Call Me Sire


Call me mad. I am what you call a parents worst nightmare. Yes I am only 19, but I love to target eighteen year old girls. Girls who have their whole lives ahead of them and achieved a score of thirteen hundred on their SAT and are looking forward to college. Girls who are look innocent but want sex more than anything behind that sweet smile. How do I get them? Lend me an ear and I will tell you.

I am the hottest guy around. I am built like a stone wall, a pretty boy face with a shitty attitude. My parents have the money to buy me what ever I want. I have my own personal gym and high price tricked out ride. I spend part of the day working out and the rest pursing my interest. I go to college also. Dad needs me to continue the family business so I was forced to earn my engineering degree, but enough of that. Let's talk about my breeding habits.

I party a lot and get to meet allot of young women in and around the tri state New York area. I am an expert at warming up to them. They love my personality. I appear sweet and caring as first when I meet them. I find a topic we can talk about and get them totally interest in me. I never talk about sex first. I appeal to their sweet personality and complement them on what makes them tick. If a young women dresses well, writes well or other things I will make her feel like she is the most special person in the world. We date for a while and then I go for the throat. Let me give you and example.

Debbie was my last victim. She was about 5 feet 3in. brown hair and pretty face. She like to wear hot clothes that showed her thighs but never too short. She did have nice legs and her breasts are perky with smallish nipples. I met her though some friends. She just graduated high school and was going away in two months two attend a teaching college. Debbie wanted to teach math. I was taken by that because it is always the nerdy girls that loved math. Debbie was no nerdy chick. She always looked and smelled great.

I took her to museums, to plays and out to eat to win her confidence. She was like a plum falling into my hand. The night I gave her more than I took it was the most perfect night. We drove to a nice quite place to talk and I picked up a bottle of champagne. She drank it with out too much difficulty. She wore the same old pretty skirts that showed her lovely sexy legs. Debbie was perfect for me. It would take so little to rip her panties off and rape her. I put my hand on her legs while she talked. She was a little tipsy and did not notice my intensions. I was hot for her. Being eighteen and a virgin blew my mind away.

She pushed my hand away but I did not retreat from my goal. I quickly slide my hand past her panties and ripped them off of her. She told me to stop, that she did not want me like that. I grabbed her and started kissing down her neck. She moaned a little because if her drinking. It gave me a time to slide my fingers between her legs. Her pussy was so sweet. She started to get turned on but finally said no. I said yes. I spread her legs wide and started licking her pussy. She tried to stop me but I was too strong for her. She was mine.

I removed my pants and underwear and got ready to fuck this eighteen year old honey. She kept fighting me. She knew what I wanted. I cock was hard and ready to take her virginity away. I ripped her skirt off and got between her legs. She kept begging me to stop but, when my long thick cock hit the opening of her pussy, I was well on my way. I held her down and slid my cock deep inside her pussy. My cock hit her hymen and I knew she was mine. I lay onto of her naked and held her tight while my cock plunged deep inside her fertile womb, trying hard to break her will. She screamed out as her purity was taken by me. I then slowed down for a slow easy going fuck. I wanted her to cum over and over, so she would be wet enough for my seed to swim up her womb. She cried a lot but she calmed down and stared to moan. Her body took over, even as her mind was saying no, her body gave in to nature

My continuous thrusting finally gave way to her first orgasm. She came hard, like a slut. She spread wide and let me take her body. I pulled off her blouse and bra and sucked her breast. It gave me pleasure to know that soon I would be drinking sweet milk from those pretty breasts. My cock started to swell to the point my seed was ready to give her my life giving fluids. She knew what I was about to do and begged me to pull out, but she turned on. I fucked her faster and faster making her moan louder and louder. She was on the edge of cumming again and it caused my hot seed to start boiling out.

I thrust my cock deep inside her pussy and started shooting my seed deep inside her. Debbie's pussy felt my sperm travel through my cock and splash deep in her cervix. She came hard for the second time. She kept telling me to pull out, that she was not on birth control and she was as her most fertile time. That only made me pump her harder. I loved the feeling of cumming in her fertile pussy. There is nothing sweeter than spilling a load of sperm inside a fertile warm wet pussy. It was such a turn on to make this sweet beauty pregnant, knowing that her sweet young figure was going to be round with child. My seed over took her womb as she was defenseless against getting pregnant. She could not believe I could shoot so much warm baby making seed deep inside her womanhood.

When my breeding was over I stayed inside her to make sure my sperm found the path to her egg. I pulled out and she quickly got dressed. We did not speak one word again and I dropped her off at home. She did not say anything to her parents. I guess she was embarrassed of what had happened. She did enjoy it but she was forced by my lust to impregnate her. Three weeks went by when she did call me. She told me that my seed found her mark. She had been sick every morning for a week and went out and purchased a pregnancy test. It was positive. She was a strict pro life person and kept the baby, but she did not want anything to do with me. I do see her from time to time, as her lust for me grows. Her belly was growing round and beautiful and her breast her large and full of milk. I will make sure Debbie and my child has every thing they need.

I am now dating the next fertile womb. She is a hot eighteen year old red head with pretty freckles, sweet round hips and size 36d breast. Some how I don't think I will need to rape this one as she is already talking about having kids.

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