tagGroup SexThe Call of the Wife Ch. 01

The Call of the Wife Ch. 01


My Wife Amy and I were fans of the outdoors and we loved to camp when given the chance. Not the rugged outdoors types, we were more into hiking and photography. Amy loves taking pictures and we have our own dark room so she can have total control in the developing and printing processes. She's been an avid photographer since she was a teenager.

We were married back in 2004 and we've been sexually exclusive since the late 90's. Over the years, as we have gotten a little more experimental in our sex life, we have taken some sexy shots of her, which she gets to see when she develops. When something really good comes out, she will print a copy for our private album. She does this very willingly and she enjoys getting naked and being photographed as long as it's just with me. All the pictures in our album were taken in the privacy of our home. That said, this trip up to the mountains was our first camping venture since we started taking pictures of Amy in the nude. I was really hoping she would be into some nature shots, but I wasn't going to push her. I was already lucky just to be with a woman like Amy. She's so sexy that it's hard to do her justice with mere words. She's one of those women that looks hot no matter what she wears. Women hate her because she stays slender no matter what she eats. She does exercise, but she's no triathlete. She's just an incredibly sexy woman. She's 5'3, olive skin with wonderful C cups and light brown nipples. Her ass has some roundness to it, which I love. Her legs are long when compared to the rest of her body. Her hair is past her shoulders and dark brown.

The woman is hot.

Oddly, she's only somewhat aware of how hot she is. I tell her all the time, but she sort of shrugs it off and says that I am clearly biased. She's right on that count, but being biased doesn't make me wrong. The woman is a walking alternative to Viagra or the like. In the words of Jagger/Richards, she could make a dead man cum.


Amy has really come out of her sexual shell the last few years and I did not want to take a step back by being pushy. When we first got married, she was sexually conservative. This was mostly because of her being raised by older and very religious parents. When she was in high school, her parents were in their late fifties and they were Baptists. Amy dropped religion to a degree when she left home and went to college, but she was still carrying a lot of that uptight baggage.

She was aware of it, but she said we needed to peel the layers away versus just flipping a switch.

I was like Amy's deprogrammer. Not that it was all that hard. The more we got her to orgasm, the more she was willing to try new things and the more she wanted to explore. My Wife was a very sexual being.

She's really gotten into finding new ways to enjoy climaxing and she's getting more open-minded all the time. Recently, I began giving her vaginal orgasms by working her g-spot. That has really moved our sexual station. She's also allowed me some access to her insanely sexy ass, which was always a no-no in the past. Just a little massaging, but she's been digging it.


No way was I going to do anything to bring this recent renaissance to an end. That said, it was midsummer and we were hoping for if not expecting total privacy. The situation was certainly ripe.

We were going camping in the Adirondacks and it was an area that I knew well from my college days. I was hoping to find a few spots that I had used in the past that were far enough off the trails to give us solid privacy and almost no chance of being found or seen. There was one particular spot that had a small grassy area with a view of a small but beautiful valley. It even had quick access to a small stream that pooled up nicely at points for bathing and fishing. You needed to do a little friction climbing to get to it from the main trail, but it was in a great spot and faced this small valley. It was populated by nothing but the cast of Bambi and no hunters were allowed in the area.

I had used this spot many times back in the day with college chums and our girlfriends. It was our own little Shangri-La. It worked every time.

Amy was really psyched and she wanted both of us to take Monday off from work, so we could stay an extra day. I was very happy when she said this and we were both able to free up our Monday schedules. We were off on Friday morning at the crack of dawn. Right before I left, I went to my PC and printed out a few trail maps just to be safe. As I folded them and put them into a zip-lock bag, by inbox chimed. One of my old college friends had sent out one of those "what is everybody doing this weekend" posts and I just had to toss out my plans and brag a little.

"Heading up to the Adirondacks to hike some old trails and find some of my old camp sites. Looking forward to some peace and quiet."

I signed off and we were on our way.

Now, one of the reasons the extra day made me happy, was that I had more time alone with Amy in a beautiful setting. The other thing I liked was that we'd need to carry an extra day's worth of food and drink. That meant less space for heavy clothing. What can I say, after about seven years of marriage, I still love to watch my woman naked.

We had our car parked near the trailhead by 9am. That left plenty of time for finding and setting up camp and either exploring the forest or maybe each other.

It was about a two hour hike to the spot where we break from the established trail. I was a little unsure if I would remember the exact spot, but it ended up being really easy as my memory proved accurate.

After twenty minutes of hiking through some uncut and often rough terrain, I was very happy to find that my favorite spot was still there. It was still incredibly private. There was no sign of anybody being there any time recently and there was no hint of a pathway in any direction.


It was like we dropped off the face of the Earth.

It was the same little spot. A little patch of grass less than 20 by 20 and some soft ground nearby for a tent. It was like a little oasis in the forest about halfway up a small peak. I had told Amy about how beautiful and private the spot was and she was giddy upon our arrival. It lived up to her expectations.

I began to set up our tent. It was almost noon, so Amy unpacked our food for the day and set up a quick lunch. She said she would wait for me to finish the tent before digging in. I told her to make herself comfortable. I said it with more than a bit of flirtation in my voice. She gave me a sultry look and said she wanted some sun and since our clearing gave us access, she was going to get some strong noon day sun.

She asked me what she should wear.

I told her that since nobody was anywhere near here, she could be as daring as she liked. I was already getting a hard on.

Amy was obviously into the situation.

She started peeling off her clothes for me. First, she unbuttoned her short-sleeved blouse and took it off. Next came the bra.

She was now standing in the clearing wearing nothing but her tiny hiking shorts and panties plus her socks and shoes. She turned her back to me and slithered out of the shorts.

My hard on was now about to pop.

There was my Wife. Never before nude outside of our house, wearing nothing but shoes and skimpy underwear.

She hammed it up and gave me a pouty look as she peeled the last layer off her body. I was shocked to find her pubic hair gone save for a tiny strip up top.

She was obviously proud of herself. She was also obviously planning this all along. My cock was now throbbing as I realized that a lot of ground was going to be broken this weekend.

I had no idea.

She lay down on the big red blanket she'd brought and she looked like desert. I was quickly out of my clothes and standing over her. She reached out for my big cock and started working it with her soft hands. I was already hard and she switched to her mouth after a few trips up and down. She firmly worked the head for a few minutes and I was loving it. My knees almost went out on me at one point. Then she started taking me pretty deep and did that for a few minutes before pulling off of me and telling me to lie down. I did and she got on top of me in a 69 position. I was faced-up with her freshly shaven peach and it looked tasty beyond words. She always had an amazing pussy, but to see it hairless for the first time was highly erotic.

I went to town and gave her several big orgasms. She was really vocal as she licked my cock. Her climax was echoing thought our little valley. It was a serious turn on. After her second peak, she started jamming herself down on my cock again, but she was really taking me deep and forcing herself to gag a little. The sensation her throat was causing took me over the top and I started moaning. She backed off as I started to cum and she caught all of it in her mouth. She gave me a nice little display as she moved it around from cheek to cheek, tasting my load thoroughly. Then she swallowed it all and rubbed her tummy in appreciation.

We lay in the afterglow of our oral session and soaked in the Sun. It was a little after 1pm when we got up and finished setting up camp in the nude.

We were happy with our work by about 2pm and we then headed off, nude save for our shoes and socks, and my small day pack. Admittedly, I did pack some clothes in case we got into some thick brush, but we managed to avoid anything too bad. I took her on a short hike to help her to get to know the general area and eventually headed for a small swimming hole that was maybe a few thousand yards away from our camp. She wanted both of us to be nice and clean for our night session and I was not about to argue.

We found the tiny water hole, which was just a little spot where the stream pooled up. It was only about four feet deep in the middle and only about 25 feet at its widest spot. Still, it provided ample room to rinse off fully. We soaped each other up with our natural soap that was friendly to wildlife. She was jacking my half hard cock with the soap and this got me all hard again as I massaged soap into her asshole. She was really loving it and I started soaping up her pussy with my other hand. She had a huge orgasm as I worked both of her holes simultaneously and her screams were even louder than before. She dropped to her knees in the water and fully deep throated me in less than five seconds. She had never done this in our time together as I am quite large, and she held onto my eight inches like a pit bull minus the teeth. I had cum recently, but it didn't matter. She had my load after about ten seconds of taking me all the way. I almost fell over as I came. She got up rubbing her tummy as she rose to a standing position with a devilish look on her face. She was obviously very proud of herself.

My Wife was acting hotter than she ever had at any time during our marriage. It was obvious that being naked outdoors was something we were going to be doing more of.

I was already thinking about selling our house for something with a lot more privacy.

We finished cleaning each other and toweled off. We were back at camp a little before 5pm. We set up a fire and then got dinner prep going. I brought two small fillets to cook and they were for day one as we didn't want a lot of meat attracting any wild friends at night. The rest of the food was either canned or vegetarian.

We each hauled one bottle of Chianti and I also brought a bottle of tequila with a few limes and some salt. I topped off my party favors with a couple of joints. We were ready for a nice erotic evening.

The fire heated up nicely and I was able to cook the steaks fairly well. I had some pre-spiced red potatoes with olive oil that I packed in aluminum foil. They also came out pretty well considering what I had to work with. We enjoyed a nice meal and killed a bottle of Chianti. We had a perfect buzz for sex.

The fire was clutch as the temperature dropped into the 50s after dark. Once the fire died down, we took things inside the tent and Amy was all over me. She was, once again, glued to my cock and she was sucking me off with a passion I hadn't seen prior to this weekend. I lay back and repositioned her so I could 69 with her again. I really went after her freshly shaven pussy and worked her slit vertically and avoided over stimulating her clit. I just worked her up and down with a lot of steady pressure. She was building up to something for sure and then I lengthened my stroking to include her tight little rosebud. I had never done this before but she was in such a sexed up place that it just seemed like the thing to do.

She loved it!

After a few passes over her little ass, she grabbed my head and held it in one place and started to work her ass over my tongue. I just let her control it and she just raked her ass over my tongue and eventually lengthened her strokes to include her pussy and then released my head. She sent a clear message that she liked having her backdoor tongued. I was glad as I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I went back to long-stroking her entire crack with my tongue and she started building up slowly again.

After working both of her holes for a few minutes, she started having an intense climax. I pressed down on her clit with my tongue and she started bucking her hips like I'd never seen before. I pulled my mouth off of her and gently held her in place as she came and came.

She calmed down and got up on all fours and asked me to fuck her. I slid into her pussy and started banging away from behind with long deep strokes. I was rooting her over and over. I angled my hips just enough to stuff my last half of an inch inside her too and that made her start cumming again. Her inner muscles were working my shaft and that combined with her sexy moaning was bringing me right up to the edge. I told her I was going to cum and she quickly pulled off of me and spun around to take my load. I held off just long enough for her to get me in her mouth. She drank down my spunk for the third time that day.

She had never drank more than one of my loads in the same day and even that was a rarity. Not only did she do it, but she seemed to love it and she then went on to clean me completely with her tongue. This was not standard procedure at the time, though it has been ever since!

Once again, I resolved myself to getting her outdoors as often as possible.

We sparked up one of the joints, took a few puffs and relaxed. I asked her why she was so hot. She said that being all alone with me was turning her on as was being naked in the wilderness. Despite the privacy, she still felt very public and very naughty. She went on to confess that it had always been a fantasy of hers to be caught naked in the woods and to end up giving herself to some random sexy man. She said that she had imagined that I was that fantasy stranger as I fucked her from behind.

Despite having cum three times that day, I was getting a semi listening to her words. I was a little drunk and freshly high and maybe that's why I told her to never turn down her fantasy and that it sounded hot.

The thought of my 32 year old wife being sexed up by some hot young guy was getting to me. She asked me if I was serious. I told her that I was. She asked if I would be jealous. I said that I might be, but that I would never want my jealousies to get in the way of a fantasy being fulfilled. I rationalized that actually fulfilling a fantasy is such a rare thing. How could I deny that to the person I loved the most? She told me that I was the best man any woman could ever hope for. I accepted the compliment and told her that I wanted details if she ever fulfilled her fantasy. She agreed.

We sparked the J back up and took a few more hits and snuffed it out. I fell asleep totally satisfied and with a nice pleasant buzz.

Good times.

I awoke to the sound of birds and the Sun was already up. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already after 8:00am. I decided that an early fishing trip would be in order. If I could catch a few fish, we could avoid canned food for one more evening. We had a few cheese sandwiches and fruit for lunch, but dinner was going to be Chef Boyardee unless I could angle my way to something better. I had brought my fly gear as it took up little space and it was a good time of year to go after some Brook Trout. I knew a few places to fish on the same stream we bathed in the day before, but the spot that would give me the best odds of a few catches was at least an hour away on foot and probably a little further. I left a note for Amy saying that I'd be back for lunch and to enjoy the Sun and to take a bath so I could make her dirty again.

I found the stream and walked with it as best as I could. It had been so long since I'd been here that I resisted the urge to leave the stream for fear of losing it though I was pretty sure it would have saved me time.

I found the spot I was looking for and it was very much as I had remembered it. There were a few nice little nooks and logs that looked like they might provide some cover for fish. It took me over an hour, but I landed a nice sized Trout and was now one more away from having the makings of another nice meal. Once I landed trout number two, I headed home. Sadly, that was at 1:30 in the afternoon. Two plus hours between fish. I was not a great fisherman by any means. At least I got the job done.

I loaded up the two fish into my keeper bag and fixed it to my pack and I was off. I decided to try a shortcut on the way home as I wanted to eat and get some afternoon sex. I also told her I'd be back by lunch and I didn't want her to worry too much as I was already late.

Amy had woken up at about 9am and spent most of the early morning reading her novel. At about 11, she went outside to soak up some Sun. She tanned fully nude for about 20 minutes on each side and then she decided to go down to the stream for a little nude bathing and maybe a little more nude Sun-bathing on the little sand bar.

She found the spot with no problem and she cleansed herself in her fresh water bathtub. Once clean, she lay down by the water on a big towel.

This was certainly the life, she thought.

30 hours prior, when I had left my somewhat cryptic message on Facebook, I didn't realize that few of my old buddies were hiking the same area on that same weekend. They saw my post on their iphones, and thinking I'd be at our old spot, decided to stop by and say hello. We turned our phones off, so this was going to be a surprise.

Surprise indeed.

My buds, Paul and Jake, showed up at our camp site at about noon. They saw all of our things and knew they had been right. They had some beer with them and they decided to take half of it down to the stream to cool down in the water. Cold beer is always better than warm beer. They left the other 12-pack there. They saw my tequila and banged a few back before heading out with the beer.

Amy was lying naked on the sand bar and was totally confident that she was all alone. She was enjoying the Sun, but it was right about lunchtime, so she figured she'd head back to camp soon when she heard some rustling coming from that direction. She figured it was me and she decided to give me a little show.

Amy opened her legs extra wide and had her pussy facing the opening in the woods. She was staring directly into the Sun, so she closed her eyes and put her head back. She rubbed her clit and started to moan out load. She was getting heated up quickly and put a few fingers into her now soaking wet pussy. She was rubbing her clit with her left hand and fingering herself with her right. My sexy Wife was really getting herself worked up now and making a lot of noise.

Paul and Jake were nearing the clearing as they heard the moans of a sexually excited woman. They assumed we were having sex and started walking quietly so they might get a look without alarming us. What they saw got them rock hard instantaneously. My Wife was on full display as she repeatedly stuffed her shaved pussy with her fingers. She had three of them in there now. Paul and Jake crept to within about 15 feet of her. They knew they were going to be seen eventually. They both stopped. Jake put the beer down, and they started to get undressed as they watched Amy bring herself to an orgasm. After she came, she opened her eyes and saw the two naked men and their dangling cocks backlit by the Sun. She thought she was having a dream and she started getting hot all over again. She remembered my words from the night before and quickly decided that it applied to two men as well as one.

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