tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 06

Caller ID Ch. 06


Marvin had no office hours on Friday's during the summer months so he usually played golf with his buddies on those mornings. He got up early and brushed his teeth with the bathroom door closed so as not to wake Maggie. Carefully opening the door he realized that he didn't have to be quiet because Maggie had left the bedroom while he was in the bathroom.

"What the hell is going on?" he repeated but decided he could be just as pissy as she could.

After dressing he went downstairs to find her out by the pool with a cup of tea.

"Did you make any coffee?" he asked.

"No! If you want some you make it," she replied without looking at him.

"Never mind, I'll get some on the way," he almost shouted back at her and left without saying goodbye.

Maggie heard the door to the garage slam and then his car started and he screeched the tires out of the driveway.

"I'm not being fair to him," she thought with some guilt. "But he's not being fair to me either," she rationalized and finishing her tea she set about straightening the kitchen before going upstairs to change.

Maggie felt better after her shopping trip. She treated herself to lunch in a little restaurant and as she unpacked the clothes that she had bought she wondered why it was so important to her to play games with Roberto. She knew that he would not be satisfied with just a kiss. He had proved that in the bus. She wasn't sure that she would ever let him have sex with her but that was definitely a possible outcome if she couldn't keep him at bay.

"Why not?" she thought. "It won't hurt anybody if Marv and the girls never find out and I sure won't tell anyone. It's him I'm worried about. Maybe I should throw him some bones to keep him happy until he goes back to FSU."

After taking the tags off of her new lingerie, Maggie paused before putting them into her drawer. Holding them up she felt herself getting excited at the prospect of showing off her body by wearing them. She hadn't worn anything like this in years and she was afraid that Marvin would see them and wonder about them. She decided she would wear them for him on some future special occasion but for right now she would hide them to avoid any questions.

Selecting the set she planned on wearing to practice and another to wear on Saturday's bus trip, she pulled a box down from the top shelf of their closet. It felt empty and when she lifted the top all she found were a couple of sheets of Christmas wrapping paper and several of Marvin's old prescription pads.

Placing the extra underwear in the box she put the pads on her dresser with plans to give them to Marvin to take to his office when a thought struck her. Picking up one of the pads she studied it for a moment before she removed a sheet and put both pads back in the box.

Roberto was already at the practice field by the time she and the girls arrived that evening. He watched closely as they got out of her PT Cruiser and the girls carried the practice balls and extra towels towards the benches. Maggie knew that he was watching her and she made it a point to lean into the back of the open hatch to retrieve her clipboard and athletic shoes. Instead of a tank top she had opted to wear a white, cotton sleeveless over blouse that buttoned down the front and a pair of brief, elastic waist, running shorts with loose legs. Underneath was one of her new bra and panty sets. The shorts made her a little uncomfortable because she was afraid that someone, besides Roberto, would see the high-cut bikini panties that she wore under them.

Roberto picked up one of the soccer balls and kicked it around as he moved closer to her car while pretending to ignore her. She had slipped out of her sandals and was sitting on the back bumper holding one of her shoes when he made it to a spot a few feet in front of her.

"Ciao Moggie," he said. "You look wonderful!"

"Hello, Roberto. Please don't say that when anyone is around."

"Scusa, Moggie. Sorry."

Maggie bent down and picked up one of her shoes from the ground. Her blouse gaped open and she knew he could see the tops and sides of her breasts pushed up and in by her new bra. She heard him gasp and she looked up at him and smiled.

"Moggie, you so beautiful," he said.

"Shhh! What did I tell you?" she cautioned.

She slipped the shoe on and hooked the heel of her foot on the edge of the bumper so she could tie the laces. She was careful to keep her legs slightly open to let him see her pink panties through the leg holes.

"Moggie," he groaned. "Oh, Moggie, il mio bello!"

"Shhh!" she warned.

Maggie repeated the show with her other shoe but this time she watched him as his eyes moved between the unbuttoned top of her blouse and the crotch of her panties. Her eyes dropped to his crotch and she could see his erection obscenely pushing the front of his soccer shorts out to a point.

"Roberto!" she said. "You're not wearing any underwear! Are you?"

"Oh Moggie! No, no, I am sorry, scusa please?"

"Some of the girls have noticed," she teased. "You don't want me to have to throw you off of the field, do you?"

He held his hand in front of his crotch and tried to push his erection down.

"Oh, Moggie. No, no!"

"You know, we can't go on like this, don't you?"

He looked at her in panic not sure what she meant.

"You could get me in a lot of trouble if you continue to act this way in front of other people. We don't want that to happen, do we? Will you do what I tell you?"

"Si, Moggie. Si! Si!"

"Stay here until you get control of yourself - of that," she indicated his erection with a twist of her hand. "Do you understand me?"

"Si, si."

Lifting her other leg, she hooked both heels on the bumper and spreading her knees she gave him one long look before getting up and walking towards the field with her clipboard under her arm. As she walked away she heard him groan and then heard the door of her car close.

"God, you're a nasty slut!" she laughed at her own joke and picking up her whistle from around her neck she blew a blast to call her team over to her.

Roberto came back on the field a few minutes later without an erection showing through his shorts. He helped with the girls and tried to ignore Maggie but a few times she caught him looking at her with moony eyes. She had buttoned up her shirt and several of the other coaches and players mentioned how good she looked. She was sure that the little bit of makeup, the earrings and some lipstick she had added before she left the house also had something to do with the comments.

After practice the girls were in a hurry to get home and she let them catch a ride with one of the other mothers. Everyone cleared out and she was left with Roberto and a pick up team playing on the other end of the field. Roberto helped her by carrying the balls and the towels back to her car. He left to get his van and Maggie sat in her car's driver's seat and turned on the a/c to cool down a bit. There were several crumpled tissues stuffed into the cup holder and when she picked them up they felt wet and she suspected they were soaked with semen. She sniffed them to make sure and the sea-air scent confirmed her suspicions but it also caused a cramp-like twinge in her groin.

The a/c was starting to cool down the car when Roberto got back with his van. He parked alongside of her facing the other way and motioned for her to come into his vehicle. Maggie shook her head and he climbed out and into the passenger side of her car where he sat against the door like a little boy waiting for instructions.

Gingerly holding up the tissues between her thumb and forefinger she looked directly at him with an accusing frown and asked, "What's this?"

Roberto put his head down and started stuttering.

"Scuza, Moggie. I no could help."

"Well don't do it again!" you hear. "You could get me into a lot of trouble leaving things like this around!"


"What do you want?" she asked in a gentler tone.

Roberto's head came up and he looked into her eyes.


"What do you want? From me, I mean. What?"

"Oh, Moggie. Il mio bello. I need you to love Roberto."

"I'm old enough to be your mother and I'm married with two children. Why do you want me?"

Reaching for her hand he held it in both of hers. "You siete bei! So beautiful!" he kissed her palm.

Maggie felt her tummy twinge again and wondered at the feelings that this boy, this young man, had for her. It made her feel vibrant and beautiful. Her desire to be loved and appreciated was deeper than she realized and she was absorbing every compliment he gave her.

Barely able to breathe with the emotion that was flooding her senses, she asked in a voice trembling with the beat of her pounding heart, "Would you like to kiss me?"

"Si, si, Moggie! Per favore, please?"

Maggie rose up in her seat, curled her right leg under her and leaned towards him. Still grasping her hand, Roberto used it to pull them together. His eyes were wide and he was breathing through his nose as their faces moved closer together. He hesitated just before their lips touched and looked at her in a mute request for permission. Maggie moved her free hand to the back of his neck and pulled him into her. Their lips touched and she could feel his breath from his nose as a muffled sound of total pleasure exploded from deep within his throat.

His inexperience showed in his hard and demanding lips yet the kiss was not unpleasant but it was not all it could be from Maggie's viewpoint. She pulled back and he looked at her with an unsure expression on his face.

Their lips were still only an inch apart when she sealed her future and said, "Not so hard. Gently, gently, there is time, we have time."

Roberto's second kiss was gentler and not as desperate feeling this time. She lost herself in it and worming her hand free from his she wrapped her arms around his shoulders within the cramped confines of the car. She was now kneeling on the seat with the back of her head touching the top of the car. She pushed him back against the headrest and opening her mouth she engulfed his lips with hers. She was the aggressor now, the teacher, the coach, and when her tongue licked across his lips he grabbed her waist and uttered a groan that made her tremble.

The a/c had dried their sweat left from practice but their bodies were again warm and damp to the touch. Maggie squirmed her thighs together and felt the liquid she was oozing from her pussy as Roberto's hand slipped down from her waist to her buttock where he fondled and squeezed.

"Gently!" I told you, "Not so hard," she said against his lips. "A woman likes to be treated with tenderness."

Roberto became more aggressive and his hands left her waist and butt and started working on the buttons of her blouse. Afraid of his tearing her clothes, she pulled back and let herself down into the seat.

"No! Stop that! Just kiss me again!"

Reaching for her he palmed her breast with his hand and firmly squeezed it like he was testing the air in a soccer ball.

"Ouch! Careful!" she admonished. "Gently!"

Taking her caution as a sign of encouragement he continued to fondle her breast and leaned towards her to bring their faces closer together.

"Moggie, I love you," he said just before their lips connected.

These were the first words he had spoken since they had begun their little petting session and it brought Maggie up short. She opened her eyes and looked around to see if anyone was watching their little tryst in the near darkness of the late evening. Seeing no one but afraid of continuing, she pulled away and leaned back against the seat.

Roberto followed her example and looking around and seeing no one in sight he moved to take her back into his arms. Maggie looked down at his crotch and could see the head of his erection making the front of his shorts stick out.

"No! I think that's enough for now. I have to get home. I'm late."

Roberto reached down and grasped his erection through his shorts.

He indicated his hand holding his cock. "No, Moggie. Look!"

Maggie was torn between letting him take care of himself and getting him too excited for her to continue to control. Deciding on the latter, she reached down and replaced his hand with hers. Roberto jerked and moaned and immediately started humping her hand while holding her wrist so she could not pull it away.

His frantic movements kept her from even trying to stroke him and in a few short seconds he groaned again and erupted inside of his shorts. Once, twice, three times his body tensed and he almost frightened her with his sounds that were somewhere between pain and pleasure before he relaxed and laid back against the door

He kept her pressed against him and she felt the wetness of his ejaculation soak through his shorts and onto her hand. He didn't feel particularly large but his incredible hardness surprised her. After a few more spasms he slumped down in the seat gasping for breath with his eyes closed.

Maggie was amazed at what had happened in so short a time. She had planned on teasing him and maybe necking a little but it quickly got out of hand and she went along with it.

"It's time to go now!" she said and straightened her blouse.

Roberto looked wildly embarrassed and he was sputtering as he fumbled for the door handle thinking he had done something wrong.

"Scuza! Scuza!" he said still fumbling and scratching at the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she said and leaned across him to open the door.

"Si, si," he responded and almost fell out of the car in his haste to go.

"Wow!" she said as she finished straightening her clothes and drove off of the field and onto the road. "Wow! To be a teenager again."

The kids had leftover spaghetti on the table and were already eating when she got home but Marvin was nowhere in sight.

"Where's your father?" she asked.

"I don't know," they said. "We haven't seen him."

"Save some for me," she said as she went up to take a shower. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

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