Call (T)-Girl


"Oh thank you," I said, slipping a twenty into the bellboy's hand. He smiled and nodded, leaving my single small bag next to the door. He noiselessly slipped out of the room and closed the door behind me. I scanned over my room. Just a basic hotel room with a king-sized bed and a large screen television. I'd thought that since my company was sending me to Vegas, that I'd be getting a suite or something. Not that I was complaining mind you, it just wasn't what I'd been expecting. No, I was more than satisfied with a nice room in a luxury hotel (it was the Mirage in fact).

I picked up my bag and carried it over to the desk. As I moved I heard about two dozen quarters jingling around inside of it. I sighed and shook my head. As soon as I told anyone back home that I had to go to Vegas, they immediately produced a quarter and told me to play it for them.

"I am only going for one night, and I have a meeting," I would explain every time.

"Oh Alice, the meeting won't take long, and I just want you to drop this quarter for me," they would respond every time. And, because I could never say 'no' to anyone in my town who asked a favor, I took the quarter, wrote their initials on it, and placed it in my bag. I had so much, I'd actually complained to my husband about it that very morning, before I drove to Omaha to catch my flight.

"I didn't even plan on going into the Casino, I don't want to play these quarters," I explained to him as we both sat in bed after the alarm went off. He'd laughed and shook his head.

"You are the only person on earth who goes to Vegas and doesn't want to gamble," he said incredulously.

"I have to go, for work," I explained, getting out of bed and walking to the shower.

"So what are you going to do after your meeting? Heck your flight back doesn't leave til noon tomorrow anyway," he said and I disrobed and hopped in the shower. How could I possibly respond to that question? When I got out of the shower my husband was gone, but there was a new quarter sitting on top of my bag with my husband's initials scrawled onto it. I'd sighed and put it in with the rest.

The fact was, despite all my protests to my neighbors and my husband, I knew that I would have time to gamble if I wanted to. In fact, the meeting was very brief. I arrived in Vegas at 10:00 a.m. local time and my meeting was already finished at 1:30 p.m. (we'd met at the airport). In fact, my employer had originally suggested that I fly in and out on the same day. I'd had to almost beg to get one night in town. Luckily, I worked for a big multi-national corporation and my boss lived in New York, no one in my little town had any idea that I'd actually asked for more time in Vegas. Now it was 2:30 p.m. and I had almost a day just for me.

So I didn't want to gamble and I didn't want people to think I wanted to be in Vegas. I guess my behavior is a little bit confusing. I guess I should explain. To look at me, you'd think I was a pretty normal mom from small-town Nebraska. I am 5'4 and around 135lbs (staying in shape is very important to me, as I work for a health-food company). I have blue eyes and long blonde hair. I have white teeth, a big smile, and a small nose. I also have the sort of farm-girl build with large breasts and a sort of voluptuousness (small waist, big hips, kind of big thighs) that you sort of associate with girls who drive pick-up trucks, wear flannel shirts with the bottom synched together, and listen to country music. Even at 33, with a 13 year old son and an 8 year old daughter, that was the sort of persona I had. Country-girl. I've always looked the part of where I come from.

I've also lived the sort of life I was supposed to live for a rural girl from America's Corn Belt. I grew up in a small town, my father worked for ConAgra and my mom was a lunch lady at my elementary school. I was a cheerleader in high school when the biggest event in town was football on a Friday night. I got married right after graduation to a boy I'd known since birth, got a job at the same time as my husband, and began having children. It a few years I settled into a life that was largely the same as the life my mother had and the life her mother had. And in general, in life I was happy. It was a simple, good life.

But while outwardly my entire life had been so conventional and even boring, I had always known that I was different. Growing up, I could always remember find my girlfriends attractive, never having any interest in boys beyond friendship. In high school, I looked at the other girls on the cheerleading squad, ignoring the boys on the football team. I only went out on a date with my husband because a girl I had a crush on set us up so she could have a double date with her boyfriend and I would do anything for her. My husband is a nice man and one of the very best friends I could ever ask for. He was a fantastic father and fun to be around. But I've never felt romantic love for him, I married him because he treated me nicely and didn't pressure me for sex as much as other guys. Not that, once we got married, I didn't enjoy when we occasionally had sex. It wasn't bad, but I knew it would be better, better if it was with a woman.

Listen, I know that for some of you this might sound strange. I am only 33, I grew up in a generation where non-traditional sexuality first started to become acceptable, even mainstream. And maybe that is true if you live in New York or Los Angeles. But in small town Nebraska, when I was 18 or even now, big girls who played softball were called dykes and the place for pretty girls who liked other girls was firmly in the closet. Adam and Eve, and all that other cultural baggage. I couldn't imagine what would happen in my life if anyone knew about my desires. All my friends, my family, everything would be lost. I felt the weight of that possible loss for as long as I could remember.

So from the time I became sexually aware in middle school until around the time my daughter was born, I just sort of ignored that part of my existence. But years piled on years, and I don't know if I can explain how I felt. It was like I was holding back a very important part of myself and I was always afraid that it was going to pop up somewhere. The longer I repressed my feelings, the more intense they became, like they were building. So while in high school I thought about holding hands with a girl, I eventually thought about kissing them, then having sex with them. Still later I started to watch lesbian porn on the internet, and finally I started having extremely kinky fantasies about women. The evolution of this repressed desire was so gradual that I didn't even know it was growing more intense and uncontrollable until my husband almost caught me masturbating to a video of two women pissing on one another.

That near miss, and the sudden realization of how much I'd been holding back over the years, led me to believe that something in my life needed to change. I couldn't go on like that. It wasn't healthy to hold back and it wouldn't be good for my family if I couldn't control my increasingly bizarre fantasy life. I can't say that I had a real, fully formed plan in my mind, but I must've known deep in my soul the rough outlines of a scheme. The plan was pretty simple, every time I had an urge to watch porn or retreat into a fantasy, I would put a little bit of money aside. That way, instead of doing something possibly destructive, I would be saving up for something. And I promised it would be something just for me, so that it would be a reward. I had an account that was separate from my husband's account. Before I'd rarely used it, but over the years it had really started to grow as I dumped more and more money into it to appease my sexual desires. Until one day, I learned that I was going to Vegas, begged to stay overnight, and retrieved my $4,156.92 from the bank (leaving just enough to keep it open) and took it with me.

But like I said, I had no interest in gambling. To this day, I really don't know what I actively told myself I was going to do with the money. I know I wasn't honest with myself. Maybe I said something like, "I will go see a show" or "get a good meal just for me." But I knew it would not cost four grand to do that. But I'd locked all of my repression up in the bank and now I was going to spend it on something.

When I fished putting away my bag and was certain that the bellboy was a long way down the hall, I knew that a moment I had been waiting for my entire life was about to unfold. Though not consciously. For a moment I stood in my hotel room, my body almost vibrating with excitement. I felt real sexual excitement for the first time in a long time, and I was just alone in my room. The reasons for that excitement was a sort of known mystery to me. I didn't acknowledge what caused it, but I knew what it was all the same. After that, I didn't so much will my body to move as it just acted. I moved over to the night-table next to the bed and opened drawer. My heart was pounding so hard that it made me feel short of breath, but I didn't stop. I grabbed the phone book and quickly flipped through the pages.

If you'd asked me exactly what I was looking for I would've looked at you like you had three heads. I wasn't looking for anything consciously, my sexuality had taken over. Whatever it wanted, it got. And in a few moments I was in the "E" section of the phone book, looking at a dizzying array of advertisements. I flipped around for a bit, confused and overwhelmed. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the hotel phone and dialed a number. It rang twice and then someone answered.

"Hello?" a man's voice, heavily accented, said non-committally.

"Umm...Hi," I said, suddenly my mind had to keep up with my body and I was nervous and embarrassed. For a second there was silence on the phone line, "Umm... is this..." I said, looking down at the ad to see the name of the place I'd called, "Eastern Surprises?"

"Yes," the voice said impatiently, "how can I help you ma'am?" Once again I froze, I heard the man cough impatiently. I realized that if he hung up now, I might lose my nerve. I had to talk, quickly.

"Yes, I would like to hire an escort for the evening," I said in one breath.

"Okay," the man said, clearly happy that I got to the point, "Eastern Surprises merely arranges for you to meet the t-girl of your dreams and you must pay her for her company. Eastern Surprises stresses that we merely arrange meetings and make no specific warranties as to what will occur on your date. Any activities that you and your date engage in will be your concern, do you understand?" He said this very quickly and in a monotone voice. I almost didn't catch it all.

"Yes... yes I understand."

"Do you have any preferences with respect to the t-girl we send?" he said. For the second time, he used that term, "t-girl." I'd never heard it before. Of course, I'd never called an escort service either. Maybe that was some sort of legal term to avoid calling them call girls or something.

"Umm... just a pretty girl," I said nervously.

"Eastern Surprises guarantees the most beautiful t-girls from all over the orient," the man explained. Eastern Surprises, of course they would be Asian girls, I suddenly thought. I looked down at the ad and saw a beautiful Asian girl biting her own finger. I felt a chill run down my back. It hadn't been intentional but I was excited by the exotic nature of an Asian escort.

"Oh," I said.

"If you have no other preferences..." the man started.

"No wait, actually..." I said, suddenly realizing one thing that may have come up, "I planned on Is that okay?" I said, I blushed while I said and felt ridiculous for doing so. This guy worked at an escort service, he certainly heard and saw more scandalous stuff every day. But for me it was pretty mortifying to talk about.

"You want the girl to bring toys, or you have your own? What are you saying?" he asked and I blushed harder. I wondered if maybe I'd said too much that would make them think I was a cop or something.

"Oh, my own..." I said. I'd bought many toys over the years. It was the only thing I'd spent money on from my secret account before this trip. I'd bought them online or from catalogues. I had them sent to a special post office box I'd gotten so they wouldn't go to my house. Then I'd taken them to my office and hid them. I never used them and I never even really thought what I was doing. It was almost mechanical.

"I have a girl... she likes that stuff. She is great, very young, like 20. You will like her. I will send her. You want her tonight, or right now?"

"Oh!" I said, not realizing how close to this I was getting, "Uh, can you give me a couple of hours?"

"Yeah sure, give me your address and I will send her there at...let's say 6:00, a good time for a dinner date," he said.

"That sounds great!" I said, more excited that I'd ever been in my life. I can't describe what it felt like. I was nervous and scared but also so ecstatic that something I'd always dreamed about would be happening. It might not have been my lesbian Cinderella fantasy exactly, but at least I would have a chance to try what I'd always wanted. All thoughts of home and the crushing suppression associated with it flew out of my mind. Even a brief thought about the vows I'd made on the day of my marriage were gone. I'd kept up my share of the bargain, a bargain I didn't want, for long enough.

I gave him my location and room number and hung up the phone. I rushed down into the casino, found a restaurant, and got an early dinner. It was good, but I barely tasted it, I just kept looking at my watch. When I was finished I ran back up to my room and into the bathroom to take a quick shower and then dry my hair. By the time I stepped out of the shower, it was a quarter to five. I didn't know what to wear, so I just took the plush white robe hanging in the closet and slipped it on over my naked body.

Then I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited. And waited. And waited. Time seemed to slow down to the point that when I looked at my watch the second hand refused to move. I felt like I'd been waiting hours since my shower and it was only 5:55. But each passing second, no matter how slow, built the tension inside of me. There was a whole swarm of butterflies in my stomach and my limbs felt incredibly sluggish and heavy. My breathing was shallow and I felt light-headed. I couldn't remember the last time I was this nervous. And still the time crawled on. To 6:00. Then to 6:05. Now my "date" was late. And that made things even worse. I could barely breath I was so anxious. By the time 6:15 rolled around I was starting to tell myself that it was better that she didn't come. That this was an absolutely crazy and dangerous scheme and that I was lucky to get out of it with my reputation intact. And then there was a gentle knock on the door. And my blood ran cold.

If I wanted to, I could've pretended that I was not there, that I was not interested. If it really was a stupid scheme, I could still quit. But I quietly stood up from the bed and walked over to the door. I stumbled a little as I walked, a little nervous and unsure of myself. But I reached the door. Part of me wanted to look out the peephole, but I didn't know if I would open the door if I did. So I closed my eyes and opened the door.

I took a step back and heard the woman step into my room. I opened my eyes as she closed the door. I almost gasped. She was absolutely gorgeous, one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in my life. She was short, around 5'2 and quite thin. She had the most gorgeous big, brown eyes I'd ever seen, they were absolute doe eyes. She had long straight black hair and the most delicate features. Her nose was small, slightly upturned. Her teeth were startlingly white, if a little crooked. Her cheek bones were high and her chin was small but pointed. Her skin was naturally a tanned sort of color. She was wearing a skin tight blue dress that was more like a tube of fabric than a garment. It was a very small dress; at the top it exposed an obscene amount of cleavage and at the bottom it barely covered her ass. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra as I could see her nipples poking out proudly. Her breasts were smaller than mine, but quite big for a girl her size. They stood out firmly on her chest, not drooping in the slightest despite her lack of bra. Her legs were thin but beautifully toned and she had the smallest feet I'd ever seen in my life. She was a vision of beauty from a dream I'd never had the luck to have.

"Hello..." she said nervously after a moment. Her voice was lovely, with a hint of an accent. I must've been staring at her for a while. My mouth was dry and it was wet between my legs.

"Uh...Alice," I said, extending my hand.

"Dao," she said, taking my hand and shaking it. Her hand felt smooth and delicate, her fingers warm.

"That's a beautiful name. Where is it from?" I said, my words stumbling out. She giggled at my nervousness and patted my hand.

"It is Thai," she said smiling, "Please try to relax. We are going to have a fun date tonight." She laughed again, but it was clear she wasn't teasing. I felt a little better. Thai, how exotic. I figured that I'd gotten to the bottom of the whole 't-girl' this, the 't' must've stood for Thai.

"Come sit down," I said, sweeping my arm across the room. She walked over and sat at the desk, spinning the chair around so that it was facing the bed. Her legs were crossed tightly and she shook her foot slightly and impatiently.

"Let's talk business, I like to get business out of the way. So we can...get down to business," she said and then she giggled slightly at her own joke. I laughed too and then felt a little more comfortable. She had an easy air about her, but I guess that was part of her job. I walked over and sat on the bed.

"Okay, well..." not really sure how to proceed. This suddenly felt wrong, to be buying, or at least renting a woman, but again she put me at ease.

"New to this?" she asked, "Well I don't often work with women, especially not women who are actually very beautiful, so it is a little new to me also." She said matter-of-factly. I wondered if she really thought I was pretty, but I smiled and blushed anyway.

"How much...?" I asked, deciding to just go for it. She shrugged her shoulders and puffed out her lower lip.

"Depends," she explained, "On what you want. And how long you want it" I looked at this beautiful woman sitting in the chair next to me. I had saved for years and this was my first opportunity I'd had. It might not ever come again.

"I have $4,156.92, what can I get for that?" I asked. I knew that it was a dumb negotiating tactic, but I didn't care. I wanted to be done with the business as well. A broad smile crossed Dao's face and she nodded at me slowly.

"For that, I will spend the night here if you'd like," she said, "And you can have whatever you want." She said in a sultry voice. She licked her lips a little bit. I felt my heart flutter and my skin flushed. What else could I have asked for? This was everything I'd ever dreamed of, from the first little inkling of a desire to kiss a girl, through my awkward attempts to be close to girls I liked in high school, up to the desperate and shame-filled experiences masturbating in the basement office of my home while my husband watched television upstairs, this is what I'd dreamed of.

"Umm..." I said, there was just too much. I couldn't think of anything I wanted, because I wanted everything. Dao, ever understanding, stood up from the chair and smoothed her dress out. She walked over, sort of slinking towards me on the bed.

"Alice," she said in an incredibly delicate and sexy voice, "Do you want me to start? Would that make it easier?" I couldn't speak. My throat made a dry clicking sound and I nodded my head. Dao slinked towards me on. I looked up at her as she stopped just before she touched my knees. She had a devilish grin and her nipples were almost cutting through her sheer dress. I felt myself getting wetter just looking at her.

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