tagLoving WivesCaller ID Ch. 10

Caller ID Ch. 10


When Maggie opened her eyes the next morning she realized that Marvin had already left for his practice. She remembered him getting up sometime during the night but she didn't remember him coming back to bed.

"I must have fallen back to sleep," she said as she stretched and yawned.

She didn't know if the girls were up yet but the house was quiet so she lay there and went over the events of the past few days.

Roberto's appearance at her motel room door had been unexpected.

"Moggie, I come in?" he whispered.

"No! What are you doing here? Go away! Someone will see you!"

"I must talk to you, il mio amore."

"Wait a minute until I get something on." she said and ran to the bed to put on her robe. When she turned around he was already in the room with the door closed behind him.

"Moggie. Il mio bello!" he said and reached for her.

"No!" she said and backed away from him with her hands held out in front of her. "We can just talk, that's all. You sit there," she said indicating the chair.

Roberto meekly moved over to the chair and sat down while she sat on the foot of the bed.

"God, he looks so handsome and so vulnerable," she thought.

Her tummy fluttered and she pressed her thighs together to try and quell the rising heat between them.

"I can't let him think that he can get away with stuff like this. You fool, you know you want him and you're going to let him do whatever he wants with you so why don't you stop pretending?"

Roberto sat quietly as Maggie paused to think through what she wanted to say. His sad eyes made him look like a puppy that had just been kicked. She expected him to whine any moment.

"You have to stop doing these things!" she told him in a stern voice. "You are going to get me in trouble and I will lose my job and my family! Don't you understand that?"

"Si, Moggie, but I think of you always."

"Yes, I'm flattered, but you can't stay here someone might come."

"I stay little while. Please? I go away tomorrow."

"Away? Where are you going?"

"Il mio padre, father, wants me to go home."

"How long?"

"One month to school start. I no see you!" he said through a voice choked with emotion.

Maggie's mind took in the information and quickly figured out that this was working out to her benefit. She could let him fool around for a while and get what she wanted before he left. That way no one would ever find out.

"No harm, no foul," she said aloud.


"Never mind," she said holding out her arms. "Come here."

Roberto fell to his knees and crossed the short distance between them. When he reached her he laid his head down onto her lap and hugged her legs.

Maggie caressed his hair and reaching down she put her hands on the sides of his face and lifted it up.

"You can stay for a little while. OK?"

He let out with a groan and grabbed her face in his hands and pulled her lips against his.

Maggie allowed him to kiss her. His technique wasn't the best but his love for her was apparent and she was flattered by the passion that he put into it. She put her hands on his shoulders and pressed on them to move him away.

"Gently, gently," she whispered in a tender voice. "Remember what I told you."

"Si, si, il mio tesoro," he agreed and pulled her back towards him.

Maggie rose from the bed pulling him up with her without breaking the kiss. She pressed her body against him and felt the hardness of his erection pressing sideways into her thigh. She was not much shorter than he was so she was able to tease him and herself by rubbing her belly back and forth against him.

He reached down and adjusted himself so that it was standing up between them. Her belly was now in contact with its full length. She prolonged the enjoyment by squirming gently so that she could feel the result of his passion molding itself into her body.

He hadn't taken his lips from hers since they started the kiss as if he was afraid to interrupt the moment. Taking charge, she pulled her lips away and offered the side of her neck to him. Placing her hand on the back of his neck she pulled his head down to encourage him to move there. Her other hand moved down his back to just above his ass so she could hold herself tightly against him.

He placed is open lips against the flesh of her neck and she could feel the hot dampness of his saliva when he caressed her with his tongue. He started to suck on her neck and she pulled far enough away so that he could see her gently shake her head.

"Don't do that!" she whispered. "It will leave a mark. Understand?"

He nodded is head in agreement and held her cheek with one hand while sliding her robe off of her shoulder to allow his lips to touch her there.

Visions of a dimly lighted high-school dance floor flooded her mind and brought her body to a heightened state of arousal.

"I may as well go all the way," she thought and sliding her hand between them she separated herself a little from him and turning her wrist she captured him with her hand.

"My god is that hard!" she thought and squeezed a little harder. "It won't give any, it feels like it's carved from marble."

Sensing his size with her fingers she detected a curve in his penis that she investigated. She didn't remember him feeling that way when she was with him in the car but that time she had barely touched him before he ejaculated.

"No, Moggie! Non!" he groaned and pushed her hand away.

"Why? What's wrong?" she asked.

"I am funny," he mumbled.

"Funny? What do you mean funny?"

"No look, it not right," he struggled with the English words.

"What do you mean not right?" she asked with alarm.

"I am bent, crooked!" he explained and covered himself with both hands.

"Let me see!" she demanded and sat on the bed. She had reverted back to her medical training forgetting for the moment what she was doing in a motel with a young man in a room that already reeked of sex and sweat. "Let me see it!"

She tugged at his shorts and Roberto removed his hands to reveal a slowly softening penis with a decided upward curve towards his stomach.

"I was hurt, they kick me when I boy," he explained. "It is wrong!"

"Peyronie's! You have Peyronie's disease," she said reaching out to hold it in both hands. "It probably happened when you got kicked."

"The girls, they do not like it. They are afraid," he quietly said and tried to move her hands away.

Maggie continued to hold him and she felt him growing hard again as she moved her hands on him.

"Well, I'm not afraid and it obviously works OK," she said looking up at him.

"Moggie, will you be my one? Il mio virgin?" he asked in a little boy's voice.

Pulling him towards her she examined him closely.

"Well, I'm not a virgin by any ..." she stopped as understanding came through. "Oh, are you a virgin?"

"Si, Moggie. The girls, they are afraid of me."

Maggie was enjoying his youthful hardness as she caressed him.

"Does it hurt when it's hard?"

"No, only when I don't, uh ... avere orgasm, I don't know how to say. I am sorry."

"Orgasm? Cum is how you say it. Do you want me to help you cum again?"

Maggie didn't need to hear him answer and she continued to massage him with both hands while pressing her forehead into his belly and making crooning sounds of comfort.

"I will love you my sweet but I am not protected."

"Oh, Moggie! Oh, Moggie! Oh, Moggie!" he repeated as he tangled his fingers in her hair.

A jet of semen erupted from the end of his newly hard cock and gushed out onto his stomach. Another stroke with her hands and a second jet streamed out that she caught in her hand. His knees were shaking and his whole body trembled as she milked him with one hand and rubbed the head with the other.

Maggie came out of the bathroom to find Roberto laying nude on the bed. His erection had already returned and he was fondling his testicles. Her robe was on the bathroom floor and sliding the straps of her nightgown down over her shoulders she let it fall around her feet and presented her nakedness to him.

He sat up and started to speak when she said, "Shhh! Don't talk," and kneeling on the bed she placed a handful of condoms on the table then reached out to him as he captured her breasts in his hands.

"Gently, gently," she reminded him and laying beside him she cupped his testicles and kissed his chest.

"Oh..." he began but she stopped him again.

"Shhh!" let me take care of you and kissed him on the lips.

His huge hand was fumbling to get between her legs and she bent her left knee and rested her foot on the bed. He cupped her sex and gently squeezed it in rhythm with their tongues moving in and out of each other's mouths. She was as wet as she ever remembered being and she let out with a little yelp when his finger searched out her opening and penetrated her for the first time. The anticipation of his touch had brought her to a point where his initial contact sent a shuddering surge of sensations flowing through her being.

She savored the contact until breaking the kiss she rested her head on his chest and once again examined his bent organ. She was fascinated by it and wondered how they were going to couple with him being so dramatically curved. She was considering giving him some oral sex when Roberto anxiously rolled over and pushed her legs apart with his knees in preparation for mounting her.

"Hold on! Wait a minute! You have to wear a condom!"

"No, Moggie. No gomma!"

"Yes, you must. My pills won't be effective for another week. Now wait!"

Pushing him off of her, she reached for one of the foil packages and handed it to him.

He stripped off the foil wrapper and with some difficulty, because of the bend, he rolled it down over his dripping penis.

Maggie, now as anxious as he to start the sex act, welcomed him back between her legs and reached down to guide him into her. The head kept slipping out of her opening because of the angle and his impatient thrusting didn't make it any easier. She finally arched her back and pushed down on his cock with her finger to get it started and his next thrust pushed it into her.

The bend caused it to feel larger than it was and she felt a little pain and stretching because of the unusual pressure on her vaginal walls. She found by keeping her feet flat on the bed she could hold herself at the right angle and able start a comfortable rhythm with him.

This was it. This was what she wanted and it felt wonderful. No thoughts of her life outside of the motel room were present as she threw herself into the sensations stirred up by his cock invading her body, a body that was supposed to be reserved for her husband.

She was startled when she first felt a scraping against her G-Spot that she had never experienced during intercourse. The reservoir end on Roberto's latex encased cock rubbed against it and created the most intense sensations she had ever experienced. She found herself pushing up against him twice on each one of his thrusts to get the most feeling out of it.

Her first orgasm came suddenly upon her within a very few minutes of their first coupling. A totally unexpected, second one was not far behind and she was sure she could have achieved a third if he had not climaxed and fell heavily upon her.

"Oh, Moggie, il mio virgin," he said as she pushed on his waist to get his weight off of her.

"He's going to need a lot of training," she smiled to herself. "If the girls knew what it was really like they wouldn't be afraid of him."

Sitting up she looked down at him and leaning over she kissed him.

"Thank you, that was good. The girls should not be afraid of you," she said while stripping the condom off of his collapsing cock.

They only got a few hours sleep that night as she continued her education with him. When he took her standing up while she sat on the top of the vanity it brought back memories of her other affair. She even insisted that they do it again with a pair of her shorts and panties hanging from her leg but she was disappointed when he complained about her pubic hair and would not give her any oral sex until she allowed him to shave her.

The act of him shaving her brought her to a new height of erotic sensation. She had another orgasm when he teased her by rubbing her now smooth pubes with one hand while penetrating her with his fingers. Once she was bare he found that he liked burying his face into her and several times she received another jolt of a new consciousness when she felt his tongue linger on her anus

They found that rear entry was almost impossible because of the pain caused by his shape but that if she laid face down flat on the bed he could penetrate her with just the end of his cock and bring pleasure to both of them.

It was only after they were finally figured out a comfortable way for him to mount her from the rear that she realized he had removed the condom and ejaculated inside of her. At first she was terrified but since it was close to her period she felt relatively safe.

The final act was the only time she allowed him to cum in her mouth. His shape made it difficult but they found if he lay on his back she could actually rest the side of her head on his belly as she sucked and licked him to a weak completion as she drained the little that was left in him.

It had been years since she had sucked Marvin and the thought crossed her mind that maybe she should start again since it gave her such a feeling of power over her partner. She had Roberto blubbering for her to bring him to a climax as she teased and carried him to the brink time and time again.

A final kiss and he was out the door in what they thought was an unobserved exit.

Maggie turned off the lights and tried to get some sleep. She thought back over the last few hours and realized that hardly a word had been spoken and she didn't remember any laughter or humor. Their lovemaking had no life in it. She was sexually satisfied and pleased with the chance to experience something as intense as the last few hours but it was pure selfishness on her part.

She had discovered that Roberto's profession of love was really a profession of lust and she quickly found he had no desire to please her but only to please himself. He used her body just as she used his. In spite of it all she was totally satiated and had only a fleeting wrench of guilt just before she closed her eyes in sleep.

Shaking herself back to reality, Maggie caressed her bare pubes with one hand while running two fingers of her other hand teasingly up and down her closed vagina lips. She softly increased the pressure with each pass of her fingers. She had discovered that she liked some anal stimulation and her fingers crept lower on some of her caresses to include her anus. Finally she couldn't stand her own teasing and after circling her anus with her finger she separated her labia at the very bottom with her finger and her lips peeled apart as the blood engorged flesh made her body ready for intercourse.

Gasping with sensation, she brought herself to the moment of release before inserting two of her fingers as far up into herself as she could get them. Her climax was intense and she continued rubbing the top of her vagina while remembering how it felt with Roberto's cock stretching and thrusting into her.

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