tagNonHumanCall Of The Wild

Call Of The Wild


I am walking down this dark lonely road the only light leading my way is the light of the full moon behind me. I kept hearing movement in the surrounding woods and my heart raced wildly as I imagined all the wild animals devouring me. Then I heard it, I heard the call of the wild wolf coming from behind me and I turned quickly to find the most handsome man standing there smiling. His hair was salt and pepper, eyes of blue, tall and huge in build, I was relieved to see another human being.

"Hi my car broke down a ways back and I am so glad I finally ran into someone." I said feeling at ease with him.

"I am Wolf and you shouldn't be out here at night all alone like this. There are many wild animals in the woods at night its very dangerous, follow me you can stay at my place for the night, and I can get you help in the morning," he told me in a firm way that made me feel safe and comfortable with him. This tall handsome stranger I have just met makes me feel so at ease, like I have known him my entire life.

We hadn't been inside of his cabin for more then five minutes when the sound of a storm was approaching. He gave me one of his flannel shirts to wear that ended up looking like a dress on me, we sat in front of the fire trying to take the chill out of our bones. We were laughing and kidding around when he began to tickle me. We rolled around on the floor and he kissed me, we looked at each other for a moment and then our lips began the most passionate kisses I had ever experienced. I felt his hand going under my shirt and cupping my large breast in his huge hand. The feelings this brought out in me were so wonderful and exciting. I was feeling sensations I never felt before. I never felt so glad to be a woman until I met wolf.

"I want you," he told me.

"And I want you too." I said in almost a whisper.

He starts to slowly unbutton my shirt, exposing my large breast that are confined by my black lace bra. My breast are screaming for release and to be man handled by wolf. Those large strong hands gently squeezing and massaging my breasts pinching and twisting my ever hardening nipples. Gawd these feelings he sends through me take my breath away. Now his body was moving over mine slowly and ever so cautiously like he was feeling me out to see how far he could go. He soon realized he could do any thing he damn well pleased. All I know is I wanted him so bad he was driving me fucking crazy. I felt him releasing his cock from his pants I placed my hand on it slowly stroking his throbbing cock. It felt so big and so warm I know I wanted to take it deep inside my hot dripping pussy. It was so big but I knew I could take it all the way every hard inch of it. The veins throbbed as I stroked it getting it ready to enter my waiting pussy. Just as he plunged it deep inside of me, There was a loud roar of thunder the storm was getting stronger outside, as we were creating quite a storm inside as well. The feeling of his throbbing cock deep inside my hot steamy dripping wet pussy was just so much more than I could take.

"Mmmmmm wolf." I moaned.

"Oh baby your so fucking hot." He whispered in my ear as he was kissing it.

"Oh Gawd you are driving me crazy! " I cried out from the desire in my pussy.

"Ahhh your so wet, my cock feels like its in a warm glove," he told me kissing my breast.

"I want it harder, deeper, oh Gawd fuck me Wolf, fuck me hard, " I begged him.

"oh yes baby, yes, I am going to explode my cum deep inside of that pussy of yours! Mmm I am going to fill your pussy with my hot cum. I am cumming baby Gawd yes it feels so good I feel like I will never stop mmmmmmmm" he said as his cock filled my pussy with hot cum.

"Mmmmmm I am cuming, mmm oh yes I am cummmmming baby don't stop don't ever stop it feels so good." I moan as my own juices mixed with his and Suddenly you could hear the call of the wild all through the cabin. Howls of the wolves could be heard all around us.

Wolf watched as I suddenly transformed into a beautiful white wolf and to my surprise he then turned into a silver wolf. I have found my soul mate my other half I have been searching for many years. All in a chance meeting or so I thought. We can be seen running side by side through the woods where we first met. Me with Wolf my gorgeous silver wolf by my side for eternity.

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