tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 28

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 28


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Calista glanced at her appointments schedule for the day. Two new male submissives had been referred to her by the owner of the BDSM Club. Neither one knew the other and both were bisexual and wanted to be trained together with another bisexual male. She called for her live-in slaves to advise them that she may decide to include them in today's session. Beth and Ella left to prepare the Dungeon, while Bruno and Eric attended to their normal duties until their Mistress decided whether to call them to serve or to help her. The new 'client' dossiers revealed that neither of the new submissives specified limits nor did they request a 'safe word'. Calista closed the 'client' folders; stripped naked then wrapped herself in her black and red silk robe.

The door bell of the Tower Dungeon entrance rang. Ella announced that she would answer the door. She opened the door to find the new submissives naked and kneeling, as directed in the instructions they each had received. Both submissives thought that Ella was Mistress Calista and the greeted her saying, 'Hello Mistress Calista'. Ella advised them that she was not their Mistress, but instead her Mistress's live-in slave girl. She told them to crawl into the ante room and await the arrival of their Mistress, on their hands and knees. The new submissives marveled as they gazed at Ella's supple form, blue eyes, with blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, and her very shapely naked fully shaved body. She measured five feet, six inches tall and appeared to be in her late twenties. Her breasts were nearly thirty six with a C cup, well shaped, with no discernable sag and hard erect nipples. The new submissives' arousal was evident as their cocks engorged to splendid hardons.

Beth was twenty five years old, had dark eyes that sometimes appeared to be black, weighed one hundred and twenty pounds and was five feet five inches tall. She wore her jet black hair straight which fell to the center of her back. Her breasts were wonderfully shaped with areolas the size of fifty cent coins with nipples that seemed to always stay hard. Both submissives' cocks seemed to get even harder as they gazed at Beth's beautifully shaped and fully shaved body. Beth entered the ante room naked, carrying a Y chain leash. Attached to the tops of the Y shaped chain leash were two small half inch wide leather collars. Ella told the male slaves to rise up on their knees and identify themselves.

The dark haired submissive spoke first, announcing that his name was Reggie. He was twenty five years old, about five feet eleven inches tall, weighed one hundred ninety pounds, had average body hair with unshaved genitals. His cock was six plus inches long, nearly one and a half inches thick, uncircumcised and he had a virgin ass-hole. The other submissive identified himself as Tommy. He was thirty years old, six feet tall, weighed two hundred pounds, with thinning brown hair and fully shaved below his neck. He had a seven inch uncircumcised cock, nearly two inches thick, and a non virgin asshole from serving a prior Domme. Ella placed one of the small half inch wide leather collars tightly around the base of Reggie's average sized balls, and secured it. Beth did the same to Tommy's larger, heavier set of balls.

Mistress Calista watched and listened to the submissives on the closed circuit TV from the ante room area. She strode into the ante room haughtily, clothed only in her black silk cloak with a red silk interior. Both Ella and Beth kneeled on either side of their Mistress. Each, in turn, kissed then drew their tongues through Calista's moist slit, from the bottom of her cunt up and over her clitoris, in homage to their Mistress. Both gazed at the floor as Ella held the leash up so Mistress Calista could take it from her. The two male submissives mimicked Ella and Beth as they too looked down at the floor as Mistress examined them. Calista removed her cloak to stand naked. She told the slave girls to hurry up the stone steps to the Dungeon. They swiftly kissed her moist cunt again and hurried up the steps to the Tower Dungeon.

"Look at me," Calista commanded the two male submissives. They looked up to gaze at her five foot, five inch tall supple body at one hundred twenty five pounds, with barely thirty two B small titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, a long clit and a tight firm ass. They both looked up at their Mistress and they salivated upon gazing at her beauty while their cocks oozed precum. Neither of them expected their new Mistress to be as young and beautiful as Calista. They had not expected her to be naked so soon in their first meeting, either. Calista commanded them to each crawl forward on their knees and pay homage to their Mistress. Each submissive, in turn, kissed then drew his tongue through Calista's moist slit, from the bottom of her cunt up and over her clitoris one time, just as the slave girls had done. Calista's body trembled with lust as the slave tongues bathed in her nectar.

Holding the leash, Calista pulled it hard causing her new subs to groan at the sudden pain in their balls. She whirled around and pulled them by their balls as she began to climb the stone staircase that led to the Tower Dungeon. The sub's crawled on their hands and knees trying desperately to keep up with their Mistress as they followed her up the stone steps. At the top, Calista stopped outside the heavy oak door and knocked one time. Ella opened the door wide as Calista strode through painfully pulling her new subs by their balls into her Dungeon. They groaned from the pain she caused them as she deliberately jerked the leash hard. Inside, Calista lead them to a long two part padded bench, where her slave girls removed the small leather collars from their balls. Their Mistress directed them to get on the bench on their backs with their heads on the pillows at opposite ends of the bench. Calista's slave girls arranged the male sub's legs so one leg was under the others leg and the other leg over the others.

The slave girl's locked Reggie's and Tommy's wrists to manacles at the ends of the bench. Next, the girls urged the male slaves to scoot backwards towards each other, until their asscheeks touched one another's. Just below their balls between them was a wooden board with hasp and padlock fixed upon it. Mistress Calista bent over the males holding a pair of small pair of handcuffs, joined by a short chain. She tightly locked the handcuffs around the base of each slave's balls, joining them together by their balls. The final restraint was the hasp and padlock that fit over the chain of the handcuffs to prevent the slaves from getting up. "Now, sluts," Calista told them, "you are totally restrained, helpless, exposed, naked and vulnerable to my whims and perversions!" Fear suddenly swept through the male slaves minds as evidenced by the look of terror in their eyes and the softening of their hardons.

Calista nodded to Ella and Beth. The slave girls immediately kneeled by the bench and took their softening cocks into their mouths to restore their hardons. They sucked their cocks greedily and soon had resurrected their splendid hardons. The slave girls quickly straddled the male slaves' hips, facing one another, while their pussys hovered over the hard erect cocks. Each slave girl grasped the hardon underneath her pussy, placed it between her cuntlips. Then and in a single thrust impaled herself on a cock. They moaned with pleasure as the hardons filled their cunts. Both slave girls started to rise and fall on the marvelous cocks embedded in their delightful cunts. The two women began to play with each others clitoris while they licked and sucked at each others nipples, pausing often to kiss one another deeply. Calista activated a hidden motor in the bench that slowly began to move the two parts of the bench apart, to pull and stretch the males' balls.

The males yelped and groaned as the bench stretched their balls apart while the slave girls fucked themselves on their cocks. The pleasure from the girls fucking them, kept their cocks hard, but the pain at their balls slowed their willingness to cum. When the men became used to their balls being stretched, the pain at their balls subsided, only to be renewed by Calista as she drew the bench further apart. The men groaned from the pain, but relished the feelings in their cocks as the girls fucked them. Ella and Beth, unrestrained from cumming, moaned constantly from pleasure and sporadically convulsed in spectacular orgasms. They pulled and stretched each others nipples and kissed frequently while they fucked themselves. When they sensed that the males were approaching orgasms they each turned around to face their 'lovers'. They continued to fuck them, but bent over to slap the males' faces with their breasts in an effort to drive them towards orgasm.

Mistress Calista told the girls to pause fucking the male submissives and lift up slightly from the cocks impaling them. As the girls lifted their bodies, exposing the base of the males' cocks, Calista tied a rawhide cord tightly around the base of each cock. The rawhide formed a tight cock ring around each cock and would serve to prevent the males from cumming and from losing their hardons. The girls resumed fucking the now 'permanent' hardons that impaled them, while the male slaves groaned as their ability to cum was denied. Ella and Beth happily fucked themselves to multiple orgasms on the never ending hardons they rode. Calista knew that the girls' cunt juices would wet the rawhide and cause it to shrink as it dried, thus increasing the males 'pleasure'. The men groaned with discomfort from this new torment and began to grunt from the added pain. Calista moved the bench further apart again painfully stretching their balls even more.

Finally, the girls signaled Calista that they could cum no more and were approaching sensory overload from their repetitive orgasms. Calista nodded to them and they rose up a little to let Calista untie the rawhide cock rings then resumed fucking their respective male slave. Both males cried out nearly at the same time as their intensely sensitive cocks erupted in massive orgasms. The spewed their thick, pearly, gooey cum deep into the pussys of the slave girls perched on their cocks. Their balls further pained them severely as they tried to draw up tight, but the taut handcuffs prevented it. Both men's balls were completely drained of their seed as they filled the girls' pussy's to the brim with cum. They moaned and wailed at the pain in their balls as they spurted huge ropes of thick cum into the girls' cunts. Both cocks began to wilt as they stopped spurting and rapidly became flaccid while still in their cunt 'prisons'.

Just like they were trained to do, the slave girls reached under themselves to seal their cuntlips with their fingers around the cocks still partially inside them. This prevented the cum from leaking out of their pussys as they rose up to exchange fuck partners and straddle the males heads with their thighs. Calista ordered the male slaves to open their mouths wide to receive the girls' offerings. Both males tried to protest their Mistress's command to suck the other males cum from Ella and Beth. Calista smiled wickedly and pressed her remote control to move the parts of the bench even further away, causing both males to wail from the severe pain. As the males wailed in pain, the girls lowered pussys, filled with cum, onto the males' mouths. They squeezed their pussy muscles and expelled the cum inside them. Both Reggie and Tommy were resigned to their fate as their mouths filled with the other mans' cum.

The girls gripped each mans' head with their thighs then sealed off their nostrils to make them breathe through their mouths. Each time either Reggie or Tommy breathed; Ella or Beth squirted more cum into their mouths. Finally, each of the males relented and sucked the pussy on their mouth free of cum, relishing their 'cream pies' delightfully. Both girls experienced another magnificent orgasm as they sat on the male's faces to be cleansed. The girls lay on the males' chest to rest until they recovered. Finally, both Ella and Beth recovered sufficiently to dismount from the male slaves' faces and return to kneel by their Mistress. Calista bent to kiss Ella then Beth, tenderly on their lips and whisper how proud she was of both of them. Further, she told them they were free to leave or remain in the Dungeon as they wished. Both chose to stay and watch; or to help again if Mistress willed it so.

Calista nodded then asked the girls to release Reggie's and Tommy's wrists and feet from the restraints on the bench, but to leave the handcuffs on their balls in place. She turned to her new male subs and told them, "Each of you slowly turn over onto your hands and knees on the bench. Be careful and don't fall from the bench or you may just lose your balls. Your weight and the handcuffs on your balls may just tear your balls from your bodies." She grinned wickedly at both of them, as they struggled with how to accomplish turning over. Shaking her head, Calista added, "Why is it that I seem to always get the stupid male slaves," she wondered aloud. "Only one of you move first," she instructed them. Reggie went first, but even with only one of them moving, their balls still suffered great pain when they twisted in the handcuffs. He completed the move to be followed by Tommy and they both ended up on their hands and knees; their asses against each other's ass and their balls still held captive by the handcuffs.

Calista ordered Ella and Beth to place the males' wrists and legs in the manacles again. Again, the male slaves' wondered what torments their Mistress had in store for them. When the two of them were fully restrained once more, Calista removed the handcuffs from their balls. Reggie and Tommy both of them sighed a long sigh of relief when the handcuffs were removed from their balls. Calista moved to her Implements and Toys table to select an eighteen inch double headed dildo then returned to her slaves. She inserted each end of the two headed dildo into her precious pussy and lubricated the dildo with her own cunt juices. Calista collected some residual cum from their spent cocks and spread it all over their assholes. They groaned in unison as they looked with fear at the long two headed dildo that Calista showed them.

Realizing what Mistress intended to do with the dildo, they began beg and cry in protest. Calista ignored their pleas for mercy and proceeded to place the dildo into their assholes. She rocked Reggie forward on his hands and knees then placed the tip of the fake cockhead on his pinkish brown, tight asshole. Calista pushed the dildo and it began to enter Reggie's asshole, stretching it painfully. His sphincter resisted and the pain increased while Mistress Calista ordered him to relax. Calista ignored his cries to stop and increased the pressure until his sphincter surrendered. His sphincter parted to admit the bulbous fake cockhead. Now it was Tommy's turn. He too protested, but it did no good as Calista forced the dildo through his resisting sphincter and into his asshole. Finally, she maneuvered the flexible dildo inside both of their assholes as they groaned and protested.

Calista turned on the built in vibrator and fucking mechanism of the dildo, then sat down to watch her new subs enjoy her new specially built toy. A small wire was plugged into the center of the dildo and ran down into the padded bench. Underneath the bench was a compact generator that would deliver an electric jolt to the wearers of the dildo. The electric charge was insufficient to hurt them, but effective enough to cause the recipients sudden pain in their bowels, cocks and balls. Mistress Calista held the remote control for the electric device in her hand, unseen. She picked up a small silver bell and rang it. A few moments later, her two male live-in slaves and body guards, Bruno and Eric, entered the Dungeon naked with their large hardons swaying as they walked. Reggie and Tommy watched them intently as they kneeled to kiss and lick their Mistress's pussy to pay homage to her. They each took up a kneeling position in front of the two restrained submissives and waited for instructions.

"Slaves Reggie and Tommy," Calista began, "these are my male live-n slaves. The excellent blond specimen is Eric and the dark haired hunk of a man is Bruno. You may now beg Eric and Bruno to allow you to suck their beautiful cocks, cum in your mouths and be permitted to swallow their cum." Both of the submissives were visibly shaken at the sight of the two Adonis's, their oiled bodies shining as they knelt. Neither Reggie nor Tommy spoke as they looked at Calista, their eyes seeking mercy. "I shall not ask you again. Instead I will prod you for obedience and if you refuse you can expect the prodding will continue indefinitely," she told them. The submissives, unaware of the generator wired to their dildo, remained silent. Mistress Calista grinned wickedly then pushed the button on her remote control. The electric current painfully jolted through the restrained subs bowels, cocks and balls for several seconds. They screamed throughout their electrifying experience.

Calista stopped the current and both subs cried out for 'mercy'. "Mercy?" she questioned their request, "That word is not in my lexicon, sluts!" Their eyes reflected their total fear of their Mistress as she feigned pressing the remote button again. They both shouted that they would obey and Calista sat back to wait for their compliance.

"Please, Eric, let me suck your cock until you cum in my mouth and allow me to swallow your cum," Tommy begged Eric. Reggie offered the same plea to Bruno. Calista's kneeling male slaves rose to their feet, stepped closer to the restrained subs to rub their cocks over their respective faces. Both Eric and Bruno's cocks were oozing thick clear precum which they deposited on the subs lips, cheeks, eyelids and noses. Tommy opened his mouth and Eric drew back his ample foreskin as he slipped his massive cock into Tommy's mouth. Gliding his huge eight inch cock over Tommy's tongue, Eric stopped his cockhead just before it entered the subs throat. Reggie similarly opened his mouth wide as Bruno slid his huge hardon into Reggie's mouth until his cockhead too, barely entered the submissives throat.

Both submissives knew that knew that if they failed to suck the cocks in their mouths; Mistress Calista would punish them severely with her electrified dildo. Bruno slowly pulled his abundant foreskin back to rest his velvety uncovered cockhead on Reggie's tongue. Swirling his tongue all around Bruno's cockshaft, Reggie sealed his lips tightly on the huge cock in his mouth. Bruno drew his cock back slowly while Reggie slathered it with his tongue. He licked the sensitive spot just below the cleft of Bruno's cockhead. Bruno moaned with pleasure as he slowly fucked Reggie's mouth with his massive cock. Eric repeated the moves on Tommy that Bruno used on Reggie. All four moaned with pleasure as Calista's live-in slaves fucked the subs mouths. The two bi-curious subs had wanted to experience bisexuality and now eagerly accepted the two huge cocks they sucked.

Eric and Bruno established a rhythm of thrusting inward, which forced the two subs to back into one another; forcing the dildo deeper into their assholes. Every so often, Eric and Bruno would slide their cockheads into their cocksuckers' throats. Initially, both submissives gagged when the huge cockheads entered their throats. But, after a few deep throat thrusts they accepted the cocks deep into their throats, relishing the experience. As the two subs happily sucked the live-in slaves' cocks they swirled their tongues over the sensitive spots to enhance Eric and Bruno's pleasure. Reggie and Tommy happily enjoyed Eric and Bruno's balls as they slapped hard against their chins. Their pleasure increased when they tasted the thick salty sweet precum that seemed to pour from the cocks they sucked.

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