tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalle Ocho Shower Ch. 02

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 02


(Again, I mean no disrespect to Pitbull or Senorita Castaneda. If they wanted a shower from me...:* )


Despite Sagia's trailer being, well, trailer-size, she had a surprisingly big bathroom with a shower big enough for three! I let her lead me by the hand into the tiled enclosure, while Pitbull took time to grab three clean washcloths and two full bars of scented antibacterial soap. I still couldn't believe this was happening! I felt like Cinderella, although I'd still be doing a lot of scrubbing...

There was already shampoo in the shower. Sagia stepped into it first, positioning me behind her, and then Pitbull bringing up the rear. Both of them smelled like sweat and the salty aftermath of sex. As for me, I smelled like sweat and eau de toilet, but that situation would change "muy, muy pronto"...! Sagia turned on the hot water full-blast. I spit water out of my mouth and laughed! She said something soft in Portuguese.

"Shampoo her hair," said Pitbull, winking slyly. As soon as Sagia's waterfall of ebony tresses became slick and dripping with water, Pitbull took the shampoo and squirted a liberal dollop into my right hand. I rubbed my palms together in sublime anticipation and slid my fingers through Sagia's hair, letting the lather streak them like bleach highlights at the beauty shop. Giggling, I started scratching her scalp gently with my firm pink nails. They were natural, un-manicured, and perfectly suited for making her scalp tingle and pulse with pleasure. I heard Sagia moan softly.

"Ay...." She leaned back, letting me wipe a drop of shampoo away from her eyes with my thumb. The suds, smelling of the sea and sweet jasmine, were starting to cascade down her perfectly-tanned back and butt. I wanted to scrub every part of her, to pleasure Sagia with soapy bliss until she...Never mind! Only if she wanted it...

Pitbull grabbed a bar of soap and a clean, wet washrag. "Start lathering up her back," he said, "and I'll do yours." He took the other bar of soap and started rubbing it across my shoulder blades, hard, making me gasp in sudden surprise! As for Sagia, I sudsed up the white washcloth until it was even more white and then stroked it across her back. She laughed at the tickle-inducing bubbles, and I started breathing very heavily. Pitbull was moving the bar of soap down my back, making me slick and sticky, and wet in more places than one...! Once he hit my lower back, I gasped, moving the washcloth to the same spot on Sagia. I felt her trembling beneath the rag. She bent over slightly, and I began to wash her butt. Pitbull stepped back for a minute.

"I'm enjoying the show," he said with a playful squeeze on my ample rear end. "Soap her up good, now. Do that part first, and then her tits."

I blushed. How dare he talk that way about my Sagia's magnificent mammaries! Nevertheless, I lathered Sagia's left cheek with the rag first, then her right, and then, after a very liberal re-sudsing with the bar of soap, I went to work on her delicious crack. Sagia gasped for breath.

"She says you're doing good," said Pitbull. "Now, shower slave, let's see if Sagi' wants more."

"El pecho, por favor, solamente con las manos!"

I understood. She wanted me to wash her chest but only with my soft white hands. I took the bar of soap, snuck it around to the space between them, and made both of my hands nice and sudsy.

First I began at the top of her full, wet Latina breasts, hot as roasted marshmallows and dripping like ripe peaches that are juicy to the taste! I massaged the left one first, carefully cleansing all the way down to the nipple. Once I reached it, I teased it with the bar of soap until it became hard as a rock. Then, ever so gently, I lathered beneath the nipple, with Sagia breathing so deeply I seriously thought she was about to hyperventilate! Once I was done, her left breast as white and creamy as a real marshmallow, she lifted it up for me to wash underneath it. I scrubbed the area tenderly, feeling the hot soap drip down to her pierced navel. Once I was done with Righty, I'd do that next! I repeated the process until she looked like she had a bra on made out of scented lather. Once I was done with her, she wouldn't need any deodorant today at all!

I scrubbed her armpits vigorously with the rag once I had re-lathered it, and then I slowly massaged the tendrils of soap into the skin of her arms and hands. She kissed me, licking my wet tongue with her own in a slow, choreographed dance. I'd never been so excited in my life...

Once I had teased her by washing her thighs, legs and feet, taking time to suck her toes one by one as she lifted her clean tarsals up to me, Sagia let out a stream of Portuguese that was as hot as the water in the shower! I didn't understand a word. Luckily, Pitbull was there to translate!

"She wants you to scrub all the cum and sweat out of a certain place of hers," he said, "with the rag, and your hands, and then two other things."

I pinched myself hard on the butt. This was a dream! Sagia winked at me, purring commandingly.

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