tagBDSMCalista’s Unhappy Love Affair

Calista’s Unhappy Love Affair


By James Lacy. This story is the property of the author. It is not to be changed in any way, nor published or shown at other web sites without the permission of the author.

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Calista had been training her submissive Nina for over a year. She had grown very fond of the young woman and finally realized that she truly loved her. Calista had always stressed that her Domination lifestyle was more about love and trust than about control and pain. Nina seemed the perfect partner and submissive to Calista’s Dominant will. Slowly the beautiful young woman with the long blonde hair, magnificent breasts and shapely body had come to dominate most of Calista’s thoughts. Her sessions with Nina became more like love fests than occasions of Dominance. There was less and less control and domination and more and more long enduring engagements of making love to one another. Calista so looked forward to these times together, that she no longer held the sessions in her Dungeon, but instead they would meet in her bedroom and make love to one another.

Occasionally, Nina would ask her Mistress to Dominate her by pulling her hair or by binding her by her hair. Other times it would be light spanking sessions where Calista spanked Nina’s pussy until the girl would cum hard from the spanking. The occasions where Nina would be tightly and helplessly bound to endure the whip or flogger were so few and far between that Calista no longer looked forward to those times. Her love for Nina was total and complete. They enjoyed one another as lovers, not slave girl and Domina. Nina still lived apart from Calista, but she would be at the Domina’s estate nearly every day, sometimes spending the night. Calista’s live in slaves wondered if their Mistress was doing the right thing in allowing Nina to be so much of the Domina’s life. Although Calista did not ignore her live in slaves, they were less a part of Calista’s life these days, than before.

This was the first time that Calista had fallen head over heels in love with a woman, and a submissive at that. Previous love trysts had always involved a Master or some male out of the lifestyle. None had lasted more than a few months and even Calista knew in her heart, that it was more infatuation than love. Nina, however, was much more than that. Calista truly cared about her. She had brought her into the lifestyle as a novice and trained her thoroughly. But each session brought them closer and closer as Nina, professed her total love for her Mistress. “I love you tons, Mistress,” Nina would tell her even under the most trying circumstances of her submission. In turn, Calista never denied Nina the release of orgasm, even though she teased her with denial often. Further, Nina’s welts and marks were always soothed by Calista’s tongue to ease the hurt.

Finally, Calista began telling, her Nina, that she truly loved her and soon the training sessions became love trysts as Calista fell deeply in love with her erstwhile slave girl. So it was at their fateful meeting one afternoon at Calista’s estate. Nina arrived, resplendent in her beauty, and captivated her Mistress once again. They made love for hours in Calista’s bed, being served to their every need by the live in submissives. The live in slaves were happy that their Mistress had found love at long last, but each of them harbored dark thoughts about the relationship. Calista dismissed them for the afternoon and evening, giving them instructions to not return until after midnight. Uneasily, they submitted to their Mistress’s wishes and departed, leaving Calista and Nina alone.

After an initial hour of very light Dominance by Calista, involving light spanking of Nina’s pussy to orgasm, Calista delivered her self into Nina’s hands. “Oh God, Nina, I love you so much,” Calista declared her love to her. “I am yours, love…I surrender to you, lover. Do with me as you will, sweet, sweet Nina,” Calista declared. Nina embraced her lover and kissed her deeply, confessing her love for her former Mistress as they alternated suckling one another’s breasts and kissing passionately. Nina, always desiring to use her hair as an instrument of love making, began lightly brushing her long blonde tresses against Calista’s body. She trembled with desire, as Nina’s hair became an instrument of arousal for Calista. “Oh my sweet love,” Calista, whispered to her lover, “I deliver myself into your loving hands…do with me as you like…as it pleases you, sweet Nina.”

Nina began by laying Calista down on the bedroom floor to rub and play with her pussy and clit. Calista moaned in pleasure as her lover aroused her passions to seemingly new heights. Her pussy was wet and her nectar flowed under the loving hands of Nina’s manipulations. Calista purred in delight as her loins churned with the need to cum while Nina played and toyed with her. “No, you may not cum, darling,” Nina told her, as Calista struggled to refrain from orgasm, to please her lover. Nothing else mattered to her other than to please Nina’s desires and wants. “I love you Calista,” whispered Nina as she ‘tormented’ Calista’s clit, trapping it between her wet cuntlips to roll and tantalize it. Calista moaned with total bliss at the affections showered on her by her lover.

Each time Calista neared orgasm, Nina would deny her and shift her attentions to other less sensitive areas of the Domina’s body. “Oh, Nina…please…please let me cum…I shall go mad if you don’t,” Calista pleaded, but Nina had learned the game too well and continued denying her the final joy of making love. Calista’s body churned with desire and the absolute need to cum, but to no avail. Nina was in charge in this new game and she played it well, having been taught by Calista’s expertise. Soon, Nina’s mouth covered her lovers’ pussy and she plunged her tongue deep into the soft pink inner folds of Calista’s pussy, sucking the nectar into her throat to swallow it. Calista’s eyes rolled in their sockets as the former slave girl teased and tormented her, only to deny her outlet again.

Nina reached to Calista’s little titties to rub them lightly then grabbed her nipples to twist them savagely. Calista moaned with surprise and pain, but welcomed the role reversal as an erotic game, with some discomfort to provide the spice of love. Nina’s face seemed more sneer than smile as she exacted pain from her willing lover. She spread Calista’s legs wide and grabbed huge locks of her long blonde hair to stuff into Calista’s pussy. Calista groaned with passion as she felt her cunt being filled with Nina’s hair while her nipples were being twisted and pulled. She cried out in pain and Nina seemed to gain energy from Calista’s painful cries. Nina roughly pulled her hair out of Calista’s pussy to wipe the cunt juice soaked hair all over Calista’s face. Fueled with a new sense of empowerment, Nina handcuffed Calista’s wrists behind her and collared her with a stiff leather collar.

Nina attached a leash to the collar and brought Calista to her knees, fastening the leash to the bed’s footboard. Calista was dumbfounded, but recalled that she had surrendered to her lover and she trusted Nina implicitly. After all, Nina loved her and would soon release her to join her in a mutual orgasm, Calista told herself. Nina grabbed Calista’s hair painfully and pulled her former Mistress’s face into her hot sopping wet pussy, shouting, “Suck it bitch!” Calista, surprised and confused by her lovers actions, meekly complied as she tongued her lovers pussy until Nina erupted in a massive orgasm. “Again, bitch!” she ordered, holding Calista’s face at her cunt, drenching her face in her juices.
Nina came several times, sometimes just from pulling and twisting Calista’s hair, maddened by her sudden powerful status over her former Mistress.

The ‘games’ still held Calista on the edge of cumming and she desperately needed release, but Nina continued denying her. Exasperated, Calista eyes welled up to send tears rolling down her cheeks. The tears had no effect on Nina as she sneered at her lover, bound naked and chained to the footboard.
Nina dressed quickly and unlocked one of Calista’s wrists to handcuff her hands in front of her. She ordered Calista to crawl naked on hands and knees down the stairs and out into the warm late afternoon. Nina pulled and jerked at Calista’s leash, cursing her for being such a slow bitch, accentuating her curses with hard slaps of her hand across Calista’s asscheeks. Calista seemed dazed at the turn of events and knew in her heart that Nina was only playing little dominance games with her, which would ultimately lead to furious love making between them. She was mistaken.

Nina pulled the crawling Calista along by the leash she held in her hands, using the leather leash handle to strap Calista’s ass hard, leaving red marks, some of which rose into deep red welts. She pulled her captive lover into a park that adjoined Calista’s estate. Jerking the chain hard, she caused Calista to fall to the ground bruising her little titties and scraping her knees. “Please, Nina, don’t pull me so hard, my wrists are cuffed and you’re hurting me, love,” Calista said to her, tears still running down her cheeks.

“Shut up, slut cunt!” Nina rebuked her severely, as she jerked the leash again. Calista was thoroughly bewildered by the sudden turn of events from her lover. Nina brought Calista to a playground slide in the park and handcuffed her, on her knees, to the steel rungs of the slides ladder. She attached the chain to a higher rung and stood back to curse and berate her former Mistress, chained naked to the slide. A young couple walking through the park stopped to watch Nina as she slapped Calista’s face, calling her a common whore cunt. Seeing them watching, Nina asked the woman, “Why don’t you have this bitch eat your cunt?”

“Do you really mean that?” the young woman asked incredulously. Nina smiled wickedly and nodded. The young woman looked at her boyfriend who grinned and told her to go ahead. Emboldened, the woman took down her panties and tossed her skirt over Calista’s head bringing her pussy to her mouth.

“Suck her cunt, bitch!” Nina ordered, striking Calista’s ass hard with her open hand. Calista began to lick the woman’s pussy, glad that she was under the skirt to salvage some of her self esteem from this horrid turn of events. The woman ground her cunt hard into Calista’s face, hurting her as she licked the heavily haired over cunt. Finally, the woman grunted and came hard into Calista’s mouth. Her juices were not very tasty and Calista gagged angering Nina. “Can’t even follow simple orders without embarrassing me, you whore!” Nina berated her, as the woman stepped back to reveal Calista’s face glazed over with her juices.

“Do you mind, Miss?” the boyfriend asked as he rubbed the bulge in his pants, obviously aroused at seeing his girlfriend get her pussy sucked.

“No, I don’t mind at all,” Nina grinned, “Suck his cock, bitch!” The man moved quickly in front of Calista and pushed his cock onto her lips. “Open your filthy mouth, slut, and suck his cock ‘til he cums in your mouth!” demanded Nina. Sobbing, Calista meekly complied as she opened wide to let him slide his cock over her tongue into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cockhead, hoping to make him cum quickly, but Nina pushed the man’s ass, driving his cock deep into Calista’s throat making her gag and cough. “You stupid cunt! I said suck his cock! If I wanted you to gag and cough I would have told you so!” Nina told her. Calista, disorientated and confused, sucked the strange cock hard, as she could not believe what her lover, Nina, was doing to her.

The man moaned as he fucked Calista’s mouth, driving his cock deep into her throat several times before he groaned and blasted his thick white cum into her mouth. After two or three spurts of cum into her mouth, he withdrew his cock to spurt several more wads of cum on her face and onto her hair. Calista was openly crying and sobbing while Nina stood laughing at her. She repositioned Calista so she was chained to the ladder on her hands and knees and unable to stand. Another man, dirty and filthy walked up to Nina and she told him to make Calista suck him off too. Calista resisted and Nina whipped her with a switch taken from a nearby tree branch.

Sobbing profusely, Calista opened her mouth to accept the man’s filthy unwashed cock into her mouth. The taste of his cock was horrible, as he hadn’t washed it for several days. Calista gagged and vomited as Nina laughed, telling her to suck that ‘wonderful’ cock or she would make her eat her own vomit. Crying and feeling totally violated, Calista began to suck the horrid cock. The man had great resistance and Calista could not easily make him cum, prolonging her humiliation while Nina and the young couple laughed at her. “See you, bitch,” Nina called to her as she and the young couple began to walk away from her, “Be a good little cum slut whore, you worthless cunt!”

Nina laughed as she walked away slowly, turning to look and giggle at Calista’s predicament. As the three of them walked away, the filthy man grunted loudly and spewed his bitter cum into Calista’s mouth. He mimicked the younger man by spurting several cum wads onto Calista’s face and hair. “Have fun, lover,” Nina called out to taunt her as she walked out of the park. More people gathered around Calista to have their way with her. She was totally numb by her circumstances. There was no arousal, nor pleasure in being raped by the large gathering of men and women waiting their turn to be fellated, fuck her or have their pussys sucked. Calista could hear Nina’s taunts as she left the park, condemning Calista to her fate. Her screams for help went unanswered as cock after cock violated her mouth, cunt and asshole.

Time seemed to cease for Calista, as she endured one violation after another. When darkness came she thought that perhaps Nina would return to free her, but she shivered alone in the chilly air before a group of teens found her and the rape continued deep into the night. Some of her rapists took pleasure in humiliating her, and others chose to abuse her by switching her ass or scraping their fingernails on her body. Calista was beyond pleading for help. She endured the pain, the humiliation and the sexual perversions thrust upon her by the passers bye. One well-dressed man, walking his dog, tried to encourage the dog to mount her, but the dog was frightened and would not comply. Calista leaned against the steel ladder sobbing and waiting for someone to show some kindness and release her.

Finally, she was left alone, shivering from the cold and crying. Unable to sleep, even though she was hurt, aching, spent and exhausted from her ordeal, Calista willed herself to endure. As the first dim light of dawn was breaking on the horizon, she heard the clacking of hooves approaching. She tried to call out, but she could not even speak as the many cocks thrust down her throat had bruised and swelled her throat to make her temporarily mute. Calista recognized the legs of a horse as a police officer on horseback dismounted to comfort her. “Jesus Christ, Miss…what happened to you?” he asked in disbelief, as he removed his uniform jacket to cover Calista’s cum coated body. “Who did this to you?” he demanded to know. Calista was unable to answer him as he unlocked her wrists from the handcuffs and unfastened the leash from her collar. Just as he was calling for an ambulance, Calista saw Bruno and Eric, her live in slaves, approaching her and the police officer.

“Did they do this to you, Miss?” the police officer demanded of her. Calista shook her head, no, just as Bruno and Eric were coming to her aid. The officer began interrogating Bruno and Eric when Calista tapped his arm. He turned to see her ask for pen and paper by simulating writing on her hand. He gave her a pen and his notebook. She wrote that the men were her servants and they would care for her. Bruno explained that Calista owned the large estate adjacent to the park and the officer reluctantly released Calista into their care on the promise that a detective would visit her in the morning. Calista nodded and Bruno lifted her in his strong arms to carry her to the car. Eric got behind the wheel and the three of them drove off with Calista sobbing into Bruno’s shoulder as he tried desperately to soothe and comfort her.

Eric telephoned Beth and Ella from the car and they were waiting with a warm bath for their Mistress. Ella had also called Calista’s Doctor, who was a lifestyle member himself, and he was on his way. He arrived and examined Calista, as she lay naked on her bed, still sobbing from her callous experience. There were no major injuries and her scrapes and bruises would heal in a few days. Emotionally, Calista was in much worse shape. The Doctor prescribed a very large measure of Tender Loving Care generously applied by all her live in slaves. “She needs a frequent dose of a ‘Spoon full of Sugar’,” he told them as he kissed Calista’s forehead and asked her to call if she needed anything else. Downstairs, the Doctor gave Bruno a few sedative tablets and told him to see to it that Calista takes a tablet every eight hours for at least one full day.

Calista’s voice was very strained for several days. Slowly she related to her live in slaves what had happened to her. Bruno and Eric were ready to exact their vengeance from Nina for her betrayal, but Calista said no. She would deal with Nina when the time was right. They obeyed their Mistress, as they always did, but it was obvious none of them were happy about doing so. Calista healed remarkably fast considering what she had been through. She had cancelled her client sessions for the foreseeable future until she had fully recovered. Slowly life returned to normal at the estate and the incident was put aside, but not forgotten. Bruno and Eric watched over their Mistress so closely that she finally had to ask them to lighten up a bit. Calista loved them both and told them so often, so that they weren’t offended when she wanted them to not be so protective of her. They agreed, but privately, they also agreed between themselves, to keep a close eye on their Mistress.

A week had passed and Calista had recovered enough to spend more time with her live in slaves. Normally, Calista was naked most of the times at home. Because of the scrapes and bruises she received, as a result of her ordeal in the park, she decided to wear clothes that covered her healing injuries. She would resume her naked ways when they healed completely. Calista sat in her solarium reading and enjoying a glass of Blush when Nina’s car pulled up to her home. Bruno immediately rushed to give Nina a piece of his mind, but Calista stopped him. “Show her in, Bruno, without a word about what happened,” she instructed him. He nodded reluctantly and moved to answer the door. Nina walked in grinning and sat down opposite Calista.

“How’d you like your day in the park, little whore girl?” Nina asked, as though nothing important had transpired.

Calista gathered herself and looked into Nina’s eyes, “You abandoned me, Nina. You humiliated me. You had me raped by total strangers, tramps…the filth of those who live in the park. You left me naked and alone to be plundered by hoodlums, whores and pimps! One man tried to have his dog mount me! They spat upon me…they came all over my body, face and hair…I was fucked repeatedly in my cunt and ass by the dregs of humanity. I was compelled to fellate the dirtiest cocks imaginable and suck the filthiest cunts and remained chained all night long! Even some teenage boys ‘enjoyed’ me several times. All those cocks bruised my throat…I was beaten and stoned…my body suffered scrapes and scratches and you just laughed at me, and you walked away unconcerned!

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