tagRomanceCall Of The Wild

Call Of The Wild


I really liked Daniel, he and I had known each other for years and we had been intimate on several occasions. I wanted to go somewhere with him, somewhere totally alone and remote to enjoy him and to have him enjoy me. It had been a stressful couple of months, with school and work and Daniel surprised me with a trip to the mountains. He had rented a remote cabin, so remote it had no electricity, but we would make our own!!

He picked me up and we headed out the Friday after school was out and I sat back and enjoyed the drive. I ran my finger's through his hair as he drove, taking in all the lovely mountain views, daydreaming about our cabin and the fulfillment of a fantasy of mine. He didn't know it yet, but he would help me fulfill my fantasy and he would enjoy it as much as I did. We turned off the main road and I noticed how peaceful it was, only the birds chirping as we made our way down the mountain road to the cabin. We pulled up about an hour before dark and unloaded the car.

The cabin was fabulous!! Very rustic, but had a big window looking out over the valley, so romantic. We ate an easy dinner and Daniel made a big fire in the fireplace and got us a bottle of wine. We sat there, sipping our wine and I stood up and took my blouse off. Daniel stared at me as I dropped it on the chair and then I unbuttoned my Levi's and slid them down and stepped out of them as well. I stood there, the glow of the fireplace dancing on my skin and breathed in the peacefulness.

I unhooked and removed my bra, and my full tits welcomed their freedom and then I rolled my panties off my hips and down to my ankles and stepped out of them as well. The heat from the fire felt so delicious on my pussy lips as I spread my legs to accept more, and I went over and lay down on the large bear skin rug in front of the fireplace and watched to see what Daniel would do.

He was a bit taken back at first, but drinking in my body, he soon stood and took off his shirt and pants and I watched the bulge in his shorts blossom. He shed his T-shirt and pulled down his boxers and his 8 inches popped up, and he moved over and lay next to me. We embraced and I felt his hands glide over my body as he slowly pushed his lips to mine and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He cupped my tits and moved his hand lower and lightly grazed my pubic hair and chills went through me. He traced the outline of my pussy with his finger as his other hand cupped my ass cheek, I was ecstatic as all these actions together made me even hotter than the fire.

After his warm sensations, I looked at him and said, "Thank you Daniel."

He looked at me puzzled, "For what?" I smiled and looked into his eyes, "For helping me to achieve my fantasy. I told you that I wanted a remote cabin in the mountains, a roaring fire, and you beside me."

He just smiled and then said, "And what else does your fantasy include?"

I smiled an evil smile, "I want you to tie me up Daniel, and use my body as you wish. I want to feel you inside every part of me, filling me with your precious cock, making me cum." He stared at me like he couldn't believe what I'd just said, "Yes Daniel and you will be the first to have my ass, so you must be careful," and I kissed him passionately. I could feel his wonderful 8 inch cock pressing against my stomach as we kissed and I could tell that he was anxious to have me.

He rummaged around in the kitchen and finally came back with two short lengths of cotton clothesline, and I would swear that his cock had not gotten the least bit soft after his search for the rope. He gingerly bound my wrists to my ankles, so that my ass and aching pussy were exposed to him and I made him agree to do it all in front of the fire, "That's part of the fantasy honey."

He smiled as he thrust his tongue into my mouth once again and his hands groped my bound flesh. He pinched my nipples and groped my tit flesh and then traveled across my stomach to ignite my clit with his burning fingers. I moaned uncontrollably feeling the power he held over me in my helpless predicament. He pushed me onto my back and my wrists and ankles were raised up automatically, and he started kissing my knees and then worked up my thighs, the feeling was exquisite to say the least. I felt his tongue moving up my thighs toward my already dripping pussy.

I almost exploded as his tongue made contact with my hot box and I writhed on the floor, my restraints keeping me from grabbing his head and pushing it into my hot twat. He licked up and down my slit and stopped to feast on my clit, which felt as hard as his cock to me. He sucked and nibbled on it sending me into a fierce orgasm as I rocked my hips into his face, my juices drenching his chin. He began to suck my outer lips now, taking each one in turn and drawing it into his hot mouth and as he breathed, I could feel his hot breath on my canal. The sensations caused me to have yet another orgasm and I enjoyed his face on my crotch and rewarded him with another flood of my juices.

He brought his head up now and shared my orgasms with me as his cock toyed with my entrance. I tried to thrust at him, to capture this wonderful instrument with my love box, but he moved to prevent it. I was on fire again, having his cock so close, but being denied it. We shared my juices as I tried continually to capture his cock, but to no avail. Then he moved around to my head and slowly slapped me in the face with his wonderful tool, oh how smooth and silky it felt slapping my cheeks and I thrust my head to the side and caught it in my lips and sucked it so gently.

A moan escaped him and I knew that he had been subdued, at least for the moment. I sucked on his hard cock, but he knew my intentions and withheld most of it, only allowing the head and a couple of inches to be enveloped by my mouth. I sucked on his hard cock, trying to pull his juices out, but he would not let me as he withdrew it and kissed me again and ran his hand over my tits, causing my nipples to harden. He moved his head to my sensitive tits now and licked and gently sucked them and took my nipples in his mouth and nibbled at them in turn.

My nipples felt like they were a foot long from their attention and I felt his finger slide into my hot pussy and fuck me. I could not control myself and screamed loud and hard as another orgasm wracked my body and my hips thrust against his finger. Then he moved between my thighs and teased my hot, wet entrance with the head of his cock, running it up and down the length of my pussy. "God Daniel, PLEASE FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!"

I screamed and slowly he entered me and began fucking me ever so slowly with that wonderful cock. I tried to buck to make him stab me faster and harder, but his body on mine and the ropes made it impossible. All I could do was to lie there and feel his spear moving at his pace and relish the delights it was giving me.

Over and over I screamed as my orgasms kept coming and I soon had tears on my cheeks because it felt so totally fucking awesome! And he knew what he was doing, I caught a sly smile on his lips between my orgasms and finally, he picked up the pace and began to fuck me so hard that I felt his balls slap my ass each time he buried himself. I had lost count of my orgasms now as he fucked me and soon, I felt his cock swelling and I milked it so that he would fill me with his hot cum. I wasn't disappointed as his load spewed into me and ran down the crack of my ass onto the rug and he kept filling me as his load ended, filling me with his still hard cock.

My wrists were getting sore now that my orgasms were ebbing and he pulled his still hard cock from my dripping pussy and rolled me onto my stomach. The bound wrist and ankles raised me up at such and angle that he had to spread my legs apart to keep me from falling over. Daniel gently rubbed my ass globes as he stroked my melting pussy with his other hand. bringing his and my juices up to coat my anus and he swirled them around the puckered opening.

He gently pushed his finger against it and the juices admitted him and he slowly worked it in and out, all the while never deserting my aching cunt. I felt warm all over and I felt him raise up and place his cum coated cock at my back door and push gently until I felt the head pop through. I screamed out as it did and he stopped, letting my tight little asshole adjust to his cock head. He again massaged my aching twat and played with my clit and soon I was screaming out another orgasm and he pushed the rest of his cock in while I peaked. I

t felt so large, so much larger than it felt in my pussy, but I was getting used to it and he began to push and pull it in and out and I felt my ass grabbing at it each time he pulled back. He began to speed up and I soon felt his balls hitting my pussy and that sent me over the edge again as I screamed , "FUCK MY ASS DANIELLLL!!!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!" and my orgasm shook my entire body. This was evidently more than he could stand and he emptied his hot cum into my virgin ass, it felt so good. He collapsed over my back, his throbbing cock still buried in my virgin hole and I felt so wonderful.

He withdrew from my ass and untied me and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him so hard! "Never have I felt so good!!" I confided to him, "Thank you Daniel, for making my fantasy come true."

And he lowered his lips and sucked on my rock hard nipple. I pushed him onto his back and thrust my nipples into his mouth as he hungrily bit on them sending shock waves throughout my body. I could feel his cock, hard again, rubbing my crotch as he attacked my tits and I had to have it again, so I moved to impale myself on it and he moved his arms and held my waist keeping me just above it and it spasmed against my clit and outer lips sending wave after wave of pleasure through me.

"Oh please Daniel, give it to me!! I need it so bad!!" And he kept sucking and biting on my nipples and teasing my pussy with this wonderful saber. He could feel me begin to shake and knew that my orgasm was approaching and as it started, he impaled my burning pussy with his cock and I exploded in a rage as white hot heat flooded over my entire body. He kept thrusting into me as my orgasm subsided and I pushed my tongue into his mouth, wrestling with his tongue, trying to spear the back of his throat.

Then I began spasming my vaginal muscles and milking his rock hard cock as it speared me and he could take no more as he violently erupted deep inside me. We both groaned as he unloaded and I felt his sticky warmth coating my pussy and erupting deep inside of me. We lay there, intertwined for what seemed like hours and his cock began to ease out of me, I felt so empty. I Looked him in the eyes, seeing my lover, my man and basking in the heat of the fire and our love.

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