tagTransgender & CrossdressersCall Me, Lover! Ch. 02

Call Me, Lover! Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of an ongoing fantasy. All people mentioned are 18 years of age or older. I recommend if you are just reading this that you read the previous chapter (Call me, lover.) to get the baseline.

It has been almost a year since that Friday afternoon when my whole life changed. The year has flown by with how busy I have been. I had been keeping a major secret from my wife, Trish, and it was eating me up inside. How do you tell your wife, "I am bisexual and am having an affair with a transsexual," with out totally devastating her? The first thing she will feel is inadequate, then anger, and shortly after is probably divorce. I love my wife very dearly and the last thing I want is to loose her. So I devised a plan to keep her, and my transsexual lover, Jenna. This is how I did it...

I had been running around for about three months when I realized it was killing me inside. I had been meeting with Jenna about once a week. Sometimes at her apartment, and sometimes we would just meet at the adult bookstore. It's kind of a comfortable spot for us because that's where it all started. When we are there, she makes me suck all the cocks that come through the glory hole, and swallow all the cum. So far my record is twelve loads of cum in one sitting. She enjoys this more than I do, I am more of an intimate person, but I do it because she likes it.

I realized I needed to stop the running around, and I told Jenna that I wanted to incorporate her in my daily life at home, with my wife. She laughed and said it wasn't possible, but she would go along with anything I did. She also told me she would stick with me even if my wife left me. I informed her, my wife leaving was not an option to me. Also not having her was out of the question.

So, I set forth to warm Trish up to the idea of having a transsexual in our bed. I started out easy, with pretending to wake up from a strange dream in the night.

"What's the matter?" she would say.

"I just had a crazy dream, sorry to wake you up," I would respond.

Now prior to this interaction I would have been thinking of Jenna and Trish together and I would have a rock hard cock. Trish, being a very attentive wife, would roll over and cuddle me, and realize my condition.

"Wow, I guess that was a very erotic dream!" she said. "Why don't you tell me about it?"

She then threw the covers back and pulled down my boxers, exposing my throbbing member. She stroked it for a few moments until a drip of pre cum rolled down the head. "I think we aren't having enough sex," she said. "Your prostate must be swollen; I will empty it for you so you can sleep better!"

With that she lubed my ass with spit and plunged two fingers in finding my prostate with no problems. She began to suck my cock and rub my prostate at the same time. The feeling was so intense I knew I couldn't last long. It felt as though my whole mid section was tingling.

"Oh, god, I think I am going to cum soon," I said.

She stopped sucking me and just liked the head, while still massaging my prostate. I had never felt an orgasm like this I was going to cum without any one touching my dick.

"Here it comes!"

She placed her lips over my head and I lost it. I came with such force I thought she would choke; I sprayed five or six ropes of cum in her mouth before I was finally finished. She removed her mouth from my cock but said nothing. She continued to massage my prostate and within a few second I was having another orgasm. This she let spray all over my chest. She then got up, removing her fingers from my ass, and crawled over to my face.

"What's the matter?" I said.

She just leaned in and kissed me, pushing her tongue in my mouth, and with it all my cum. All I could do was swallow my spunk, again and again, until it was all gone. We slowly broke apart.

"I told you your prostate was full. Do you feel better?"

"Yes, I feel great, that was so hot. Where did you learn about that?"

"You're not the only one who likes to experiment, you know. I read about it on the internet, and watched some video clips to learn the technique."

"Wow! That was intense."

"So, what was that dream about?"

I had totally forgotten the whole reason this got started. How was I going to tell her, what was I going to tell her.

"It's kind of embarrassing, don't worry about it."

"Tell me, I won't laugh, I promise!"

"I don't know."

"Just tell me!"


So I started slowly spinning a story of how we were in bed making love. Then we were getting freaky with the strap on again. And it really felt good having the huge strap on in my ass filling me right up.

"Then what?" she said.

"Well, you were doing me doggie style one minute, then I was eating your pussy.

"And?" she said.

"And I was still being fucked in the ass."

She looked at me with a strange look and said, "How?"

"It was a dream. But I looked back and there was a big blond transsexual with a huge cock fucking my ass.

"So, what's so embarrassing about that?"

"It's not the first time I have had the dream!"

"You have had this same dream before?"

"Yes, four or five times." I lied.

It was at this point I noticed she had her panties down and had been fingering her sopping wet pussy through the whole story. I realized my plan was paying off.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, it is just a fantasy!"

"Well, it makes me gay, right?"

"No, you are not gay, just bisexual. And that makes me hot!"

With that she rolled on top of me and began to rub her burning hot wet pussy all over my flaccid dick. In no time I was hard and she slid it in and rode me until she had at least six good orgasms. She then climbed off.

"I have to go to sleep; I have to go to work in a few hours."

With that said she rolled over and said goodnight.

Things went on like that for a while. I was still seeing Jenna on the sly. Trish and I were having extraordinary sex in normal hours. She got a full latex dominatrix outfit and whips, cuffs, and riding crop. She even got a Gestapo hat and eight inch stiletto heels. I continue to wake up Trish to fake dreams, she would get hot and either I get a prostate massage or she fucks me with the new strap on she bought just for stimulating the prostate. And every time I swallow the cum.

"I am jealous, she says. Your complexion is so much better than mine with all the sperm you're eating!"

Then I get her off and we sleep. We began to watch transsexual porn together and she got really hot on those nights.

One night Trish turned to me after she had just emptied my prostate and balls and said;

"Maybe we should find a transsexual to share in the bedroom sometime, what do you think?"

I played it all cool like I wasn't sure, and what if I freaked out, maybe I was really gay, etc. I finally agreed but said we should both choose together.

"Ok. How should we do it?"

"Maybe we should use the internet, like one of those transsexual singles sites. We could sign up, and build a profile as a couple looking for a transsexual and see who responds."


So we spent an hour signing up on trannyfriendfinder.com and taking a couples picture. During the process Trish was scanning the different profiles and was getting way over stimulated. When we finished she strapped on a massive Jeff Stryker dildo and fucked me for two hours strait. She then rode my cock and actually let me cum in her pussy. I was shocked, but quickly I understood, as she squatted over my face and said;

"Eat your cum from my pussy, cum slut!"

I was taken aback, but did as I was told. She had at least two orgasms while I ate her pussy.

"What is it with you forcing me to eat my sperm all the time now?"

"I just like the feeling of power and dominance. It doesn't hurt that seeing you submit makes me so hot!"

We laughed and giggled for a while afterward. It was like a brand new relationship.

The next day I went to Jenna's apartment. I told her of the progress and had her get on the computer to respond to the search we had on trannyfriendfinder.com. To my surprise Trish replied within minutes saying we should all meet at a local bar later this evening.

"You really got her in to this, didn't you?"

"It looks that way."

"I can't wait to fuck you both!" Jenna said.

"I guess, maybe I should go home and get ready."

"Oh, no you don't! Come with me!" she said.

We drove to the book store and along the way she taunted me;

"You are going to fill your belly with cum before you go, then I will top you off later!"

We arrived and went in, and like always she followed me in to our usual booth. Jenna sat back and watched me suck cock after cock and swallow so many loads I lost count. I was pretty sure I had serviced everyone in there at least twice.

I finally went home, my guts full of cum, and my wife was just jumping when I got there. She was already dressed in a sexy black dress with her stiletto heels. To my surprise and excitement she had on thigh high stockings and garters, with no underwear.

Now I should tell you a little about Trish. She normally is very proper when we go out. Always conservative, nothing to short, but this dress she had on was maybe two inches below her ass. Speaking of her ass it is ample in size, with thick dancers' legs. She has a full set of tits, 40DD, and unlike most women of today, she has hair on her pussy. It's not an Amazon bush, but a neatly trimmed one. She has natural jet black hair, both top and bottom, which she keeps in a graduated bob.

"We are going out tonight!"

"Oh. What's the occasion?"

"I think I found us the perfect friend to play with in bed. She is a tall Amazonish blond with huge tits, lives in the area, and says she has a nine inch cock."

Of course I played it off that I wasn't sure, but she was persistent, and I finally gave in.

"Ok, but if it is not right we are just going to leave ok?"

"Sure, but I think you will like her."

Little did she know, I already liked her. I got ready quickly and then we were off.

We were to meet Jenna at a quiet little tavern, with a bar and restaurant. As we drove Trish babbled about how excited she was and her hopes this would work. I glanced over and caught her fingering her pussy. I then reached over to get in on the action. She was molten inside, I thought my finger would melt from the hot wet heat. She was also quivering continuously, as if she was on the edge of orgasm.

"Honey, are you ok?" I asked deviously.

"Yeah, I just feel like I am going to explode with anticipation."

"I can fix that!" I said.

I pulled the car off on a side street that dead ended by a stream I usually fished at. With the car stopped I turned my wife to face me and spread her legs. I dove face first in to her hair pie and it to less than a minute to make her cum. She was free flowing female ejaculate, hot wet and amazingly tasty. I continued unwaveringly through until the orgasms subsided.

"Oh my god!" she said. " I have never cum like that before!"

I simply grinned and handed her some napkins to clean herself up with as I cleaned off my face.

We arrived at the tavern fifteen minutes later. I noticed Jenna's car on the other side of the parking lot, and it looked as if she were still sitting in it.

"We have to send a text to this phone number to let this girl, Jenna, know that we have arrived." Trish said.

"Ok, go ahead." I replied.

Trish sent the message and we got out of the car and approached the door. It was a quiet place with few patrons, and the majority of them were at the bar. It had a nice dining room that was, fortunately, completely empty. The bar area was small, with a few crusty old drunks, who were staring at Trish like a piece of meat. I moved her to the opposite side, and shot a death glance at the drunks.

We ordered drinks and sat to wait. A few minutes later I saw Jenna walk in and scan the room for us. As she crossed the room I couldn't help but notice how hot she looked. She wore a short black skirt, a bit longer than Trish's , with nylons and six inch stiletto heals. She had her blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. She looked hot, and I wasn't the only one who noticed. Trish took an uptake of breath, and the drunks were gawking, if they only new what was hiding under that dress....

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