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Calista's Dungeon Ch. 29


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The rain pelted Calista as she hailed a taxi outside Heathrow airport in London. The cab pulled up to the curb and Calista hopped inside to avoid the downpour while the cab driver struggled to collect her bags and stow them in the boot. As he settled behind the wheel Calista handed him a card with Lord Oliver's address and with a smile on her lips. The cabbie looked at the address and back at Calista and grinned as he said, "Oh yes, I've been at this address several times, Miss. It won't take too long to get there." Calista nodded and sat back in the seat as the taxi rumbled out of London proper and soon was in the English countryside. The dark clouds looked ominous and the occasional thunder clap preceded by lightning added to the gloom of the day. "Tell me, Miss, are you a member of Lord Oliver's social group?" The Cabbie asked. Calista pondered her reply for a few moments.

"I'm a friend of Lord Oliver. I met him in America on several occasions. I've known him for nearly four years." Calista replied. Then after a pause she inquired, "Why do you ask?"

"No reason, Ma'am, it's just that there rumors about wild parties at his Great House and I wondered in the tales were true."

"Oliver does enjoy having a good time, but since this is my first time to visit him here in the UK, I don't really know anything about 'wild parties'. But I would imagine that as Headmaster of the Academy, I don't think he would indulge himself in 'wild' parties." Calista answered him. That seemed to satisfy him for the moment and Calista settled back to enjoy the ride as best she could in spite of the rain. They travelled in silence for the rest of the trip until the taxi left the main highway to turn onto a country road and head toward a heavily wooded area. The cabbie told her that the Great House was in the center of the forest ahead, but it would take several minutes to get there. Calista nodded and they drove through the woods without speaking further.

Calista nearly nodded off as they drove as she was a bit unsettled with jet lag. Just as she was about to doze off to nap the taxi pulled up to an iron gateway that blocked the lane to Lord Oliver's estate and stopped. She saw a new land rover parked on the other side of the gate. The driver of the land rover got out of the car and opened a huge umbrella as the gate swung open to let him, and the umbrella, walk through and stop at the taxi's door. The man opened the taxi door and helped Calista out of the cab and walked her to his Rover under the umbrella. The cabbie transferred her luggage to the Rover, was paid and he drove off. The Rover driver drove without speaking to Calista while she wondered what his service to Lord Oliver was. It took another twenty minutes to reach an opening in the road where the Tudor style Great House came into view. Calista was astounded at how large the house was. Now she understood why Oliver and others called it the Great house; it was indeed enormous.

Driving past the gardens overflowing with neatly trimmed bushes and numerous beds of multi colored flowers, Calista was taken aback at the display of opulence before her eyes. The Rover headed toward the covered entrance of the Great House and Calista was surprised again at its size. She had been to Biltmore, in Asheville, North Carolina, which has over two hundred rooms, but Lord Oliver's Great House seemed nearly half again larger. The driver saw Calista, in the rear view mirror, looking at the house with an astonished look on her face and he spoke to her. "Ma'am, the Great House was built in 1750 and contains nearly three hundred rooms counting the pool, gymnasium, theatre and the bowling alleys. It's been in Lord Oliver's family since they built it." He pulled under the covered stone entrance to the house, got out and opened the door for Calista. He took her hand to help her climb the stone steps to the massive oak door. The door opened and a tall good looking older man dressed as a Butler escorted her inside saying, "Hello Mistress Calista, my name is Robert. I'm Lord Oliver's Butler. Please follow me, Miss."

Inside Calista admired the elegant furnishings and the various huge portraits and tapestries on the walls. Robert led her to a large sitting room, helped her to remove her light coat and bade her sit as he would go tell Lord Oliver that she had arrived. Calista wondered if he had called he 'Mistress' because he knew she was a Domina, or because it was customary to use the word with female guests of Lord Oliver. She sat down in a large high winged armchair and her eyes roamed about the room as she waited for Oliver to appear. Soon her examination of the room was interrupted by a booming voice as Lord Oliver entered the room. "Calista; how wonderful to see you. I do hope your flight was comfortable and also the drive here to Broadmoor, as we call our home." She smiled to herself over Oliver's use of the words 'we' and 'our' as though he were royalty.He embraced Calista and kissed her cheek as he hugged her. "I'm so happy that you have finally come to visit. Come let me give you a short tour. Later you can inspect Broadmoor to your hearts delight." Taking her arm, Oliver led her out of the sitting room and into the massive recesses of the Great House on her first tour of the Great House.

Mush later, Calista found her self alone in her huge bedroom complete with a canopy bed and all the feminine accouterments a lady could desire or require as a guest in the Great House. She opened a dresser drawer and found, to her delight, that all of her lingerie and casual wear had been unpacked and placed in the dresser drawers. In the walk in closet she found her other clothes neatly hanging there, including some of her rarely used Dominatrix wear. She decided to take a shower and freshen up before joining Oliver in his study. Calista removed her clothes and stood naked before the full length mirror in her room. She gazed at her body and thought, 'Not bad for 32 years.' Her small breasts, at just barely a 32B cup, were still pert without any hint of sagging. Her pink nipples hardened as she momentarily flicked her fingers over them. 'Always ready,' she thought and smiled. Calista's skin was silky and covered her 125 pounds smoothly to accentuate her height of 5' 5". Her flat tummy ended in the perfect smooth shaved mons, pussy and of course her signature big long, clitoris. She turned to view her lovely firm asscheeks which were the envy of all the Dominants, submissives and slaves that had served her.

Calista moved into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower to discover a constantly very warm, but not hot, stream of water that burst from the showerhead. She put on a shower cap to keep her hair dry and then washed her beautiful body with an expensive body wash that was provided by Lord Oliver for his feminine guests. When she finished she enjoyed the luxury of drying herself with a very fluffy terry cloth towel. She put on a translucent white robe and stepped into her bedroom. She was surprised to find Lord Oliver sitting in a brocade upholstered chair. "My, Calista, you look so inviting in that nearly see through robe." He said while he looked at her and grinned like a naughty boy with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Is that an invitation, m' Lord?" Calista asked demurely. Oliver laughed and mumbled something about his invitation to her was always open.

"I just learned that I have an urgent and unexpected need to travel to Glasgow this afternoon for a few days and I wanted to discuss in more detail why I asked you to come here to the UK to visit." He began. "Please sit down, Calista and I'll explain." Calista chose to sit in a similar chair close, but opposite Oliver. "When we spoke on the phone last week, I told you about a young female teacher who somehow learned about me and our lifestyle. She called me several times and I put her off until about two weeks ago. She told Robert that she had a need that could only be satisfied by a Dominant, and that she had been told to contact me." Oliver continued, "One evening she called when I was at home and Robert, my Valet and Butler, suggested that I talk with her. She told me that she needs to serve either a Dom or a Domme to satisfy her need for submission and humiliation." Calista perked up as he talked about Domination and she shifted in her chair causing her robe to fall open on one side to expose her lovely breast to Oliver's view. He swallowed hard and chose to try and ignore the perfectly shaped titty that pointed at him with its pink bullet shaped nipple.

"Her name is Katie, short for Katherine I think, in her early twenties and she is a school teacher." Oliver continued, "She has read many erotic stories on the internet and has even attempted some bondage and self 'torments' such as clothespin clamps and denied herself orgasms for days and sometimes weeks. But as you know, dear Calista, a submissive needs to submit to someone; a Dominant that will teach them the pleasures of discomfort, pain, bondage and the loss of will to experience the sexual need they so passionately seek." Oliver let those words sink into Calista's mind as he enjoyed viewing her extraordinary tit as it peeked out at him through a the gap in her robe. "I want you to spend as much time as needed to convert Katie from her ordinary existence to that of a total submissive. She should be trained in all the submissive and sexual arts needed to serve her Dominant Mistress or Master which will free her from the burden of exercising her 'free will'."

Calista thought for a time before she spoke then told Oliver, "Of course I accept the opportunity that you have given me, m' Lord."

"Thank you, dear Calista, for accepting this challenge and for invigorating me with this awesome mammary gland that you unwittingly exposed." He swiftly leaned forward and kissed Calista's exposed nipple. He didn't linger at her breast, though he wanted to, but he knew that she needed more information since he would be gone for over a week. "What ever you require, just ask Robert to provide it for you. He is extraordinarily resourceful and has complete access to everything here at Broadmoor. He will show you the Dungeon, cells, cages, implements that you will need and the toys to amuse yourself, and your submissive. Robert is getting a bit long in the tooth, but don't sell him short. He is more capable than most of the younger men in all facets of human endeavor." Oliver and Calista both stood as she pulled her robe snug, to hide her breast inside her robe. Oliver turned to leave as Robert stood in the hallway and was to take him to Heathrow airport. Calista called out to them just as they reached the front door. Both men turned to see a grinning Calista standing naked and blowing them a kiss. Both men inhaled a deep breath, then smiled and left through the front door shaking their heads. Calista awoke in her opulent bedroom to the sound of a silver tray being placed on a table next to her bed. Robert smiled and greeted her. "Good morning Miss, breakfast is served along with coffee. When you are ready we shall begin examining the Dungeons." Robert turned and left as Calista scooted to the edge of the bed to have her breakfast. Soon after Robert escorted Calista through the main rooms and into the well lighted Dungeons. He explained the lighting controls and offered to work them for her if she needed him during her work with the new submissive and also in any other chore she wished done. Robert gave her a master key that would open every room in the Great House except for Master Oliver's private chambers accessed through Masters' closet. That was off limits to him too, he assured her. Calista told him she would just explore the Great House and if she got lost she would call him on the intercom or on the telephone to come rescue her.

"Very good, Mistress Calista," Robert said resuming his servants status, "At five o'clock pm, I am going to fetch Katie and bring her here to Broadmoor to introduce you and have the training begin." He left to return to his duties and Calista happily explored the Great House as much as possible during the day. Soon she returned to enter the Dungeon and meticulously inspect each implement and toy. Oliver had a vast variety of dildo's, butt plugs, canes, clamps, whips, crops, floggers and restraints of all kinds and types. There seemed to be no end to the tools of bondage and restraints; obviously this was a well stocked Dungeon. Robert appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, with a luncheon tray for two and escorted Calista to a small room off the Dungeon with a table and chairs. He placed the tray on the table and held the chair as Calista sat to eat. He took up his sandwich and started to leave when Calista called to him.

"Robert, please stay and we'll lunch together." She said. He took a deep breath as though he was going to excuse himself and leave, but Calista told him, "Please Robert, I would very much enjoy your company for lunch and as you can see there are two chairs." The older man tried to stifle a grin, then consented and sat down opposite Calista. "Thank you, Robert. Please uncork the Chardonnay and pour for us both." They ate and chatted about the Great House and all things British. Robert was a well schooled man and had obviously attended University. His knowledge of history, the arts including BDSM, music and nearly any topic that came up during their lunch.

Calista had a better appreciation for Robert at the conclusion of lunch. He was descendant from a long line of Butlers and Valet's that had served at Broadmoor. His father had been a decorated Spitfire officer pilot in the Royal Air Force during the battle of Britain and had become a triple ace by wars end. Robert grew up at Broadmoor while his father served Lord Oliver's father. He and Oliver grew up and were educated together. He worked at the Great House at various jobs until his father retired and he became the resident Butler and Valet. When they finished lunch Robert held Calista's chair as she arose to return to the Dungeon. Robert collected the trays and followed her into the Dungeon where he said he had to attend to the household tasks. As he reached the Dungeon door, he turned and smiled at Calista, "Thank you for the lovely view that you gave Lord Oliver and my self when he and I left for the airport yesterday." He turned and left as Calista grinned from ear to ear. Yes, Calista thought, Robert was indeed an interesting and extraordinary man.

Calista left the Dungeon just before Robert went to fetch Katie. She went to her room to shower, shave her self and applied the scant makeup she used on her lips and nipples. Naked, she selected her black leather floor length cloak and placed a small leather slapper and a small flogger in inside pockets of her cloak. She glanced out the window on the staircase as she descended the staircase to see the car coming out of the woods that surrounded Broadmoor. Calista went into the sitting room to await the arrival of Katie, her novice submissive. Hearing the car stop at the entrance door, Calista opened her cloak around her lower legs as she prepared to welcome her new submissive. Robert escorted the young woman into the sitting room and announced, "Katie, this is Mistress Calista...Mistress, here is Miss Katie." Then Robert retreated from the sitting area leaving the two women alone.

"Hello, Katie," Calista said to the young woman as she looked her over from head to toe.

"Hello, Mistress," Katie replied softly, barely audible.

"Katie, I'm not your Mistress yet, so you needn't call me by that name. If we get along and you agree to enter my service then you will have the privilege of calling me Mistress." Calista said as she gazed at the tall girls' golden curly locks, the lovely curve of her hips and her long lovely thighs and calves. "Please sit down in this chair while we chat, Katie." Calista said and she pointed to a straight backed chair that she had placed there specifically for this 'interview'. Katie walked to the chair and Calista could see her breasts and nipples pushing against the fabric of her top. The young woman, about age twenty two to twenty five, sat down, but seemed uncomfortable in the chair just as Calista had hoped she would be. Katie straightened her back causing her tits to push hard against her top and her skirt rode up a bit to expose her graceful legs and the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings. The young woman held her legs together as she sat rather stiffly, trying to hold her four inch pumps together too. Calista stared at Katie until the young woman lowered her eyes to gaze at the floor. 'She's mine,' Calista thought. Katie fidgeted with her fingers as she kept looking at the floor, unsure of what to do next. Calista interrupted her thoughts when she asked, "Tell me, Katie, why do you want to serve a Dominant?"

Katie blinked several times trying to find the right words, and finally said, "Ma'am, I believe that I need to be told or directed in what to do and how to act in my life. I need someone to make decisions for me that I otherwise would not make. I have private needs that I find difficult to discuss or participate in, because I have no direction or idea as how to address these needs, Ma'am."

"You are a beautiful young woman, Katie. Most women would love to have your beautiful face and marvelous body. I should think that you would have dashing young men falling all over themselves just to take you for a cup of tea or the movies." Calista said to her. Katie smiled nervously and looked down to the floor again.

"I feel a need to be made to submit to another's wishes and desires; to torment me both mentally and physically. To humiliate me and cause me to do what I crave, but cannot bring my mind to permit me to do it to myself." Calista saw the young woman's lip quiver as she spoke with her eyes still cast down at the floor.

"Very well, Katie, let's move on a step further, shall we?" Calista said to her. "Stand up, Katie." The young woman stood up uneasily, still looking down. "Take your shoes off, please." Calista instructed her. The girl complied and now stood in her stocking feet while Calista continued, "Please remove all of your clothes and look directly at me as you do so." Calista directed and Katie began by unzipping her skirt and letting it drop around her ankles before she stepped out of it. Calista took a deep breathe as she fixed her eyes on the perfectly formed legs of this young woman. Next, Katie unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip from her shoulders to the floor to stand in her pink bra and panties. Calista felt her pussy becoming moist as the lovely creature before her stripped. Katie fumbled with her panties, then stopped to try and unhook her bra, but fumbled about with that too. "Remove your bra first, dear." Calista instructed her.

Katie fumbled around nervously with both her hands behind her back trying to find the hook of her bra. "It's a front clasp, isn't it?" asked Calista. Katie realized that the clasp was indeed on the front and she felt so stupid as she unhooked the clasp and removed the bra letting it flutter to the floor. Calista nearly gasped when she saw the girls' magnificent breasts. She correctly judged them to be a C cup and they seemed to rise up when her bra was removed. Katie had truly classic breasts that defied gravity as they stood proudly pointing at Calista and topped by rich pink areolas and bullet hard pink nipples, protruding outward. Calista took another deep breath and motioned for Katie to remove her lacy hi cut pink panties. The girl hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties and pushed them down to reveal a lovely trimmed bush and a glistening pussy, wet with her nectar. She was a remarkable beauty, tall, leggy and gorgeous, standing naked except for her thigh high stockings which clung to her thighs.

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