tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCall Me Booty Ch. 02

Call Me Booty Ch. 02


Denise leads the way to a big glass door, beyond her I can see a goodly number of the old gang there talking. They all turn to look when Denise opens the door then Gilly propels me out into the very large back yard. The guys all gawk at me as I walk toward them my breasts bouncing a little. I smile big when I see one of my more favorite booty calls I go right to him then close his mouth with my finger. My smile gets even bigger when I put my hand to his crotch and find a lump that is getting bigger under my ministrations.

Not really in the mood for more conversation I pull him over to a table. I undo his pants make sure he is hard then sit on the table and pull him to me. We both moan when he enters me, his big cock splitting me wide just like I always loved him doing. My insides churning a little, it's been so long since I've been fucked with anything but a slim bottle, I move with him. The thickness and length of him getting me to orgasm quickly, he puts his hands to my breasts and keeps fucking me through this orgasm.

My legs wrapped around his butt I help him fuck me hard loving the feel of him inside of me and his hands to my breasts. The rest of the guys are watching, several with their hand in their pocket. Wanting to give them a better view I lie back letting my breasts bounce with my fucker's movement. Sadly I forgot he loves watching my breasts bounce, always got him off fast, this time is no different.

He speeds up fucking me hard and fast making me crash into an orgasm. My clenching insides set him off and he floods me with his hot fluids with a groan. I notice there is a camera taping me, I smile for the camera, bigger when another man moves up to me. He enters me fast and fucks me fast, his hands to my breasts pinching my nipples. He isn't as big not that I care it's a real cock inside of me I'm in seventh heaven, his motions are quite good at least.

This one reaches his orgasm fast, his hot fluids setting off my own orgasm making me moan out as he empties into me. I am not left empty for long another man moves up and enters me. This one takes his time, he doesn't fuck me hard, just keeps moving making my breasts move a little. I reach an orgasm under his pumping urging him to move faster. I can't help but grin when a chant of new record starts up I tell the one in me to finish off new record time. He grins and speeds up sending me to another orgasm with his hot fluids.

Number four enters me his cock shoving a lot of fluids out, I can feel it flowing down under my pussy to the table. He fucks me hard and fast getting even more of the fluids left in me out before he adds his own. The next man, number five, shoves it in and pumps for not very long before his fluids are added to me. Enjoying the fluids in me and wanting more I motion to another man. He moves up and enters me moving almost immediately.

I reach an orgasm on his pumping cock loving the feel of his hot flesh in me. While this one is pumping his fluids in to me Gilly comes over looking freshly fucked herself.

"Hey I gotta go Bart has a good dinner planned for me and more sex. It's getting toward evening as well you probably should call it quits and visit your sister soon."

I watch her go then wave off the guys, there is a groan as I tell the one with the camera to shut it off we can do a new record another time. Moving over to a lawn chair I sit on a towel there and motion everybody closer.

"Alright listen up, I have it from the police they want me to go back to my old habits and find the people who killed my brother. Not sure you guys know this part my brother was killed with a nine. He was found in one gang's territory with shuriken nearby, with his car in a different gang's area. Well shit he left me a note I didn't open it somebody go get my purse."

Denise dashes off there are a lot of smiles amongst the guys. Frank comes closer and hunkers down next to me.

"So besides finding those guys, what's the plan?"

"Well first I can't actually be a part of anything that happens, so I need a good cover. Did my brother ever open that arcade?" There is some chuckling, Frank grins at me.

"You are the proud owner of two arcades, one in the mall we were at. If you are willing we can open a porn site featuring you, gives you an excuse to move around with us to see if a spot works as a good location." I smile at the idea Denise comes back and hands over my purse.

Pulling out my cell phone I find the card for Stephanie and put her number in my phone. Then I flip through the things in there tossing my Colt at Frank in the process before finding the envelope. I read the note fast, it's pretty short then hand it over to Frank looking at him.

"He was going to meet these yakuza guys, the cop said they don't look like yakuza. Frank you are going to set up a meeting with them for me, and you are going to find me two guys who can shoot at longer ranges, I'm not doing shit without a couple angels. Make sure they have street legal rifles and find a good spot for the meeting make them think there is no problem." Frank nods looking over the guys then back at me.

"If you can't be implicated in anything we are going to need a good name for you to go by."

"Call me booty, everybody knows I love sex and wouldn't think anything of me answering booty calls. Anybody asks as to who the leader is come up with something, say it's one of the other gangs if you want. Remember to always hit your target, no random shooting drive by shit. Since I own two arcades I can afford to not work as a stripper, I think I'll see about getting a pizza place or something along with the porn site I like the idea. I would do porn except porn now isn't sex my own site would mean I get sex." Denise comes over and gives me a hug.

"You can use your room for that here, I'm curious, are you still going to work on getting pregnant?" I smile at Denise and nod.

"I stopped birth control when I went to prison, not on it now and don't plan on getting back on it. I got a number to call for a guy his dad was the guard that walked me to the gate. He sounds perfect for me, loves games and is back in school to learn how to make them. I'm going to call him tomorrow, before anyone asks I'm not ready to be pregnant yet, ended my period a few days ago. Unless this guy works out when I go fertile we are so staging the new record bang then. No grand entrances for us yet, we will do that soon as we find the killers. Now hang on I gotta make a call." I open up my cell phone again and find Stephanie's number.

"Is Stephanie there?" What sounded like a little boy answered the phone, some yelling of mom later Stephanie gets it. "Stephanie hey this is Catchada, I went to visit some old friends would you believe my best friend is a big famous romance novelist." I pause to some shocked questions. "Hold off on the questions, I seem to have a motorcycle along with a cell phone, I'm going to have to bring at least one of the married couple over with all the stuff I bought. I'll explain more later would there be enough to feed a couple pals?" I grin over at Frank and Denise.

"What did she say?" I smile at Denise's question.

"She said I better bring the novelist so I guess I'm treating you two to dinner." The beep on the phone gets my attention.

"Hey do you think I could get an interview with your friend? She never gives those out and people are seriously curious, there's rumors it's not a single person just a name the publisher uses to publish new authors." I giggle then look at Denise.

"Apparently you are thought to be not a single person but just the new authors the publisher gets. She wants an interview to prove you are simply a secretive gal." Denise chuckles and nods at me. "Well you are getting an interview say do you have a big TV and Xbox 360?"

"Pretty good sized TV, no Xbox, do you have one all of a sudden?" I look at Denise.

"Denise, can I take the 360 and games with me? You know what scratch that I'll buy my own on the way to her house. Frank go collect the games and what I left in the room, we are going to go have some Thai food. Denise I think I should see the motorcycle. Stephanie we will be there in about half an hour." I hang up after Stephanie says bye.

Frank is already gone, Denise takes my hand and we run around the side of the house to a separate rather long garage. I gasp at the Corvettes in here, seems to be one from each of the first six years they were made along with Frank's '67. He had rebuilt the thing starting when he was fourteen I'm not sure which is more amazing, getting it for two hundred or his parents believing he got the parts from junkyards. Denise leads me past these beautifully painted and restored cars to a covered motorcycle.

I fall on my butt in shock when she uncovers it it's a custom built bike the likes of which dreams are made of. It is low and short to let me use it with ease, there is a cowling over the front of the engine beautifully painted with an attack on war elephants. The gas tank is covered in Thai, a symbol of protection, along with one for power and speed. There are two saddle bags on the back, each with the symbol to prevent theft. The entire thing is decked out in very dark purple and red besides the engine itself being chrome and the spokes of the tires. Denise pulls me up and hands me the keys, then stops me from sitting on it.

"Clothes first then sit on it, I know you well enough to know if you get on it now you will tool around like that."

"Well you got a point there I should have something suitable in the station wagon."

We head to the station wagon Frank already sitting in it, I climb in to the back and go through the bags until I find the leather pants I wanted. Takes a little longer to find a partial shirt ends up being in the first bag from the end of the car. While I get my pants and shirt on Denise climbs in and tosses a pair of shoes at me. Properly attired I go back to my bike Denise following me.

"Now before you go anywhere we got some new stuff on here, this thing here is your GPS, talks to you and guides you in case you don't know the way. It slides off so anytime you stop at a place to eat or shop take it off. Come by tomorrow Frank will pull the deeds and everything out of our safe for your arcades we've been acting as owner in your stead, doing well with them your brother hired a really good manager. The saddle bags don't have secret compartments or anything so be careful about hiding things in them. There is a Target about two miles from here, the prices are not raised very much they got a good deal on the rent I think. This GPS is voice activated so just say something like closest Target and you will be led straight to it, turns on with the bike."

"One question, do your gates open automatically or am I slowing down to press a button somewhere?" Denise giggles at the question.

"For you on this bike they open automatically, all of these cars have a sensor on them there is one in the saddle bags for you."

With a grin I kick start my bike, it roars to life immediately and very loudly. I walk it out of the garage while Denise runs to the station wagon where it gets quieter. Still not very quiet I try out this GPS thing, called a Tom-Tom to find it still works with the noise. Waving to Frank and Denise I rev it once then slide it in to gear and go. Grinning like a mad woman I slow a little to let the gate open fully enough for me then give it some gas and go.

This Tom-Tom turns out to be a really great little thing, hard to hear otherwise perfectly accurate. I get a lot of admiring looks while I am looking for a parking spot, giving up on a close one I just park near the bicycle racks. Frank and Denise are waiting for me at the entrance. It is a fast shopping trip, the 360's are easy to find and wasn't anybody bothering the rather cute clerk. I take Denise with me to my bike after entering the address I give her the card and off she goes to the station wagon Frank had managed to get over to us.

It turns out to be a rather long way to Stephanie's house, looking around as we go I see a lot of areas that used to be nice not looking nice. Wondering on the why of this I tool around in the section where my sister lives, at least this area looks fine. I find Stephanie easily enough she is standing on her lawn jumping up and down waving her hand at me. I pull into the driveway up to the garage door, then am hugged the instant I am off my bike.

"I was a little afraid you wouldn't come." I squeeze her nose then turn her to look at Frank and Denise.

"This is Frank, and that is Denise. You really must excuse my clothes, I was getting banged we were going for a new record when I was reminded about you and dinner. I brought a lot of stuff so if Frank will stop being lazy for once I'd like to see my room." Stephanie giggles then looks at me.

"Well slight problem with that, there are only two bedrooms in this house. You can sleep on the sofa it's quite comfortable or you can share my bed, it's a king size."

"Well that is underhanded I suppose I'll share your bed then. I never can sleep on a sofa unless I pass out and even then only for a few hours. Come on let's collect bags and luggage and find that bedroom of yours."

We collect the bags and luggage out of the station wagon then go inside the house, her cameraman is on the sofa buried under two boys. Frank and Denise exit the bedroom after we drop everything on the bed Stephanie moves to follow them until I grab her hand.

"Probably should tell your cameraman the truth about your kids. Especially considering you likely are going to call me aunt Catchada." Stephanie grins at me.

"I did earlier, he suspected all along anyway. Come on and meet your niece and nephews."

The meeting is rather one sided, Frank is setting up the Xbox with the cameraman's help. I at least learn their names, Mike, Xander, and Andrea. I sit on the sofa with Stephanie and Denise to watch them excitedly go over everything that was in the box.

"I suppose I should of thought about what would happen with an Xbox in the room." Stephanie says with a sigh, I can't help but giggle.

"I want to be over there myself to be honest I seem to have plenty of time to go over it later at least. I own two arcades and going to look in to getting some sort of fast food place going. I also think we should look in to getting a bigger house, give the kids separate rooms, and us." Stephanie looks at me with a smile.

"Don't forget the porn site." Denise says poking me, Stephanie looks at me puzzled.

"I'm going to open a porn site featuring me having sex. Goes back to a few things I learned today, I'll fill you in later." Stephanie nods looking a little unsure.

"We set you up with a profile back at our house on the Xbox. Bought a few games one being an old Duke Nukem. Do you want to get that account here or open a new one? Denise is paying for your account at our house." Frank asks looking back at me.

"I think new account, so I can play with my nephews at your house." I pull out my handbag and flick one of my checking cards at Frank.

While he is doing that with the kids asking when they can play the rest of us move to the dining table. Stephanie's neighbor Ausanat had called us to the table while setting out dinner. I am drooling at what we have, Plaa Thawed and Phat Tai, with Cha Yen to drink. I get a hug when I call her a good cook in Thai I understand why when the kids finally come. There is much complaining from them because it's not fries and chicken nuggets. I laugh when Ausanat calls them spoiled brats Stephanie takes my hand moving closer.

"What did she say?"

"She called them spoiled brats." I point at Frank and call him squeamish to Ausanat, she grins. "I must ask are we having mealworms or grasshoppers?"

"We are having both of course it is not often I can cook for a fellow Thai." Frank turns green, the kids look at us then the food and start eating calling out grasshoppers to each other.

There is not much talking during dinner besides from the kids, they keep finding grasshoppers and noisily slurp them. Stephanie's cameraman Olina finally gets us around to the interview at the end of the meal.

"Well unless there is dessert I don't see why not." Denise says looking at Ausanat who shakes her head.

We move to the sofa where Olina has Stephanie sit next to Denise then pulls out his camera. Frank has me sit with the kids in front of the TV to teach all of us how the Xbox works and how to play a game. After a while of playing games with the kids Ausanat and Stephanie get them in bed. Frank and Denise head home, Ausanat goes home and I get pulled to the sofa by Stephanie, Olina sits on the floor his camera stuck back in the case.

"Alright so dish what is going on?" I look at Olina unsure I should say anything with him here. "Don't worry Olina is a really good friend, he may not live up to his name often he is otherwise a perfectly wonderful man." I giggle and look at Stephanie.

"Well alright, so the taxi driver we had wasn't a taxi driver he was a detective. They can't make headway on finding my brothers killer and gave me as much leeway as they can to find them. I am going to try hard to be respectable looking and light fires. Frank is getting me a meet with these yakuza people, my brother went to meet them when he was killed." Stephanie sighs and takes my hand.

"I thought you didn't want to do that."

"I don't want to do that I joined to protect my brother and friends. Got me sent to prison and my brother killed, why I am going to look like a law abiding person. Why the porn site and wishing to open a fast food place, gives me an excuse to move around in the city. I'm still going to see about becoming a housewife, and I am definitely going to get pregnant."

"What about the street kings?" Olina asks making us both look at him.

"I don't know, right now all I am doing is working on getting a boyfriend a bun in the oven and finding the killers. I think right this minute I am going to visit a grave I'm getting tired, prison life is a lot of rules one of them is up at a certain time I got up early today. Stephanie, do you want to drive or go for a ride on the sweetest bike I've ever seen?" Stephanie grins and stands up.

"Definitely ride, your brother rode me on his often and I miss it. Olina if you could stay here and watch the kids, and call the groundskeeper again make sure he's still there."

"No problem, and call my girlfriend she's going to think I'm having an affair with you again." We laugh as we collect our purses.

Sliding my Tom-Tom in the socket for it I put the keys in and walk my bike around to roll out of the driveway. Stephanie climbs on as I load my Colt then holds on tight as I kick start my bike. I have to twice remind Stephanie to hold on, she keeps exploring the corset. I shut off my bike at the cemetery gate there are three men here, one I assume is the groundskeeper, the other two I recognize as being part of two other gangs in town.

"If I have to get off this bike to defend myself you two will seriously regret it long before you die." I say as the two come closer to my wave at them.

"Not going to happen, my crew is over that way, his crew is that way. We came to express our condolences and to assure you it was neither of us. We liked your brother and know what will happen now that you are out, what you said to the contrary doesn't fool us. We had a while to talk you understand, we figured you would come sooner." Stephanie relaxes behind me at the words from the one on the right, Anthony I think his name is.

"I didn't think either of you two did it, I suspect the new guys, these yakuza that apparently aren't. I am going to ask about my house, I had a fucking drug storehouse under it, you two aren't part of that are you?" Both of them shake their heads.

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