand and I want to avoid that type of situation." Roxanne said.

"Yes, sweetheart, you can stop worrying about that because I will respect your wishes." Calista pulled up to the Club's main entrance. As the valet walked over and opened the passenger door for Roxanne, she said, "Incidentally, Roxie, your session has just started." Roxanne was startled by Calista's remark. The valet helped them both from the car then took Calista's keys to park the car. Calista smiled at her 'new submissive' as they walked into the restaurant. They walked past the main dining room to enter the private dining area for lifestyle customers only. The guard at the door recognized Calista and opened the door for them. The matre` de greeted them and led the way to a table in front of the small stage. The two huge TV screens on each side of the stage were blank and the stage area was dark. Roxanne looked around the elegantly appointed private dining area, impressed with all she could see.

The matre`de told Calista that he wasn't sure if there would be a show tonight. The planned show was cancelled due illness and a substitute had not yet been found. Calista nodded and the women waited for their waiter. The head waiter stopped by to take their wine order and as usual, Calista ordered a bottle of Blush. Roxanne looked around the room, but to her it appeared as any other private dining area. There was no hint of any lifestyle activity anywhere. The head waiter reappeared and after the obligatory tasting ritual, he poured each of them a glass of blush. Sipping their wine Calista explained that the room was sealed off from the other areas of the restaurant and was totally sound proofed.

As they sipped at their wine glasses, Calista leaned toward Roxanne and whispered, "Roxie, as quietly as you can and without attracting attention, please remove your panties and place them next to your plate." Roxanne was stunned. Her mind raced back to years ago when she had similarly ordered Calista to do the same thing. Calista smiled as she patiently waited for Roxanne to comply. Realizing that she had no choice, Roxanne lifted her body slightly from her chair, placed her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and in a smooth motion pulled her panties down and off. She blushed a deep shade of pink as she placed her panties next to her plate. Calista noticed that the crotch of her white panties contained a wet spot brought on by the arousal she felt in coming to this lifestyle restaurant.

"May I put them in my purse, Calis…I mean, Mistress?"

"No," Calista answered calmly with a smile.

Roxanne swallowed hard and was startled when the waiter arrived to take their order. He gazed at her panties and at the prominent wet spot. "Would Madame like me to have these washed and dried?" he asked, knowing very well what had just occurred. Roxanne's face turned a deep red as she felt deeply embarrassed and humiliated. She looked first at Calista who slightly shook her head 'no' then she too, shook her head 'no'. Roxanne felt a deep heat engulf her body from her humiliation and whispered to Calista that she wanted to splash some cool water on her face. Calista denied her and told her to sip some more of the cool wine.

"Yes, Mistress, if that pleases you," Roxanne replied, barely audible.

"Yes, Roxie, it pleases me very much, thank you."

The waiter stood by listening and apparently undisturbed by the women's dialog between them. They ordered their food while Roxanne kept her eyes focused on her plate and wet panties. Several of the other patrons walked past their table and it seemed to Roxanne that they all stared at her wet panties next to her plate. A tall very good looking and distinguished man stopped at their table to greet Calista and exchange some small talk. She introduced him to Roxanne as Master Cromwell, and he smiled at her warmly then told her he adored her wet 'napkin'. He went on to tell Roxanne how fortunate she was to be serving Mistress Calista. "She is the best," he said then kissed their hands and took his leave.

"Do you know him well, Mistress?"

"Yes, well enough. He is a local Cardiologist, a longtime Master and also a switch that serves me two or three times a year."

"Do you switch, Mistress?"

"No, Roxanne, only to you, love," Calista replied. Roxanne smiled at her Mistress as the waiter brought their food. The women ate while they talked about many things, including current and past events. Unseen by Roxanne, Calista cut a small piece of her steak and brought it to her pussy to bathe it in her nectar. "Ummm, this steak is excellent, Roxie, here taste it," she said as she placed the piece on Roxanne's plate. Roxanne picked up with her fork and put it in her mouth. She started to chew then her taste buds recognized the familiar taste of Calista's nectar. She looked at her lover and smiled, shaking her head as she swallowed the meat. "Would you like another piece? I just love its special seasoning, don't you, love?" Roxanne nodded and Calista cut another piece and placed it on her plate after she 'seasoned' it in her pussy. Again her former Mistress accepted the morsel and eagerly ate the tender meat. "Too bad about the show being cancelled, but we'll have our own show to rave about tonight, Roxie," Calista said. Roxanne nodded in agreement as she grinned at her Mistress for the evening.

Calista told the waiter to place the check on her personal account with the club and include her usual gratuity. The waiter asked if they needed anything else and the women said 'no'. He thanked them for his tip then picked up Roxanne's panties and put them in his pocket. Outside the valet brought the car to the entrance, opened the doors then helped the ladies into the car. It was nearly dark as Calista drove off. She glanced at Roxanne and she told her, "Get naked for the ride home, Roxie." The older woman started to object, but quickly held her tongue and complied with her Mistress's command. In a few moments, Roxanne was as naked as the day she was born. "Masturbate for me, Roxanne, but do not cum or you will regret it."

While driving on the interstate highway, Calista put on the interior lights each time they passed a tractor-trailer, giving the driver a quick view of Roxanne naked and playing with herself. Roxanne was mortified, but complied with each demand from her Mistress. She thought about how humiliated Calista must have been when she compelled her to do the exact same things several times, when they lived together at college. Roxanne didn't regret it; she just felt that now she understood what her submissives went through to please her own perversions. Passing the next truck Calista reached to roll and twist Roxanne's nipple while the truck driver described what was happening, over his CB radio. Calista had turned on her own CB and they listened to the driver talk about 'The naked woman with big tits playing with herself.'

Finally, they stopped at the entrance gate of Calista's estate, punched in the proper code to open the gate and drove inside. Calista drove past the main entrance, to stop near the Tower Dungeon entrance. She told Roxanne to leave her clothes where they were, exit the car naked, crawl to the Tower Dungeon entrance, ring the doorbell and wait on her knees until someone opened the door. Roxanne was stunned as some of the groundskeepers were within sight of the door and sure to see her naked. She got out of the car, closed the door and heard the car doors lock. Calista smiled wickedly and walked away towards the main entrance while Roxanne reluctantly dropped to her hands and knees. She crawled to the Dungeon entrance door, pressed the doorbell and waited on hands and knees.

Several of the groundskeepers and other outdoor workers laughed and pointed at Roxanne as they called others to come and see the naked submissive. Mortified beyond her wildest expectations, Roxanne swallowed hard and waited for the door to open to save her from the gawking onlookers. After a few minutes, the door opened and Calista stood in the doorway wearing her red silk cloak. She told Roxanne to crawl inside and follow her on her hands and knees. Calista walked up the cold stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon with Roxanne crawling after her. Mistress Calista opened the heavy Dungeons oaken door and Roxanne crawled inside, followed by Calista. They stopped in the dimness of the Dungeon as Calista turned on the bright spotlight that illuminated the central platform. The rest of the Dungeon remained in semi darkness.

Roxanne looked about the foreboding Dungeon and wondered what was in store for her at Mistress Calista's hands. Roxanne was fitted with a leather collar around her neck with a leash attached to one of the many steel rings embedded in the collar. Calista led her with the leash, as Roxanne crawled, to the center of the Dungeon and onto the platform. The spotlights' beam was warm and a refreshing change from the cold air conditioned Dungeon. Roxanne was positioned to lie on her belly over a sling that supported her shoulders, waist and belly. But the sling left her breasts, pussy and ass easily accessible to Calista's whims and perversions. Calista placed Roxanne's wrists and ankles in padded manacles attached to chains on the sling. She activated the chains motors that lifted the bound submissive in the sling to Calista's eye level. Roxanne was spread eagled, exposed, naked and suspended five feet in the air. She moaned from dread of what was in store for her.

Calista stood just in front of Roxanne's face and let her silk cloak fall from her shoulders to the ground revealing her naked body. Her welts were not visible from Roxanne's position suspended above the platform. Calista walked under Roxanne and toyed with her lovely breasts as they pointed towards the floor. Her nipples hardened as Calista lightly drew her fingertips over her breast flesh and circled her areolas. Roxanne moaned from the delightful sensations of Calista's fingertips as they caressed her body. Calista began to rub her submissives nipples while Roxanne writhed in pleasure, thanking her Mistress as she toyed with her nipples. The Domina's thumbs and forefingers closed over the hard nipples to roll, pinch, pull and stretch them.

Roxanne groaned with discomfort as her nipples were stretched, but though they hurt, it was a good hurt. Calista nuzzled her face between the large breasts suspended for her pleasure. She licked, nibbled and sucked hard on the large nipples as her submissive moaned lustfully. Calista could see the moisture that seeped from her subs pussy to coat her labia and flowed to mingle in the soft curls of her bush. Roxanne sighed and moaned with a desire unmatched since she was the Mistress of Greek societies on campus of her University. Calista took one nipple in her mouth and bit it hard while she twisted the other nipple. Her sub cried out at the pain in her nipples as Calista switched nipples to bite and twist them again.

Mistress continued to torment the subs nipples with her fingers and teeth until the bound sub pleaded with her to stop. Her submissives' pleas went unfulfilled as Calista continued tormenting the now very sore nipples. Releasing the nipples Calista moved to her Implements and Toys table to select two short chains with clamps on one end and small three ounce lead weights on the other end. She opened the jaws of the clamps over Roxanne's hard nipples. The restrained sub lowered her head to see Calista release the clamp jaws as they snapped hard onto her tender nipples. Roxanne screamed as the pain coursed through her breasts and nipples when the clamps suddenly gripped them tightly.

Calista held the lead weights in her palms while she waited for her sub to stop screaming. When Roxanne's cries had diminished to small whimpers, Calista dropped the weights. The weights came to a painful and abrupt stop to bounce about. The weight pulled and stretched Roxanne's nipples horridly. She screamed and it felt as though both nipples had been shot, when the weights reached the ends of their chains. Tears ran down Roxanne's cheeks and she cried aloud from the pain. Calista walked under her to her face and licked the salty sweet tears from her cheeks while Roxanne continued to cry. A pang of regret rushed through Calista's heart as Roxanne's tears seemed to melt her resolve. After all, Roxanne was her former Mistress, lifestyle mentor and above all, her lover.

"Thank you, Mistress," Roxanne managed to whimper through her tears and subsiding pain. "I love the discipline and sweet pain you give me. I love you, Mistress Calista."

Her vigor was renewed by her submissives eager desire to continue to serve her. Calista grasped Roxanne's face in her palms and kissed her lips deeply. Roxanne returned the kiss with profound intensity as she sucked hard on Calista's tongue. She released her submissives face from her palms. The totally restrained woman hung her head down, her hair wet with perspiration which also coated her body. Calista kissed her way down her subs body to her neatly trimmed bush. She pulled at the soft curls with her lips as she approached Roxanne's pussy. The woman's clitoris had engorged and stood erect as Calista brushed it with her lips. Roxanne shuddered and tried to maneuver her bound body to force her clit against her Mistress's mouth, but Calista eluded her. She sighed with despair at her failed attempt to bring her Mistress's mouth to her throbbing clitoris.

Calista drew her tongue along the crease of Roxanne's thighs, where her thighs joined her torso and the submissive woman cried out with lust. She licked her inner thighs while intermittently placing tiny kisses on them too. Roxanne sighed with a deep passion and felt her pussy become sopping wet with her nectar. Calista let her subs pussy drip its nectar onto her fingers which she offered to her sub's lips. Roxanne eagerly licked Calista's fingers clean and whispered 'thank you' to her Mistress. Standing between her suspended submissives legs, Calista drew her tongue around the outsides of the girls' cuntlips. She licked up one side and down the other, completely avoiding the woman's clit as Roxanne groaned with disappointment.

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