tagBDSMCall Me Master Ch. 02

Call Me Master Ch. 02


I want to thank My dejah for editing this for Me. While I am good at writing I am not so good at punctuation. she keeps Me straight and helps Me make My stories as perfect as W/we can. To My co-author lo who did most of the work here thank you hon, I think W/we done good. (Yes I know that is not grammatically correct I meant it to be that way)

Raven and sunny moved through the house on their way to the room that Raven would use for her stay. Raven's natural curiosity was killing her. she'd give anything to be with the rest of the women instead of following sunny. Her mind was rolling a mile a minute, each possibility flashing as a vivid visual image in her minds eye. The words of a story beginning to coalesce in her photographic memory, until the moment she might have a chance to commit them to paper. Raven slowly began to notice a difference as they traveled upstairs and into a different wing of the mansion. The furnishings and decor were decidedly more feminine. Just like a perfect setting for a rare pearl, so this wing was the perfect setting for all the women here. Quick glimpses into different rooms showed the uniqueness each woman here. "These are our quarters," sunny told Raven. "Master seldom comes here."

"Why is that?" Raven asked.

"This is our haven, our private world, He respects that." said sunny "He knows we need a space of our own to keep us happy and content."

"I see," said Raven. "So you are allowed to do what you want here?"

"To a degree," sunny said. "Master still has rules that we must follow even here, but most are common sense and all are very easy to understand and follow. Mostly respect others and keep one’s personal area and one’s self clean and neat."

"I understand," said Raven. "How many women are here?" Raven asked.


"And He sleeps with all of you?"

"You misunderstand, we are all here willingly to serve him. The Master doesn't collect women like trophies. He treasures each one of us individually for our own special gifts," said sunny, as she stopped at a door. "This will be your room while you stay here."

sunny opened the door to a modest room. she walked over to the bed, pulled down the sheets, climbed in and looked back at Raven. Raven could read sunny's silent invitation clearly. She became acutely aware again of the fact that she was nude and about to climb into a bed with another nude woman. Yesterday she would have scoffed at anyone had they even brought up the idea that this might happen and here she was deciding whether or not she could do it. The shock of awareness passed quickly and Raven soon found herself lying on her side facing sunny.

"How did you come to be here?" Raven asked.

"my previous Dom was a pretender, a Dom wannabe. He took my submission to him as permission to be abusive - mentally and physically. Whatever he commanded, no matter how demeaning, i did. If i didn't follow his orders quick enough to suit him, he had a rattan cane he was wicked fast with, that he used for punishment. i never knew how wrong the whole situation was -- until i met Master.

"Master had come to dinner one evening, bringing two of his submissives with him. All night long i watched them as they took care of his every need. i'd never seen such looks of adoration and devotion as i saw on their faces as they served Him.

"After dinner the evening’s entertainment began. The pretender's favorite game was to have me act like a dog. He would talk to me as if i was one, and give me commands in the same manner. He ordered me to crawl to Master and pleasure Him in whatever way Master deemed fit. i could not move. For the first time in my life as a submissive, i thought about saying no. i did not want Master to see me act in this manner, and i knew i would have done anything to please Him, except to act in this manner, to act like an animal incapable of human thought. This game had become shameful to me all because Master was watching.

"Well, my hesitation earned me ten lashes from the rattan cane, which ended my resistance to the command. i gave up all thought of disobedience and crawled over to where Master was sitting. Even if it had been allowed, i would not have been able to look Master in the eyes. Instead i knelt there, head bowed, waiting for my next command. It never came. Master gently placed His hand under my chin, tilted my head back, looked me in the eyes and asked me why i allowed myself to be treated in such a low manner. Didn't i know my submission was something to be cherished and honored? The concern and compassion fairly radiated from His eyes as He gazed into my eyes.

"Well naturally, the pretender was outraged and ordered Master to leave. Master stood and his submissives attended him. He removed his coat and placed it around my shoulders. He lifted me off the floor and glanced at the pretender. He let the pretender know with only that glance, in no uncertain terms Who i belonged to now, and the Master didn't care if he had a problem with it. With that Master left, and i left with him. i have been here ever since. That was almost two years ago."

Raven took just a moment to absorb the tale and then said, "And you have had no regrets?"

"Not once!" There was an absolute certainty in her answer. "i have a question for you now. What were you writing in that notebook at the restaurant tonight?"

"As busy as you were I am surprised you even noticed I was there, let alone what I was doing."

sunny smiled then kissed Raven playfully. "Each one of us noticed you, and just to let you know, we are glad that Master noticed you too. Now answer the question, please!" Teasingly, sunny pinched Raven's nipple gently.

Raven quickly answered, "I write stories in my free time.” She had been surprised by the kiss, and even more so by the pinch on the nipple. Yet she found it very gratifying and comforting to know that sunny was at least as attracted to her as she was to sunny.

sunny smiled, "W/we've never had a writer here before!! What kind of stories do you write??" There was an obvious come-on in sunny's voice.

Raven responded with a hot soul melting kiss, just before whispering, "Erotic stories." Her hands roamed freely over sunny's body, caressing here, pinching gently there. Finally stopping to cup her full breasts. Raven returned the nipple pinch and rolled the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers until they were hard and throbbing and sunny was begging her to suck them. She dipped her head and took one of them into her mouth, sucking it deep, and biting it gently, her fingers teasing the other.

As passion took over, the two women became a tangled knot of hot sweaty flesh deriving pleasure from merely touching and being touched. sunny had her legs wrapped tightly around Raven's thigh and was rubbing her wet pussy up and down it as she slid two fingers deep into Raven’s throbbing pussy and found her G-spot. Her other hand roamed freely over Raven’s torso, caressing her, and enhancing the feeling. With nimble fingers and deft touches, sunny stroked and teased Raven to a fever pitch of desire, drawing long moans of pure pleasure from the other woman.

Each time Raven sucked hard on sunny's nipple, sunny would flick her clit with her thumb. Raven had been so turned on by the demonstration earlier that she came quickly and violently, moaning loudly, her pussy squeezing sunny's fingers covering them in her hot juices. sunny watched as Raven rode out the storm of her climax. When it had ended sunny brought her hand to the other woman's mouth saying, "Lick it clean." Raven eagerly obeyed. Hungrily catching each drop of her own nectar, savoring the sweet taste. When she finished, she licked her lips clean and looked lazily over at sunny.

sunny had rolled over onto her back with her legs spread wide. Raven slowly rolled over her and kissed her passionately on the lips, allowing their tongues to clash with the heat of their passion. Eventually, Raven broke the kiss and started kissing and licking a path from sunny's mouth down her soft, warm stomach. Her tongue snaked out to delve deeply, if briefly, in sunny's navel and then continued it's path downwards. As she neared sunny's pussy, Raven’s tongue veered to the right to lick slowly across the cleft between her torso and her thighs. On the return trip, her tongue slowly worked it's way down sunny's thigh to just above her knee, and then skipped across to the other thigh to lick and suck her way back up to just above sunny's pussy. When her mouth was positioned directly above sunny's pussy, her tongue darted out, and circled sunny’s clit slowly and completely. Then her lips lowered and she sucked and nibbled the sensitive button.

When Raven slipped two fingers into sunny's pussy, the blond girl became vocal in her demands. "Oh yes!! Fuck me with your fingers!!" Raven gave her what she wanted, setting a fast thrusting pace. With wordless cries of pleasure sunny began to cum wildly, her arms and legs thrashing the bed, almost pushing Raven from her pussy. As the climax began to subside, Raven sucked sharply on her clit sending her into another massive orgasm.

Finally, sunny came down off the orgasmic high and drew Raven’s cum-covered fingers to her lips. She snaked her tongue out and slowly, almost languorously, began to lick them clean. They lay there together, enjoying the warmth of each other, and the silence of companionship. A life-long friendship had been forged in this meeting. Then sunny spoke.

"Each of us here performs some job or duty that benefits Master and all of us in some way. For example, rose, our alpha sub, has charge of the house staff, ourselves included, and oversees the training of newcomers. If you choose to stay with us, she'll see where your talents lie and assign you to duties accordingly." sunny slipped from the bed and walked to the door, she paused to turn off the light and said, "i do very much hope you will stay!" With that she was gone.

As Raven lay there, she thought back on all that had happened to her in the last couple of hours. Though her life seemed so complete and real previously, now she knew it for a sham. The freedom that she relished, the independence to do as she willed, all rang hollow now as she lay there contemplating in the dark. Something had been missing in her life and she suspected that she just might find it here in service to Master. Everything about this felt right and good in a way that nothing else before ever had. If asked for her decision this minute, Raven knew what it would be. A resounding YES!! Still she was sure that tomorrow held more surprises and new vistas to explore. She fell asleep dreaming of the new life she anticipated...and of the Master who had given them to her.

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