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The last two years in college I moonlighted as a call girl. I never intended to. By accident I learned that another girl in the dorm, a year older, was doing it. The money she made seemed like a lot to a poor, struggling student like me.

I was a natural for it. I was female, which truthfully may be the only requirement. But my parents had given me some good genes. Guys were always interested. I was slim but with noticeable boobs and butt, all the curves a female could want. I never thought of myself as a great beauty but I was good looking enough. Dark hair, blue eyes, light skin, even features and a nice chin.

I thought I had another advantage. I loved sex. I hadn't been with that many guys but enough to know that an orgasm was unbelievably great. And I was absolutely obsessed with lovely, erect cocks. As it turned out,liking sex wasn't really needed. Many times, I didn't get great enjoyment but made sure the guy did. That was the reality -- make sure the guy paying for it enjoyed it. It often required good acting talent, lots of faking. Although, having a cock in my mouth and then in my vagina was good even when the rest wasn't.

But sometimes things went great. The deal was, these were all married men on business trips looking for some fun. Every once in a while I'd get a great one, a really good lover. I'd have orgasms all over the place. But mostly, all they wanted was their own satisfaction.

I realized from the beginning that what I was doing was illegal. It wasn't risky at all like it might be in a whore house or working the streets or bars. The lady running the business seemed to always vet every guy and many of my customers were repeats. I went to his hotel room. Always an upper class hotel. I often got tipped, paid more than had been asked for.

I kept it all a secret, obviously. I mean, telling people you're a whore is a turn off. My parents would not have liked it at all. But it never bothered me. I always got some turn on out of it. Besides, if I wasn't doing it for money, I'd be doing it for free. Maybe the guys weren't who I might pick if I was on my own but on the other hand, I'd picked a few that weren't all that good either. You can't always tell ahead of time.

I graduated, got a fairly good job, moved and started over. On my own, being a call girl was over with. At work I met and dated Kyle. We went out several times and started getting fairly involved. I played being a good girl. Lots of heavy petting but no sex. Although I had got to the point I was ready. He invited me to go with him on a weekend to a nice resort hotel.

"A weekend?" I asked.

"Yes." was his reply as he looked at me sort of worried.

"That means sex, doesn't it?"

He really looked worried. "Well, uh, yeah."

I just looked at him a moment. I think he actually sweated. Then I just said, "o.k." and paused, then added, "but once you turn me on watch out."

Well, it was a fantastic weekend. The very best sex of my life. He ate me. He ate me like he loved it and had been dreaming of it forever. At least a dozen times over the weekend he would get his mouth to my pussy. There isn't a girl alive that wouldn't love that. We also fucked a lot. He had, still has, a really great cock. Fills me up. I sucked him a lot, too, but only once until he came and I swallowed. The other times it was to get him up again so we could fuck.

For a girl that always made sure the guy used a condom all through college, I made a big mistake. I got pregnant. We got married. We're still married and now there are three children but there will be no more. We agree, three is enough. Now, with the pill, we can control that. In fact, it's a very good marriage. I think we really love each other as much as most anyone could. We get along very well. The sex is still great. I'm still a good enough actor that even if it isn't quite as good as some times, I make sure he thinks it is. I haven't worked since our first, a boy, Lewis, was born but now, twelve years later, our youngest is starting school and I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands. I've talked with Kyle about me working, part time most likely. Although I don't really need to, he makes very good money.

Then I'm at lunch in a nicer restaurant than normal with two other mothers of kids in the same school as mine. I recognize a woman across the room. I have to look back several times but become sure that it's Darla. Darla is the girl ahead of me in college that was a call girl and got me into it. I haven't seen her in , well, it must be twelve years. She still looks sleek and classy like always. I also realize that she's seen me and we stare at each other. She's with a very handsome, older man.

Anyway, she's done before we are and comes by our table. "Nancy, is that you?" she asks. I agree and confirm that she's Darla. She says she doesn't want to interrupt but would love to talk with me and gives me a business card. My mind is remembering all sorts of things but I take her card and get back to my friends, letting them know that we had been at college together.

I'm intrigued. Her card just says Social Services with her name and phone number. That evening, after the kids are in bed and just before Kyle and I go to bed, I call her number. Once I let her know it's me, she becomes very chatty and wants to meet me somewhere to talk and we agree on a lunch, the day after tomorrow, at the same restaurant. I tell Kyle that she was a girl I knew in college and that we'd just seen each other at lunch for the first time in years. Obviously, I had never told him about my working as a call girl or that Darla was one, too. And never would.

Well, to cut a long story short, it ends up that Darla is still in the same business. Always has been. A variation but the same business. Except now, it's her business. Probably very rich by now. She tells me that I should consider doing it again. She praises my looks, which is flattering. I'm now 34, far from a college girl. But I'm within five pounds of what I weighed in college. Maybe I always will be, it seems in my genes. I explain that I'm married, love my husband, have three children, just couldn't even think about anything like that. So she starts asking for details and ends up telling me that I could earn $2000 for spending two hours or so with an older man in the middle of the day while my kids are in school and my husband is at work.

She tells me that she has several older, wealthy men who want sex on an extended lunch period. It's all very safe. She knows something about every one, there are no weirdos. It's all cash. The men mostly can't get it up that often so it's probably just a single fuck and it's over. It's important to make sure they feel like they've performed well, though. But as she tells me, I was always good at that.

But I'm married. My husband and I are committed to each other. The money sounds good but it's not like I'm in dire need of it or anything. So I don't agree but I have to admit I keep thinking about it after the lunch is over. It's sort of a turn on. Looking back I remember the sex as being better than it probably really was at the time. Although I really did like the sex involved. Anyway, I have really great sex with Kyle that night.

Odd how things work out. The very next day, Kyle comes home very down. The recession has affected the company he works for. Because of seniority he's not getting laid off but many are. His income is being affected. No more bonuses for a while. Half his income used to be in a bonus. We need to watch our expenses. We may not even be able to keep making the mortgage payments. We have enough socked away to get through for a while, a few months, but shortly we'll need to live on less income. He even mentions that if things get worse he might be out, too.

Darla's offer sounds better. One short session would almost pay the mortgage for a month. Four of them would just about equal Kyle's pay for a month. But can I really do this? If Kyle found out I'm afraid it would be a disaster. And how could I explain the income?

The next morning I call Darla and start by telling her I'd like to try it once to see if I could do it. I prattle on a little about not wanting to cheat on my husband and she assures me that it isn't cheating, it isn't an affair, it's business. She also told me the $2000 isn't quite right. I'd receive $2000 but I had to give her $400 of it as her commission. We also discussed when I could start. I let her know that as far as I was concerned it could be any time, tomorrow, the next day, whenever. She told me she wanted to make sure I was with a good customer, one that I would feel comfortable with and would do well with. Since I would have to meet him in a hotel room, she would call me and I would need to almost immediately head out so he wouldn't have to wait too long. In fact, it would be good if sometime before lunch I could get down town with my cell phone and when she called, I could be at the hotel quickly.

So that's what I do. 11:00 am I'm sitting in a small coffee shop waiting for the call. I'm very nervous, sure that I'm making a major mistake and that I'd screw up my marriage and life but then I'd think of how we might need the money and my children and school and the costs involved. The call comes and I'm off to a major hotel. I take the elevator to the floor, find the room and knock on the door. A man answers.

He's relatively small, perhaps just an inch taller than me. Five foot eight or maybe nine. Slim, bald with just a gray fringe around the side of his head. Looks fit. Not bad looking, long nose, good chin. I had been told that his name was Henry, so I say hello to him and tell him that I'm Nancy. He stands aside and motions for me to come in, closing the door behind me.

"I'm not sure how you prefer to have this happen, "I tell him. "Should we both just undress and get on with it or do you have something you'd rather have us do?"

"I think naked would be good," he says.

I set my purse down. I have condoms and lubricating jelly, a change of underwear, whatever I think I might need. I then proceed to start disrobing, my blouse, shoes, skirt, hose, all folded on a chair. I watch him as he also takes off his suit jacket, short, tie, undoes his belt and lowers his trousers. I reach behind me and unfasten my bra. lift it off and set aside. I then bend to pull my panties down over my butt and then legs, finally stepping out and standing completely naked. At the same time, his undershirt comes off and then he steps out of his boxer type shorts.

"You have a gorgeous body, Nancy," he says, eyeing me up and down.

He's very fit, must go to the gym. But what I really notice is his cock. It's circumcised, so the head is obvious. But it's fairly large. Longer than most, thicker than most. On his small body it looks huge. It isn't really that unusually large but on him it looks out of proportion. It's not as erect as it will be but is about half way there. I think I'm a little mesmerized by it, I stare at it a second too long and then step to him and reach down and get my fingers around it. "You have a gorgeous cock, Henry. I'm going to enjoy being with you." I might say that if it was tiny but I really mean it. He's paying the bill so I need to make sure he feels good about this. "Can I get better acquainted with it?"

I don't really wait for an answer. Every man in the world likes getting his cock sucked. I happen to actually enjoy doing it. He's larger than Kyle but I've experienced even larger ones before. I drop down on my knees and get my other hand to his testicles as I hold his cock and lean to it. I kiss the exposed head, turn my face so I can lick along the side of it as I caress and finger his balls. It sprouts up as I'm holding it, fully erect in a couple seconds. I look up at him and smile and then face his cock again and get my lips over the head and start licking it inside my mouth. I slowly suck more and more of it in, a little at a time, licking, getting my saliva all over it. I look up occasionally to see what he's doing.

He's just watching me, smiling. "Do you want to come in my mouth or would you rather move on to being inside my vagina?" I ask him.

"You're doing great," he tells me, "go ahead."

I can't get it all in my mouth, so I hold the base and sort of jerk him off a little as I move my lips back and forth milking him, massaging his balls all the while. I'm almost ashamed that I love this. I haven't had anyone else's cock in my mouth than my husband's for over twelve years. As it should be, I have to admit. Yet, here I am, working this very nice cock and loving every bit of it. I'm supposed to just be a working girl, doing my job, not enjoying it. Oops, I can feel the change. Here it cums. I pull it as far in as I can so it shoots down my throat. I think sucking a cock until it cums is very sexy but I don't like a mouth full of goo. I swallow several times and when it seems to stop jerking and shooting, I slide my lips back and milk it one last time to get it all out, then swallow again. I lean back on my haunches a little.

He reaches down and get his hands under my arms and lifts me, so I help and use my legs to stand. He then backs me up a couple steps until I hit the bed and he pushes a little, telling me what a gorgeous body I have and how sexy I am. I end up sitting on the bed, my feet on the floor. He kneels in front of me and gets his hands and then his mouth to my breasts. He's really good at this, caressing my breasts, kissing them, sucking the nipples, sort of murmuring every once in a while about beauty and sexy and how lovely I am. Then he's kissing down my stomach and using his hands to spread my legs. I help and get spread as wide as I can. He moves his mouth and fingers to my pussy.

I keep my pubic hair trimmed. Not quite shaved, just very short. Kyle has always liked that, eating me without getting hairs stuck in his mouth. I guess Henry does, too, because he's licking and sucking. I never expected this. Back years ago when I did this before I would get someone that ate me every once in a while but it wasn't often. They always seemed to just want their own gratification, not mine. Henry is really good at this. I can hear his sounds, slurping. He isn't just tasting me, he's eating me, really seeming to enjoy sucking up my tastes and juices.

I put my hands on his head to let him know I like what he's doing. He keeps on and on. I have a really great orgasm, must give him a mouthful of whatever I put out. He doesn't stop. I can't even describe the feeling. You'd have to be a woman that's experienced this to know. It's so great yet it almost hurts. It does hurt. My clit is sore from his working on it with his tongue and lips. I want him to stop but I don't. Because it's also a sensory overload of sorts. It sort of explodes in my mind but also in my whole body. I'm jerking and spasming a little and can't control it. It's too much and yet it's so great. He finally sits back a little and just looks at my pussy. My red, wet, well used pussy.

He looks up at me. "Nancy, you are so sexy. So delicious." Then he sraightens enough to get that cock of his aimed into me and starts pushing in. I lean back on the bed as he forces his way fully into me, filling me up. He's leaning over me, arms on either side of me, pumping his hips as he fucks me. And fucks me and fucks me. The whole sensory overload thing never seems to end. I'm not sure it's possible to pick one good fuck over another, the current one always seems so good. But this is almost as good as my first time with Kyle on that weekend we spent together before we were married.

We're finally laying next to one another on the bed. Both at least slightly exhausted. "Henry," I say, my voice aimed up at the ceiling as I'm on my back, "You're amazing. I don't know why you pay to have sex. I think women would be lining up to have sex with you. You're fantastic."

""This isn't normal for me," he says, also lying on his back. "It's you. You're so sexy, you've turned me on. I've never had oral sex with anyone except my wife. But you are just so appealing, I really needed you. I loved tasting you. I want to do it over and over."

"Well, I loved it, too," I tell him. Then I had a thought and said it out loud. "I forgot the condom. I have a bunch in my purse but it was all so good I never thought of them. I sure hope I didn't get anything from you. You don't have any diseases do you Henry?"

"No, I'm clean. I never thought of one either. I've never fucked someone I'm paying before without one. This all was just so hot and emotional. But then I've never had a girl suck me without using one either. Maybe that helped make me forget. This hasn't been at all like sex with someone I'm paying, this is like something spontaneous and super."

"Well, I'll admit it's been super for me, too. I'm married. You're the first man other than my husband I've been with in years and years. I happened to run into a girl I knew in college, years ago, and she has this business. I guess you arrange this through her. I wasn't interested but my husband came home and told me how his company was in trouble and people were being laid off and we probably were going to need to cut back on things. And, well, here I am."

I rolled to face him, reached over and got my fingers on his cock and started playing with it a little. "So, I guess this hasn't been business for me, either. It's just been some really great sex." I smiled, thinking of what Darla told me. "This woman who hired me told me I'd be with old guys that probably couldn't get it up more than once. That's sure not true of you, Henry. I bet I can get you up and ready to go again." I lean over him and get my mouth to his cock. It's soft but I get it into my mouth and start licking and sucking and gumming it. I can taste my own juices on it. I can feel it stirring a little. I look at him for a moment. "I'm sure interested in some more, are you?" I get him back into my mouth and can feel it growing even more.

"I would have never thought so," he says, looking down at me. "But I think I am, too. You're so sexy Nancy. I've haven't felt like this in years."

He's up again so I move around and straddle him and get positioned over him and slowly drop down, taking his lovely cock up into me again. We both last and last. We roll over so he can pound into me harder and finally finish. I then need to get on the toilet and get rid of all the stuff in me. He comes along and we end up in the shower together. He seems delighted to feel my body all over as he washes me and I wash him. He's got a better body than I would expect on someone for his age. Which makes me realize, I don't know his age. I'll have to ask Darla.

"Henry, I don't know anything about you. But if you're married, why not try some of this with your wife. After you're married, sometimes the passion can get lost. Maybe it's possible to raise it again." We talk a little more, we dress, he gives me an envelope and we both leave. I check the envelope after I'm in my car. $2000. 20 $100 dollar bills. Just as planned. I call Darla and get an answering machine. I tell the machine that everything went well, I have the cash and need to get her share to her. And, I'm ready to take on some more assignments. It went very well.

It ends up, over the next couple months, I'm with five men. It also ends up that each of them asks for me again. None of them are as sexy as Henry. But none of them are bad. And, I end up seeing Henry about every two weeks or so. This goes on for almost six years. Kyle's company recovers, we never end up in money problems. I'm building up some good investments and a bank account. I've certainly never told Kyle what I'm doing, he doesn't even know I have the money that I do. I've worked at making sure that Kyle and my sex is as good and as frequent as ever. Yet, I've become addicted to having a lot of sex on the side. Meanwhile, our son, Lewis, is about to graduate high school, our two younger daughters are into high and intermediate school. I've arranged with Darla to start cutting back. Spending almost every weekday lunch time fucking in a hotel is starting to intrude on my time with my children.

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