tagMind ControlCall Me Cade Ch. 01

Call Me Cade Ch. 01


"My father would kill you if he found us," Mary Lee Howell gasped, eyes glazed with sex as she looked up from her work.

Cade just sighed with contentment as her lips lowered once again to make a seal around the head of his cock. Her blue eyes stared up at him, burning lustfully as she took him to the hilt, her head bobbing up and down with a slow, maddening rhythm.

Knowing that with just a gesture he could turn those eyes blank and empty, her mind thoughtless and totally obedient, made Cade struggle to control himself. He growled in the back of his throat, lean muscles tensing throughout his body. He tangled his fingers in her long blonde hair and began to guide her up and down.

Mary Lee relaxed her throat and let him control her rhythm, moaning blissfully as his manhood filled her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Mary Lee?" It was a man's voice, the voice of a man used to getting his way and not used to waiting.

Cade froze, his jaw locking in a scowl. He knew the owner of that voice.

Mary Lee's mouth slipped off of Cade's member with a soft pop and she grinned salaciously up at him. Fingers wrapping around him she began to pump up and down.

"What is it, Daddy?" the 18-year-old called innocently, staring up into Cade's eyes and biting her lip.

His scowl softened as his eyes rolled back and he sucked in a breath, trying to control himself.

There was a moment of silence outside the door. Then, the voice again. "I want to see you in my study," and the sound of feet stomping upstairs to the third floor.

Mary Lee's hand pumped faster and faster, her head leaning forward so Cade could feel her hot breath on his sensitive skin. Her blue eyes sparkled as she teased him, her mouth opening and making the perfect O-shape, just begging him to slip his length between her lips and fuck her face.

Gritting his teeth to master himself, Cade reached into his pocket and slipped something into his hand. It was a gold coin, old as civilization, with strange symbols engraved on either side. He pondered it for a brief moment, Mary Lee continuing her task.

She glanced at his hand as her full lips lowered towards his manhood once again. "What's tha-" she started to ask when he turned it and flashed it before her eyes.

Her sparkling baby blues went instantly wide and blank, her hand dropping from his cock as she settled back onto her knees with her hands in her lap. Servile, submissive and obedient, she stared up at him vacantly.

"God," Cade muttered to himself, his way of cursing the fact that he had to leave. Women all responded to his token differently, and it never failed to make him hard as a rock. He spared a regretful glance for his iron-hard member. "I'll be back," he promised, slipping his trousers on as swiftly as he could with his sizable length still standing at attention.

Mary Lee stared ahead, her mind empty and open. He threw his dirt-stained white shirt over his head, grabbed his revolver from the bed and tucked it into the back of his belt. Then, closing the door softly behind him, he bounded upstairs, hardly a sound made by the passage of his bare feet.

* * *

Some time before...

The man who pushed open the swinging doors to the saloon was as dusty as the road he'd ridden into town. His hat was broad-brimmed, and with the sunlight streaming through the doorway behind him the only feature the patrons of the bar could make out was the rough stubble on his chin.

He walked like a man who had been riding for some time, a rolling gait that indicated many hard miles.

"Howdy, stranger," said Tam the barkeep, squinting a little nervously at the newcomer. Newcomers always made Tam nervous. "Something to wet your whistle?"

Beneath the shadow of the brim of his hat, the man smiled as he crossed the floor and sat down on a tall barstool. "Whiskey." His voice was soft but rough, dry from the heat and dust of the plains surrounding the small town of Goldgorge.

"What's your name, stranger?" Tam asked, setting a shot glass on the bar and slopping a generous helping of cheap whiskey into it. He asked carefully, noting that in spite of his grimy appearance the newcomer's gun and bandolier of cartridges were gleaming as if they were well cared for.

The man laughed softly. "The wrong name can get you killed out here, Tam."

Tam flinched slightly at the stranger's use of his name.

"But," the man paused and flicked his hat to the back of his head, "you can call me Cade."

Tam examined the stranger's face, and the rest of the bar pretended not to do the same. It was a tanned, rugged face — but so was everyones' around here. The man who wore it seemed neither young nor old, but somewhere in between, and his eyes were dark but laughing. It was a handsome face, if you were into the dark, rough and charming type, but there was a little bit of hardness at the corner of the man's mouth that Tam, whose cowardliness had made him an excellent judge of character, immediately recognized as the mark of a man not to be trifled with.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Cade," Tam said, touching his forehead as though doffing an invisible cap.

Cade inclined his head. The shot of whiskey was raised carefully and tossed back with an air of experience, then placed just as carefully back down. "Another," Cade gestured with a few fingers for a refill, grimacing as the heat of the liquor ran down the back of his dry throat.

As Tam reached for the glass, Cade's hand shot out like a striking rattlesnake and gripped the barkeep by the wrist. Tam froze, his heart skipping a beat, then Cade slowly, almost carefully, pulled him closer.

"And while you're at it," the stranger muttered. "I'm looking for some information..."

Tam gulped audibly. There was no sound in the bar as several other patrons visibly leaned away. Under ordinary circumstances, one of Tam's regulars might have come to his aid. But somehow they all sensed that this newcomer was not to be interrupted.

"What kind of information?" Tam whispered, his throat constricting and his mouth suddenly very, very dry.

"I'm looking for someone," Cade murmured. "You'll have heard his name..."

* * *

Ramses Howell. An ostentatious name for a brash and vulgar man. Far in the past, Tyler Cade had felt flashes of guilt before he took down a mark, but he knew that even back then he would have gunned this man down without compunction. Howell was a robber baron, the owner of most of the mines that had given Goldgorge its name, and he was well-known to work his miners to the bone, feed them little and pay them less, all in order to turn a richer profit for himself.

Cade didn't know why his employer had sent him after Howell in particular, but he didn't need to know. That sort of business was above his pay-grade. His only job was simple: locate and eliminate.

Cade set the coin on its edge and sent it spinning with a flick of his finger. It was unfortunate, he thought, that he had needed to intimidate Tam like that. The man was fragile enough as it was. But Howell was a frightening figure, and if Cade knew anything it was that the only way to get information out of someone about a frightening man was to be even more frightening yourself.

Cade sat at the back of the saloon at a round table for five or six. He sat by himself, waiting for the person he had paid Tam to send for. Now that he knew where to find Howell, he could take his time getting there. It had been a long, lonely road to Goldgorge, and Cade needed companionship.

He saw the woman come downstairs and walk over to the bar, raven black hair and black high-heeled shoes. Her legs were long and smooth in dark stockings and even from his angle he could see the curve of her generous breasts. Cade wondered what such a beauty was doing in a place like this, but then discarded the thought. It didn't matter, in the end.

Tam, still looking a little worried, pointed furtively towards Cade's table, and the woman turned and strode confidently across the now almost-deserted saloon. By the time she arrived, Cade already knew he liked her. She sashayed through the room with easy grace, hips swinging saucily, and sat casually across from him.

The woman crossed her knees and leaned across the table, offering her hand. "Roxie," she said, her gaze frank as she stared into his dark eyes with hers. "Tam says you're a weary man in search of company."

Cade looked her up and down, taking his time. He already knew what he was going to do with the woman, but he enjoyed the foreplay. "You'll do," he murmured, a smile playing about his lips.

She gave him a mock gasp of annoyance, slapping playfully at his arm. Then, a smile curved across her mouth. "I like you," she said conspiratorially. "Let's get out of here."

Roxie stood, giving Cade an excellent view of her cleavage as she did. "Follow me," she ordered, and led the way upstairs. The bounty hunter's eyes watched her tight ass as he followed her down the gallery and by the time they had arrived at the door to her room, Cade was already rock hard with anticipation.

He followed her through the doorway, and as he closed the door she was suddenly very close, her mouth upturned and her hand on his chest. "I know you already gave Tam my money," she murmured, breath hot on his neck and one hand trailing down his chest to begin unbuckling his belt. "Which means we can get right to the fun part."

"Wait." Cade's voice was quiet and playful, but commanding. He sidestepped her to extricate himself and slowly crossed to the bed. Without looking at her, he began to undress, dropping his hat on the rough bedside table and lifting his bandolier over his head and dropping it to the floor with a clatter. His shirt followed, the travel-stained piece of cloth that had once been white and was now stained with dirt and sweat. It hit the floor, then his fingers were in his pockets, slowly discarding a few bills and coins before tightening around something else.

Cade sensed Roxie behind him, then her hands were caressing his hips and her hard nipples were pressed against his back. Her fingers reach around to trace the bulge in his trousers. "Ready yet, cowboy?" she murmured against his neck.

The bounty hunter pulled his hand from his pocket, fingers lightly grasping his gold coin. He guided Roxie around to sit on the bed beside him. He held up the coin before her eyes, turning it slightly so it caught the light, then set it gently on the bedside table on its edge, her gaze following his every movement, a furrow of confusion between her brows.

"Now, watch..." Cade told her softly, and spun his coin.

"Uhh," Roxie sighed as her eyes went wide and her knees suddenly went weak. Cade knew if she'd been standing she would have fallen back onto the bed, too focused to stand. Her mouth went slack as she stared at the spinning golden disk.

"Very good..." Cade murmured, flicking the coin again to keep it spinning as it wove its spell over her mind. "Just relax and let it happen..."

* * *

Roxie was on her back, her hands massaging with her tits as she stared up at the ceiling. Her breasts somehow looked even bigger now that she was naked. Her dark eyes were glazed and docile, one of Cade's favorite expressions. Her black hair, spread out across the cheap pillows on the old bed, was matted with sweat from their extended fucking.

Cade, chest rising and falling with every rapid breath he took, knelt between her legs, letting the warm post-coital glow wash over him. He stood and walked to where Roxie had thrown his trousers before blowing him. He slid them on, then sat at the end of the bed. He considered the entranced woman for a moment, sighing with contentment and glancing gratefully down at the coin clutched in his palm.

Then, sticking it deep into his pocket, he snapped his fingers once, loudly.

On the bed, Roxie blinked, then rolled over and looked across at Cade, mouth turning upward playfully. "My my my..." she murmured, biting her lip. "If all men were as good for a roll maybe I would have Tam lower my rates."

* * *

It was the only house Cade had ever seen, outside of the big city, that had a third floor, and it stood all by itself just outside of Goldgorge — aloof and magisterial. The homestead of Ramses Howell. The young woman who opened the door to Cade's knock was tall, for a woman, with blonde hair and a slim frame. She didn't open it all the way, just enough to peer out and see a strange man standing on the front porch in the light of the sunset.

"No solicitors," she said coldly. "And if you have business with my father you can go to his office in town tomorrow morning."

Cade raised his hand quickly to catch the edge of the door as she tried to pull it closed. "If you'll wait just a moment, Miss," he said in a calm, soothing tone of voice that grated at him on the inside. "I've traveled a long way not for your father, but to see if the rumors about his daughter were true." He only hoped that this young woman was as vain as the rumors had said.

Her curiosity piqued, Ramses Howell's daughter paused for a moment. "What rumors might those be?" she asked innocently, demeanor softening.

"If you'd open the door a little wider, Miss," Cade told her cordially, "I'd be more than happy to confirm them."

Vanity overcoming her good sense, the young woman opened the door all the way and looked Cade up and down. He was still grimy and travel-stained, his Stetson tipped back on his head and his boots scuffed from long, hard use. Just the kind of man that Howell would have warned his daughter to stay away from. Of course, that only made Cade that much more alluring. She smiled slightly, beginning to thaw. "Since we're getting so friendly," she remarked, extending one hand, "I'm Mary Lee Howell."

Cade extended his own hand, his calloused palm against her smooth skin. "Enchanted," he murmured. He gave her a brief, appreciative once-over, making sure she noticed.

She preened, not noticing or not caring that he hadn't given his own name. "Have you traveled far?" she asked, blue eyes glowing with excitement at the idea of a man traveling many miles simply to gaze on her beauty.

Cade shrugged nonchalantly and smiled at her. "I come bearing a gift for the beautiful daughter of the Gold King of Goldgorge."

Mary Lee couldn't help the excited smile that spread across her lips, completely forgetting whatever protocols for decorum and safety her father had probably taught her. "Oh?" she asked, trying not to sound too eager.

Cade grinned and winked at her, then, with a flourish, seemed to produce his gold coin from thin air.

Mary Lee gasped and clapped her hands together in delight as she bent forward to examine his offering.

Cade leaned forward meaningfully. "A golden talisman for the princess of Goldgorge," he murmured softly. He rolled his coin across his knuckles, the ancient gold catching the dying sunlight and flashing it in her eyes.

"Oh..." Mary Lee sighed as her mind was transfixed by the spinning golden circle. It was only enough to put her into a light trance, but Cade took full advantage. Whatever magic was in his coin, he had long since stopped questioning it and had started making full use.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" He spoke softly, easing through the doorway and glancing quickly around, never letting the coin slow as it rolled back and forth across the back of his hand. There didn't seem to be any guards or servants in the entrance hall as he quietly closed the front door behind him.

"Mmhmm..." The young woman was mesmerized, her blue eyes wide as her mind grew more and more blank. "Beautiful..."

"Is your father home?" Cade knew she was in no state to be deceptive, and he had to get preliminaries out of the way before he lost all self-control. He could already feel the blood rushing below his belt as Mary Lee's eyes glazed over, her free will bewitched by the spell of the ancient charm.


"Lovely," Cade murmured to himself. He had time, then. He briefly admired Mary Lee once again, her slender form, toned legs in a pair of riding pants and a shapely bust.

"Let's get you to your room," he murmured. "You're finding it harder and harder to think, and you want to just relax and obey..."

"Obey..." the woman murmured, the word dripping from her lips like honey.


* * *

Mary Lee's eyes were riveted to the coin as it spun in place on the floorboards and Cade carefully reprogrammed her mind. Her voice was soft and low and monotone as she responded to his suggestions, sending shivers of lust up Cade's spine. By the time he was finished, he was painfully hard in his trousers, his fists clenching and unclenching spasmodically as he resisted the urge to twine his fingers in the woman's hair and claim her mouth with his.

"Obedient, mindless and aroused..." she murmured. "Obedient, mindless and aroused..." Her cheeks were flushed as she ground her thighs together, the heat of her arousal growing.

Cade grinned. "Very good," he told her. "And..." he snapped his fingers. "Awake!"

Mary Lee's eyelids fluttered and then her eyes locked on Cade's. "Hello," she purred, her voice dripping with desire.

Cade could restrain himself no longer. He bent forward, his fingers stroking her silky hair and his mouth capturing hers. Mary Lee fell back onto the bed, Cade's body atop hers. She moaned and deepened the kiss, her fingers gripping his back and pulling him closer. Her hips arched up to grind against him, the friction zinging pleasure through his body.

Cade pulled back, arms going over his head as he tugged his shirt off and exposed his lean, tanned body. Mary Lee's fingers fumbled with the buttons of her blouse as he straddled her, and Cade impatiently gripped the garment and pulled it over her head, golden hair tumbling every which way.

"I want you," the woman sighed breathlessly as Cade slid his hands down her slim hips and gripped the waist of her riding pants. With one smooth motion, the bounty hunter slid her leggings and undergarments off, exposing her sex to his ravenous eyes. His dark eyes devoured every inch of her smooth skin before locking onto her blue ones.

Mary Lee froze, transfixed by his gaze, then moaned with need and sat up, fumbling with the buckle of his belt. "I need you inside of me," she gasped. "Now."

Cade shed his trousers and grasped the woman by her wrists, throwing her back down onto the bed and roughly kissing her, pressing her back down into the bed with the force of his ardor. He slowly brought himself closer to her, the tip of his length just outside her ready entrance as his mouth captured hers.

Mary Lee responded with desperate need, her kisses hungry and needy as her hips strained upwards towards him.

Then, with excruciating pleasure, Cade was sliding inside of her, her body welcoming him. The rough and hardened cowboy couldn't help but groan, deep in his throat, as her tight folds stretched to accommodate him, every inch of his length wrapped in the heat and bliss of her body.

Beneath him, Mary Lee gasped and her eyes rolled back, transported from her bedroom on the Western frontier to an Eden of bliss and pleasure.

Cade increased the speed of his strokes, his need matching hers as he leaned back to admire his conquest.

"Take me," the woman gasped, eyes burning into his. "I belong to you. Yours completely. Mind and — ahhhhh — body!" She came, suddenly, her body arcing as a rapid-fire series of lightning jolts of bliss reverberated through her.

The bounty hunter gritted his teeth and kept going, his rhythm swift and hard. He gripped Mary Lee's hips in his calloused hands and felt her smooth skin writhing beneath his fingers as her hips rose up to meet his with every stroke.

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