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Thank you to my new freaky friend, Don for his unsolicited but much appreciated editing...:-)


Shivers coursed through my petite frame as I struggled with the decision before me. Anguish was real and I struggled not to cry as I considered my options. There was no "good choice" that was for sure. I had fucked up and fucked up royally. Things just hadn't been as simple as they should have been.

Stationed overseas and married to a junior officer it was my "duty" to volunteer. And volunteer, I did. Scholarship committees, base charities and local charities that assisted our host country, Italy. I was first in line every time a special request was made. My hubby was military and I supported our troops, period.

One day much like any other day everything changed. A wife was needed to escort arriving wives to a nearby winery. An Admiral was visiting Sigonella. A small naval air base located on the east coast of Sicily rarely saw visitors of this caliber.

Two wives were accompanying the Admiral and his wife and his crew. And as I had done in the past, I volunteered. Living off base in the village of Aci Reale gave me better skills for navigating the treacherous roads of Sicily. Also, I was personal friends with a winery owner and a private tour could be arranged.

Murgo's winery located approximately two thirds up Mt. Etna is a jewel. In the Scammaca family for over five hundred years, the vineyard offered a step into the past. Wine was made the "family" way and varied from table wine to top shelf. There was something for everyone's taste.

Phone calls were made and plans were set. I was picking up the visitors on base and driving them to the winery by noon. A private tour would commence followed by a tasting. Lunch in the front room overlooking the vineyards was also planned. No attention to detail was ignored. This was my chance to help my husband, David, shine.


The morning dawned hot and sunny. Air held without moving on that dry August day and temperatures were expected to exceed one hundred and ten. "Looking good" was not going to be an easy task. With care, I selected what to wear. A thin cotton sundress in a light green pattern would be both comfortable and stylish. Strappy leather sandals and a couple of pieces of gold jewelry and I was done.

Standing in front of the full length mirror in our Italian tiled bathroom I took stock of my appearance. It was important I make my husband proud. Golden blonde hair was pulled into a loose bun for comfort and highlighted my slanted green eyes. The sundress hit just above my knee and showcased my figure. Firm size B breasts and amply curved hips were tastefully on display and my legs looked trim and muscular. Satisfied my husband would approve, I grabbed my leather tote and headed to the base.


Pulling up in front of the distinguished Visitors house (DVQ), I took a deep breath. You never know how friendly the senior officer's wives were going to be. Taking a deep breath I opened the door of my silver Punto and stepped into the heat. At only ten AM the heat hit like a wall and I felt the prickling of sweat immediately.

Sigonella is a small naval air station but the DVQ's were still a big step up from the Navy Lodge. A one story stucco house had been set aside for those guests deserving special consideration. With a smile on my face and tucking an escaped blonde tendril behind my ear I knocked on the dark wood door.

Sweat was starting to run down my back as I waited in the hot Sicilian sun. MT. Etna was barely visible in the hazy summer air. The Sirocco winds out of Africa had begun and it would be weeks until the wave of heat turned and headed toward some other unfortunates.

A wave of cool air hit me as the heavy wooden door was opened. Standing before me was a serious middle aged man in naval cameo. Introducing myself as Kelsey Struck, I was sure to add my husband's name and the purpose of my visit. With a nod and a "welcome ma'am" I was admitted into the tiled entryway.

Laughter preceded the three middle aged women as the entered the entryway. All three were polished looking and carried the air of women used to a life of status. Despite the similarities in dress and manner, it was obvious who the Admirals wife was.

Two blonde women of about forty five hung on every word the third woman said. Tall, thin and darkly colored, the fifty something woman hadn't even acknowledged my presence. Smile plastered on my angular face I waited. The day was already beginning to look unpleasant at best.

Apologizing for the size of my tiny Italian Punto I led them to my car. Only eleven AM and I had difficulty touching the metal door handle. The sun was blazing and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. Irritation circled within. It looked like I was taking my time to haul a bunch of bitches to my favorite vineyard. .

The drive was slow and treacherous at times. This was a place that Caesar's aqueducts were still in use and the roads were little more than trails at times. Talk was stilted and displeasure obvious.

As we headed up MT. Etna our surrounding began to change. No longer surrounded by endless vegetation burned yellow in the heat, we began to ascend into a more forested and slightly cooler landscape. Sweat still continued to form in the used Punto with little air conditioning. The oppressive heat combined with silence and the drive stretched on and on.

Occasionally I would toss out regional facts as we drove through one small village after another. Other than a courteous acknowledgement no conversation occurred. Continuing to wind my way up the active volcano I inwardly cursed myself for volunteering.

Finally the dirt road we were seeking appeared. And with a sharp turn to the left we began to ascend rapidly. Each jolt of the Old Italian car brought a round of gasps from my guests. Secretly I longed to be anywhere but here.

Soon a vista opened to our right and lush vineyards were revealed. Off in the distance lay the Mediterranean. Cobalt blue seas twinkled back at me and I couldn't help but smile. No matter how many time I visited Murgos this view remained stunning. One of the blondes commented on the beauty. The other two, not a word.

As my car approached the main house, people began exiting and waving to us. Michael, my friend, the second eldest son waited smiling. As my friend he had planned today's activities. More than once the insanely handsome Italian man had made me look good to visiting military. Tall, dark and sexy, wouldn't be the problem.

Parked I escorted the ladies to Michael, and introductions were made. Finally impressed by their surroundings the three ladies gushed sentiments of approval and gratitude. Michael kissed all that were gathered and we followed him towards the large wooden building beyond the main building. This was where all the wine was made and stored deep within the ground.

As the ladies were educated about Murgo wine I followed behind happy I didn't have to talk. The tour of the outer building concluded and we headed towards the main yielding. Dark wood, light stucco and lush vegetation rendered the place surreal. It looked like a movie set.

The air still hot was motionless around us as we continued walking. Sweat was pouring down me and I could feel my sundress beginning to stick to my curves. My blonde bun felt like it was unraveling and my stomach growled. This was not the impression I had hoped to make.

Before we reached the main building. Karen, the admiral's wife, asked Michael for a private tour of grapevines. Surprise entered me. I had noticed Michael staring at the tall woman but this was a most unusual request. Not to mention the heat continued to soar. The slopping terraces would be miserable in the unrelenting sun. It wasn't my decision.

Watching Karen and Michael walk towards the terrace I did note how close they were standing to one another.

Inside the cool tiled reception room waited a feast and a different wine for each course. Seated food and wine blurred as I gulped instead of sipping. The two blondes became less offensive with each glass I drank.

Already past the antipasti course I began to worry. The private tour seemed too long. Unsure what to do I stood and excused myself. The admiral's wife was my responsibility and I couldn't afford to neglect her. Exiting the back entrance I headed towards the terraced hill. My skin immediately tightened under the blazing sun. Stepping carefully on the crumbling path lined in lava rock I headed towards an out building. These were provided for the winery's workers. It provided a resting place where you could repose and avoid the midday sun.

With no sight of the two, I approached the small stucco building. Whispered moans floated on the air and it was more than obvious what was occurring. This is where I made my first mistake. I should have turned and walked away.

Instead I crept toward the large window provided for air flow. Sounds of passion continued as I peered into the window. There are no words to describe my shock. Karen was reclining on a small cot with her sensible dress pushed up and legs spread wide. Michael was held her long legs high into the air as he lapped at her exposed pussy.

Frozen I watched his tongue make long swipes up and down her slit. Head thrown back, the admiral's wife twisted and pulled on her nipples. She no longer resembled the arrogant woman I met this morning.

Excitement began in my core. The sounds of their inappropriate behavior built as did the coiling in my belly without thinking my hand crept between my legs and began to circle my clit. Immediately my pink nipples tightened and moisture pooled within.

Forgetting time and place I stood transfixed as I stared at the sex scene before me. Never had I seen others fuck and I loved it. Circling my clit faster I closed my eyes as I neared satisfaction. And as my goal grew closer I opened my slanted green eyes. Staring back were Karen's brown. Anger and panic crossed her face.

There was nothing I could say. She had caught me spying and masturbating. Embarrassment and worry were all I could feel. This wasn't going to be good. Of that I was sure. Turning quickly I rushed away.

Within a few minutes the two joined us at the long wooden table. Though Karen was obviously distressed the meal continued. The tall woman's anxiety affected the two blondes. No one was having a good time.

Finally the meal ended and shaken to my core I suggested we head back to the base. Roads treacherous previously now became more difficult. Finally after a completely silent drive I delivered the women to their waiting husbands. Tense pleasantries exchanged I headed home.


Before I had crept two blocks, lights started flashing. No siren was sounded in the densely populated base. With a groan and not near enough concern, I pulled over. Asked to step out of the car, I immediately knew the shit was about to hit the fan.

A complaint had been called into security. I had been reported driving erratically. I hadn't driven by anyone since leaving the distinguished visitor's quarters. My stomach fell. That ungainful slut had reported me. No way did I stand a chance against the admiral and his wife's complaint.

The flat stare in the tall Master of Arm's (MA) hazel eyes told me a decision had already been made. I tried to appear unworried as I exited my car. Smiling I began to try flirting. My petite frame and blonde hair had helped in the past.

Interrupting me the MA eyed me up and down. Lust filled eyes continued there inspection of my curves as he informed me that I was headed to security. What happened after that was not his concern. The look on his angular face prevented any argument. He wasn't going to give me a break. And a MA is a cop. His power over me was absolute.

Handcuffed and trying not to sob I was placed in the car. As I slid into the car my sundress rode up my thigh. Unable to regain my modest I sat there exposed. A smile crossed the MP's deeply tanned face at my obvious discomfort.

My slow tears turned to sobs as the car crept towards my demise. I was ruined. Even more importantly my husband was ruined. Snot mixed with tears as leaned over onto my side. The ride was over way too soon. Wishing I were dead I continued to sob. And as I sobbed I realized we had stopped moving. The only light I could see came from the full moon.


The door ripped open and I felt the handcuffs grabbed and I was pulled ungracefully from the car. Looking around I saw only moon lit darkness. We were not at security. Confused I looked over to the handsome MA. Only hunger was reflected back as he slowly gazed at my curves again. A small smile appeared on his full lips

Abruptly his lust filled eyes met my frightened ones. Part of me calmed as I waited for him to proposition me. I knew I would do anything to make it all go away. The faces of my two kids flashed before me and I felt tears beginning to run. I had to get out of this.

With no emotion I was told what was expected of me. Tears running I begged him to let me go. I had never cheated on David and I didn't want to start. Despite feeling sick to my stomach my nipples hardened under the continued gaze of the officer.

My words were halted with words I never expected to hear. I could enjoy myself or go to security. It was my choice. He wasn't interested in a woman crying and suffering under him. Slowly he reached one tanned hand out and lightly stroked the curve of my breast. A small smile settled on my face. I didn't really have a choice. Trying to not cry, I agreed.

A softening entered his eyes. My submission to his will had invoked a touch of tenderness. Stroking my face he leaned into kiss me. His lips captured mine and he begin to nibble my lower lip. Arms cuffed behind me I could only lean into his kisses.

His mouth continued its invasion of mine as his hand lifted to my bun and began to release my honey colored hair. Soon one hand tangled itself into my hair as his other held me by the waist. Pulled to his body I tried not to notice the hardness pressing into my belly.

Impossibly long kisses continued as his hand wandered down to my firmly curved ass. Lifted by my ass, I was further shoved Ito his body. The feel of chiseled muscles under his camouflage was undeniable and I felt my body responded.

Horrified I tried to think of my family. It was no use. My nipples hardened under his assault and I felt myself moisten. Shame flooded me. Handcuffed, married and alone with a stranger I should have been numb. Just the opposite was true. My body was beginning to burn.

Pulling back the handsome MA withdrew his handcuff keys. Gently turned around, I was released.

"Turn around." A voice soft and serious carried a trace of a southern accent.

Shaking and aware that my nipples protruded beneath the thin cotton I turned around. Lifting my head my wary green eyes met his lust filled hazel ones. He couldn't have been over twenty but he carried himself with the air of a much older man. A lack of confidence was not his problem.

Swearing I wouldn't respond I watched his hands tweak my nipples and laugh. He had noticed. Lifting my chin he whispered, "This is going to be fun." His words made me wetter and I again hung my head.

Telling me it would be ok, he placed his hand on my bare shoulder and guided me to my knees. Trembling I lowered myself onto the crushed lava road. As I watched him unzip his navy camouflage trousers it felt surreal. Just this morning I was bound and determined to help my husband. Now I was on my knees waiting for another man's cock.

A large naturally tanned cock was released and struck my pink lips. He was probably average length but looked impossibly wide. I would have to stretch my mouth to comply. The wide purplish head bumped my lips again and I opened my mouth.

My small hand couldn't encircle his throbbing girth when I wrapped my blue tipped fingers around him. Small licks circled his head and the taste of precum entered my mouth. The salty slickness was unlike the familiar taste of my husband. But it was not disagreeable, in fact the strangeness was exciting. I stifled a moan as I drew him deeper into my softening mouth.

Roughly he grabbed the back of my head as he plunged down my throat. No man had ever touched me this way. My hubby was always considerate. His animalistic behavior was intoxicating and I found myself wanting to please him. My reaction more instinctual than intellectual.

Time suspended as he continued thrusting deeply in my throat. The whole time he was telling me how good I looked with a cock in my mouth and how beautiful I was. I wish his words hadn't thrilled me but they did.

Each thrust brought tears to my eyes and gagging I took all of him. His movements continued roughly and thrills ran through me at his use of me. Feeling like a fuck toy was new and resonated deep down inside with all that cried for domination. Coiling begin within and I sucked with all my might.

How long he fucked my throat I couldn't say. Over and over again he rammed his cock deep into my mouth. Breathing was difficult and my lips were stretched around his throbbing width as he began to tense. Hips jerking he yelled for me to suck him empty and then he exploded. Complying I sucked wave after wave of thick creamy cum.

Gasps ripped from my throat as he withdrew. Sitting back on my heels I looked up to man who had me do the unmentionable. Leaning down he wiped a little cum from my lip and thrust his finger in my mouth. I quickly sucked his finger clean.

With disbelief I watched his cock begin to twitch to life. Eyes wide I looked up. Laughing he said "don't worry I don't have time to finish fucking you." Prodding his cock back into my mouth and with a voice all military he told me to look up. As I did the sound of his cell phone taking pictures entered my reality. "Now smile and look happy." Cock in mouth I did.

Pictures taken he carefully tucked his still rigid cock back into his uniform. Then he said what I feared. He demanded my phone number and then gave me a list of instructions. Those pictures guaranteed I couldn't argue. A voice deep down cheered and horrified me reminded myself of who I was.

Calls would be made. Sometimes it would be him. Other times, especially when he needed extra money it would be other men. I was being whored out. Period. And I better be a happy whore. Even as my heart sank I felt tingling rise between my legs. What was my problem?

Without much ceremony I was returned to my car. Leaning in my window he kissed me. Even more confused I opened my mouth to his. The kiss ended quickly and as he walked away he reminded me to have my phone with me night and day.

Stunned I sat there. Staring out the window I didn't know how I was going to face David. Even as my heart hurt I began to rub myself between my legs. Forced to submission left me wet and wanting.


Going home hadn't been easy. The hour long drive up to Aci Reale seemed to never end. David was waiting. How could I ever keep this secret? Prickles formed on my skin as I drove through one small village after another.

As I pulled up in front of the terra cotta colored villa we rented I took a deep breath. I could do this. Altoids chewed I approached our heavy wood door. When I left this morning I was a devoted wife. Now I was struggling with unnatural desires. I wanted the phone to ring.

Before I could open the door it swung open. My hubby stood there grinning big. Bright blue eyes sparkling he asked how it went. Smile plastered on face I reassured him. I had been nothing but nice to the bitches and couldn't imagine a negative reporting.

"I'm so proud of you." And I was lifted to my toes. Kisses full of lust and possession claimed me as his own. Sighing inside I relaxed into his touch. This moment was safe from my body's betrayal. Needing cock I began to run my hands along David's muscular body.

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