tagBDSMCall Me Daddy Ch. 03

Call Me Daddy Ch. 03


All of the participants of this are of legal age. This is for those that enjoy the DD/lg stories and life.

The next morning I woke up hoping I didn't dream about yesterday. It had been three years since I felt that way about anyone. Sarah made me feel younger just by being near her. I got up, fixed Jack's breakfast, started the coffee and prepared lunch for Jack. It was Monday so I had to take Jack to preschool before I started my day. Once I quickly made his lunch, we got in the car and I took him to school.

The day seem to drag on as I went to the head office to pick up some plans needed to make sure the contract was perfect. As I walked into the plans department my friend Bill stopped me.

"So Tim how's Sarah been working out for you? I know you needed that extra help with Jack."

"She fantastic." I said chuckling. "Really she's a sweet heart. Jack loves her. She's never late. I'm glad you recommended her."

"Yeah When Karen needed the extra help with Sammy before Kitty was born she was there for us. Honest and caring with everyone. Though to be honest." He looked around to see if anyone was listening. "There was a couple time I wouldn't have minded taking her somewhere to fuck her hard. Damn she had a nice tight ass." He said elbowing me. "I'm pretty sure you have looked a few times."

I smiled thinking if he only knew.

"Well. I got to get back to my home office to finish this contract in time. I'm trying to get it done before I have to pick up Jack." We shook hands and I left the building.

As I drove back home my thoughts were on Sarah and her sexy body. I still could not believe she was my babygirl. Carrie and I wanted to get into Daddy Dom but it was too late by that time. After she died I didn't have it in me to dominate any of the women I dated. Even the ones who wanted it rough couldn't get me to do more than a light spanking.

But after Sarah started talking about it for her paper then proposed to me to be her Dom. The fire ignited again, waking me up in a way that only Carrie had ever done. Adding to the fact that she was a little just made it burn hotter.

Once I got home I went into my office and set to work finishing up the contract. It did not take me long to do it so I looked up some DD/lg stories online. I started reading when I heard the door open and close. I looked at the clock and it was only 1:30, too early for Sarah. I stood up and slowly made my way to the living room where I saw her bent over getting her laptop out of her bag. My cock was semi hard from getting ready to read, but when I saw her it swelled fully.

She was wearing a pleated mini skirt that flared out a bit showing of her white panties. I was able to see a cartoon character on them it was that short, especially when while she was bent over. When she stood up with her back to me. I watched her pigtails bounce as she moved her head. She was wearing a concert t-shirt, which I could tell by the cities and dates listed for the band. When she turned around she had a lollipop in her mouth and wire rim glasses on. She nearly jumped when she finally looked up and saw me standing there.

"Oh Tim. I didn't realize you were still home. I didn't see your car."

"That's because I cleaned out the garage today and now I can park the car in there." I chuckled. "Now the question is why you are here this early?"

"Oh well my civics professor cancelled classes, so I figured I would come early and work on my project." She said as she rolled the lollipop around in her mouth. I could see the glint in her eyes, she wanted me to take her. Not just make love to her, but throw her down and take her. I stepped up and reached for her arms just to caress them.

"Well we do have time before I have to pick up Jack. So why don't we talked about limits and rules?"

"Limits and rules?" She repeated with the lust still in her eyes.

"Yes. Without them we cannot proceed into our Dom/sub relationship." I took her hand and lead her over to the couch. I sat down gently pulling her into my lap. She was smiling big when I slid her down onto me.

"Let's start with rules." She nodded still sucking on her lollipop causing my cock to stir.

"Rule one. You are mine. So no one may touch you without my permission, and that includes yourself. That means no masturbating unless I allow." She frowned at that thought but nodded.

"Rule two. You will always refer to me as Daddy, unless Jack is around then call me by name. When we are in the dungeon or you are being punished it will be Sir." She nodded again.

"No Master?"

"Not from me. To me that denotes ownership. You would be a slave. I've only owned one person. Her body was mine to do as I pleased. So I will only take the name on when that happens again." She smiled nodding

"Rule three. You will obey at all times. Trust that I will push your limits but I will not break your trust or push you beyond what I feel you can do. Rule four. This is a must so it is the most important rule. Use your safe words..." He saw that she was confused. "Which we will talk about with your limits. Do not do something you are not comfortable with and use your safe words if it gets too much. It will keep me from pushing you too far and breaking your trust." She was fidgeting. "Last rule. Be yourself. Do not try to change yourself to something you think I want or need. Always stay who you are, but if you feel you want to open yourself to something different then speak up and we will talk about it. Those rules must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in punishment, which gets more sever with each infraction."

"Yes Daddy. Now what are limits? I don't think I got that far in my research."

"Limits my babygirl are what you will and will not do. There are mainly two limits, soft and hard. Soft limits are ones that you are curious about but you are not sure you will like them. Those we can slowly introduce into play in which you can then say yes or no. Hard limits are those that you will not do under any circumstance. We will not do those. Now you can move soft to hard as we try them and some people have move hard to soft as they explore more but that can take years so we'll just start with a little bit then add as you explore yourself more." She nodded. "Now are there any that you can think of right now say would be hard limits."

She tilted her head up as she thought. It was cute as Jack does the same thing when he thinks. With her sitting in my lap I couldn't help but stare at her neck. My mouth watered for a taste. I felt her wiggle and heard her giggle as she knew what I was thinking.

"Well Daddy, I would first say no pee or poop. I think that is just... ewww. Next would be no extreme pain. No children of course or incest. Other than those I'm open to try anything at least once. Although there is one thing I'm on the fence with."

"What is that?

"I have read about knife play. It sound's interesting but the pain and blood might be a bit much."

"As I said we will go at your speed and do what you are comfortable with. As far as pain we will test your limit to what you can deal with. That will give us a starting point to see if you can push that threshold. I will tell you that knife play can be dangerous if not done right and I have experience with it so you will be safe in my hands. So today before I go pick up Jack I would like to spank you will my hand to test your pain level with my hand."

"Yes Daddy." She giggled as she wiggled in my lap before getting up and slowly pulling her white Disney Princess panties down. I patted my lap and she lay with her stomach over it. I pushed her skirt up and looked at her thick round ass. I rubbed my hand in a circle over to feel her soft skin.

"Ok babygirl 1 to 10 on pain level."

"Just like a doctor's office." She giggled. I chuckled as I smacked one cheek lightly with the palm of my hand. She moaned "1". I rubbed her cheek then smacked her other cheek slightly harder. "1" she moaned again. For the next three smacks, each harder than the last, she moaned 1. I continued to rub then smack. Each smack harder than the last. As I got to ten smacks she had gotten up to 5. The next five increased to 9. As I gave nearly the hardest smack my hand could give she whimpered "10 Daddy."

Her ass was beet red when I delivered the last smack. I loved that color contrasted on her stark white skin. I lightly picked her up and placed her stomach down onto the couch.

"Hold still." I went into my bedroom and picked up the aloe infused lotion. She was smiling as I walked back into the room carrying the lotion. I knelt down next to her as I poured lotion into my hand and proceeded to rub her ass gently with it. She moaned as my hands cooled from the lotion soothed her hot red ass. I murmured calming words just I would Jack when he had trouble sleeping.

By the time I was done rubbing the lotion in she has fallen asleep. I knew that trying to pull her panties on would wake her I decided to cover her with the blanket covering the back of the couch. I went back to my office to double check my work then noticed it was time to get Jack. I wrote a note for Sarah if she woke up then headed to get him.

When we got back about a half hour later her car was still in the drive way. I opened the door front door and Jack ran into the house screaming. "SAWAH!" I heard her in the kitchen as he ran through the house looking for her. He came running past me and into her arms as she sat at the table doing school work. I smiled watching them as he told her about his day.

I walked up to her as Jack was getting off her lap. Just as I got near her the scent hit me. I looked at her and noticed the crotch of the pants she put on had a slight wet spot. When she looked at me I could see her downcast her eyes. She knew I could tell something was up. I looked around to notice Jack was gone so I growled loud enough for her to hear. She shivered at the sound.

I lowered my voice as I looked at her.

"I will ask you this once babygirl. Did you touch yourself?" She squeaked at the tone in my voice. Still not looking me in the eyes.

"Yes Daddy. I woke up smelling you on that blanket and after I saw the note I figured I should change and once I looked in the mirror and saw my ass, well....I...um...I...." She hung her head. "I couldn't help myself so I went to your bed and played with myself until I...I..."


"Yes Daddy." Her shoulders hunched.

"You know what this mean, right babygirl? Your first true punishment. After Jack goes to bed you will feel what is like to be punished." She seemed to lose her voice so she just nodded. "So until then you will work on your project then if there is time you can play with Jack before your punishment." She pouted then turned back to her work.

I started to prepare diner when I heard the two of them playing in his room. I paused a moment to see what they were doing. They were in the middle of his room with his G.I. Joes all around them pretending to fight each other. I chuckled and watched a smile come over her face. I went back to finish cooking diner.

As we ate I could see the tension in Sarah, not knowing what I was going to do to her. After diner I allowed Jack to watch a couple of his cartoons. Though he did not drag Sarah to watch with him, she was on her stomach laying on the floor with her legs bend at the knees and crossed at her ankles. I sat down on the couch and couldn't keep my eyes off her sexy ass.

When the cartoons were over she took him to his bed read him a story then came back. I had flipped the channel to a crime show when she came back. She sat down on the floor in front of me. I lean forward and slide my hands over her tense shoulders. She leaned her head back and moaned as my fingers massaged her. About a half hour into the show I kissed the top of her head and stood up. Without a word I held my hand out for her and she meekly took it.

Quietly I led her to the dungeon feeling her body quiver with both fear and anticipation. I opened the door and pulled her in. After I quietly close it I turned around and led her to the spanking sawhorse. I gently bent her over the leather padding, grabbing her arms to stretch them out. I kissed each wrist before strapping them to the table legs in front of the sawhorse. I knelt down and spread her legs before kissing her ankles and strapping them.

I stood up and slowly pulled her pants and panties down. The scent of her wet warm pussy hit my nose hard. I grinned as I walked over to the wall. Looking over the floggers I grabbed a small starter flogger. Made from a light weight leather with about a dozen eight inch thin straps. I test it against my thigh to make sure she could handle this one. I see her flinch at the sound of the flogger slapping.

"Now babygirl you will feel your first punishment so I will go a bit light this one time. I warn you though I will not be so nice in later punishments." She whimpered at the thought of me punishing harder.

"Since this is your first punishment I will instruct you through the process."

"Yes Daddy. I mean Yes Sir"

"Now with a punishment you will count and thank me after every smack I give you. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"I will always explain to you why you are being punished so you learn to obey the rules. Tonight you came without permission. Now this is your first lesson to understand you will do as you are told. 10 smacks with the flogger shall do tonight." I heard her whimper. Without warning I flick the flogger over one cheek with a loud SMACK.

"AHHHHH... one... thank you Sir, another please." I gave another SMACK to her other cheek. "Two... thank you Sir...may I have another?" I smack her ass over and over four more times, crisscrossing each time and harder with each one.

"AAHHHHH three...four...five...six... thank you Sir...may I have another?" I flicked harder watching the red lines darken over her already red ass from this afternoon's spanking. Each smack of the flogger causing her to whence and whimper. My cock was getting harder when each flick of it. SMACK, SMACK.

"Seven...eight...thank you Sir...may I have another?" I grin as I twist my wrist and swing from the side catching both cheeks. "NINE...thank you Sir...may I have another." I wait several agenizing minutes as I see she is baring down waiting for it. I walk around her and kneel down.

"I know what you are doing babygirl and for that this last one will really be painful." I stood up to lean over and swing very hard the straps hitting her clit hard causing her to scream out.


"Since you were a good girl taking your punishment. I think a reward is in order." I undo and pull my pants down, followed by my boxers. My hard cock bouncing up as the waistband of my boxers releases it. Lining my cock to her pussy I grab her hips and in one hard thrust I bury my cock deep. "OHHHH SHIT." I started to pump deep and hard. Filling her pussy completely with my cock while my balls slap her clit.

"OHHH FUCK DADDY!!!! YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!!" I thrusted harder and deeper my cock swelling.

"That's it babygirl. I need to fucking fill you."

"Do it Daddy. Fill your babygirl slut's pussy with your hot seed." Just the thought of impregnating her caused me to explode.

"AAHHHH FUCK BABYGIRL!!! CUM NOW!!" I slapped her ass very hard as I shot deep into her womb. My cock spasms with each shot as I hold deep into her pussy. The feel of my hot cum splashing her walls combined with my command causes her to spasm as well and her pussy tightens over my cock as she orgasms.

"OOHHH FUCCKK DADDY!!" Her body nearly lifting from the saw horse. I slowly pull my cock out and watch her shudder when the head of my cock slides over her sensitive clit. Smiling as my cum slowly oozes out of her glistening hole. Her breathing calming down as she slumped over the sawhorse.

Finally getting my strength back I pull my pants up and button them up. I knelt and unstrapped her ankles then pulled her pants and panties completely off. I stood up and walked around to unstrap her wrists. She groaned when I slowly pulled her up and lifted her into my arms. When my arms brushed her welted red ass she whimpered.

I carried her out of the dungeon and into my bedroom. As I laid her down I turned her body so she was on her stomach. I went to the living room and grabbed the lotion returning to the bedroom. I could see she was awake when she moved her head to watch me. I sat next to her and poured lotion into my hands. Just as with the spanking I gently rubbed the lotion on while we looked at each other.

"Ok babygirl. Tell me what you think about your first real punishment." She leaned her head up and rested it on her hand to look at me better.

"First I will say that I trust you Daddy. I know you wouldn't hurt me very bad, but I was so wet. I had to try hard to keep from cumming after each smack. I still feel the aftershocks from my orgasm. Daddy?"

"Yes sweetie."

"I think...I think I love the pain. I might just be a painslut." She said giggling.

"Well we will have to see about that. I went light on you today. Well light for me. I can punish much harder. Trust me I can leave some deep bruises." I heard her whimper at that thought.

"I can't wait to feel the other toys you have Daddy. In fact it's making me wet thinking about them." I grinned before leaning up to kiss her deeply. Pulling back.

"There is one thing I didn't think about until now. Birth control."

"Daddy. I want to always feel your cock in me without a condom. I am on birth control. But to be honest I have a fantasy about getting pregnant from your seed. Maybe someday I go off and we do it?" My cock throbbed just from her words. Oh I would love to spill my seed into her unprotected womb someday.

"Maybe after enough time so we can tell if we want to keep this." I smiled knowing this was a topic that might come up every so often. "Anything else?"

"Well. I was enjoying being restrained. Can we do some rope play next time? I want to feel completely bound."

"We can do that. Remember I am not only your Daddy, but I'll be your teacher along the way. I know it will not only give you a better understanding of who you are but will also help with your paper." I looked at the clock and it was still early. "Why don't we watch some TV to relax and calm down a bit, then we can enjoy a nice round of love making."

"Daddy. Let's skip the relaxing part and go straight to the love making." She giggled. Oh how I'm going to love this girl.

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