Call Me


"It's dark, the t.v. is now off. Only the light from the window can be seen." he continued, taking a soft, deep breath.

"Run your hand over your chest and then down over your stomach." she whispered, "Now around your hips and inside your thighs." she said, copying the motion she described.

"Mmmm. Now I have goosebumps." he muffled.

"Reach around and unclasp your bra, pull it off." he said.

Her hand reached around and with a snap, pulled it off then dropped it to the floor.

"Good. Now, wet the edge of your thumb and first finger." he paused. "Rub it across your nipple, slowly." patiently waiting, listening to her reaction.

"Ohh." she breathed.

"I wish that was my warm, wet, tongue." he seductively hissed.

"Take your hand, wrap it around your excitement." she hesitated for a moment," Now squeeze firmly, once, for me." a soft moan leaked, still playing with her nipple. "That is my hand, telling you how much I want you." she hissed and then took a breath, feeling her excitement build.

"Now, move your fingers down your tummy, very slow. Slide it around your hips." he paused, hearing her breath quiver. "Now with one hand, pull your panties down to your thighs." complete silence, listening and waiting. "Can you feel the cool air, kissing at your crease? " he asked.

"Yes!" she whimpered.

"Reach down and touch just the entrance. Tell me how wet you are." he growled.

"Ooh, very wet." she moaned.

"Mmm, you've made me so hard. Your voice sounds so hot." he said, sighing.

"Oh, John. Move your hand slowly for me." she said, barely able to get the words out, hearing his breath moving against the phone.

"My finger is where you should be." she moaned, sliding it along her wet crease, her breath now keeping time with his.

"Uhhh, I would love to feel you wrapped around me, holding me, squeezing me with each and every movement." a moan left his lips after describing the thought.

Denna began to hear the familiar wet sound of a man's excitement sliding along the inside of his hand. She pictured him leaning his ear against the phone, holding it as she did. His leg spread out with the other up, his foot pressed against the sheet. His hips moving up and down, matching the slow movements of his hand. The wet smacking and popping sounds against her open folds were heard.

"Mmm, you sound delicious." he breathed, causing her to squeeze against her finger.

"Slide another finger inside." he moaned.

"Uhh, yes!" she whimpered, doing exactly what he said.

"Now move your hand to the edge of your cock. Roll it around, rub it up against the inside of your palm." she said breathlessly, rubbing the hood of her excitement.

"Uhh, oh god, that feels so good." he gasped, then began to breathe again, after another moan followed.

"Move you're fingers quickly, press them upward." he growled, as Denna felt herself jerk and then shake from the sounds of his aggressive tone.

"Ooh. You are going to make me cum." she said with a low moan, feeling the strong tingle, pulsing at the edge of her finger tips.

"Oh, yes, cum for me Denna. I want to hear it." he growled, his breath getting quicker and quicker.

"Ooh, yes! Uhh uuh!" her hips arched up as she stopped short of breathing then gasped, whimpering with each wave, trying to force more air into her lungs.

"Ooh. You sound so good, mmm. I love the way you cum for me." he growled. "Oh! Now you are going to make me cum. Uhh Uhhh, ooh." as she heard him lose control with his deep and low groans, forcefully rushing out of his chest.

They both laid there, breathing against the phone. He paused to listen to her for just a moment.

"Are you okay?" knowing she was weak from her release.

"Yes, I'm more than okay." she spoke softly, as if they were side by side. His soft, blissful sighs made her smile as she rolled over, enjoying the quiet moment they both shared.

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