tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 04

Caller ID Ch. 04


Maggie lay in bed the next morning considering where she was in her life and what path she was going to take. She had some choices to make and she was slowly coming to a resolution as to what they were going to be. The limited sexual contact she had with Roberto was exciting and at the same time terrifying. It awakened feelings in her that she had not experienced in a long time. Sex with Marvin was unchanging and almost robotic at times. They did what they had to do to satisfy their partner but, except for very rare occasions, they could have been watching a TV rerun when they coupled in their marriage bed.

Roberto's attention to her made her feel young again and she found she had a bounce in her step and she was more aware of herself as a woman and a desirable woman at that. She wanted more out of life than she felt that she was getting but until now she hadn't known how to get it. Roberto was going to be her chance, maybe her last chance, to break out of the restraints that she felt were binding her. She figured she could satisfy her own desires without hurting her future with her husband and her family and, she rationalized, it was only going to be for a short time since Roberto would be returning to FSU in the fall.

"Get control! You have to get control!" she firmly reminded herself. "You can't let him force you in to anything! You have to be the coach in this as much as you are the coach of your team!"

Maggie made sure that there were no opportunities for Roberto to get her alone over the next few weeks. She wanted him to wonder if he had done something wrong when he fondled her in the bus. She arranged it so that another coach or one of the players stayed with her after practice and if no one could stay she made an excuse and left before he did.

She didn't know how long she could keep it up since her attraction was becoming an obsession and she found herself watching as he helped the girls learn new techniques. The girls, especially the younger ones like Jessica, adored him and they jumped at every opportunity to be near him and to let him help them with their techniques.

Most of them didn't need as much help as they pretended they did and she smiled at their adolescent attempts to charm him. She kept checking out his crotch and she decided that he never wore a jock strap since he seemed to flop around inside of his shorts. She hid her own desire but she wanted him to be panting after her before she took the next step in her plan.

Today was one of those days when she left practice before Roberto and she had just walked into the house when the telephone rang. Picking up the cordless handset she looked at the caller ID that read "Ronaldo, L K" with a local number.

"It must be one of the players," she thought and answered the call. "Hello?" she said.

"Ciao," Roberto's voice came back at her through the earpiece.

"What do you want?" she asked with some caution in her voice.

"I must talk with you!" he insisted.

"Why? What? Don't talk like that to me!"

"I love you Moggie. I miss you!"

She had him!

"Stop that! Someone will hear you!" she allowed a little irritation to come through but she said it through a smile of satisfaction.

"I must see you! I must!"

"Roberto! Don't talk like that. I'm married!" she warned.

"Mio Moggie! I come see you!"

"No, no! Don't you dare come here!" she said.

"I must because you no see me long at field!"

"Roberto if you ever want to talk to me again you must do as I say. Do you understand?"

"Si, si, Moggie, what must I do?"

"I'll talk to you tomorrow evening at practice. I'll come early and we can stay a little later but you must do as I say!"

"Si, si, Moggie!"

I'll stay tomorrow evening and we'll talk. Understand?

"Si, si."

"Do not come here or I will never speak to you again and I will not allow you to help with the soccer teams. Understand?"

"OK, Moggie. I wait for tomorrow. Arrivederci."

"Well, that worked out better than if I planned it. He sure as hell can't come here," she said after he disconnected.

She pushed the OFF button on the handset and immediately it rang again. Looking at the display she saw that there was a message waiting. Marvin had left a message on the Voice Mail that he was over at Vince's and he would be late and not to hold dinner.

She considered Marv's message and wondered what he was doing to be away from home so much. Deep down inside she was looking for a reason to be angry with him to deflect the guilt that was nibbling at her. She didn't want to hurt him or the girls but she was having so much fun feeling young again that she didn't want it to stop.

She enjoyed teasing and controlling Roberto and the titillation and power she felt when he became excited was euphoric. The down side was that she feared he would do something stupid and Marvin would become suspect even though she didn't intend to let it go too far. She felt that her long ago affair had cured her and she didn't want to go through that fear and guilt again even though the sheer naughtiness and danger of it still caused her to get aroused when she allowed herself to dwell on it.

After deleting the message she realized that Roberto's Caller ID number and his Aunt's name were still on the display. She wasn't sure how to erase it and it took several tries before she figured out how to do it but in the process she also erased Marvin's call before deleting Roberto's.

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